DropShip Lifestyle Review: Anton Kraly Course Scam or Legit?

Updated March 2021

Hi guys, welcome to my long awaited review on Dropship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly.

Here we pick apart the course and see if it is worth the hefty price tag you need to pay as a full member.

I spent over 15 hours going over the course material.

So is it something for you or not? If you want a quick answer, jump to my verdict to find out or continue reading.

Drop Ship lifestyle is a platform that is free to join for everyone.

For starters, when you start making use of the platform for Drop Shipping-related information, you are required to register as a member by adding your email to their subscribers’ base.

This will qualify you to get a free course on what Drop Shipping is all about from Anton.

The information or as they call it on the platform, “drop shipping course” that you will get is nothing than the basics of what drop shipping is.

To enjoy the comprehensive process of how you can get it done all by yourself, there is a price to it.

The price of having the “premium” course on the platform is $3000 while the “ultimate” course is $5000.

Out of curiosity to see what they have to offer on the free plan, I subscribed to it and almost immediately, I got an email.

This is none other than a welcome message and a walkthrough of how amazing Drop Shipping is and how it has changed a lot of lives in the past plus how I can also be one of the numerous happy subscribers. Enough of the fluff.

I am writing this to help you guys make decisions that are worth it, as, at the end of this review, you will have a clear indicator as to whether you should buy the Drop Ship lifestyle course or not.

Who is Anton Kraly?

Two heads are better than one, Anton Kraly realized this a little later in his life as he started his Drop Ship Lifestyle platform all by himself and it has been like that till date. 

He has been the only one working on the technical bits of his platform with exceptions to the times when he has had to hire extra hands.

Anton’s original dream was not to start a platform that will teach people how to be drop-shippers and make money off the internet.

His original dream job was farther away from being a mentor to people all over the world who are looking to earn substantial income off the internet.

In the beginning, Anton was just like everybody else.

He never knew he could make money online, his entire life had been all about how he could make something of himself by either opening up a chain of restaurants, a bar, an investment company, or a gym.

After graduating from college in 2006, Anton had plans to make millions, travel around the world and retire young. Anton knew all of these would be impossible without being his own boss.

As someone with no prior plans, Anton was lost, but he tried his hands on a few normal jobs to take care of his bills before taking the bold step to actualizing his dreams.

Everything changed in 2007 when Anton got his hands on a book that introduced him to the e-commerce scene. This triggered him to commit himself fully to the art of learning all about e-commerce which is the building block for what his business model is today.

Free Webinar

He's actively promoting a free webinar where you will get some free training. Below are details and a link to the webinar. I'm not an affiliate of his course but feel free to jump on his webinar.

All I ask is that you come back here and read what you really should know at the end of this article.


Over the years, Anton Kraly has been consistent in releasing back to back updates for his Drop Ship Lifestyle course and version 7.0 is the most recent.

DSL has seen a fair share of updates, but its model is still based on the original platform he started with, a WordPress hosted website running Optimizepress.

Change is constant. This course that was pegged at a considerable amount some years back now costs a whopping $2,997 for the basic subscription.

Considering this new price, there has been a 101% increase in pricing as back then in 2017, the minimum entry fee was a meager $997.

It is worthy of note that the seventh version of this course is embedded with new designs and it is expected to launch with more comprehensive explanatory videos.

Here are the noticeable changes that has occurred to the course with every new version.

Right from the moment the V.4 of his course was released into the Drop Ship lifestyle community, there has been unrest over the new changes that came with it.

The subscription plans have been streamlined into 2 with the basic and premium plans being merged into one.

Let us get into the details for an overview of what the subscription plans look like now.

DSL Premium Package

This package contains everything to get you started on your Drop Shipping venture.

For only $3000, (sarcasm) you will have access to a blueprint that contains 7 training modules, private apps, dropshipping software, DSLabs and the ability to Drop Ship Lifestyle supplier directory access. 

Subscribing to the premium package gives you an exclusive access right to Drop Ship Lab section which houses S.O.P's, checklists, and scripts so you can contact suppliers.

The DSL supplier directory is a great addition to the premium subscription package but there are other options like Worldwide Brands or even Salehoo that I reviewed recently and even had a giveaway contest on. Boo if you didn't sign up for it.

Ultimate Package

Costing $5000, the most expensive of all the current plans on Drop Ship Lifestyle is the ultimate subscription package.

On the premium package, you pay to have access to befitting information that can set you up financially via drop-shipping, this one, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.

All you have to do is pay for the course, and most of the hard work will be done for you.

For starters, a website will be set up for you; this is in a bid to make you give undivided attention to learning how to build your business.

Beside getting your website created by the team over at Drop Ship Lifestyle, you also get to jump on private calls with Anthon Kraly himself.

A Drop Ship lifestyle retreat ticket will also be included in your subscription package. 

The Drop Ship lifestyle retreat is an event held in Thailand and other locations where marketers all over the globe come together in one place to brainstorm.

Version 7 of Drop Ship lifestyle

Version 7 comes packed with a lot of features.

The top of the list is a new module to cover the foundations of Drop Ship lifestyle and an update to niche selection, market research strategies, supplier approval module, etc.

Refund Policy

For the entire duration of the sales video, you are promised a foolproof refund policy in the form of a 30-day money back guarantee.

There is a bit of deception here because in reality if you can't show you didn't complete the course in it's entirety, you are not worthy of a refund! Buyer beware.

Based on how large this course is, completing it in less than 30 days is nearly impossible, not doing so invalidates your refund claim. Think about it!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the Course

I have done my very best to highlight what is behind the “sign up” button on the Drop Ship lifestyle platform.

Here are a few reasons why I hold some reservations for the course and these reasons can be said to be why you should stay away from the course.

Even though the course is one of the most sought after in its niche, the pricing system is just super crazy and ridiculously laughable.

The money-to-value ratio of the course is not in any way satisfactory. The course is not worthy of being sold for such a high price.

As mentioned in other reviews that feature ecom courses with high prices, you don't need to spend that kind of money for Ecom education.

There's some course creators that create outstanding stuff that won't gouge you.

What I also found alarming was one of the most challenging things a newbie to dropshipping experiences is what products to sell. A good course will have a whole module dedicated to this. Anton's course does not. 

Is There an Alternative to Dropship Lifestyle?

Not everyone has money to throw away on a course that costs this much. 

The good news is that there are eCom experts out there that do care about their students' success and don't charge an arm and a leg for their courses.

One of those instructors is Franklin Hatchett. Perhaps you have heard of him or saw his videos on Youtube.

If you haven't read my eCom Elites review yet, you should see why this course may be the better option for you. I'm a member as well and I take you right into the course.

It's also cheaper than Dropship Lifestyle - at just $197 for the standard version and $297 for Ultimate. You will learn everything from Facebook & Instagram ads, Google Shopping ads, email marketing, SEO, sales funnels and more.

It's a complete course and you'll get lifetime updates for free.

Don't let the low price tag fool you - there's over 175 videos of content with the latest strategies to help you succeed.

He has MANY REAL testimonials of students hitting 5 and 6 figures.

Check it out for yourself. Franklin Hatchett is not just a coach, but he actually does this stuff and not just teaches.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dropship Lifestyle

What is Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is an online course that teaches you dropshipping using the Platform Shopify. You will learn how to set up a store, find products to sell, create your ads and learn to scale. 

How much does Drop Ship Lifestyle Cost?

The Premium package costs $3000 and the Ultimate package $5000. 

Is Drop Ship Lifestyle suitable for beginners?

The course is taught with beginners in mind so yes, if you're a beginner you'll be able to follow along the course with no problems.

Who is the creator of the Course?

The course was created by Anton Kraly. He is widely known for his Youtube advertisements that appear to be seen often. He's a seasoned marketer that has been doing e-commerce since 2007.

Where can I buy the course?

You can easily just search for it online in Google, just make sure you get the right course if you decide to buy it.

Drew Mann

12 thoughts on “DropShip Lifestyle Review: Anton Kraly Course Scam or Legit?”

  1. I attended a DSL webinar a couple a weeks ago. Out of the many, many, many eCom webinars I attended DSL has been the best (or shall I say most convincing). This article was very helpful. DSL’s webinar had a deal going on for $1497 for a limited time only. I almost did it but my husband convinced me not to. He was highly skeptical and extremely uncomfortable with the thought of paying $1497. He too had just invested $1500 for a course. Looking back he said it wasn’t worth it. I admit I was furious with him for not supporting my desire to join DSL.

    I’m so happy I found this article!! I’m less furious with my husband now and you’ve encouraged me to research other avenues. The webinar made it seem like it was going to be a whole lot of hand holding? I admit this was music to my ears, As I am only just starting out. One of the main things that drew me to DSL is they were making their wholesaler’s list available. In the webinar, it was mentioned that when it comes to wholesalers there is a bronze list, silver list, and a gold list. They were going to give you access to the gold list! I was sold! Lol! Your article mentioned there other avenues I could use to access wholesalers. I also learned Shopify has a nice size wholesalers list as well.

    Thanks for the in-depth article and the leads!

    • Ricki you really missed out on that Gold list! lol. All kidding aside yes there is no need to spend 1500 bucks on a course. Ecom Elites has a ton of value that you won’t find in more expensive courses and that’s why I highly recommend it to my readers. Whichever direction you take just work at it and results will come in time.

  2. Thank you for the info Drew! It’s guys like you that ride up on a white horse and save those of us with a compulsive side. I guess my skepticism wasn’t in vein because I just watched the webinar about 10 minutes ago and immediately searched whether it was legitimate or not and found myself here. Thank you, truly, for taking the time to research this for average joes like me that are looking to leap into the world of ecommerce. I guess you could say you saved my ***.

  3. You’re welcome Howard! There is absolutely no need to pay ridiculous money for an ecom course especially when there’s guys like Franklin Hatchett that provide so much value and training for much less. Some of these eCom “guru’s” are just out there for the money unfortunately.

  4. I was sucked in to DSL It is not worth 1400 dollars. I’m sorry he doesnt not refund money the course is so generic. He lives a lot of useful information I’m sure to upsell. DO NOT BUY.

    • Thanks for your honest feedback on DSL Jewells. I’m hoping others see this and opt for my preferred alternative instead!

  5. I think the worst is how the prerecorded webinar is Pitched as a live one with Q and A, lots of comments about how people are signing up etc.

  6. Drew,
    Glad I came across your review of DSL. I am new to the idea, but need to break out of my 9 to 5 job with adequate salary. My wife’s cousin is in DSL and is doing a lucrative business. He told me about it and I thought $5000 was worth it, but for less than a 10th of the price, Ecom Elites sounds very intriguing. Thank you. Are there hidden fees with Ecom Elites? For example, “pay us less than $300 to join and for our resources, but if you want any help after that, fork over the dough”. I am apprehensive.

    • Hi Stan, yes 5 big ones is a crazy amount to pay for a course. Regarding your concerns with eCom Elites, there are two packages available, the standard at $197 and $297 for the Ultimate which gives you all the training. There are no hidden fees, no monthly fees and you get a 30 day money back guarantee. Better yet, any updates are included for free, so the course stays fresh as Franklin finds new strategies and methods. The private Facebook group and access to Franklin is also included – no funny business with any required upgrades. It’s got a ton of training so take plenty of notes! Hope that helps.

  7. Thanks for your timely review I found on Google about the Anton Kraly’s Drop shipping Lifestyles course. I will head over to your recommended Franklin Hatchett’s program.

    • Glad to hear it Dan. I’m happy to save my readers a lot of money and get them excellent training for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy!

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