Savage Affiliates Review: Scam or Legit Course? 2024 Update

Welcome to my Savage Affiliates review for 2024.

If you just give me a few minutes of your time I'll let you know if this is the best affiliate marketing course for your money - or if you should take a pass.

I have been in affiliate marketing since 2010 and bought 42 courses. (and counting!) Some were good, some were meh, and others were downright awful.

What's good news for you is I have Savage Affiliates and put the strategies to the test.

But did they work?

In this review, I'm going to tell you if it's the best affiliate marketing course for your money - or if you should just run for the hills!

What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing course created by Franklin Hatchett. It teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing business by showing you step-by-step how to build a website. This website will be supported with affiliate links which are how you will monetize it.

The goal of the course is to get you to rank your website in search engines. The more traffic you get, the more potential you have to make passive income.

The course has 10 modules with 200+ instructional videos. The course offers a standard and "Super Pack" option which is the more expensive and advanced version.

Who is Savage Affiliates for?

Savage Affiliates is for budding entrepreneurs looking to create either a side or full-time income online.

It's for those that want to create a legitimate business. Perhaps you have been stung with online scams in the past and looking for something real?

It's also for those that tried and failed in either affiliate marketing or some other online business.

Savage Affiliates can work for those that are willing to put in the work. So, if you're not afraid of putting in at least 5-10 hours a week, then perhaps this course is a fit for you.

Who is Savage Affiliates NOT for?

This course is not for you if you are expecting to get rich quick. It will take some time to build an affiliate marketing business. If you're one to give up easily, then perhaps it's not for you.

It's also not for people that are afraid of setting up a website. Affiliate Marketing can be done in a variety of ways, including having a Youtube channel or just posting Facebook ads. The majority of what you'll be doing in Savage Affiliates is with setting up a website/blog.

But do not worry. If you haven't created a website before it's ok. You'll learn how to do that in the course and by using WordPress. You do not need to learn to code!

How do you Make Money With Savage Affiliates?

You make money with Savage Affiliates by learning how to create a website in a specific niche.

The website will have affiliate links placed strategically in articles across the entire site. If someone clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase, you'll get a commission.

You will need to become an affiliate of the products you promote. The course will teach you how to do that. There are private affiliate programs, as well as networks like Clickbank and Amazon Associates where you can become a partner. There is no cost to join.

You'll also make money with sales funnels and email marketing. These "support" your website and act as additional ways to make money on top of your website/blog.

Is Savage Affiliates Legit or a Scam?

Savage Affiliates is a legit course. I can tell a good course from a bad one because I've bought so many of them. I also know what works and what doesn't work. 

I've been in the affiliate marketing game for a long time now. I won't recommend you a crap course and need to stand behind legit ones. 

So yes, this course is legit and I am comfortable recommending it to you.

Franklin Hatchett has been around for a long time teaching students not just in his online courses but also for free on his Youtube Channel. His goal is to help you create a successful online business.

What Traffic Methods Does Savage Affiliates Teach?

What I liked about this course is that it doesn't teach just one traffic method.

There is something for everybody.

Here are the different traffic methods that are taught in the course: 

SEO Traffic - Free traffic from Google! Learn how to rank your site in the search engines so that people can find your site.

This is the best traffic you can ever get because it's highly targeted.

Paid Traffic - You'll also learn how to create paid ads on Facebook and Google ads.

This will drive instant traffic to your offer. You could make money the day you start running your ads.

Free Traffic - Franklin teaches you various methods where you can get free traffic. This is different from SEO traffic.

Social Media - You'll also learn how to get traffic from social media sites like Pinterest & more

Who is Franklin Hatchett? 

Online Marketer Franklin Hatchett

Franklin Hatchett became popular from his Youtube Channel where he made videos showing people how to make money online. 

His popular videos include topics like "how to earn $200 a day" and "Clickbank for beginners." 

At the time of this writing, he has 462,000 subscribers on his Youtube Channel. The content is created mostly to sell you his courses and software. 

Besides Savage Affiliates, he's best known for his dropshipping course, eCom Elites.

How Much Does Savage Affiliates Cost?

There are two versions of the course - "Standard" and "Super". 

  • Savage Affiliates Standard - $197

  • Savage Affiliates Super - $297

This is a one-time payment for either package. There are no monthly fees and you get free updates for life with either purchase.

You can pay with either a credit card or Paypal.

Can You Get A Refund?

Yes, you can ask for a refund before 30 days if you feel the course is not for you. However, you might be asked to show that you have made some kind of effort to get the refund.

I have heard that Franklin as of late has been a little lax on the refund policy. So chances are you'll get a refund without issue.

Savage Affiliates Discount Coupon

Franklin Hatchett does NOT offer any discounts on his products and why should he? I think his pricing is extremely fair compared to other courses which aren't even half as good!

Any coupons you think you find online are fake and just try to cookie you.

What's the Difference Between the Standard and Super Version?

Here is a breakdown of both versions. You can see the extras you get with the super pack. See below which appeals to you more.

standard pricing for Savage Affiliates
Super pricing for Savage Affiliates

To break this down module by module, the ones in red below are NOT included with the Standard version.

  • Affiliate Marketing Introduction - 6 videos 
  • Module 1: Affiliate Products to Promote (7  videos)
  • Module 2: Building Your Website Asset (17 videos)
  • Module 3: Email Marketing & Funnels (13 videos)
  • Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (31 videos)
  • Module 5: Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing (29 videos, Super Version only) 
  • Module 5 Part 2: Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing Con't (19 videos Super Version) 
  • Module 6: Amazon Affiliate Marketing (15 videos) 
  • Module 7: SEO Google Traffic Training (19 videos) 
  • Module 8: Free Traffic Training (18 videos) 
  • Module 9: Paid Traffic Training (19 videos) 
  • Module 10: Launch Jacking & Web Hosting (13 videos Super version only) 
  • Bonus Module & Free Gifts (14 videos)

Do You need the Super Version to be Successful?

No, you don't have to buy the super version to be successful with your affiliate marketing business. The standard version has all the core training that you will need. The Super version is only recommended if you are considering sales funnel marketing and looking to snag the extra bonuses as well.

Can You Upgrade to the Super Version Later?

If you buy the standard course and wish to upgrade later you can do this. Franklin makes it easy to do and can be upgraded right in the member's area.

The best part is you won't be penalized with additional fees. You will just pay the difference which is $100.

Is Savage Affiliates Worth The Money?

Yes, Savage Affiliates is worth the money. There are a few reasons for this.

Low Cost - There are some affiliate marketing courses that can cost $997 and up. Savage Affiliates is only $197-$297.

Training - There are over 220 videos of instruction is Savage Affiliates. That's a lot more than most affiliate marketing courses. Once you're done you'll have all the training needed to be an affiliate marketer.

The Benefits - With such a low cost, you're getting more training than most affiliate marketing courses. Some courses will only teach one traffic method, like SEO. Savage Affiliates teaches you traffic methods in search engine optimization, free traffic, and a variety of paid traffic methods.

The best part is you don't have to do all to make it work. For example, you can focus only on SEO if you wish.

Finally, I think Franklin can charge at least $597 for this course and it will still be worth it considering how much content there is.

What I like About Savage Affiliates

After going through all the training, here are my thoughts about the positives of the course.

1. It's Great for Beginners

The Savage Affiliates course was created with beginners in mind. I can tell from the lessons that everything is explained well. There's no technical jargon that you won't understand, there's no coding involved or things left for you to figure out on your own.

He really does "hold your hand" through the entire process. While it can get a little technical at times, there's always the Facebook group to fall back on if you have any problems. I've seen many people ask questions and get an answer within a few minutes.

2. You Can Work at Your Own Pace

Whether you have 40 hours a week to spend on your business or just 5, you can still do this. There is no set of rules when it comes to doing the work. You simply work at the pace you are comfortable with.

3. Learn How to Find Profitable Products to Promote

You are going to learn which products/niches you should promote. 

This is extremely important for you new folks out there because if you choose the wrong offer/product/niche, you are going to waste a lot of money and time.

Franklin is going to shed some light on what type of products you should promote and why, and also tell you what platforms you should use to find these products.

He's going to show you which niches make the most money and what are the most successful ones.

It is suggested that you don't pick a niche just yet as you should go through all the training first.

By then, you'll be able to pick your niche without guessing and know that it will give you the best chance for success.

4. Step By Step Instructions on How to Build a Website

Newbies will be happy to know that full instruction on how to set up affiliate websites is taught in the course.

Franklin teaches you to set up your website with WordPress. Everyone should be using WordPress. It's the industry standard and in my opinion much better than other CMSs like Joomla or Drupal.

Everything is taught from:

  • set up a website with WordPress
  • install essential plugins
  • create landing pages
  • setup your email assets

5. Learn How Sales Funnels Can Generate More Affiliate Income

If you opt for Savage Affiliates Super, you'll get access to the Funnel Academy.

Franklin teaches you how to bring "awareness" to your website by setting up funnels. The goal here is to get people over to your website but most importantly, on your email list.

You can think of these sales funnels as an extra way to make money with your website. This is because of the email list you will build. When you have a list, you can market offers over and over again. A lot of the top affiliate marketers have big lists where they make a ton of money by simply emailing.

If you look at the below diagram, when someone is on your list, they are in the Prospect and Customer phase.

4 steps of the sales funnel process

The process starts with them being completely unaware of your website. You'll be building a lead magnet that will get them in your funnel and get to know your brand.

One caveat here is that you'll need a subscription to Clickfunnels to make this work. If you sign up under Franklin's Clickfunnels link, you will get access to his pre-made funnels.

You don't necessarily need Clickfunels for this to work and can opt for something cheaper such as LeadPages which is almost as good. Or better yet, you can avoid monthly fees and build funnels using ThriveSuite.

6. Teaches How to Use Different Platforms Like Amazon and Clickbank, etc.

A lot of new affiliate marketers will likely know about Clickbank which is an online marketplace to find and promote offers. Franklin goes into great depth on how to use the platform because it's the simplest to use and you don't need approval for most products.

You'll also discover how to promote Amazon products with their Amazon Associates program. There are other networks that you'll learn about in the course.

You'll even learn how to find private affiliate programs with huge payouts.

7. Includes SEO Training

In order for your blog to be successful, you need to make sure your site is not just liked by your readers, but by the search engines. In other words, Google.

Franklin has really good introductory training on SEO for newbies. He covers:

  • How to find keywords
  • How to make sure your website loads fast
  • On-page SEO
  • Interlinking pages together
  • Backlinking (off-page seo)

The strategies used might not benefit someone with an intermediate or advanced understanding of search engine optimization, but beginners will benefit bigtime on how this all works.

There are some strategies that I would not recommend anymore like blog comments or backlinking from web 2.0s. He does teach how to use PBN's but as a beginner, I would not suggest using them. He does have a disclaimer that it is risky, however.

8. Shows You How to Set up Email Marketing the Right Way

Franklin shows you how to set up an email business which essentially you can look at as a second income stream. You'll be making money not just from people visiting your website and making purchases from your affiliate links, but also from your email campaigns.

This is accomplished by optin pages on your website and also in ads - if you decide to do paid advertising.

With paid advertising, you'll be using Clickfunnels for your landing pages and will connect GetResponse to your Clickfunnels account to collect the leads. You will learn exactly how to set this up so there's no guesswork on your end.

Once you have people on your list from any of these methods, you can make money by sending out promotions with your affiliate links. You should also include informational-type emails too. Don't just send promotions because you'll get a bunch of unsubscribes.

Franklin uses GetResponse and suggests using this email platform. I agree that it's a great choice and I use it myself. The workflows make it very easy to set up your campaigns and Franklin shows you exactly how to set this up.

9. Learn How to Generate Free Traffic

The Free traffic training is different from the SEO training in Savage Affiliates. SEO is all about getting free traffic from Google which is covered in a different module.

There are a few different free traffic methods that Franklin teaches.

Free Facebook Traffic:

This strategy is pretty unique yet so simple. All you do is put a link to your funnel in your Facebook profile. People on your friend's list will see it but most importantly, all you have to do is just go into Facebook groups and be active. 

You don't have to tell people to "check out my profile" or anything like that. People will naturally check it.

Here is an example of someone using this method. Note the arrow. That's a link to his funnel.

I think this is a great way to get free traffic. However, some people might be a little apprehensive to use it on their personal profile. It might work for some though.

There's a lot more to it than slapping up that link and hoping for the best. There's steps involved to charge up this strategy which would not be fair to reveal here. You have to buy the course to find out!

Free Youtube Traffic

Whatever niche you are in, you can get free traffic from Youtube. All you have to do is set up a channel and create "explainer" videos.

An example of an explainer video would be teaching something like how to draw a picture. If you're an artist, you could just show how it's done. You don't need to show your face on camera either.

Franklin shows you various strategies for getting free traffic from Youtube. Most affiliate marketing courses don't offer this.

Free Traffic From Forums

Getting free traffic from forums is also taught in Savage Affiliates. Though not always easy because some forums won't allow you to post links, while others require you to post x amount of comments over a period of time before you can post a link.

When it works, it works well. Especially if the comment thread gets indexed by Google and people are finding it online. They will also find your link.

There are other free traffic methods taught in the course but these are the main ones. They are all pretty solid means of getting free traffic.

10. Paid Traffic to Build up Your Brand

The paid traffic methods Franklin teaches are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Other methods

What I like about how Franklin teaches paid ads is that he's not just focusing on Facebook, which a lot of other affiliate marketing courses focus on. There's much more to paid traffic than Facebook ads!

Regardless of the type of paid ads that Franklin teaches, what he teaches you is to learn who your customer is and who your ideal buyer is.

He takes you through a lot of steps to help you understand who is most likely to respond to your advertisements, enter your funnel and likely make a purchase - earning you commissions.

11. Savage Affiliates Includes Bonus Training

In the bonus section, you'll get some additional training that compliments the core training very well. 

There are 3 videos on blog training for those that would like more training on how to set up a blog the proper way and how to get better conversions.

There is also some training on Instagram where you can download a guide and also a cheatsheet. The bonus section also includes some advanced methods with email marketing.

You also get the web hosting affiliate blueprint where you'll learn how to make commissions from hosting companies' affiliate programs. Then there's also the launch jacking training which shows how to get affiliate commissions from products that are soon to launch.

The bonuses are decent, but in reality, you probably won't get much use out of it. If you focus on the core training, you can apply the strategies learned there to apply to any affiliate program.

12. Speed Controls & Video Quality

I really like this option. With the amount of training Franklin has, sometimes I just used the speed controls to get through it faster. You can also slow it down.

Video quality max is 1080p which is fine enough in a training environment. The videos always played very well for me and never had any lag.

13. Includes an Active Facebook Community

Access is free for all Savage Affiliates members. You'll be able to see some of the latest strategies that Franklin uses as well as share and view feedback from all members. 

Participation is encouraged and it's a good place to fall back on if you're stuck. Along with Franklin, there are also other members that are willing to help.

What I Don't like About Savage Affiliates

Not every course is perfect, so here are some things I don't like about Savage Affiliates.

1. Videos Don't Have Supporting Text

It would have been great to see some supporting text either summarizing each video or putting in point form what you'll learn in each video.

Some videos do have a little blurb at the bottom but really just not enough. This contrasts heavily with courses like The Authority Site System which includes extensive notes and video summaries under each video.

Perhaps I am being a little picky here, but it's nice to have because you don't have to watch the entire video again to recall the contents.

2. Teaches Some Black Hat SEO Strategies (not suitable for beginners)

The SEO section gives some good advice on how to set up your site for on-page optimization. This basically means making the site "liked" by the search engines (like Google) to understand what your site and pages are all about.

There are some solid white hat strategies as well. But there is some black hat stuff in there in the form of PBN's - or "Private Blog Networks". PBN's are websites created for the sole purpose of linking out to other sites to help them rank. They have little value other than linking out.

I don't recommend using them as a newbie but I am glad to see that Franklin did put a disclaimer that if you're new, you probably should avoid PBN's.

3. There are Some Hidden Costs

Apart from the cost of the course, you will need to pay for some additional tools.

For keyword research, Franklin suggests a couple of tools, both of which I use so I can personally vouch for these.

First is Ahrefs. The basic plan is $99 a month. However, you could get the $7 trial for 7 days, get all your research in and then cancel.

Then there's Keysearch which could be an alternative to Ahrefs but not nearly as powerful. That's $17 a month but you can get a discount here.

Clickfunnels - If you get Savage Affiliates Super, you will need a Clickfunnels account which costs $97 a month. You could find a cheaper funnel builder, but you won't get the pre-made funnels that Franklin has.

Get Response - This is free for the first month then just $15 a month for your first 1000 subs. It gets more expensive the more subscribers you have.

This one is essential, as you need to build your email list. The one-month free trial is great though and $15 bucks a month is pretty cheap.

4. Forced to use Clickfunnels - Sort of

Franklin offers you some free funnels in the course built with Clickfunnels. The catch here is that you need to sign up for Clickfunnels under his affiliate account. This means he will get a commission if you go beyond the trial.

Franklin does say that you don't have to use Clickfunnels, but then you won't get his free funnels.

Just a tip - you could get the trial first, grab the free funnels then rebuild them with your own funnel builder. You're welcome!

5. Email Training With GetResponse Only

If you already have an autoresponder that is not GetResponse, you might be a little annoyed. This is because Franklin teaches how to set up your email campaigns using GetResponse only.

What I will say is, if you don't have a GetResponse account yet, then get one. It's a fantastic program and I use it myself. The support is great and the customizations you can do are very extensive.

You are free to use any email autoresponder you like, you just won't get training in it through Franklin unless it's GetResponse.

Are Students Getting Successful Results With Savage Affiliates?

I couldn't find a ton of testimonials from students that are getting results from Savage Affilites. Affiliate marketers are a strange bunch. They don't like to give anything away so I imagine this is why. Affiliate marketing is super duper competitive, and the less your competittion knows, the better.

However, for the ones that don't mind sharing, here's a few examples as seen on the salespage:

savage affiliates student showing income made with jvzoo
real student of savage affiliates posting income report online

Negative Savage Affiliate Reviews - 5 Lies Told

There are a lot of affiliates that will write a Savage Affiliates review for a couple of reasons.

The first is the person that expects to make money within just a few days of setting up their affiliate site. Some people are used to being sold dreams and when they have to put in the work, they get salty. So there are those people that might leave Savage Affiliates a bad review.

Then there are the opportunist affiliate marketers. These guys are affiliates of either the Wealthy Affiliate or a Lead Generation course.

They try to discredit Savage Affiliates and will even tell lies just to get you to sign up for a different course.

The worse offenders are the Wealthy Affiliate army. I'd understand if Wealthy Affiliate was a great course, but it's not. It's terrible. If you're surprised to hear me say this, just check out my review to see why.

Here's some BS spewed by a Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate.

1. They claim Savage Affiliates has a lack of technical support

This is not true. You can contact support either through the ticketing system or email. On top of that, questions can be asked in the Facebook group. Franklin himself answers questions there along with his moderators and also other students. So that claim of lack of support is debunked.

2. Expensive Upsells

There are no upsells to Savage Affiliates. You can buy either the "standard" or "super" version. Once you're in, there's no pressure to buy anything else.

There are tools that are needed such as an autoresponder, keyword research tool, or an optional Clickfunnels account. But these tools are necessary expenses to run an affiliate marketing business and have nothing to do with Savage Affiliates directly.

3. Lack of Community Support

Again B.S. There are well over 6,200 members in the Facebook group. The group is active with questions being answered daily. There's no shortage of community support here.

4. Not Enough Successful Student Stories

Just because people aren't keen on posting their results only to risk being pestered to ask a barrage of questions, does not mean that many are successful.

I don't go plastering my success everywhere because, with a little bit of internet sleuthing, savvy members of the group or general public might actually catch on to what you are doing and copy you.

I've seen it happen before. Affiliate marketers as I mentioned before are a strange bunch - we like to keep our success to ourselves.

5. Savage Affiliates is Not Beginner Friendly

This one I had to laugh at. Savage Affiliates was designed specifically for beginner affiliate marketers. There's a lot of hand-holding in the course and Franklin covers a lot - but he explains things that he knows newbies might not grasp.

Franklin Has Been "called out" For Using Affiliate Links in His Courses

One other complaint I have seen from other people is how Franklin tricks you into getting tools using his affiliate link.

First of all, these are not just any tools. They are essential for your business. Any experienced marketer will know this.

And, he explicitly states you can use any tool you wish as there are options to what he uses, but the ones he uses are ones he vetted and tested himself.

So I don't see any harm in promoting these tools in the course using his affiliate link. Why not?

The tools are one of the best in the category, so he's not pushing garbage.

Are There Alternatives to Savage Affiliates?

Yes, there are alternatives to Savage Affiliates.

1. The Authority Site System - Authority Hacker

This course also focuses on building a blog or "authority site" which is essentially a website that is seen as having a lot of trust with both readers and the search engines.

While both Savage Affiliates and The Authority Site System teach you how to build an affiliate marketing business with a website, The Authority Site System goes into much greater detail with things like content creation, on-page and off-page SEO, and product research.

However, it does not include training on things like paid traffic and sales funnels like Savage Affiliates does.

It's also slightly more expensive than Savage Affiliates at $599. There is a monthly plan available at $149.60 for 6 months.

To get a feel for this course, I suggest you hop on the free training to see what it's all about.

2. Affiliate Lab - Matt Diggity

The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity is also a great option. This course is very similar to The Authority Site System where you won't learn how to do paid ads or sales funnels.

However, Matt Diggity is a professional SEO and has a ridiculous amount of SEO training in this course.

So, if you're looking to focus on just free organic traffic from the search engines, then you might want to look at this course. Check out the sales page here.

My Final Thoughts on the Savage Affiliates Program

I was a bit skeptical at first when I bought the course because of the low price tag - I wasn't expecting much.

But I quickly learned that Franklin likes to offer a ton of value for a low price.

I've bought many other affiliate marketing courses over the years and none of them seemed to over-deliver like this one.

There's so much taught in this course so I guess to sum it up I would say it's a complete course, with all the angles of learning affiliate marketing included. 

I do believe this course is going to give you the best chance to succeed in making money online.

So as you can imagine, I am giving Savage Affiliates the thumbs up.

Your only choice now is between the two versions. 

I have laid out above what you're getting with each and if anything is unclear, just contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Want to see a video walkthrough of the course? I did a quick video on Youtube taking you into the members area.

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Drew Mann

4 thoughts on “Savage Affiliates Review: Scam or Legit Course? 2024 Update”

  1. Drew what do you feel about how they state a complete beginner can do this. with no specific skills, or is that a scam

    • Hi Roy, the course was designed with beginners in mind. Everything is taught from the beginning so you don’t need any special skills. Willingness to learn and actually apply what you have learned and keep at it is what makes people successful in this business.

  2. Hi Drew, what are the other costs after you sign up? I can see a lot to affiliate reviews do tend to put each other down a little bit. Obviously trying to sell their own affiliate program instead.
    I know I’d have to pay for a domain name, but what would the other two things cost me? I was thinking of starting the $197 course.

    • Hi Elliot, in the beginning you’re just paying for a domain name, hosting and tools for doing keyword research. You should invest in a good WordPress theme as well. Clickfunnels is entirely an option and you can get by without it. I talk about costs and what’s needed in a couple of articles. One is my How to Start a Blog article and this one here. Hope that helps.

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