What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It’s a technique used to get your website ranked in major search engines to maximize traffic to your site.  Search engines use various types of algorithms to determine where your page will appear in the search results.  These algorithms recognize different ranking factors when they deliver results to someone searching on the web.

How to SEO?


If you want your business to show up in the search results when someone is searching for things that you offer there are many things that your website needs to contain.

Some of the factors that search engines look into when ranking a page for certain key word are the quality of the pages’ content, relevant HTML tags and if the words on that page are relevant to what one is searching for.

There are many other factors, some much more complicated whether or not your web page will appear on the top of the search results.

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Why Does SEO Matter?


The thing is if you have a website, search results matter.  When your website has higher ranking in the search engines, more people find your website which means more people find your business or your blog.

This means you are reaching a bigger audience in gaining more customers.  It is very important to have your website optimized so search engines know how to direct people to your website.  Optimizing a website properly can be a very challenging process if you’re not well versed on how search engines work.

It takes a lot of time and in depth knowledge of search engine optimization to set up your site properly so people will find your business or blog.  You may hire a professional business or hire a firm to optimize your website which of course would reduce your workload but let’s face it you are here to learn how to do this yourself!  WHICH IS DOABLE 🙂

The most Important Seo Tips for the Current State of Seo

Natural anchor text and distribution

For the purposes of SEO we will only discuss google.  Google holds more than 80% of all the searches when combining all search engines on the web so therefore google will be our benchmark.  One of the biggest changes of late is held google looks at natural anchor text and distribution.  Your anchor text has to look natural trying not to duplicate it too much use varying anchor text use also V URL as an anchor text frequently.

If you’re not sure what anchor text is it’s basically the word or side of the words that you see highlighted on a web page were you click on it it takes two to another page.

Linking from other web sites

Another tactic to help your ranks in search engines is to have links from other web sites.  Now, this does not mean getting links from any web page. It is importance to get links from diverse and trusted sites!

Here’s a ‘cute’ Video on How Search Engines Work.

Stay away from low quality sites.

On page factors are still important

You will want to target the primary key word and also various phrases per page.  You don’t want to target just one keyword and plaster it all over your web page.  This can get your web site way down the ranks and become less relevant.

It’s best to use your primary key word in the title and various keyword phrases per page.  It’s OK to use your primary key word once or twice in the article but do not over optimize for your primary key word – EVER!

Frequent updates and regular promotion

It’s important to keep your website fresh with new content regularly.

Update every week or so with new content

  • The more content you have the more potential rankings
  • Sign of legitimacy

Continue to obtain backlinks each month

  • Shows gradual growth
  • Many backlinks followed by none is a sign of artificial growth

If you want to rank why would you stop

Google loves content.  If all you do is provide meaningful rich original content on your web site you will be rewarded in time.  SEO takes a lot of time and effort but there are many shortcuts that can be taken to speed up the process.

In the old days people would keyword stuff their web pages and get hundreds if not thousands of spammy backlinks just to rank their web pages which at the time actually worked.  With the google updates such as PANDA, PENGUIN and Hummingbird, Google now wants to see meaningful content on web pages they rank.


So in short SEO is a constant changing beast.  What worked in the past does not necessarily work now.  It is best to stay in the game and follow what the experts say and keep yourself in the loop because SEO can change sometimes overnight.

However, do not get discouraged because as mentioned before if your web page has quality content you will be rewarded.  So put in the time to get quality content and your website will start to appear in the rankings.  Getting quality backlinks from YouTubeFacebook Linkedin etc. will also help your rankings.

With Knowledge and Patience anyone can do it

This has been a general overview of what as Seo is and looks like today.  If you’re looking to learn more please keep coming back to my site because I promise to update you with everything that I know.  Information I learn from other Seo experts will be passed on to you so you always stay fresh, informed and in the loop.

Final Thoughts

Here’s another juicy tid-bit. Notice how i laid out this page? I didn’t just slap a bunch of boring text together. I used images and a link to YouTube. I also used spacing to my advantage and different colors. If you read this far then I just proved it worked. Keeping your readers engaged is very important because Google also looks at how long a visitor stays on your page. 

I hope you enjoyed this intro to SEO!


Drew Mann