Anthony Morrison Review: Is he a Scam or Legit Marketer?

Welcome to my Anthony Morrison review.

You've probably been on one of his webinars before and liked his presentation.

But just because you like his energy or the way how he talks (or maybe because he's Adrian's brother) should you drop money on one of his courses or software?

Well, I've bought quite a few of his products (and Adrian's) and spent more than 20 hours going over them.

So before you buy ANYTHING from Anthony, read my review first to see if he's a scam or not.

You're welcome! 

Who is Anthony Morrison?

Anthony Morrison was born on December 24, 1982 in Mississippi, USA.

He first became popular when he was on the infomercial series with Mark Victor Hansen. He is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and self-proclaimed internet marketing guru who has achieved a great deal of success in a variety of businesses.

He got his start at a young age and has worked hard to build a reputation as an innovative and successful business owner.

One of Morrison's most famous businesses is the online business Morrison Publishing, which he founded when he was just 21 years old.

The company publishes books and software on marketing, entrepreneurship, and business development. In just a few years, the company grew to become one of the largest publishers of its kind in the world.

In 2011, Morrison launched an online education platform called The Anthony Morrison Academy. The program provides access to instructional videos, tutorials, and other resources that teach people how to start and grow their own businesses.

Today, Morrison is a well-known speaker and author on the topics of entrepreneurship and marketing. He has shared his insights and advice with audiences all over the world, and he continues to work hard to help others achieve success in their own businesses.

His Youtube Channel currently has over 100K subscribers. he posts regularly uploading 1-3 videos a week. The videos are all business-related tips mostly in affiliate marketing. All are designed to funnel you into his courses, of course!

He's very active on Facebook and has just under 170K followers at the time of this writing. He does a lot of live training on Facebook and as you can expect, they all end with pushing you towards his paid training programs.

However, there have been times when he gives away free money during live calls. The catch is you have to wait until the end, leave lots of comments, and likes on his page. Smart strategy as this builds his following.

Anthony Morrison Net Worth

Anthony Morrison's net worth is not well known. However, a promotional video on his Youtube channel states that he is a multimillionaire. I am guessing between 5 and 10 million. This wealth comes from his various businesses, as well as speaking income.

Considering he has 12 different product offerings under his Morrison Publishing umbrella, sells books, and does speaking engagements, he's clearly doing quite well.

Morrison is a self-made millionaire, and he continues to work hard to build on his success. He is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. However, is he the right guy to learn from?

Is Anthony Morrison a Scam?

I wouldn't characterize Anthony Morrison as a scammer. However, there have been some events that occurred where some people might view him as a scam.

About a decade ago, Anthony Morrison was running an infomercial about making money online. This was at a time when the world was recovering from a financial crisis, so his timing was perfect.

The end result was people Googling his name and soon he had the world listening.

As a result of this newfound fame, Anthony sold a lot of courses that he created and hosted on Clickbank. However, the courses did poorly and many people requested refunds.

In fact, the refund rate was so high that Clickbank banned him from the platform.

As a result, Morrison created his own digital platform called Morrison Publishing. To date, there are 12 products offered. More on this later.

See. This is the thing. He isn't exactly a scam. I know that his courses have made people money. Not a lot, but they have.

His information can have value. That being said, his courses tend to be on the expensive side.

If you opt for one of them, the chances of you making money are not guaranteed.

If you put the work in just like any course, you could see some return for your efforts.

Morrison Publishing LLC

Anthony Morrison is the founder and CEO of Morrison Publishing LLC which was founded in 2014. The company specializes in empowering entrepreneurs to build profitable and sustainable online businesses.

Morrison Publishing has also published 5 books that have sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide. The content of these books is all about the dos and don'ts of internet marketing.

The company is located in Madison, Mississippi in the USA.

Courses, Software, and Events From Anthony Morrison

How many courses does Anthony have? A lot. He knows that with his great reach he can make money on any course he creates. So why not rinse and repeat, right?

Here Are Anthony Morrison's Courses & software Found on Morrison Publishing 

  • Fan Page Domination - How to build a "Fan Page" business on Facebook which earns you money. $1997

  • Funnel Hacks Bootcamp - shows you how to build your own funnel business. A subscription to Clickfunnels is necessary. $97

  • Mastery Funnel Club Get "done-for-you" funnels where his team builds a funnel business for you. $57 a month or $497 a year. You will need a Clickfunnels subscription which starts at $97 a month.

  • IG Mastery Learn how to profit from Instagram. It's not cheap! $1997 or $597 for a 4-pay.

  • Auto Engage - A "done-for-you" traffic and profit system. $1497 or $597 3 pay.

  • Digital Marketing Mastermind - Anthony holds "masterminds" with select individuals and charges 10K for this event. For only $7 a month you get online access to these mastermind recordings.

  • Crypto Masterclass - Learn Bitcoin and Crypto investing. However, there appears to be no signup link. Is it closed? Looks like it is. Maybe there was no interest or it sucked.

  • Build Send Profit Live event with Anthony and Adrian Morrison and other speakers to train online entrepreneurs. It's currently on hold due to obvious reasons. $497

  • Build Redirects  This software allows you to track your affiliate links. It's actually a good product and I have used it myself. It starts at $19.99 a month.

  • M Insider - Get insider tips on what is working in Anthony's business. Basically, it's an "inside look" into Anthony's business. It says it's open to 50 students only but it's still available. $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year

  • Email Domination - It claims to help you build a profitable email marketing business. $1497

  • Mobile Optin - Another email marketing business with a focus on mobile phone optins. $1997

  • Partner with Anthony: When you make money, Anthony makes money. Cost is $7 a month.

At some point in the near future, I will do an in-depth review of all his products. Since there are so many, this will be a significant investment and time spent. 

In the meantime, you can check out the sales pages above - some may take you to a webinar that would give you the rundown. 

Live Events

In-person seminars are on hold due to obvious reasons but both Anthony and Adrian (his brother) hosted a couple of seminars that you can attend in person.

Build Send Profit LIVE

This event was created to bring both email marketers and eCommerce store owners together. The goal is to help them build successful businesses.

The cost of the event is $497 but there are no confirmed dates at the moment. It is uncertain if Anthony will hold these events again, but we'll have to see.

M Mastermind

From the looks of it, this live event no longer exists. I'll update this space if things change.

Books and DVD's

Anthony has various books and DVD's on offer. Here are some of them:

  • Hidden Millionaire (hardcover book)

  • Advertising profits From Home (hardcover book)

  • Stop! Watch me First (DVD-ROM)

  • Automated Profits (hardcover book)

  • 3 Steps to Fast Profits (DVD-ROM)

  • Mastery Level Education (DVD-ROM)

All of these books and DVD's can be bought on Amazon if you wish.

His Products Tend to Have a High Refund Rate

If you have even so much as looked into affiliate marketing, then I am 100% sure you will have heard of Clickbank. It is probably the first step for those who are looking to promote products.

If you head to Clickbank, there are some sketchy products on there. I mean, right away, you can see that quite a few of them look like a scam.

While Clickbank has tidied up its act in recent years, there are still some bad products slipping through the cracks. If you do decide to market products on Clickbank, be sure to filter them using the "gravity" filter so you can see what is actually selling. Anthony used to have his products on there. Yep. The keywords here are 'used to'.

Now, Clickbank is willing to promote most products BUT they loathe high refund rates. If you go through Clickbank, you can see there are a lot of terrible products there. However, none of these have a massive refund rate.

This means that people were getting some use out of them. The same can't be said for Anthony's products. His products were unceremoniously ripped from Clickbank because the refund rate was sky-high.

If purchasing a course from Anthony, be sure to check the fine print to see if there is a refund option or not. 

Master of the Upsell

This is where Anthony shows off his marketing chops.

There is not a single product that he offers which gives the complete picture of making money online. There is always another product to buy.

This is a guy who is a master of upselling. Once he has reeled you in, you're going to get plenty of upsells to deal with. It's extremely annoying because sometimes you've not even been made aware of the upsells until you pay for the course.

Does His Content Have Value?

Coming from a marketer who is clearly brilliant, I would say that his content does have some value. Some of his teachings are original, but some could also be found elsewhere.

Some of his students have shown to make money from Anthony's teaching but I am sometimes a little too skeptical with testimonials.

He's got some big names propping his products like Fred Lam and Bob Proctor. They are affiliates so you have to take their endorsement with a grain of salt.

How does Anthony Morrison Do Business?

Anthony Morrison makes a living by promoting courses in the make money online niche.  This comes very easy to him because he’s even admitted himself but he’s a salesman. 

Aside from being a good salesman though, clearly, he is a good marketer otherwise he’d be an unknown and just a salesman. 

He’s also a good recruiter because he has many people promoting his own products for affiliate commissions.  This army of affiliates enables him to make even more money. 

With his ambassador club, he sells a course to train affiliates in to sell his own products.  Ethically I find this a little unsound because I think this information should be given away for free.  The end game is to recruit affiliates to work for him so why would he charge for this.

Oh yes, he’s a salesman.  I almost forgot.

What Is Anthony Morrison's "Success Connection?"

The Success Connection is free, live training hosted by Anthony Morrison every Thursday night at 9pm EST.

He teaches internet marketing, traffic generation, and how to build a business online, you'll hear all about it on the Success Connection. Anthony hosts it on Facebook right from his home office as seen here:

This is probably the best way to get a feel for Anthony's style of training because it's totally free. All you need is a Facebook account to join.

A word of warning. Just like his Youtube Channel, you are going to be pitched his products. Remember, Anthony is a master salesman, by the time the webinar is done he's made thousands in course sales.

If you're curious about Anthony, then maybe it's ok to join but you can expect to witness Anthony's aggressive sales tactics on full display towards the end.

I've jumped on quite a few of his sessions and I can tell you first hand I've witnessed how good he is at selling. So just beware and don't spend anything you're not prepared to spend!

My Experience on one of His "Success Connections"

I've been on some of his Success Connection webinars including the "Destin Florida" one where he ends up trying to sell you a Facebook course called Facebook Domination for $1997. 

That ain't cheap.

He does show income generated from the site and I admit the Facebook page and strategy he created was quite brilliant. However, with a very large following that he already has, it was a lot easier to build up this audience. It gave him a huge quick start.

For someone new, it's going to be a tremendous effort and likely you won't see the same results or be able to replicate what he did. However, he still had a Facebook course on it anyway. 

Anthony Morrison Youtube Channel - A Hub for His Products

If we take a look at Morrison's Youtube channel, we can see that he's got just over 100K subscribers and is generally pretty active. He posts 3-4 videos a week on average.

The topics range from how to make $1000 on Clickbank "fast", what affiliate marketing offers to promote, Bitcoin VS Affiliate marketing, etc.

Although he provides a lot of free training and tips, Anthony is always in his "salesman mode" because his channel is essentially a hub to sell his products.

In each video, you'll have a link to relative online courses that he sells. You're given a tease of how much money you can make and some golden nuggets are given, but to really learn the A-Z you need to buy Anthony's programs.

That's expected though, as all online business coaches with a Youtube channel do the same.

Do Anthony’s Students Make Any Money?

Most of the "testimonials" I see about Anthony Morrison's training courses is really just a shout out to how great Anthony is. His sales pages would be a perfect place to display testimonials of people that actually are making money online through his training courses but you just don't see it.

For example, let's look at his playlis of some of the testimonials he has on his Youtube Channel:

I listened to them all and not one of them mentioned if they made any money or not. They all sound the same - "the training is great", "I learned a lot", "it's a great opportunity", etc.

Heck, we even have Tai Lopez chiming in. Actually, that's because he's promoting one of the products as an affiliate lol.

I am sure if I tried hard enough I could find a real testimonial of someone who made money from Anthony's teaching, but the majority is pure fluff and praise. It's robotic to listen to.

3 Secrets About Anthony Morrison You Might Not Know

Here are 5 reasons why you might consider Anthony Morrison to be a scam. Before you buy any of his products, you should be aware of this.

1. Anthony Morrison Got Banned From ClickBank

I touched on this earlier but let me expand on this a little. Clickbank is a platform that allows you to sell your digital product. In fact, even YOU can sell a product on Clickbank and get an army of affiliates to even promote your offer.

But, there are certain rules. If your product has high refund rates, they are going to cancel you. In other words, this means your product sucks.

Before Anthony's publishing company existed, he relied solely on Clickbank.

His products had a high refund rate so Clickbank deemed his products inferior and ended up banning him from the platform. Not a good look.

2. Don't Let the Low-Priced Courses Fool You

Some of Anthony's products are reasonably priced. One of them even starts at just $7. If a cheap product allows you to make some money, well that's just great.

However, when you read a lot of the Anthony Morrison reviews online from people that bought his products, you'll soon find out that these cheap products are just a gateway to a MUCH more expensive course.

Anthony will use his aggressive sales tactics to get you to purchase it, making you believe that you won't succeed without it.

Once you're in the Anthony Morrison sales funnel this is what you can expect:

  • Course or book from $7-$20
  • Membership sites from $48 - $79 a month
  • Seminars from $2000 - $3000
  • Advanced Coaching from $3000-$35,000

Be aware that if his team has your phone number, you are going to get a lot of calls for upsells. If they just have your email, then you'll get a barrage of emails trying to sell you even more programs.

3. He's got Negative Reviews He Doesn't Want You to See

I checked the Better Business Bureau to see if I could find any complaints made against Anthony Morrison. As of today's date, there are 31 complaints.

In reading these complaints I have seen a some common themes:

  • It's almost impossible to get a refund

  • Some had difficulty canceling and still got charged

  • Not getting what you pay for

In all fairness to Anthony, a lot of these complaints were unwarranted. Some people tried to contact Anthony's team with the wrong email address, while others said they didn't get a refund when a refund was processed. It was just the credit card company that was slow in processing the refund.

It seems that most of the complaints were resolved and most people were acting on emotion because things weren't happening quickly.

However, I did find one where a mistake was made by his team:

Fortunately, the error was corrected and the customer got a full refund.

So from the looks of it, Anthony does run a legitimate business and isn't ripping anyone off. If they make mistakes, it gets corrected. But keep in mind if you request a refund outside of the refund expiry date, you won't get a refund. I've seen some complaints like this which obviously were not warranted.

Still, this is a bad look for Anthony because when someone sees so many complaints, it makes them think twice. That's why he doesn't want you to see this.

Anthony's Positives

I do want to point out that despite everything I am going to say on this page, Anthony is actually a very, very good marketer. I have been on many of his live Facebook chats and he's got a great personality, seems convincing, and interestingly enough - genuine.

There is a reason why this guy has managed to make so much money in the business. He really does know how to promote himself ridiculously well. I would never accept being told that this guy isn't good at what he does.

I have the philosophy that I must always deliver on the promises I make. That is why I am never going to say that "you must buy products from Anthony Morrison" because there are plenty of options out there unless you are completely smitten by the guy.

There's one guy that I know that thinks Anthony is amazing though:

Bob Proctor is an affiliate of Anthony's so I think he's kinda biased 😏 Update - Bob Proctor passed away on Feb 3, 2022. R.I.P. Bob.

Is Anthony Morrison Related to Adrian Morrison?

Yes, Adrian is Anthony's brother. This is no secret as they often work together on projects. For example, Anthony does a whole email marketing module in Adrian's eCom Success Academy course called "Emailing With Anthony" and a module on Solo ads.

While Morrison Publishing is run by Anthony, Launch Wise LLC is run by Adrian. Adrian has about 14 courses and software for sale.

They don't compete with one another. Adrian is more on the e-commerce side of the business while Anthony is more of the affiliate marketing slash email marketer guru.

They've built a powerful alliance with a team of affiliates promoting their products, all of which are completely separate and don't overlap.

Do I Recommend Anthony Morrison and his Coaching?

Now that i've wrapped up my Anthony Morrison review, Honestly, what do you think? Is Anthony Morrison a scam? As I said I think he's a brilliant marketer just like his brother Adrian Morrison. He's also a likable guy and really does appear to come across as genuine.

However, with the endless upsells and high-priced courses, he's become more of a course and software creator than one who actually practices what he preaches.

At least that's how I see it because he really doesn't talk much about his other businesses. Granted, most marketers won't anyway as they don't want others to copy them. So I'll give him a pass on that.

Having said that, Anthony is smart and knows that with his huge following and savvy approach to marketing his brand will get his courses sold.

So can you learn from him? I would say so yes. However just be careful of the Shiny Object Syndrome because if you buy one course from Anthony, you know you're going to be marketed another.

Other Learning Alternatives

If you've become jaded with Anothony Morrison's training, there are options out there - a lot of them actually.

If you want to become an internet entrepreneur, there are many ways go to about it.

Most people that end up buying Anthony's programs do so either through his sales funnel that starts with a very cheap product or buy from his free live Success Connection training on Facebook.

These people are really looking for ANY type of business to make some money online and aren't really thinking it through. They were impressed with Anthony and felt they could trust him.

Look, I'm not here to tell you to NOT buy any of his products but if you do, make sure it comes with a money-back guarantee. Also, make sure you ask for a refund before the refund expires.

But if you are serious about having your own business online, don't ever fall for sales tactics.

Instead, do some research and find something legitimate that others are doing and having success with.

To save you the trouble, I wrote a blog post on the best online business ideas that you can check out here.

The opportunities are all very different but the thing to understand is, they all work. You still need to put the work in, but all these opportunities will never go away.

Choose wisely 🙂

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Drew Mann

18 thoughts on “Anthony Morrison Review: Is he a Scam or Legit Marketer?”

  1. Hello Drew. I want to thank you for your honest review of Anthony Morrison. I totally agree with your findings about him. I have subscribed to several of his programs but could never start them to other higher costs and expenses. I am going to immediately stop my subscription. I have an honest and legitimate business at home. I have a state license for what i sell. I have been doing countless hours of research for months trying to find the right mentor to help me get more visitors to my website and to get sales. I totally agree with you that i need a coach or mentor who honestly has my interests in mind and not just totally theirs. I have lost money to countless scams and con artists. Is there someone who is decent and legitimate that teaches true internet marketing? Especially for real business owners like me who need this skills so their businesses can thrive. Please tell me who i can trust. I have even read negative reviews of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Brandon, send me an email and we can discuss it. I’ll need a lot more info to point you in the right direction.

  2. Hi Drew I’ve just recently bought into the Anthony Morrison partnership course wishing for the promise of a better life and future from reading all the negative comments about other people buying into the business I think I better cut my losses and stop buying any more upselling OMG not another one

  3. Thanks for your insights. Much appreciated. What has me stumped is the question if he’s ( and other marketers) are so, so successful, why don’t they offer to give the courses for free and harvest profits? They’re so rich, why do they need more?

    • Good point Frank. With the amount of work put into most courses I don’t see the incentive to give it away for free though. Giving it away for free assigns no value to it so people likely won’t take it seriously. Course creators do this to not only have another income stream but to build their reputation in the community as well. Entrepreneurs are never satisfied and have no limit – there’s always a strive for more.

  4. i am with Peter Mulligan,
    I bought a course , fell for the early bird push, received my log in- to find out for the handsome price tag it is a DIY study with some webinars. I asked for refund, and was rejected alluding that the small prints says no refund. I requested on the Facebook and was blocked from this members only group. Very unempathetic and ungenuine. Unlike a lot of other much better mentors with integrity. I am still striving for refund – any advice would be appreciated.

  5. I paid for Anthony’s partnership course, but due to the coronavirus I have recently lost my job. I have made many requests for a refund as promised by him but nothing yet. This is a total scam, Anthony’s a lowdown Yankee Lier.

  6. Hey Drew.. have you seen his presentation on partnering with you on your online affiliate business versus selling you a program.? His presentation claims that he will teach and show you everything to create a successful alternative to an Aamzon Store and all he wants to do is partner with you so as you suceed and make money so does he.. therefore it’s in his best interest for you to suceed kinda like a franchise would if u opened up one of their stores. I have found nothing but nevagtive comments about his courses/company but thought this idea to partner versus sell you a program on how to was different and kinda gensius since nobody else online is advertising to partner with you.. Your thoughts.? Thanks for your aticles I read your on Keala as well.. His reviews seem to be more legit.!

    • Hi Michael, I think the word “partner” is being used very loosely here. Although I don’t know the full details yet, just be sure you do your homework and read the fineprint before making any decisions.

  7. Hi Drew . Thanks for the article
    Anthony is pursuing me to accept his one day offer of “Inbox Inner Circle training program” that reduced in value to $77 (8 webinars) and will bring me 500 email list to start email marketing that bring money back. The cost doesn’t look much for 8 webinars but I worried this could be the beginning for many money drawing.

  8. Hi Drew, I’m on line on one of his affiliate marketing webinars right now and thought to check him out. He’s very convincing with many samples of students making money. Is your article a current one or is it from the past. It says he took a hit in the past and lost a lot of money. Could his products be better and more valuable than before

    • Hi Vita. I wrote this article a month ago. If you’re convinced any of his products are for you, make sure there’s a refund policy. Any good course should have one.

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