Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review: Is His Training Legit?

Hey, Drew here and welcome to Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course review.

By the time you get to the bottom (i’ll try to make it quick!) you’ll know if this dropshipping course is for you.

We are going to look at the modules and what is included, how much it costs, and whether or not the course is worth it. 

Who is Biaheza?

For those that know, you can skip this section. If you don’t know who he is, Biaheza owns a few dropshipping stores but is mostly known for his Youtube Channel. He has a following just over 900,000 subs which is pretty impressive.

The topics on his channel vary, but they are focused mainly on dropshipping. Topics like Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18, buying a rental home, 24 hour Shopify challenge, how to own a supercar, bitcoin, stock options trading etc. are discussed.

So it’s a mixed bag of topics to achieve a primary goal – to get you excited about making money online.

I will say I am impressed with the fact that he invested in a rental property at such a young age, most kids his age would rather just buy a Lamborghini with that money.

He does claim to make 100K a month but keep in mind that is gross revenue. Typically dropshipping “guru’s” always toss out gross stats just because it sounds better.

At best, the dropshipping business model has the potential to make you 20-30% profit and if you’re doing big numbers, – that’s still a damn good payday.

Is Biaheza a Scammer?

No, he’s not. But for what he’s charging for a course that you can complete in an hour is a borderline scam. Also, you can find everything for free online rather than buy his course. There’s nothing groundbreaking in the course and nothing new. It’s also never been updated.

An Update on Biaheza

If you look at his Youtube channel, there’s really not much about ecommerce or dropshipping anymore. It looks like he’s abandoned doing dropshipping, at least for now.

Nowadays he is focusing on investing, buying failed businesses, and turning them around, and stock trading.

He even has a video about using ChatGPT to trade stocks. 

Should that change, I will update this review but for now, it looks like it’s all crickets on the Biaheza dropshipping course.

What Will You Learn With the Biaheza Full Dropshipping Course?

The whole purpose of his course is to help you get your first “big break” with your dropshipping store. So he’s either marketing it to complete noobs or ones that have tried and failed – fair enough.

What I do like is that he doesn’t get into all that mindset stuff and focuses on the technical side only.

Now keep in mind it’s a very short course compared to other dropshipping courses I have reviewed in the past.

You’re going to learn how he sets up his stores and uses software to find winning products. He claims that just by using this software he found a winning product right away. Not saying that won’t happen for you but in the real world it’s much more complex than that – he may have tested MANY different products before finding a winner which is more likely.

Other training topics include things like web design, how to set up your product pages, how to position your ads so customers are not turned off with the long AliExpress shipping times, and so on.

You’re also going to learn how to create a social media presence for your store with company pages.

There’s a section on how to create a viral ad for your products and this is always a hit and miss – no Ad is guaranteed to go viral – it takes luck as well.

Instagram – Since Biaheza is very good with Instagram he shows you how to market your store through Instagram Theme Pages and the right way on how to do this.

The Facebook section is pretty basic and he walks you through how to set up your ads and scale them when it’s time. Since Facebook is going to be a huge component of your marketing strategy, this section is a bit light compared to other courses i’ve seen that teach Facebook marketing.

The whole goal of this course is to help you get your first big break by selling your first product. It is true that once you start selling one of your products, it does get easier.

How Much does the Biaheza Dropshipping Course Cost?

The price tag of the course is $294 which is a one-time fee. There are no discounts currently available but it’s reasonably priced anyway.

Just a note for those wanting to get into dropshipping, you will need to set aside a budget for advertising. The minimum should be $5 a day.

Startup costs for a dropshipping site are relatively low, but it’s the advertising that will be the biggest part of your budget.

Can You Get a Refund?

No. If you buy the course you will not be able to get your money back.

Course Curriculum – Breakdown of the Modules

Most of the modules with exception of Module 9 are single video modules. There are 11 videos in total so again, this is a very short course. The longest video is about 18 minutes and the shortest is under a minute. You heard me, a minute!

Module 1. How to Find Real Winning Products

In this first video, Biaheza talks about the importance of choosing products wisely. He says you need to find products that A) Solve a problem and B) Aren’t products that you can get just about anywhere. In other words, they have to be unique so that people think the only place they can get is in your store.

How does Biaheza find his winning products?

He uses software rather than finding them through research. I’m not a fan of this, to be honest, and have had more luck by doing my own product research without tools. It takes longer, but you can find some gems.

Anyway, the 3 tools he suggests are:

You can use software like these 3 to find product examples for your Shopify store but keep in mind they are not free.

Module 2. How to Create a Shopify Website From Scratch

Nothing outstanding in this module in fact you can just follow along with the free training you find on Youtube or even on Shopify itself. This single video shows you how to make a brand new Shopify Website from scratch with a single product.

You will be placing all your faith in one single product so you better hope it works out. I’m personally not a fan of this model and it makes more sense to test many products than having faith in just one.

Module 3. Your Company Social Media Pages

Here, Biaheza shows you how to create a proper Instagram company page. He tells you to fill it with at least 9 images and to try and get followers. He even suggests to “buy” followers which is a shady practice however to his defense he does caution you on that.

Most of these images you can get from either Royalty-free images or from AliExress suppliers. He says it’s all about branding so your store looks professional and “nice.”

Module 4. Creating Viral Advertisements

In this video, you discover how to make advertisements that will hopefully go viral. One method is to actually send the product to an influencer and ask them to make a video using it.

You can also get clips from the many different suppliers and piece them all together. Another is to go on Fiverr and have a video professionally made which is the more expensive option.

He says the advertising must be effective by being convincing, clear, and engaging.

This module shares some good advice, but there is no practical teaching on HOW to make these videos advertisements. It’s mostly theoretical and you’re expected to figure out the rest on your own. It would have been great to see this expanding by actually DOING what he talks about through example.

Module 5. The Facebook Pixel

You’re told here what a Facebook pixel is, how to use and install it, and to use it to create lookalike audiences. Lookalike audiences are people that Facebook finds for you that are very similar to the ones that bought from your website.

Of course, you need sales and data to get to this point.

This was another quick video, under 3 minutes long. Here, he at least shows you how to install it but again, you can easily find free lessons by doing a Google search or just looking up “Facebook Pixel” on Youtube.

Module 6. Full Instagram Theme Page Marketing Strategy

In this video, you are going to learn what Instagram theme pages to market on. Your goal is to find Instagram theme pages that have posts that are frequently getting on the explore page. To find this you need to find a niche that will fit the demographic of your product.

For example, in the course, he uses a product in the skincare category so you’d look for theme pages in the skincare genre, make-up pages, or even women’s fashion pages.

He explains how this is done in the video and then you’d simply DM the owners of these accounts and just simply write “shout-out rates?” Pretty smart because these influencers probably get a ton of messages and a simple message like this stands out. So your chances of a reply is much greater. Great tip!

Again, this video has some great advice on Instagram theme page marketing but it falls short on content. It would have been great to see an actual example of how to contact an influencer and more detail on which ones to contact.

Module 7. Full Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy

Biaheza says you can start your online store with just using Facebook Ads without the Instagram theme pages strategy. He says that FB ads are a lot more predictable, you can analyze them better plus you have a lot of reporting with analytics.

If you’re a novice with Facebook paid ads, you won’t get any hand holding here. He even says you can follow Youtube videos to understand how Facebook works. I think if you’re paying for a course you should be given this instruction and not have to pause the course to look for it! Just my own opinion.

He does however show you how to create a campaign and goes through ad sets, budgets and scaling.

This module is the largest of the course, which is 18 minutes long. For Facebook training, it’s very basic but adequate enough for you to get started.

Module 8. How to Fullfill Orders

Biaheza uses to fulfill orders which is an AliExpress dropshipping tool. He shows you how to set this up and uses one of his one-product stores as an example. Keep in mind this is an AliExpress dropshipping tool so it’s only going to work with them.

It’s an easy way to fulfill orders in bulk where you can pay for 10 at a time. This saves you a lot of time.

However, this module is not something you should be concerned about right now if you buy the course because fulfilling orders will be the least of your concerns. It’s a good “problem” to have!

Module 9. Things You Need to Know

Module 9 is the only module that comes with more than one video. Here Biaheza answers some common questions such as taxes, legal stuff, getting a CPA and so on.

When your business picks up, you’ll probably get a lot more emails so here he talks about how you can outsource this part of the business by hiring your own customer support. You can do this by finding people on There’s a lot of options here but not pointed out in this module. Again, this is something you won’t need to worry about yet.

The final video congratulates you for finishing the course. He tells you that not every eCommerce store is going to be a hit but to keep trying until it’s successful.

Pros and Cons of Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course


  • You can buzz through the entire course in about an hour. Great for those that don’t like to take in a lot of info.
  • If you want to see how a one-product store is done, you’ll find a simple example in this dropshipping course.
  • No filler and straight to the point.
  • It's super easy for beginners to get started


  • For such little training, I can’t justify the price. There are other options within the same price point that i’ll link below.
  • No training on SEO
  • No funnel training
  • No Google Ads training
  • Overall training is surface level and does not get into specific examples
  • Too short – more substance should have gone into this course

Alternative to the Biaheza Dropshipping Course

If you want a thorough course with over 200 videos of training that will take you a lot longer than 1 hour to go through, I suggest Ecom Elites. It’s fairly priced at $197 for the standard course and $297 for the Ultimate version.

It’s better because not only has the instructor (Franklin Hatchett) been in the dropshipping game longer but his course boasts 30+ hours of training compared to under 1 hour for Biaheza’s. You also are protected with a 30-day refund guarantee.

Click / tap to Learn More

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to start an online business in dropshipping and want an introductory course, then this one could be for you.

It gives a good introduction to this business model and the marketing strategies are very straightforward, albeit very light in content.

The downside I find is that it focuses a lot on software to find products rather than educating you on the process. To find products, you really need to understand how to research this on your own if you want long-term success. 

Did I also mention it’s under an hour long? You can start and finish the entire course on your lunch break!

In order to create a successful dropshipping business, you need to have adequate training and I feel this course falls short of that.

He also speaks very fast during the videos so you find yourself having to go back a lot. Don’t get me wrong, he speaks very clearly but when you’re teaching you need to take your time. It just feels rushed.

It’s his first course anyway, so I’ll let it slide. However, it’s just not worth the price tag he’s asking.

I hope you got something out of this Biaheza dropshipping course review. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me below.

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