Ecom Babes Review: Is Cortney Fletcher’s Course Legit?

Welcome to my eCom Babes review. eCom Babes stands out to me because it’s one of the few courses I’ve seen targeted directly towards women.

Considering drop-shipping and eCommerce are more male-dominated, I wanted to see what this female-focused course was all about.

So I purchased the course to do a full breakdown and review of it.

If you're on a budget and can't afford the $2000 cost for ecom Babes, click to scroll down to an excellent low-cost alternative here.

In this review, I’ll cover each module of the course, including the live coaching groups, tell you everything I could find about the founder Cortney, and give you my recommendation on whether or not I think it’s worthwhile.

I've bought and reviewed many ecom courses over the years as well as being an owner of two ecom stores. I'm well prepared to offer you my opinion if this is a good investment or not.

So Let's Dive Right Into a Full Review for eCom Babes 3.0!

What is eCom Babes?

eCom Babes is an online course and coaching community that helps women launch and scale new ecommerce stores.

Because the course is targeted mostly towards beginners, it walks you through everything you need to get started.

This includes overall business mindset, setting up your first store, choosing a product and finding affiliates to promote your product.

The latest version is Ecom Babes 3.0 released in Q3 of 2022

Who is eCom Babes For?

This course is targeted at women who are just getting started in eCom, especially for those who want to start an ecommerce store as an online “boutique,” like a jewelry or clothing store. 

Although the course does get into more “advanced” topics like running paid ads, it spends a lot of time on mindset and business foundations, so it would probably appeal mostly to beginners.

If making money online by having your own online boutique excites you then you're going to learn from Cortney who has years of experience in e-commerce. She's going to help you get your own business started, show you how to market it, and scale it to large profits.

If you are a current store owner and want to bring your dropshipping business to a new level, Ecom Babes is also suitable for you.

How Much Does Ecom Babes Cost?

The price of Ecom Babes is not advertised anywhere. This is because the price is revealed on the one-on-one phone call, if you decide to learn more about the course.

The price of the Ecom Babes 3.0 course is $2,000 USD.

For a much cheaper alternative, jump to here.

What Will You Learn?

Most of the course teaches you how to do “dropshipping,” while the latter part of the course covers more advanced topics like running ads and scaling your store once it’s up and running.

Cortney — the “guru” behind eCom Babes — uses an approach she calls “Connective eCommerce” that doesn’t require a lot of upfront money to get started.

Who is Cortney Fletcher?

Cortney Fletcher is the founder of, an online community for female entrepreneurs in e-commerce. eCom babes provides resources, support, and education for women looking to start or grow their eCommerce businesses.

Cortney grew up in New England and was brought up to pursue a life in the corporate world. However, things changed when she realized that she was better at sports than school. What also changed her was the realization that she was never going to be wealthy by pursuing the path that her education brought her.

She was surrounded by friends in college that were incredibly wealthy, and her desire to be successful from that grew. She knew that getting a job wasn't going to provide her with the life she wanted.

That's when Cortney decided that school was not for her - she wanted to be a successful business owner.

Her bio says that she went from a broke college dropout to launching a 7-figure store that her webinar says made her $24,000 a day. 

But I couldn’t find the name of this store or information to verify this.

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts interviews with eCom Babe Members like Katherine, who she says makes over $100,000 a month using her methods.

Courtney Fletcher Net Worth

What is Courtney Fletcher's net worth? A lot of people are asking this question but there's not much info out there.

I don't want to guess but if that information becomes available I'll be sure to update all of you here.

Is eCom Babes a Scam?

eCom Babes is not a scam. It's a legit course with many members. At the time of this writing, the eCom Babes Facebook group has over 7500 members. That should tell you something.

Also, when you join, it's not one of those courses where you pay and then get left in the dark. Cortney helps you with your online store with weekly support calls on top of all the training that you'll receive.

Some might perceive the course as a scam because they've never heard of Cortney Fletcher before. They might only know her from the website or from the Yahoo Finance article that was written about her. Cortney just prefers to stay out of the limelight and focus on what matters most - her students.

So for the woman that is looking to create a legit online business, I think that the eCom Babes course is a great option.

Is eCom Babes Worth it?

Ecom Babes is structured very well, is clearly presented, and has the latest and up-to-date information. Based on this, I'd say it's worth it. It's got everything you need to start your own online boutique store.

If you are hyper-focused on starting an online store that is specifically targeted for women, eCom Babes has a distinct advantage over other courses.

The course is definitely worth it for beginners. However, if you already have a successful store and looking to expand your business, you might not get much out of this course.

eCom Babes is a bit on the pricey side. And as you know, I don’t think a higher price always equals higher quality.

But in the case of eCom Babes, the amount of ongoing support you get might justify the higher price tag for those women who value that kind of support and mentorship.

How is the Course Taught?

The actual course is in video format.

There are 6 weeks of material with a few bonus videos. All of the videos are in high quality, so they’re easy to follow along. 

The only thing I noticed I didn’t like about them is that they’re all screen shares, so you don’t actually get to see Cortney teaching the material.

But it looks like they’re about to release a new 3.0 version of the course, so maybe that’s something we’ll see in the new version.

Course Modules

Want to know what’s in the course? Below is a summary of the modules that you will be getting with eCom Babes.

Welcome Video + Mindset

When you first log in, you’re greeted with the typical “Welcome Video.”

Here Cortney spends a lot of time emphasizing what a good decision you made, how to get the most out of the course, and her tips for using the course to become a “badass business babe.”

She points out that the program is good for two people:

  • Women who know nothing about eCommerce and are just getting started.
  • Women who already have a store, but it’s struggling.

Cortney also emphasizes the amount of support available to women who join the course, and how important it is to take advantage of that support.

Week 1 — Mindset & Foundations

Because this course is so tailored towards beginners, Cortney spends a lot of time in the first week going over “mindset.”

Each of these videos focuses on what she thinks are the keys to building a successful mindset both in business and in life.

She covers topics like the importance of taking accountability for your life, how to build laser focus, and visualizing your Dream Life.

For the more advanced student, or the student just looking for practical information on how to start the store, this “mindset” training might seem unnecessary. 

But Cortney seems genuine about the material, so I wouldn’t say it’s the typical “filler material” you sometimes see in courses & current students seem to have a lot of good things to say about this section.

Week 2 — New Age of eCommerce

After the first week covering “mindest foundations,” Cortney spends the next week talking about “business foundations.”

She goes over why “eCommerce” is so powerful, why it’s such a good opportunity right now, how you can use dropshipping to get started with little risk, the importance of choosing a niche, and how to find good products to sell.

This module covers a lot of high-level material on the landscape of eCommerce.

Cortney does a good job breaking it down in easy-to-understand language that beginners will find helpful for understanding the eCommerce business model.

Week 3 — 7-Figure Store Anatomy

Here’s where Cortney finally gets down to “brass tacks.”

She walks through every step you need to purchase a domain, get Shopify, design new themes, branding, adding products to your store and so forth.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this week, other than it’s very thorough and breaks down every step.

Some people might find this level of detail a little tedious.

But for the woman who values a very step-by-step approach and doesn’t know anything about Shopify, they’ll probably find this week is probably helpful.

Week 4 — Setting Up Social

Here, Cortney breaks down how to set up a Facebook and Instagram account for your store since that’s the main way she recommends getting new customers.

She also goes over the importance of “customer data,” so you can better understand who your buyers are.

Although this week isn’t too intensive for people who aren’t familiar with the business side of social media this is a very helpful week.

Week 5 — Connective eCommerce

Week 5 is where Cortney finally breaks down what she calls her Connective eCommerce” method. 

What is Connective eCommerce?

At its core, this new method is essentially just dropshipping and using affiliates to sell your products for you.

Although dropshipping and affiliate marketing aren’t groundbreaking ideas, I’ve never seen these 2 in combination which I thought was pretty unique.

For women who are just getting started in online marketing, it’s exciting to learn about a way to start a store and sell new products without having to spend any money on ads or inventory.

This low cost, low risk way to get started in eCommerce is something Cortney emphasizes a lot. And even though it’s certainly not easy,

I do think it’s a good way for women to dip their toes into the world without having to spend a lot of upfront money.

Week 6 — Scaling to 6 & 7 Figures w/ Ads

This week has more videos than any of the others, and it’s where Cortney breaks down more “advanced” topics like using Facebook Ads to sell more products.

Cortney goes deep in explaining exactly how she sets up all parts of her social media advertisements, which is the same strategy everyone in the eCom Babes community uses.

Bonus Content

At the end of the course Cortney includes a few extra pieces of content.

The bulk of this covers “email marketing” which is a nice addition to the course. And there’s some other topics covering things like product research, store design and other integrations.

It seems like this bonus module is truly just a bonus, they seem to add different “a la carte” topics that don’t really fit into a week but are nice to have.

Regular Updates

eCom Babes tells me they update their course periodically, which is important because it helps keep the information relevant and up to date.

Facebook Group

In addition to the course, you also get access to a Facebook coaching group where you can ask questions to Cortney, the other coaches and other students.

There are also 3 weekly Q&A calls where students can get their questions by Cortney herself and the other eCom Babe coaches.

So, if you're ever stuck or need questions answered, help is there when you need it.

The ecom Babes Member Community group seems pretty active and the coaches are very responsive.

Currently there are over 9.6K members and is very active with posts from Courtney, here team and of course all members.

Real Testimonials

I found some pretty great testimonials from other successful students in the eCom Babes training.

Check these out:

Although these numbers are great and very inspirational, this next one almost made me fall off my chair!

Liv's story is incredible.

Long story short - she had a job she didn't like. (Sound familiar?)

She joined eCom Babes. 

She excelled and got her store up to 66k/mo at the time Cortney interviewed her.

And the coolest part of her story is that her supplier was so impressed with her store that they offered to buy a part of it valued at over $1Million!

Pretty impressive right?

Imagine making even 10% of that. That's a game-changer for most people.

On Courtney's YouTube channel, one of her students gave her own eCom Babes review and talks about her experience. This woman or "ecombabe" made $2000 in sales in her first two weeks of opening her store.

What I like About eCom Babes

I found eCom Babes to be surprisingly well put together and mostly comprehensive when it comes to getting started in dropshipping. 

The actual video content is decent and covers most of what you would need to know to get started.

But the biggest stand out feature of the course is the ongoing, lifetime support through the FB group and weekly coaching.

My biggest issues with the course overall is that there’s not much information about Cortney online, the content is mostly geared towards beginners and it’s pricier than some of the other programs I’ve seen.

But for the woman who’s brand new to eCommerce, wants to start an online boutique and values having ongoing support, I think eCom Babes can be a great option.

And based off of some of their success stories, I have no doubt you can start a successful eCom store following the methods they teach.

What I don't Like About eCom Babes

First, let's talk about the obvious. This is an exclusive club that targets female only students to open an online store. 

But what about men?

If you're a man and want to also start an online boutique store for women, will you be accepted?

Another issue is there is not too much information about Courtney online. Most people like to know a lot about the instructor before they invest in a course. While there is some info on Courtney, there's not a lot. 

In regards to pricing, they aren't up-front with the total cost on the website. eCom Babes is different in the sense you can't just buy the course from the eCom Babes website, you have to book a call with a rep to get this information.

Some might like this personal contact while others would rather just make a purchase with all the information upfront.


Like I said before, in addition to the actual video course, you also get access to a private Facebook Community where you can ask questions, connect with other members and celebrate wins.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this community.

Unlike most groups out there nowadays, the members only group seems to be fairly active with multiple posts everyday and it looks like Cortney and some of the other coaches are active in the discussion.

Live Weekly Coaching

There are also 2 weekly live Q&As (one hosted by Cortney) on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as an “affiliate training” each week on Wednesday.

I didn’t get a chance to attend any of these, but assume that they’re hosted by some of the coaches and help answer any questions that women have.

So... What is my Final Verdict?

eCom Babes is a great beginner’s course for women.

It’s pricier than others, but makes up for that with a comprehensive support system.

This will give you a big advantage over your competitors for the greatest chance at success.

Ecom Babes Alternative

Don't have an extra $2000 kicking around to drop on a course? 

I've got some good news for you. 

The alternative course to Ecom Babes is eCommerce Accelerator taught by Sarah Li (an eCom babe herself!) from SaleHoo.

You'll learn from Sarah who has created 3 multi-million dollar eCommerce stores. She bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and you're taught all her secrets to succeed.

Along with that, you get access to all the SaleHoo tools to help you find winning products and fully vetted suppliers. 

This is a new form of dropshipping for 2023. It incorporates a dropshipping to wholesaling model where you start wholesaling the products that are winning. This translates to more money for you and quick shipping times for your customers.

Learn more by reading my eCommerce Accelerator review. The best part is the price. You can get started for just $89.

That's a fraction of what it would cost to join eCom Babes.

You're welcome. 😀

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