Ecom Family Academy Review: Mr. & Mrs. Ecom Legit?

Welcome to my Ecom Family Academy review. 

Reginald and Tania Jennings, also known as Mr. and Mrs. Ecom offer training in their course, the Ecom Family Academy.

I am going to give you my honest take on the course, what's in the training and if you've got a chance of making any money.

Let's jump in...

What is the Ecom Family Academy?

The Ecom Family Academy is a course that teaches you how to start a print on demand business via dropshipping on Shopify. It was launched in 2021.

You will be shown how to create designs (or used existing ones) that will be printed on items like T-shirts, mugs, pillows, prints, etc. and how to set up your website on Shopify.

You will use a company to print these designs for you on any item you wish. These include ShineOn, CustomCat, Gearbubble, Pillow Profits and more. You can create a mock-up of the item on your ecom store and if someone makes a purchase, you simply place the order with the vendor who then prints and ships it to your customer.

The last step is promotion. You will set up ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and TikTok. You don't have to use all, but whatever fits your budget. You will also be trained on SEO as well, which allows you to get free traffic.

💵How Much Does Ecom Family Academy Cost?

The Ecom Family Academy costs $1495. Yes, that's a pretty hefty price. There are no payment plans or upsells. One price gets you in.

As for refunds, you can get a refund within 30 days however you need to spend at least $1000 in your business. It's a weird policy but I think they are just trying to weed out people that just buy a course with the intentions of refunding it.

How it Works - A Quick Overview

Although there are many moving parts and it will take a considerable amount of effort from you (and money) to get this business going, it's really quite simple.

To simplify the process, these are the 4 basic steps:

  • Identify who your competitors are
  • Set up your store on Shopify - (including getting your designs and choosing products)
  • Set up your ads - Google, TikTok, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and SEO
  • Order fullfillment through vendors once sale is made (ShineOn, CustomCat, etc,)

Once you get your first sale and identify a winning product, you scale up from there. Not all products will sell and you WILL have some duds. You will make the most money from just a few products if they go viral.

Who Are Mr. and Mrs. Ecom?

Mr. and Mrs. Ecom real names are Reginald Jennings and Tania Jennings. They are married and have 2 children. I suppose that's where they get Ecom Family from - but I am not sure of the kids' involvement in the business.

Reginald and Tania met in high school. When Reggie went to college, he got his first taste of business by fixing broken down computers and selling them to other students that couldn't afford new ones.

He worked in SEO for other company's and later on became a VA for a large ecom business. This was Reggie's in. It was pretty brilliant actually. He said he'd work for free to learn the ropes and soon discovered how they were making 500K in just 2 months.

Reginald was a bit of a wonder kid too, at age 14 he was coding for the National Guard. Pretty impressive.

Reginald's motto is "data over everything". He firmly believes that with the right data, you can sell just about anything. And yes, there's a lot of truth to that.

Who is Ecom Family Academy For?

In my opinion, the Ecom Family Academy is for just about anyone that is looking to start an online business. It helps if ecommerce interests you, as you're going to be involved heavily with promoting merchandise. 

This involves creating or finding artwork to use on your products, doing keyword research, analyzing data, SEO, creating (and paying for) ads and much more.

If you're a complete beginner, you don't need any experience from what I mentioned above. The course has training in all these areas that do not require any prior experience.

From a financial standpoint, you're also going to have to think about the expenses after you buy the course. There are many but the biggest one is going to be paying for ads and for artwork. There are ways to get artwork for free which is explained in the course.

Who is Ecom Family Academy Not For?

If you need to borrow money just to buy the course - do not buy the course!

As I mentioned above, you will end up putting more money into the business than what the course actually costs. So if money is an issue, this course is not for you. If you want to start a business with minimal investment, consider a blog instead.

What is in the Ecom Family Academy Course?

Here is where I take you inside the course so you can see what you're getting.

The lessons are all done with over-the-shoulder video training which is what I prefer, much better than reading ton of text.

In total, there are 14 modules, a module on case studies, then there's bonus content and a section on resources to help you find what you need to run your business.

Here are more details inside the training:

Module 1: Course Introduction

There are 4 videos here that just welcome you to the course, how to get started, what you should expect, how to get support, etc. Pretty standard stuff as with any course.

Module 2: Important Documents

In this module there are a number of different downloads you have access to. From the Ecom Handbook which is a handy checklist, to video replays of the daily classes and tips from ShineOn, one of the vendors of choice.

Module 3: Mindset

One of the most important things that is going to help you succeed is how you think, AKA - mindset.

Reggie and Tania discuss what you are going to need to succeed and how to get there.

Module 4: The Fundamentals

This module is really just an overview of how Print on Demand works and more importantly how Reggie and Tania have used to to create an ecommerce empire.

You're going to get a 20,000 foot overview of the entire process so you'll have a good understanding on how the process works from finding designs and the right vendor to work with, to setting up your site, your ads and getting your first sale.

Module 5: Product Research

The product research module has 4 lessons that teaches you how to do proper product research. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ecom show you a few different ways to do product research, some of which I haven't seen before which was pretty cool, for example I haven't researched products on Etsy before but they way they teach it can give you some really great product ideas.

Of course, there are other traditional methods such as tools and research directly on Facebook, Ebay and Pinterest.

Module 6: Design

In module 6 you'll learn how to design your products. You're taught how to do this in Canva

While most people aren't "naturals" at designing graphics, there is an option to outsource. This of course comes with a cost. There's no guarantee these designs will sell, so you could lose some money here.

Module 7: Store Building

The platform you will be using to set up your store is Shopify. Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms out there but there are many to choose from. However, you won't be trained in other platforms. 

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to Shopify they do exist, but you will need to design these yourself.

If you stick with Shopify, you'll get full training on how to set it up from scratch to a completed and functional store.

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Module 8: Uploading Products

Mr. and Mrs. Ecom prefer using ShineOn to find and promote products. What I do like is that shipping with ShineOn is relatively fast if you live in the USA because they have a factory right in Tampa, Florida.

This module teaches you everything from setting up the ShineOn application, adding products to your store and even getting samples from them to evaluate and take original photos for your listings.

Module 9: Ad Creatives

In this module you'll learn all about setting up ad creatives. A creative is the ad that potential customers will see. This can be on a webpage, app or other digital properties. 

This is what is going to get you clicks to your website, and hopefully some sales. 

Module 10: TikTok Ads

Many course creators are jumping on TikTok ads nowadays and the Ecom Family Academy is no exception. In this module you'll learn how to set up ads on the platform.

Training includes:

  • How to set up the TikTok Shopify app
  • Warming up your account 
  • Setting up your first ad
  • Review data and learn how to tweak
  • How to scale your ads

Do remember that you need a budget for this. Ads will take a big chunk out of your budget, so be sure you have enough funds set aside after paying for the course.

Module 11: Custom Cat

This module gives you a complete masterclass of how to set up, and sell apparel prints with CustomCat.

CustomCat offers a full service print-on-demand and dropshipping service. All you need is to provide them with the designs and what items to put your designs on.

Again, I can't tell you how important designs are. This is going to be your biggest hurdle in this business.

Module 12: Facebook Ads

The Facebook ads module is pretty typical of what you'd find in other courses - nothing groundbreaking here. 

You will learn how to set up ads, write copy, do product research and how to scale the ads that are winning.

Module 13: Masterclass Recordings

Here you can watch all the recordings of the live trainings. This section is consistently updated but older videos get purged after some time.

Live Training

What I found pretty impressive is that there are up to 4 live training sessions a day!

This is all handled on a Zoom call and open to all members. A lot of what you'll find in the training is regarding new concepts, things that come up in the FB group that need to be addressed, and most of all, answering your questions.

They do their best to answer everyone's questions so if you have concerns, just jump on one of the live calls.

Ecom Family Academy Private Facebook Group

At the time of this writing there are just under 9000 members. 

That's a pretty big community of paying members! Mr and Mrs Ecom are raking it in with the sale of their course!

The group is quite active. You can see posts such as people posting creatives, results, goals attained, questions, etc.

So, apart from the live training, you can get your questions answered here if you don't want to wait to join a live session.

Occasionally Mr and Mrs Ecom will answer questions, but most of the questions in the FB group is handled by coaches. The coaches themselves have done 6 figures or more, so it's safe to say they know what they are talking about.

Pros and Cons of Ecom Family Academy


  • Taught by successful owners of an ecom business 
  • Great for beginners - no prior ecom experience needed
  • Reputation - overall Mr. & Mrs. Ecom have a good reputation


  • It's expensive!
  • Print on Demand is super-saturated. The competition is fierce
  • Weird refund policy
  • You could lose a lot of money with ads


If you want to make money with Print on Demand, then the Ecom Family Academy gets a passing grade from me.

However, there is no guarantee that you'll make any money at all with this program. To protect themselves they include this in the fineprint.

So, if you end up losing money, (cost of the course plus ad spend) and it's not going to put you in a bad situation, then it's worth a try. The training is legit, so you aren't going to get scammed.

Your success depends on how much effort you put into it in regards to time, how much money you invest in your business and of course, a little luck helps too.

Alternatives to Ecom Family Academy

If after reading this and EFA isn't for you, then I suggest you check out some alternatives here.

Most of these cost a fraction of what you'll pay for Ecom Family Academy but are also legit, and come from trusted course creators.

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  1. Wow Chris, I just bought the course. I hope we have better luck than you. I’m surprised more people haven’t left a negative review comment for the Ecom Family. I hope this means that it is working for more people than not.


    I invested my money and it was wasted. I even hired one of their coaches who literally advised opposite of what was being taught in the course. I followed every letter and watched the entire course (multiple times) and still lost thousands of dollars. Then when I asked questions in the group I was made to feel like an idiot because the problem was with me not with what they teach. #gaslighting101


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