eCom Success Academy Review 2024: Legit Course or Scam?

Welcome to my eCom Success Academy review for 2024.

After buying this course and spending well over 26 hours going through it without pulling my hair out, I'll be able to tell you if you should buy it or not.

After all, if you end up spending $2500 on this thing and with no refund, won't you feel stupid if you realize it sucks or if it's not for you?

👉Looking For Ecom Family Academy Reviews?

If you're looking for a review on the Ecom Family Academy course, you can see my review here.

The Ecom Family Academy and Ecom Success Academy are two different courses but have a similar name.

Just to clear the confusion 😁

🚩 Important Update on the eCom Success Academy 🚩

The last update done for ESA was in 2021. I am not sure if there will be any updates for 2024 but I will periodically log into the course and check.

Because of this I can't recommend ESA if it's not going to be updated anymore. Here are some suggested alternatives (and they are much cheaper!)

Click here to skip to the suggestions or continue reading.

To prove that I bought the course, here is the receipt. I purchased it wayyyy back on Jun 17, 2016. Fortunately. it has been updated since then. Sort-of. (more on that later!).

Beware of other "reviewers" that just steal my content and reword it. One guy even thinks ESA was created in 2017, when it was not.

Their goal is to get you to sign up for a $7000 lead generation course.

You're here because you want to know about dropshipping and whether the eCom Success Academy is right for you. Not to be sold a totally unrelated course!

And, since I have bought the course, gone through the training, and built an online store following Adrian's training, I am in a much better position to give you an unbiased and honest eCom Success Academy review.

Video Walkthrough of eCom Success Academy

This is an old video but is further proof I bought the course. There have been plenty of updates since I shot this video, but it gives you a feel for what you can expect.

Click to play

What is Dropshipping and is it Right For You?

Before we dive into the specifics of the course, you should really decide whether dropshipping is for you or not.

With dropshipping, you hold no inventory. You simply create a store on Shopify, find products, upload images of said products, and promote.

If someone buys a product(s) from your store, you purchase it from the supplier and the supplier then ships it to your customer.

You make money by marking up the product several hundred percent.

There are many moving parts with dropshipping. From setting up a store to dealing with suppliers and customer service. People are making money online with this business model but the more successful your business, the busier you will be. Keep that in mind.

Who is Adrian Morrison?

Adrian Morrison is a well-known internet marketer, mostly known for his success on the Shopify Platform. Shopify has even sponsored his ESA course.

He's also the brother of Anthony Morrison. Both Anthony and Adrian run Morrison Publishing and Launch Wise LLC. Ecom Success Academy is just one of those courses under the Launch Wise umbrella. Currently, Launch Wise has a collection of 14 courses and software, Ecom Success Academy (or ESA for short) being one of them.

Adrian Morrison in office talking on camera about ESA

Adrian also runs free training on Facebook called the "Profit Power Hour" every Monday at 9PM EST.

What is eCom Success Academy and who is it For?

Ecom Success Academy is an online course in dropshipping created by Adrian Morrison. He teaches you how to start your own e-commerce drop shipping business through Shopify.

You will learn everything in this course from setting up your store, picking a niche, creating Facebook ads, and scaling your store.

The course is for people that are looking to make money online in e-commerce, specifically dropshipping.

In order to do well in this business, you are going to need a considerable amount of capital to start. Besides the cost of the course, you are going to need to pay for things like Shopify fees, Facebook ads, Apps, and other expenses.

It's also for people that have a lot of ambition. You'll need to be excited about this business model in order for you to succeed.

Who is eCom Success Academy NOT For?

Do NOT buy this course if the cost of the course is going to drain your bank account. As stated above, you need to pay for additional expenses after buying the course. The main one will be Facebook Ads. If you can't afford to spend at least $20 a day on Facebook Ads, do not buy this course!

I also would not suggest this course to anyone that is looking to get rich quick. Yes, you could make a considerable amount of money in a short period of time, but there are no guarantees. I have seen many Shopify stores close just after a matter of a few weeks because people were expecting to make money right away. If that's you, don't buy the course. Do something else like affiliate marketing.

Is Ecom Success Academy a Scam or Legit?

Ecom Success Academy is 100% legit. Adrian Morrison is a well-known marketer and he put a lot of money into creating ESA.

He has also shown some of his successful Shopify campaigns in the form of Case studies in the course. There are case studies on products that made $152K, $715K, $99K and so on.

list of case studies and how much money they made

Since Shopify even sponsored ESA, I don't think a legitimate corporation would want to get in bed with a scammer. So based on that alone, Ecom Success Academy is not a scam.

How Much Does Ecom Success Academy Cost?

The eCom Success Academy costs $2,495. This is a one-time payment.

You do have the option of paying in 3 monthly installments of $997 each. That will set you back $2991 though.

You can save $496 by just paying the one-time fee.

This fee includes:

  • Closed door Profit Power Hour webinars
  • Sizzle Product Sniper Software - a tool for finding products that convert to sales
  • Art Licensing - Access to Artwork that you can use for print on demand products

No Refunds

One of the complaints people have is that once they buy ESA, they are not eligible for a refund. So if you buy this course and you don't like it for some reason, you won't get your money back. Please be aware of this.

How Does Ecom Success Academy Compare to Other Courses?

Here's how ESA compares to a couple of other popular dropshipping courses.

Ecom Success Academy VS eCom Elites

One of the biggest differences between Ecom Success Academy and eCom Elites is the price. eCom Elites costs only $197. That's $2,298 less than Ecom Success Academy.

As far as training goes, both courses teach you:

  • How to set up a Shopify store from scratch
  • How to source products and find suppliers
  • How to set up Facebook ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ads Scale winning products

However, eCom Elites takes this one step further and teaches you how to get organic traffic (free traffic from Google) to your store with search engine optimization.

eCom Elites also teaches you how to use Chatbots and Instagram Influencer marketing. Ecom Success Academy does not teach any of this.

What does ESA have that eCom Elites doesn't?

Ecom Success Academy has training on print on demand, access to licensed artwork, the Sizzle Product Sniper Software and case studies.

So as you can see, there is an overlap on the core training but each has different additional training.

Ecom Success Academy VS DropShip Lifestyle

As far as price goes, the base price for Dropship Lifestyle is $2997 which is $502 more than Ecom Success Academy. However, that increases if you get the Dropship Lifestyle Ultimate coaching which is $4997.

As far as training goes, ESA and DSL are VERY different.

eCom Success Academy focuses on low-cost, low-ticket items from China. This does not include the print-on-demand items. POD items typically are shipped from the USA.

Dropship Lifestyle focuses on high-ticket items. Think lawnmowers, solar panels, etc.

One isn't necessarily better than the other, but there are risks when it comes to high ticket dropshipping.

In short, ESA has similar training to other dropshipping courses available. It does have some extras like the art licensing and print on demand which aren't found in comparable dropshipping courses.

What is the Sizzle Product Sniper Software aka X Factor That Comes With ESA?

The Sizzle Product Sniper Software also known as XFactor is included with your purchase of eCom Success Academy. You cannot purchase this product separately.

This tool is supposed to "snipe out" products that are "sizzling" - in other words products that are converting "right now". These are products that are viral and helps you to discover new products to promote on your store.

I have used the tool myself and here is a little demo for ya.

How the tool works:

The tool searches for popular selling products in both the Aliexpress marketplace and also shows you engagement with Facebook ads.

First I will do a search with AliExpress. In this example I searched for "earbuds" in the "consumer electronics" category.

demo of how sizzle product sniper works

Above is what the tool generated. From here, I see 3 potential products to promote highlighted in the purple, red, and yellow boxes.

The cheapest earbud sells for $8.70 and has had 513 orders in the last 30 days which is pretty good engagement. The feedback is 99% so we might have a winner here. The one in yellow is also decent but slightly more expensive. The one in purple is the most expensive but still has decent sales.

So if we were to go with any earbud on this page, I would select the one in red. You could easily sell this for $29.95 and make a profit of $21.25 each. If you sold just 3 a day, that's $63.75 profit a day or $1,912.50 a month.

This next example is using the tool's Facebook search.

The tool works by selecting Facebook Search at the top, choosing a keyword (I chose dog toys for this test) and offer type. Some of the offer types are "all, just pay shipping, teespring, gearbubble, etc. For this test, I just selected all.

You can also refine by the month, week, last month or last week.

Here are the results:

products that populated in facebook using sizzle product sniper

So if we look above in the red box, this product ad was launched just 19 hours ago and has 12 shares already. The other 2 have about 1 share each. This one could be a winner.

Even though the tool will show you some good results, you still need to compare engagement and consider variables like price and competition as well.

Once you find a product of interest, you could just go on AliExpress and search for it. There are likely dozens of vendors that sell the same product.

Is there an Alternative to the Sizzle Product Sniper?

Yes, you can subscribe to "Sell The Trend" which pretty much does the same thing. So if you don't want to spend $2495 on a course but want your own "sizzle software", you can get it with Sell The Trend.

What I like About eCom Success Academy

1. First off, I like the fact that it is taught by Adrian Morrison who is a respected and well-known marketer. He's not some guy that just decided to create a course based on a little success. He's actually made over a million dollars in his dropshipping business.

I'd say that qualifies him to create a course.

2. I also like that it just doesn't teach dropshipping with AliExpress alone. It includes Print-on-demand training.

Adrian prefers to use either Pillow Profits or Teelaunch for print-on-demand products. As for art, he says you can either get your artwork done on places like Fiverr or Upwork, or use the included subscription to "Art Licensing".

Here's some of the products from Pillow Profits which is Adrian's #1 recommended vendor:

And here is a small sample of the artwork that you can get from Art Licensing:

different kinds of art samples from art licensing

3. I also like that eCom Success Academy has over 24 hours of training. It's a lot to take in, but it's much better than a course like Biaheza's that you can complete on your lunch break.

4. Getting access to the Sizzle Product Sniper tool is also a plus. There are similar tools out there that you have to pay a monthly subscription for, but you get this tool free with your ESA membership.

5. Updates - Adrian keeps the eCom Success Academy updated with new training modules.

What I Don't Like About eCom Success Academy

1. It's expensive. And you can't get a refund if you hate it.

2. The Facebook training is outdated. Since Facebook changes their format quite often, what you see in the training will be quite different than what Facebook looks like now. The concepts are the same, but it's going to take you longer to find the areas that you need.

3. No SEO training. Getting your products ranked on Google brings in free traffic. Who doesn't want free traffic! It's unfortunate there is no SEO training in ESA.

4. You won't be able to get a hold of Adrian easily in the Facebook group. He's busy with a lot of things so you'll end up dealing mostly with other students or admins.

5. No Influencer training. One of the best and easiest ways to test out a product is to get an influencer to promote it for you. Ecom Success Academy training does not includ any Influencer training like on Instagram, for example.

Ecom Success Academy Review - A look into the Members Area

Let’s take a look at the members area now shall we?

The first video is an introduction to the course and what you are going to learn which you'll see above. 

After clicking on the button to access the course material, it brings you to all the modules in ecom success center.


ESA shows updates for 2021 but nothing for 2024 yet.

The focus of these updates revolves around new strategies to find viral products, email marketing, mass conversion testing and building a 7 figure brand on Shopify.

But hey, if you look below you can just read it for yourself,

I like the fact that Adrian Morrison keeps on top of things and bring in the fresh content.

As long as you are a member like I am, you get these updates for free. I've been a member for many years now so as you can see I still get the updates as indicated in the images below.

These are some, I didn't screenshot them all.

Ecom Success Academy Course Curriculum

So here is what you get as far as the modules go.

Module 1 - Shopify

There are 8 sub sections here and the first one is the most intense, Shopify setup, where there are 8 videos telling you how to set up your store. Here are all the sections in this module in order.

  • Shopify Setup
  • Dropshipping
  • Add Products
  • Promotion Strategies
  • Your Sales Page
  • Building Your Brand
  • Shopify App Arsenal
  • Shopify Quick Start

Module 2 - Sourcing Products

There are 15 sections in the Sourcing Products Module.

Adrian goes into a lot of detail here and it's a big module but pushes a lot of products from Teelaunch that everyone else is doing.

Nothing really groundbreaking here, but still has some useful information. You are still left wondering what to sell after this module but at least you might get some ideas.

Adrian also gives you access to Art licensing and i've taken advantage of it but the problem is you are limited to 10 artists and some of them you wont be able to use their work.

The best ones are usually used by everyone else, so by now most designs are probably saturated.

Here are the sections in this Module:

Module 3 - Facebook

In this module, Adrian does a pretty good job of explaining how to set up your ads for maximum success.

He does things differently than other marketers and it's hard to say if this is the right or wrong way.

However he insists on certain settings whereas other 7 figure ecom marketers do something different and explain why. Not sure who to believe?

Here are the sections in this Module:

  1. FB Marketing Setup
  2. FB Fan Pages
  3. FB Ad Types
  4. FB Ad Objectives
  5. FB Targeting
  6. Advanced FB Targeting
  7. FB Audiences
  8. The FB Pixel
  9. Writing a FB Ad
  10. FB Bidding Strategy
  11. Ads Kill or Scale
  12. Advanced Split testing
  13. FB Quick Start

And here's a screenshot. I watermarked it so scammers can't be scammers and and steal my image pretending they bought the course!

Module 4 - Email Marketing

In this module you are going to learn things like how to setup mailchimp, how to set up free promo offers, what to do with non openers, mailing non-clickers and so on.

Email marketing is important and he does a pretty good job explaining why.

Nothing that you can't get anywhere else to be honest though.

Module 5 - Building Your A-Team

This module is really for those that have "made it" so to speak.

If you're racking in the dough, it's time to start outsourcing so this module explains how to do all that.

Helpful if you are making money, not if you are a beginner.

So if you're just starting out, you can skip this module - it's totally useless to you!

Module 6 - Project Management

Again, this section is for those who's ecom business is flourishing. It's all about managing your business if it takes off.

Adrian just gives you some options for managing your business and explains how to use them. 

Is it useless? Well in the beginning yes.

You can skip this module if you are just starting out.

And don't worry, there is so much training in this course you'll be glad to skip a module or two because you won't need ALL the training right away.

Module 7 - Longterm Exit Plan

Here Adrian Morrison talks about selling your business. It's true that you can sell your store for a lot of money if it is a success, but my gut feeling is that you are probably more interested in building a profitable business rather than already thinking about selling it.

However, not a bad module if your store becomes a success. Not really useful for newbies.

Module 8 - Bonus Section

In this Module, you'll find recordings of daily live coaching. His brother Anthony Morrison has a module on email marketing which is pretty good as well. Adrian also has a free tool that he offers that is called the sizzle sniper software and it is explained in this section.

It's a tool that helps you identify products in Ali Express and also shows ad performance in Facebook.

Case Studies

Here, Adrian gives you case studies of products that he has sold - some have generated close to $500,000 in sales. I actually tried this myself, using the same copy and a split test, with the same audiences that he used and I had no success with it.

The reason? These products peaked and then died. They were basically a trend and now any sales would be very minimal. This is very typical in the ecom world.

He has added some new case studies, which I will dive into to see if they are worth mentioning. 

You can email me if you want to know - I might consider spilling the beanz!

Is eCom Success Academy for you?

If you like the Adrian Morrison brand and simply want to buy into it, they by all means you should pick it up.

I heard a lot of people discuss the Adrian Morrison scam but I don’t believe that. He’s got a decent product, it’s just very pricey.

It's especially good for newbies and even intermediate marketers.

Keep in mind that there are no refunds so you must be all in. There's no doubt that you will be able to start your own dropshipping business with this course. The only negative I can see is the price tag. If that doesn't bother you then it's worth the investment.

Alternatives to eCom Success Academy

Want a couple kick-ass courses without the ESA price tag?

Here's 2 of them:

Option #2 is a course brought to you by SaleHoo, a huge name in the eCom space that has a massive product and supplier directory.

They've used their marketing experience along with getting a 6 figure multi-store business owner to do the training. 

This course is rather unique, where they employ a 3-phase dropship to wholesale system. This basically means that when you find a winner, you will learn how to wholesale that item which means faster shipping times and more profits for you.

I also took this course and you can check out my review here.

And of course, it's much cheaper than ESA - It's just $267 or 3 payments of $89.

eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett is only $197. That's $2298 cheaper than eCom Success Academy. And - you're backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Don't let the low price fool you though. 

In eCom Elites you will learn how to do full product research, store setup, Instagram & Facebook marketing, how to get Google SEO traffic, chat bot setup, Google Shopping Ads training, sales funnels training and more. 

It’s a beast of a course with over 200 videos and many student success stories.

eCom Elites provides a laser-focused approach to getting sales - the number one goal of any ecommerce business. Unlike ESA, it doesn't teach extra steps like selling your store or hiring staff: just focus on boosting those profits!

Although Adrian Morrison has omitted discussing Instagram influencers, the eCom Elites program provides an expansive module dedicated to this topic - a critical element of a successful ecommerce store.

I’m a member myself and his strategies have helped me make more $ with my own stores.

The money you save with getting eCom Elites instead can be re-invested into your business. It's much smarter. And, it's going to get you ahead much quicker.

I encourage you to check out my review first - See it here.

Final Thoughts on Ecom Success Academy

So it comes down to this. Should you buy ESA... or choose something else?

$2495 is a lot to invest in ANY course. If the course had 2024 updates then perhaps it might be worth considering. However, it looks like Adrian is giving up on ESA from the looks of it.

Currently the salespage seems to still be active. And remember, if you do buy it, you can't get a refund. So. there's no protection.

I encourage you to check out the two reviews of eCom Elites and eCommerce Accelerator - they are much better options in my opinion!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I can make an Income with eCom Success Academy?

Results can vary but realistically it can happen as soon as you start running your first paid ads on Facebook. However in reality this can take some time and depends on your budget and how well you did your product research.

Is the Ecom Success Academy the best course for dropshipping?

Although this course is good, it is expensive and there are alternatives that cost much less of the same calibre if not better. 

Who Created ESA?

ESA was created by American Adrian Morrison, a respected marketer. He has many different courses under his belt and this is the flagship one. Him, with his brother Adrian Morrison have launched many courses and software over the years.

Where Can I buy ESA?

After reading my review and you're still convinced ESA is for you, you can buy it here.

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9 thoughts on “eCom Success Academy Review 2024: Legit Course or Scam?”

  1. Hi Marina, I had some success after starting with ESA and it was about a month after that I found a product doing well. To be fair, the return had nothing to do with either course, it was about testing and finding the right product. Both courses are quite similar. As for email, Module 5 in eCom Elites is dedicated to Email marketing with 12 videos on different ways to optimize emails from warming up leads to getting better open rates etc. So yes, eCom Elites is a complete course just like ESA is, just a lot cheaper. As with any business, your success is what you put into it.

  2. HI Cici, whenever I was unhappy with a purchase and couldnt get anywhere with the retailer I would just put in a dispute with the credit card company/bank I used. Not saying this will work here but I would imagine it would apply to any purchase made online.

  3. Hi Michelle, eCom Elites is created by Franklin Hatchett and he’s a New Zealander, so he knows all about doing this stuff internationally so that part is covered. For the products that will be shipping out from China, not all will take that long. 2-3 weeks is the average for most and in some cases it could take a little longer. You have to set the expectations with your customer first and when you do that they are buying knowing it’s going to take some time. As long as you’re transparent, there’s usually no issues. As for refunds and returns, it’s handled differently for each scenario. For example if it is defective, you would contact the supplier and arrange for them to send out another item at their expense. If the customer just isnt happy, you would refund them amount and tell them they can just keep the product. Since you’re only paying $1 – $7 on average for the cost of your products on your end, it makes sense to do it this way and just absorb that cost and call it a day. For more expensive items, you could set up a P.O. box. I only had to use mine once so believe me it’s a rarity and at this point should not be a concern at all. Hope that helps!

  4. Its true he makes money from affiliate links, but I’d be glad to use his affiliate link in exchange for the advice. I did do when I bought both PWB bundle and ecom elites a while back. If I hadn’t gone with this mans advice, I would have been close to buying a overrated and over ualked about course by Hayden Bowels. And if I did, I would never be as good as I am in ecom as I am today. This may just be a site, but it can go a long way for everyone who uses this guide because for me, success would have never come if I wasnt smart and hadn’t look at this mans reviews. I would have just given up because the course I would have bought teaches nothing but basics. So I’d thank Drew if I were you. Oh and thanks for serving sir, means a lot. My cousin was in the USMC.

    • So glad I was able to help you out Nick and save you some dollars in the process. Yes I sometimes have affiliate links on my site but I vet everything I recommend. I’d burn my blog by recommending garbage so making a little on the side helps me buy courses to review. It’s a win for everyone and thank you for the positive comments, it’s much appreciated. And to Michael – thank you for your service as well!

  5. Hi Michael,

    I’m sorry you feel that way. I guess you never checked out my Youtube channel where I log in and do a video walkthrough of ESA. If you need proof here it is –
    I did this review quite some time ago and I still stand by it. I’ve invested probably over 20K in internet marketing training over the last decade and came to the conclusion that expensive doesn’t always mean good. Sure, ESA is a good program (I did not give it a poor review btw) but is it worth $2495? I think a lot of people would ask the same question. I see eCom Elites as it’s equal (and better in some ways) at a fraction of the cost. I think a lot of people would appreciate that advice to save them a hell of a lot of money so i’m not sure why you are offended by this? Anyway, I understand your skepticism but you are free to purchase whatever you like. Thanks for taking the time to read my reviews. Best of luck to you.

    • Hi Angela, do you mean Adrian? He’s definitely in the business for courses as he’s got a ton of them. Not that they’re bad but yes the agenda is clear 🙂

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