DropShip Lifestyle Review: Anton Kraly Course Scam or Legit?

Hi guys, if you are looking for a comprehensive Dropship Lifestyle review, then you have come to the right place.

I spent over 15 hours going over the course material. As an online store owner myself, I do know a few things about eCom. So, determining the value of this course should be a piece of cake.

I will rate the course on its content, ease of understanding, reputation and value for your money. And - give you some MUCH CHEAPER alternatives as well.

Let's just jump right in!

Overview of Dropship Lifestyle

Dropship Lifestyle is an online course created by Anton Kraly in 2013. It teaches his 7 step blueprint for starting and scaling an eCommerce business using dropshipping.

The Dropship lifestyle will show you how he made millions from nothing while teaching others on the internet about this successful approach.

This is a unique business model because almost everything can be outsourced when running your store.

You don't have to actually keep the products in stock yourself. Included are product selection and designing a website for online sales using Shopify

You'll learn how to locate suppliers who offer what's needed (from inventory management through advertising), running ads that attract customers both domestically or internationally via social media channels like Facebook & Twitter.

You deal directly vs using an agency when doing foreign trade exports - which often needs more attention than normal due to the intricacies involved in finding trustworthy partners abroad.

Dropship Lifestyle started as a small project to help people build their own businesses from the ground up. Now, it's become much more than that with global retreats and conventions.

Who is Anton Kraly?

Two heads are better than one, Anton Kraly realized this a little later in his life as he started his Drop Ship Lifestyle platform all by himself and it has been like that to date. 

He has been the only one working on the technical bits of his platform with exceptions to the times when he has had to hire extra hands.

Anton’s original dream was not to start a platform that will teach people how to be drop-shippers and make money off the internet.

His original dream job was farther away from being a mentor to people all over the world who are looking to earn substantial income off the internet.

In the beginning, Anton was just like everybody else.

He never knew he could make money online, his entire life had been all about how he could make something of himself by either opening up a chain of restaurants, a bar, an investment company, or a gym.

After graduating from college in 2006, Anton had plans to make millions, travel around the world, and retire young. Anton knew all of these would be impossible without being his own boss.

As someone with no prior plans, Anton was lost, but he tried his hands on a few normal jobs to take care of his bills before taking the bold step to actualizing his dreams.

Everything changed in 2007 when Anton got his hands on a book that introduced him to the e-commerce scene. This triggered him to commit himself fully to the art of learning all about e-commerce which is the building block for what his business model is today.

Does Dropship Lifestyle Have a Free Version?

Drop Ship lifestyle is a platform that is free to join for everyone.

For starters, when you start making use of the platform for Drop Shipping-related information, you are required to register as a member by adding your email to their subscribers’ base.

This will qualify you to get a free course on what Drop Shipping is all about from Anton.

The information or as they call it on the platform, “drop shipping course” that you will get is nothing than the basics of what drop shipping is.

This is none other than a welcome message and a walkthrough of how amazing Drop Shipping is and how it has changed a lot of lives in the past plus how I can also be one of the numerous happy subscribers. Enough of the fluff.

The free course is designed to get you excited to buy the course and nothing more. You really won't learn much.

Free Webinar

He's actively promoting a free webinar where you will get some free training.

This is also a gateway to the paid course and you'll learn a little about what the course is all about. Not a bad idea to join but expect to get sold to!

How Much Does Dropship Lifestyle Cost?

Dropship Lifestyle will cost you $3997 for the Premium package. The Ultimate package where you get a done-for-you Shopify store, 1 year of private coaching and a ticket to the 2023 retreat, will set you back $10,497.

So it's safe to day, Dropship Lifestyle ain't cheap!

Change is constant. This course that was pegged at a considerable amount some years back now costs a whopping $3,997 for the basic subscription.

Considering this new price, there has been a 101% increase in pricing as back then in 2017, the minimum entry fee was a meager $997. (which is still kinda expensive!)

Is there a Refund Policy?

There is a refund policy but it's not as simple as you think. You do need to take and prove actionable steps in order to get a refund. 

This will be off-putting for some. To qualify, you must show that have chosen a niche, been in contact with at least 20 suppliers and built a website. All of this must be done in 30 days.

If you can't prove any of the above, you're out of luck. You won't get a refund.

If I was you, don't buy the course if you want to "test it out" expecting to get a refund. The work involved in order to qualify is a LOT.

Do I need To Pay For Future Updates?

No, you do not need to pay for future updates to Dropship Lifestyle. Whenever new information comes out he makes those changes so you're never ineffective or getting wrong information for your business.

He also provides videos from all past retreats which mean that even if there is an increase in price due to this year's additions - current members won't have paid anything extra. 

Is Dropship Lifestyle Course Worth the Price?

A question that many have asked themselves is whether or not Dropship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly is worth the high price.

Dropship Lifestyle promises a passive income of $1,000 a day and more from selling other people's products online. For most people, this promise is too good to be true and seems like an impossible feat which results in them questioning if it's actually possible.

Although he has quite a few success stories, not everyone is going to succeed. Depending on the industry, niche, product, and how good of a marketer you are your results can vary.

Dropship Lifestyle is not for everyone but if you're willing to dive into an opportunity that has the potential to be life-changing this could be perfect for you. If buying the course drains your bank account, I'd steer clear away from it. Only consider this course if you are willing to throw away the money you put into it.

Who Is Dropship Lifestyle Best Suited For?

Dropship Lifestyle is a course for the individual who either doesn’t have any experience with dropshipping, or they're not successful at it.

If you have your own online business in dropshipping and want to scale your business, then perhaps the course would be a good fit. Anton includes legacy training so you might pick up some pointers here and there.

One of the modules I like was the Google Ads training. So if you've never done Google ads with a drop shipping business, then perhaps this will help you improve your efforts.

If you have been selling low-cost items from China and want to move away from that model, Dropship Lifestyle teaches high ticket dropshipping, so it's a completely different business model. Instead of selling cheap little trinkets, you'll be selling items like outdoor furniture, home gym equipment, wine refrigerators and more.

To sum up, the course teaches you how to make sales on high-cost items. You will make a lot more money per item comparing it to items from Ali-Express, however, the volume of sales is much less. So if this appeals to you, then perhaps Dropship Lifestyle is for you.

Possible Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Buy The Course

There are a couple of reasons. First is the price. It's bloody expensive. You could buy a used car for what this course costs. Secondly, there are risks involved with high-ticket dropshipping which Dropship Lifestyle teaches.

To explain this, let me give you an example. Let's say you sell a very expensive product worth $2000.00 Great, you made a nice fat commission.

But what if your customer is unhappy and wants to return it with the return period? You are going to have to refund their money entirely yourself. If you reinvested that money in your business or just don't have it, you're going to be in quite the pickle.

So unless you have some capital saved up to cover such expenses, you probably shouldn't bother with this course.

What's the Latest Version of Dropship Lifestyle?

Dropship Lifestyle's latest is version 7.0. It's quite a big upgrade from the previous version of the course.

Updates are frequent, unlike other dropshipping courses that get stale over time. 

There are 2 Versions of Dropship Lifestyle

Dropship Lifestyle comes with two options. The Premium Package or the higher-priced Ultimate Package. Here are some details on the two different packages:

DSL Premium Package

This package contains everything to get you started on your Drop Shipping venture.

For only $3997, (sarcasm) you will have access to a blueprint that contains 7 training modules, private apps, dropshipping software, DSLabs and the ability to Drop Ship Lifestyle supplier directory access. 

Subscribing to the premium package gives you an exclusive access right to Drop Ship Lab section which houses S.O.P's, checklists, and scripts so you can contact suppliers.

The DSL supplier directory is a great addition to the premium subscription package but there are other options like Worldwide Brands or even Salehoo that I reviewed recently and even had a giveaway contest on. Boo if you didn't sign up for it.

Ultimate Package

Costing $10,497, the most expensive of all the current plans on Drop Ship Lifestyle is the ultimate subscription package.

On the premium package, you pay to have access to befitting information that can set you up financially via drop-shipping, this one, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.

All you have to do is pay for the course, and most of the hard work will be done for you.

For starters, a website will be set up for you; this is in a bid to make you give undivided attention to learning how to build your business.

Besides getting your website created by the team over at Drop Ship Lifestyle, you also get to jump on private calls with Anthon Kraly himself.

A Drop Ship lifestyle retreat ticket will also be included in your subscription package. 

The Drop Ship Lifestyle retreat is an event held in Thailand and other locations where marketers all over the globe come together in one place to brainstorm.

Is the Premium Package Good Enough of do I Need the Ultimate Package?

The Premium package is totally fine. You'll learn everything that’s needed to build a successful Dropshipping store. Included are the blueprint, the business forum, and Anton's drop ship labs in addition to social media training through Google Ads with his personal supplier directory.

It's a tough choice, but if you're going to do it by yourself then I guess that is what makes sense. The additional $2k for Ultimate will give you an edge and skip all of the steps where others have failed before (including personal coaching).

Plus now there are fancy retreats with other entrepreneurs who can share their knowledge with you. So if you think that will benefit you, then it's an option.

Dropship Lifestyle Course Modules

Dropship Lifestyle contains 7 modules in total which I will break down here. The training is video-based which I find is the easiest way to absorb material. The less reading, the better. Right?

Here's what's inside the course:

Module 1: Niche Selection

Anton says that choosing a niche can either make or break your business. Here he shows you how to find high-value products from a specific niche.

Your first store will be focused on one niche, not several. So the goal of module 1 is to help you identify profitable niches. You'll be given the criteria that Anton and his team use to review every niche that they consider.

By the end of the module, you'll have a list of 50 different niches to choose from. But you're going to have to narrow it down which you'll learn how to do in the next module.

Module 2: Market Research

In module two you'll be shown how to narrow down the 50 niches you brainstormed in Module 1 to just one niche. This is the niche you'll be using to open your very first store. You'll learn how to extract all the information from suppliers from your competitors in this niche.

Here's a summary of what you'll learn in Module 2:

  • Identify price points
  • Use keyword research
  • Find your future competitors
  • Determine if a niche is drop ship friendly
  • Extract suppliers
  • Build a master list (how to sell for every company in your niche)

Module 3: Creating Your Website

The goal of this module is to have you build out your store. There are three options to choose from.

Option 1 - Download the DSL Theme

what the dsl theme looks like

DSL does include a theme you can use so you can download it and use it, or use your own. You're going to be using Shopify anyway, so there's no coding necessary on your end.

The DSL theme makes it even easier to style your website. The theme provided is decent, but keep in mind many others will use the same theme and I think it's important to stand out. You could get it customized but that would cost you a bit of money. 

Option 2 - Go Through the Shopify Video Course

If you don't want to use the DSL theme, you can create your own by going through the training in the "Shopify Video Course". The training is 25 videos done by Anton's sister Laura, who is the head designer of Dropship Lifestyle. If you want to design your store from scratch, then you'll want to go through this training which breaks down how to use Shopify. 

Option 3 - Use Their Team

If you really don't want to build the site yourself, you could hire the Dropship Lifestyle team to do this for you. This will cost you a fair bit of money and I advise against it. Use the provided theme if you're a total newbie and save your money.

This step is totally unnecessary and a waste of money if you ask me! You should really learn the ins and outs of Shopify anyway so doing it yourself or using the provided theme will help you understand the platform better.

Module 4: Get Drop Shippers

At this point, your store should have been set up already. The focal point of module 4 is to build relationships and get approved by suppliers.

Included in module 4:

  • How to do full research on suppliers
  • What makes a store trustworthy - examples of good & bad stores provided
  • Get phone and email scripts to use when reaching out to suppliers
  • Learn the answers to some frequently asked questions suppliers will ask you (be prepared)
  • Why supplier relationships are so important

Module 5: Optimize for Conversions

You'll need to have at least 5 supplier approvals before even touching this module. Optimizing for conversions essentially means how many people visit your store vs. how many people buy.

For example, if 100 people visited your store and you got 2 sales, that means your conversion rate is 2%. DSL's conversion rate goal is 2.5%. According to Anton, you are doing pretty good if you hit this target.

Dropship Lifestyle optimizes for conversions by doing things like having great content pages, utilizing social media, display reviews, stress urgency, following up with abandoned carts, and removing as much friction as possible from the buying process.

Module 6: Get Traffic

Even if you have the prettiest site online, you won't get ANY sales unless you have traffic. In this Drop Ship blueprint, you'll discover all the traffic strategies that Anton has learned over the years and how to distinguish good traffic from bad traffic.

Some of the traffic strategies he uses:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Social Media (organic and paid social traffic - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • SEO (search engine optimization - how to get seen organically in Google)
  • Dream 100 - working with influencers that send you referrals
  • Remarketing - marketing to people that have already been to your site
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook ads

Module 7: Outsourcing & Automation

Anton wants you to spend at least 30 minutes a day on your store. But a lot of these tasks can be performed by hiring other people to do your day-to-day tasks.

Some of these are visitor & customer inquiries through either voice, live chat and email. There's also order processing and all this can be done with an outsourcer.

Keep in mind you need to be doing all these tasks yourself at first. How else can you teach someone if you don't know the processes right?

This module won't be applicable until your store starts being really profitable. So when taking the dropship Lifestyle course you can really just ignore this module until your store takes off.

What's New in DSL 7.0? Dropship Lifestyle Upgrades

I like the fact that Anton does update his course and has had many updates since its inception.

DSL Version 7.0 is a big upgrade from the previous versions. So what's new in DSL 7.0?

Upgraded Welcome Module

For those that are new to the eCom game, you're going to get some extra training in eCommerce foundations. I glossed over this module because I've been in eCom for a long time now but for someone new, it's important to really understand this business.

So Anton has laid out the following for you in easy-to-understand format:

  • Foundations of eCommerce
  • Foundations of Online Business
  • Drop Ship Lifestyle Code of Ethics
  • Knowing Your Why

Updated Market Strategies in Market Research

The market in 2023 is very competitive but you'll learn new strategies to help you be even more profitable.

Updated Niche Selection Module

The first module, Niche selection, now includes new insights. You'll learn about passion products vs. profit and given some examples of good and bad niches. Seeing what the bad niches are upfront will ensure you don't start off on the wrong foot.

Improved Supplier Approvals Methods

To get supplier approval in 2023, you need to know how to stand out from the rest. Anton provides you with the tools to do so. This includes:

  • Drop Ship Supplier Research
  • Trust Is Everything
  • Good vs. Bad Stores
  • Phone and Email Scripts
  • Supplier FAQs (What They Ask)
  • Supplier Relationships (Terms, Pricing, Exclusivity, & More)
  • Optimizing For Conversions:
  • Exploit Their Weakness
  • Usability Over Design
  • Ethically Spy On Your Visitors

A Separate Module on Outsourcing and Automation

In order to scale your store, you're going to need to look for outside assistance. Anton has a blueprint that allows you to delegate tasks and automate certain processes to enable you to focus on one thing - GROWING your business! Included is the following:

  • Your Automation Toolkit
  • Abandoned Cart Automation
  • Google Sheets Automation
  • Order Tracking and Reviews Automation
  • Custom Order Automation
  • Content Distribution Automation

If you're thinking that these updates are quite substantial, you are correct! Anton does put quite a bit of effort into updating the Dropship Lifestyle dropshipping course. So far DSL has seen 7 updates since it has started.

A course that isn't successful just whithers and dies. Courses that do well get updated frequently. 

What's the Difference Between Dropship Lifestyle and other Dropshipping Courses?

Many online courses on dropshipping exist. Anton Kraly's course is different because it focuses on high-ticket items rather than lower cost items that you'll find from suppliers on Ali Baba or AliExpress for example.

The Drop Ship Lifestyle community is also different because a lot of these people actually meet in person in the form of in-person retreats. You normally don't see that with lower-priced courses where all you really have is a Facebook group.

DSL also gets updated frequently unlike some other dropshipping courses. While Anton makes a considerable amount of money from selling his course, it doesn't come across as being "scammy" like a lot of other courses. It seems to have a good reputation with a good number of reviews that seem to be positive.

Probably the biggest difference though is the price. I mean you could buy a car with the money you will spend on this course. It's something you really need to think about before you enter your credit card number and hit that submit button.

Can you Make Money Dropshipping?

Some people do make money with dropshipping and have experienced financial freedom, but many people do not. Why is this the case? Because dropshipping has become an over-hyped business model.

The truth is that it's possible to make money with dropshipping if you treat it like any e-commerce store because the online retail game comes down to good customer service and good marketing.

The only difference is that you're not responsible for having or storing any inventory. You simply order products from a wholesaler as orders come in, then pass them along to your customers once they come in.

Simple enough, right? But so many drop shippers neglect this important part of running an online business: marketing and customer service. Their main priority becomes which supplier can send them the best deal on bulk orders of trendy t-shirts or cheap electronics instead of putting time into ranking higher in organic search results or answering customer emails.

For this reason, many drop shippers fail to make money with their stores. They get excited about finding a supplier or creating an online store but they never get around to promoting it or providing good service, which is the most important part of running any business.

So can you actually make money dropshipping? Yes… if you treat it like a real business! Some people do make money with dropshipping, but most people do not because they don't know how to run an e-commerce business correctly.

If you provide good customer service and market your website then yes, you can probably make some money with your dropshipping store. But there's no shortcut to making lots of sales and building a reliable source of income.

What if you don't live in the USA?

The biggest weakness with DSL is that there's no information about how people outside America will be able to start up and run their businesses.

What tax obligations do they have? Is market research the same? You should seek advice from independent experts before establishing your Drop Shipping company so you know what needs to be established before you start if you're not based in the USA.

Pros of Dropship Lifestyle

Let's discuss the pros of Dropship Lifestyle

  • Anton Kraly isn't new to dropshipping: He's been doing this for years so it's not like you are giving money to some "fly-by-nighter" that talks a big game and just wants your money. In other words, he's not a scam artist.
  • Niche selection and research: Choosing a niche is one of the hardest things to accomplish when starting the dropshipping business model. Your entire business depends on the success of a good niche. What I like here is that Anton's team can verify for you if your niche is wise to get into or not. So, you'll be starting off on a positive note and if you fail, it's only because you didn't fully stick to the program. 
  • Private Mentorship: Anton's team will mentor you for 3 months and provide you with a fully built drop ship store. This is going to cost you more money and it's not for all, but at least you'll know your store is built by pros in the business. 
  • Dropship Lifestyle Retreat: For those that like to network with other people, DSL offers a retreat where you can build relationships, brainstorm and strategize with other members in the community.

Cons of Dropship Lifestyle

  • The Price: Dropship Lifestyle ain't cheap! In fact, most people won't be able to afford it. It's very expensive and you also need to consider your marketing budget even after paying for the course. If you have the means to purchase it where it's not going to put you in financial dire straits, then by all means go ahead.
  • Refund Policy: DSL makes it very hard to get a refund. As mentioned before, in order to get a refund you have to show you have chosen a niche, contacted 20 suppliers and built your website all in 30 days. 
  • High Ticket Dropshipping is Risky: Since some items can be worth thousands, if a customer requests a refund, you will need to have a lot of cash on hand in order to refund the purchase. 
  • Shopify the only option: With DSL, you are taught how to build your store using the Shopify platform only. You won't be able to build it with a platform of your choice.

Are There Alternatives to Dropship Lifestyle?

Not everyone has money to throw away on a course that costs this much. 

The good news is that there are eCom experts out there that do care about their students' success and don't charge an arm and a leg for their courses.

Here are a couple of great options.

1. eCommerce Accelerator

The eCommerce Accelerator is brought to you by SaleHoo. The course is taught by Sarah Li, who runs a few multi-million dollar ecommerce stores. 

What's great about this course is that it's unique. You start off with dropshipping, and once you identify a winner, you'll then move to a wholesaling model. This means faster shipping times and more profits for you.

Learn more about how this works in my eCommerce Accelerator review.

This course is different from Dropship Lifestyle but also has similar characteristics. For example, if you want to dropship expensive items like Dropship Lifestyle teaches, you can with the eCommerce Accelerator course.

What's unique about this course is that you get access to SaleHoo's directory which includes access to over 8000 suppliers. These suppliers have been fully vetted by SaleHoo, so you won't have to worry about getting scammed.

You also get the dropship tool which imports products of your choosing right into your store. This is kinda like what Oberlo used to be which doesn't exist anymore. 

For product research, you also get "Market Research Labs" which is a tool that helps you find products that are trending, and with low competition.

The best part?

It only costs $267 - and that's just a one-time payment. You also have the option of a 3-pay at $89 which works out to the same.

Don't let the low price fool you, this course is legit. I bought it and went through all the training. See it in action in my review

eCom Elites is also another low-cost option. It has two pricing plans. For the standard course it's just $197 and $297 for the advanced course. You will learn everything from Facebook & Instagram ads, Google Shopping ads, email marketing, SEO, sales funnels and more.

Unlike the eCommerce Accelerator course, this one focuses entirely on low priced items. So, if a high priced course and high ticket items turns you off, then this is a good option for you.

If you haven't read my eCom Elites review yet, you should see why this course may be the better option for you. I'm a member as well and I take you right into the course.

It's a complete course and you'll get lifetime updates for free.

Don't let the low price tag fool you - there's over 200 videos of content with the latest strategies to help you succeed.

He has MANY REAL testimonials of students hitting 5 and 6 figures.

Check it out for yourself. Franklin Hatchett is not just a coach, but he actually does this stuff and not just teaches.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on My Dropship Lifestyle Review

I have done my very best to highlight what is behind the “sign up” button on the Dropship lifestyle platform in this Drop Ship Lifestyle review.

Here are a few reasons why I hold some reservations about the course and these reasons can be said to be why you should seriously think about purchasing it.

Even though the course is one of the most sought-after in its niche, the pricing system is just super crazy and ridiculously laughable. The money-to-value ratio of the course is not in any way satisfactory. The course is not worthy of being sold for such a high price.

As mentioned in other reviews that feature ecom courses with high prices, you don't need to spend that kind of money for Ecom education.

When it comes to high-ticket dropshipping, DSL is one of the better ones. You just have to ask yourself if it's worth spending that kind of money.

I don't think it is.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dropship Lifestyle

Why should you buy the dropship Lifestyle Course?

Dropship Lifestyle has everything you need to start your own dropshipping business. You get valuable information, stellar support, and an active community that's ready to answer any questions along the way! In addition, they will help pick out what niche would be best for YOU based on whatever interests or experience levels are most prominent in YOUR life right now - not someone else’s idea of “perfect."

Finally, there is also a custom website built by our team just because we know how much this part can spoil all those little guys...

Is Dropship Lifestyle Legit?

Dropship Lifestyle is a legit course. Anton Kraly has proven to be a legitimate trainer since he bases his training on his own success in dropshipping.

Is Drop Ship Lifestyle suitable for beginners?

The course is taught with beginners in mind so yes if you're a beginner you'll be able to follow along with the course with no problems.

How much does Drop Ship Lifestyle cost?

The Premium package costs $3997 and the Ultimate package $10,497. It's expensive however it comes with excellent service that provides top-quality content. They will help you to get your initial investment back through sales however they won't guarantee it.

Who is the creator of the Drop Ship Lifestyle course?

The course was created by Anton Kraly. He is widely known for his Youtube advertisements that appear to be seen often. He's a seasoned marketer that has been doing e-commerce since 2007.

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  1. Thank you very much! I am an entrepeneur in another online business (Bingo online, sucessful story ty Lord ) but looking to expand my horizons. My daughter talked to me about this concept and I’ve been looking into opening a store but need the guide. I am excelent in customer service. I am excelent in marketing with 20+ years of experience in online business. I remember I paid 10,000 in 2005 to learn Online Bingo and here I am 18 years later with ups and downs but alive. I do know I need to expand to not be left behind. I think even my current base of members can get hooked up in my store, but even if not, I would love to live the experience again of entering an unknown (not completely) space and work hard to succed. Ty for your review. Maybe a good strategy is to buy a cheaper course, see what you get and if not the support you look for, then think about the more expensive ones with more support to get started…Just saying 🙂 TY again

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