The Authority Site System 3.0 Review: Gael Breton & Mark Webster’s Affiliate Marketing Course

[Upated for 2020]

I was browsing online recently and came across a site called "Authority Hacker" that had some good articles on it. 

I saw a button for free training and was curious to see what they offered. Of course I clicked it and then was presented with an option to join a webinar for the Authority Site System.

Now, obviously this is made to appear live starting in just a few minutes from when you clicked, but my savvy readers know better 🙂

Anyway, I was curious to see what it was all about and patiently waited 5 minutes for the "live" webinar to start. 

The host of the webinar, Gael Breton and co-founder of Authority Hacker - Mark Webster, put on a presentation about how to build an authority website and called it The Authority Site System.

Now, normally (like a bad movie) I would click off if I already knew the direction they were going in (not a good one) but I started to realize that what they were teaching in this webinar is all too familiar to me.

It's actually the same way I build authority sites. Almost every detail they gave was just how I do things, even using the same tools. I was intrigued.

Excitement was setting in! Could this be a course I could end up ethically recommending to people like you, my awesome readers?

UPDATE - TASS 3.0 is now out! 

The Authority Site System is now in version 3.0. 

If you previously bought the course, you will be getting all the updates for free. The course modules will be updated on a module-by-module basis until all of them are finalized.

What has changed?

Modules 0 and 1 will basically stay the same as these are just introductory modules but the real change comes in module 2 with finding niches.

New tactics and ideas for inspiration when it comes to choosing a niche is taught here, which was the concern of many members. Glad to see they have addressed concerns which is an indication of Authority Hackers' concern for their members' success.

As the content will added module by module, I will be updating my review accordingly.

Exciting stuff looks to be ahead!

Here is a Video Walkthrough of the Course After I Bought it

In the beginning Gael Breton says that he was planning on selling the content in the free webinar and he probably could. Afterall the hour or so of free training is probably better than a year subscription to a crap course like the Wealthy Affiliate I reviewed.

The free webinar was honestly fantastic. If I were to teach people on how to build an authority site in a niche and marry that up with some good offers that will bring in affiliate commissions, i'd probably teach it in the same way.

Needless to say I grabbed the course and that is the focus of my review today.

What is The Authority Site System?

The Authority Site System is a course designed primarily for beginners. It focuses on building an authority site, which is a large site that can include a wide range of products. It helps you to do niche and keyword research, shows you how to set up a site in wordpress, create content, link building and branding. It helps you to make passive income, even in your sleep for years to come.

Authority Site System Pros

  • Course taught by experienced marketers that build VERY successful 6 figure a month authority sites. They even show you what they have built which is rare these days.
  • Up-to-date training. The course has recently been updated with version 2.0 and looks to be consistently updated as time goes on
  • Income replacement. If you do this right, you could leave your job in 6 to 12 months.
  • You will learn everything the right way and not some shady fly by night tactics
  • The methods taught have been proven to work
  • Top notch training and strategies that I have not seen before (which I will start implementing!)
  • Money back guarantee - but I doubt you'd even consider asking for a refund after seeing the course.

Authority Site System Cons

  • The course doesn't teach Facebook Ads, Google Ads, sales funnels or social media marketing. It is focused entirely on obtaining organic traffic. If you already know how to set up a website, build links, create good content, etc., then it won't teach you much beyond this.
  • You do need to invest in some tools, the most expensive being ahrefs. However you only really need this during your research phase which will be within your first month and you can look into a group buy as well but research this first.
  • Although there are some advanced tactics, it is really suited for the beginner marketer.

Pros & Cons Conclusion:

Clearly the Pros outweigh the Cons. This course is for you if you understand that it takes time before seeing results. Your main traffic will be from Google but this traffic is 100 times better than any other traffic including paid. Once your site starts ranking, you'll start to make passive income in your sleep which is extremely rewarding.

Here's a snapshot of the members area and my progress so far. The content is hidden and there's a lot!

How The Training is Laid Out

What I really like about this course is not only is the training done in video, but it also has a supplementary text summary of each video. If you've ever bought a course with videos only, sometimes it's a bit frustrating to go back and watch a whole video just to find one bit of information. Here, you'll be able to get a really good summary of each video so referring back to something is not a problem.

Once you complete a section, you can mark as complete so you are able to keep track of your progress. A valuable feature because there's a lot of information and I can see how it can be confusing without this!

Let's Take a Deeper Look Into The Modules

Module 0 - Preliminary Lessons

This is an introduction to the course and how to navigate around. You will see on the image at the top It shows you the "Case Study Site" to give you an idea of what kind of site you will be building. 

The next is the "New Site Todo System" which includes a variety of templates that you will be using as checklists for your new site. It's something I haven't seen before and really helps you stay organized and in check.

Next is the "Facebook Community" where you'll get access to the Facebook group. At the time of this writing there are 1437 members. It's a good place to get help and inspiration.

The "Ask a Question Page" is simply an area where you can ask the course creators any questions or have any concerns answered. Answers are done in video format for the most common questions.

The "Update Log" is a bullet point list of any changes/additions to the course.

Module 1 - The Authority Site Model and Online Marketing 101

There are 5 lessons in this module and the topics included are:

  • What is an authority site 
  • How authority sites get traffic
  • How authority sites make money
  • Affiliate marketing 101
  • SEO 101

In this module you learn what an authority site is, how they are a great business model, what the challenges are in setting up one of these sites and also the different stages involved.

You will also learn how authority sites get traffic from different sources. TASS focuses on SEO as the main source of traffic, one of my favorite ways to get eyeballs on your pages and probably the way you found this very page.

Pros and Cons of SEO are discussed as well as with the other forms of traffic - of which there are many and clearly defined in the module.

In the "How Authority Sites Make Money" video you learn the 3 main ways how this is accomplished.

Affiliate Marketing 101 is a video for those that are new and gives a good explanation of how it works and also a deep dive into specifics like avoiding bad products, physical products, how commission rates can be maximized etc.

In the SEO 101 section, an overview of SEO is explained on how to accomplish rankings starting from keyword research to content creation and link building. Each section is critical, especially the keyword research and in the next module the level of detail for keyword research will literally blow your mind. It's a lot. By the way I'm going to get this in now - this course is not for the faint of heart. You're going to learn a lot and spend a lot of time as there's a lot of content to learn.

This wraps up module 1, as mentioned earlier each video is accompanied with a summary and also diagrams included in the videos. There was no fluff in this module, just a ton of solid information to give you a very good understanding of what is to come.

Module 2 - Niche Research and Site Planning

This is the biggest module in the course with just over 20 videos. It took me a few days to get through this as i'm not one to binge watch so many videos in a day. If you can do it - more power to you!

Rather than typing out all the lessons (there's so many!) I am going to just take a screen shot. These aren't all of them by the way, but at least you get an idea of what is covered. You can see that I took the screen shot before completing all the lessons, I think I was on day 2 here when I checked off the one on "easy keywords."

The goal in this module is to be able to provide you instruction of the "map" of the website you are going to build. The amount of research that Gael shows covers levels that I myself have never gone into. There are so many different layers of keyword research that he goes into for just one topic but don't worry - it's explained well and easy to follow. 

Disclaimer - You will need ahrefs for this.

All the niche research in the course is done using AHREFS.

You can get a 7 day trial for $7 and then after that it's just $99 a month. Now, the good thing is that you're going to be using Ahrefs mostly in the beginning for your niche research. It's still good to have as I use this tool consistently but you can always cancel it after you have completed your research. It's good for using it for other things later on, but that is up to you. Gael does explain this in the course but thought you should be aware of this.

This module focuses on teaching you how to pick a successful niche. Believe it or not, this is actually the most grueling and longest part of setting up your site.

Site planning is critical to your success. If you don't do this right or just skip this part, you could end up costing yourself a lot of money and time.

Although this section is massive, if you pay attention to the material and follow along, you are going to fully understand how it's done. Don't worry if you are completely new. Gael breaks everything down for you and walks you through Ahrefs on how to do this research. Anyone can do it as long as you have the patience to learn.

This section is extremely valuable and you're going to know with great confidence if the niche you want to go into is going to make you money. You'll even learn how to know if the niche could be potentially a 5 or 6 figure a month niche!

I can tell you from experience that this section is not to be ignored. It's a lot to take in but will save you a lot of heartache. I can't tell you how many affiliate sites I built that bombed simply because I either just blindly "winged" it or did half assed niche research. We all learn. At least here you will fully "get it" why niche research is so important once you're done with this module.

Skip The Review and Go Directly To TASS

Click the button to see more on this awesome course

Module 3 - Site Setup

This section shows you how to set up your site from scratch. Once you have completed the behemoth module 2 - this section will guide you through the steps of setting up your site - properly.

You will need hosting for this and also a domain name. Personally I like Namecheap for domains but you can also get it from GoDaddy or other domain registrars. Don't worry because this is cheap. You can get a domain for 10 bucks and hosting for under $50 for a year.

Your site will be built in WordPress and if you have WordPress experience you're ahead of the curve. If you don't - no worries as you'll be hand held through the whole process. 

Other topics like branding, contact, about, privacy policy pages, etc. are all explained.

Here's some of the topics you'll learn from a screen shot of the lesson plan:

There are 14 videos in this section and all are supported by a review and diagrams as well. It's a lot to take in if you are new to site building, but the good news is that anyone with will and determination can do it. Oh and a little patience helps too. Just a little tip, if you get overly frustrated, save your work, walk away and come back later. Don't let your emotions get a negative grip on you.

Once you're done with this section, you'll not only know how to set up a site in WordPress, but you'll have a site that is set up RIGHT. Most people will omit many of these steps that are critical for your success when it comes to launching an authority site.

For me, a lot of this section was a review, although I did pick up on some things I am going to be doing differently from now on.

Module 4 - Content Creation

In this module, Mark Webster takes over and shows you how to research and write quality content yourself. If you find that to be a little daunting, you don't have to worry because you will be provided with templates that will help you structure your article in managable chunks.

There's also an Amazon Associates module where you learn things you should do and should not do when using the program. 

You will also learn how to publish content to your site including getting the content live and structuring it with on-page SEO.

If you're too lazy to write your own content or just don't feel confident enough then no worries - Mark will show you how to outsource your content, finding the right writers and how to maintian quality.

So you're going to learn about the different types of content that you'll need based on the templates provided. It is suggested that you write the first 10 articles yourself (again, you have the option to outsource here) 

Why is Content so Important?

Content is the main differentiator between the quality of different websites. Keep in mind there are no metrics to measure domain quality such as a tool like Ahrefs that measures domain rating, links, etc. 

So to separate yourself from your competition, you really need to pay attention to this module. I have not seen any other course go into so much detail over quality of content and they have things in place to keep you on track with maintaining high standards.

This is a fairly large section with 8 videos covering various topics. Each video goes into great detail and also provides notes & diagrams to support each topic. 

I was pretty excited about this section and I think it's going to up my game with content writing. You yourself should feel confident knowing that content for your site won't just be winging it - you'll have a very clear picture on how and what to write.

You'll also improve over time and you can always go back and edit any on-page content that you have on your sites(s).

Module 5 - Link Building

By the time you have reached this module, you should have already created your site and have 10 articles active. Now comes the fun part - link building.

Only "white hat" link building techniques are used in the course. They teach you the proper way with their own techniques to build quality links which you will learn to scale.

Below is a screen shot of the intro module to link building listing the topics of what you will learn.

Why are links Important?

Links make your site popular. The more links you have to your site the more popular Google thinks you are which can increase your rankings. These need to be the right links though. Garbage links can hurt your website so this must be done right. 

The methods in the course teach you how to get these links almost free of charge. If you were to seek out an agency to do this for you, you could pay up to $100 or more per link. These methods are worth the cost of the course alone when you think about it.

You'll learn how to contact others efficiently, what to say and how to increase your chances of getting a link. You'll also learn how to contact the right people and how to respond to them.

They've also automated the process so you will learn how to do the same, cutting down on a lot of work. There still will be some human element in the link building process but a lot will be handled automatically through automated processes.

Similar to the content section, this may be foreign to you but the way how they explain everthing and with so much detail - you'll be confident and will completely understand the process and the importance of this step to build your business. Most importantly - how to crush your competition.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts on the Authority Site System

This course is very different from the many different courses I have bought in the past. Initially I thought this was going to be another "affiliate marketing course" but it is far from that.

This course teaches you how to build a sustainable business that will bring in passive income in your sleep and for years to come.

I myself have done this in many different niches and do wish I had this when I first started out. The main thing that you guys will have such a huge advantage is the niche research part. Picking the right niche and their methods how to find one is simply gold. You're going to move ahead with confidence knowing that this is going to make you money.

Who is The Authority Site System For?

The Authority Site System is for people that are looking to build a real business online. It is for those that understand that things don't come quick and are willing to put in the effort. Results will come in time if done properly.

If you are willing to put in a few hours a week to go through the training and build your site, you could potentially walk away from your job within a year.

Having said that, this is one of very few courses that I have seen to help you build a successful authority site.

There's a no-nonsense 30 day money back guarantee. You don't need to prove that you tried and failed to get your money back. Just ask. However, make your goal to be successful, not to get a refund. Don't start this course if you're a tire-kicker. Don't waste your time and the course creator's time. Get it only if you're serious.

If you have tried in the past with other courses and failed, it's not your fault. The course was just crap. TASS is the real deal.

If you have the patience to learn, the patience to watch your site grow slowly over time with commissions growing week by week, your authority site can be your income replacement.

You can purchase the course outright for $599 which is what I would recommend. If you don't act soon the price will go up to $997. This is verified to not be a "scarcity tactic."

There is an option for a payment plan at $99 a month for 10 months.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


P.S. - Check out my Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint Review - the latest product from Authority Hacker on massive link building!

The Authority Site System 2.0 Rating
  • Price
  • Training
  • Features
  • Value
  • Goals & Objectives


If you are looking for an income replacing business and don’t want to do ecommerce, I highly encourage building an authority site. This is the best course in my opinion on how to accomplish this. No others come close.


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