SEO Buddy Review: Is The SEO Checklist a Good Course?

Welcome to my review of The SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy.

Do you think SEO is difficult?

The truth is, if you know what you are doing - it really isn't.

With a deep knowledge and experience in SEO, I can offer you expert guidance on whether this course is an investment that will ensure online domination.

I have many sites and this blog alone has over 400 keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

I wouldn't recommend something if it's crap. That would tarnish my reputation.

So I got the course and spent 5 hours picking it apart. Let's begin.

Who is The SEO Checklist For?

The SEO Checklist is for those that are beginners to SEO. If you have a blog where you are focused entirely on acquire free, organic traffic from the search engines. then you'll find it very useful

Also, if you are considering hiring an SEO Agency but don't know a thing about SEO, buying the SEO checklist will help you have a 360 vision of what's at stake so you can challenge your agency during weekly/monthly calls.

Even if you have had a blog for a while and still get some decent rankings, if you have never done any SEO to your site, you might benefit from this SEO checklist.

Who is The SEO Checklist NOT For?

It's not for those who are very experienced in SEO.

Sure, they might find a few gems in the course but for the most part, this course is really for those that have never done SEO or just know some basic strategies.

How Much Does the SEO Checklist Cost?

The regular price of the SEO checklist is $97. 

However, I was able to get you guys a 25% discount. You won't find that anywhere else so if you get it from me, you're saving money!

Use coupon code DREW25 at checkout to get the discount.

What is the Benefit of Learning from the Course?

The course is a step-by-step guide to help you optimize your blog or website. This will get you more organic traffic - and more wins.

This added traffic translates to more sales.

If you don't care about money and just want to win a popularity contest by getting more traffic, then it's gonna work for you too.

Who Created The SEO Checklist?

The SEO checklist was created by the folks at Seobuddy, which is a digital marketing agency. They look to be relatively new, as traffic to their main website only really started as of April 2019.

However, the goal of this review is to judge the contents of the course, not the tenure or success of the agency. They claim to have 85 customers since they started their agency so that ain't bad.

What Others Say About the Course

What's in the Course and How it's Laid Out

This course is a little different than most. First, the obvious one is that the training is not in video format. It's all text and you get two Google Sheets and two PDF's.

I do prefer video format but at least the PDF's are easy to read with a lot of easy to follow images.

There is also an online version but the Google Sheets are great because you can download them and then check off what you have completed (hence the name of the course - the SEO Checklist!)

The 102-Point SEO Checklist

Below is a partial screen shot of the SEO Checklist.

The checklist includes the following categories:

  • SEO - The Foundation
  • SEO - User Experience
  • SEO -Performance
  • SEO - Technical SEO
  • SEO - Content
  • SEO - OnPage SEO
  • SEO - Off Page SEO
  • SEO - Local SEO
  • Bonus - Setup your first Wordpress Website

 To see this in more detail, please watch this quick video:

Essentially, this checklist is a step by step guide that ensures you do everything possible to make your site the best it can be for both the search engines and for your readers.

For each item in each category, it will provide you a resource on how to complete this step or SOP's (standard operating procedures) with detailed step by step information. It's very clear and easy to understand.

The SOP's come from a variety of sources all of which appear to be industry experts so you're not getting bad information.

For each item on the checklist, you can also refer to the SEO Checklist eBook, which explains each step and how to complete it.

So although this may seem overwhelming to new SEO's, it is explained well without any technical jargon.

Anyone can do this!

Here's a screenshot of the ebook. There are 62 pages so it's loaded with a ton of information.

What I like is that everything is laid out so that you won't be left with questions on what to do. Everything is explained in a clear and logical manner.

Content Creation Bonus

You need to write content that can be found. This is why your content marketing must be on-point to attract new leads and customers.

Since you are going to optimize all your content for the search engines, this only makes sense.

Help the search engines to help readers find you.

You do this by creating content with a strategy in mind.

SEO Buddy has a bonus that provides you a 12 page guide on how to find content to write on for 52 weeks. That's a full year!

You will need a subscription to Ahrefs though, which isn't cheap as it starts at $99 a month. 

However, you could do all your research in the first month and then just cancel your subscription.

After going through this bonus, this is a very good guide especially for those starting out. I have seen too many blogs with content that is not keyword focused. If they had just created the right content, they would have ranked for so much more.

Content Distribution Checklist Bonus

You might think that after hitting "publish" that you're done. In reality you're not.

This bonus checklist gives you 52 tips on everything you can do to maximize your exposure for your blog post.

The SEO Checklist Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for beginner bloggers or SEO agencies to keep track of SEO efforts
  • Includes on-page and off page SEO
  • Does NOT teach any black or grey hat strategies
  • Easy to understand, step by step process with a ton of supporting information and examples
  • Very well priced (even cheaper with my discount!)
  • Works for all platforms, not just wordpress. Can use for Shopify. WooCommerce, WIX, etc.


  • No refunds

Alternatives to The SEO Checklist

I'd like to give you an alternative that doesn't involve using Ahrefs. Since I know paying $99 a month for a keyword tool might be difficult for some people, how about a strategy to find keywords for free?

In the Passive Income Unlocked course, you are shown how to do keyword research for your niche without using Ahrefs. And, the best part is you don't need to pay for any tools. 

You could still get the SEO checklist to help you understand SEO better, but if you don't want to pay a monthly subscription for Ahrefs, get Passive Income Unlocked - it's only $90 and your subscription lasts for 6 months.

Not only that - but there's full training on how to build a profitable site bringing in passive income year after year. These guys have built 5 sites that make almost 50K a month. They are the real deal.

I got the course and did a full review on it so you can learn more about it. I think with the SEO Checklist and Passive Income Unlocked - you are very well prepared to dominate in the search engines!

Final Thoughts on The SEO Checklist

I am going to give this course a passing grade. 

I think it's absolutely essential for someone starting out whether you are doing local SEO, if you're a blogger, or even ecommerce with a Shopify site.

If your site is not prepared the right way for the search engines - why are you even creating one in the first place?

To ignore even the basic strategies of SEO is foolish.

Even if you implement half the strategies that The SEO Checklist provides, you will be way ahead than if you don't.

With my exclusive Drew's Review discount of 25% - it's a no brainer really.

Drew Mann

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