Affiliate Lab Review (2024) – Is it Worth Buying?

Welcome to my Matt Diggity Affiliate Lab review.

I'm a real member of the Affiliate Lab and I spent over 2 weeks analyzing the course contents. 

With over a decade of experience in my 6-figure-a-year affiliate marketing business, I've bought numerous courses (over 40, crazy I know!).

Does Affiliate Lab measure up to the hype and can it take a newbie affiliate marketer from zero to achieving actual success?

In this review, I will discuss the Affiliate Lab's quality of training, reputation, support, and value for your money and whether I can recommend it to you or not.

Let's Jump right in!

Affiliate Lab By Matt Diggity - Key Information

πŸ† About - How to build a profitable affiliate marketing website

πŸ’² Price - Regular price - $997 or 2-pay of $597 (this link will get you a $200 discount)

πŸ‘ Pros - Up-to-date in-depth training, motivated students, great community

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Cons - Content may be challenging for some

πŸ€” My Opinion - One of the best affiliate marketing courses out there

In this review, I will cover...

Affiliate Lab Pros and Cons

πŸ‘ PROS:

  • Taught by Matt Diggity, a Leading and Proven Affiliate Marketer
  • Over-the-shoulder video training - this is the best way to learn!
  • Designed with both beginners in mind and goes deep for affiliates that are intermediates
  • No Fluff - The Affiliate Lab avoids useless talk and gets straight to the point
  • Matt is an expert SEO and is consistently testing and passing that info to you
  • Affiliate Lab occasionally brings in SEO experts to teach new strategies - for example, the module on Topical Authority
  • There are no upsells - your membership gives you access to all modules and bonuses
  • Ability to speed up or slow down videos according to your preference
  • Consistently updated - sometimes even monthly


  • No Refunds (Matt Diggity doesn't want tire kickers, serious students only!)
  • Some may find the content overwhelming because there's a lot

Who is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is the founder of Affiliate Lab. He's also a pretty smart guy being a former electrical engineer. 

Once he discovered affiliate SEO, he quit his engineering job and went guns-a-blazin' into being a full-time affiliate marketer.

He now runs a portfolio of over 100 successful affiliate websites generating passive income.

He runs other online ventures called Leadspring and Diggity Marketing.

He's also an SEO consultant for both beginners and at the agency level, runs The Search Initiative, a client agency, Authority Builders which is a backlink service and he's also the host & keynote speaker of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. That's in Thailand BTW - my second home and the home to many digital nomads.

Anyway, It's safe to say that Matt Diggity is LEGIT. He doesn't need to flash expensive cars or homes to hook you. His outstanding accomplishments have proven to be a testament of his abilities.

So yea, that's why you should listen to him. Agreed?

Affiliate Lab Pricing and Discount Info

The regular price of Affiliate Lab is $997 or two payments of $597.

However, as an affiliate of Affiliate Lab, Matt has arranged a $200 discount for my readers. Use my affiliate link here to get $200 off - this is a limited-time offer

Affiliate Lab - What's in The Course?

Included in this Matt Diggity course membership is a 14 course bundle. You get the main course which includes 34 in-depth modules, and 13 other "bonus courses". 

Here is what you'll get:

  • Affiliate Lab - Core Course
  • Website Flipping Masterclass
  • The Beginner Lab
  • Downloadables
  • The Truth About Penalties
  • Outreach Masterclass
  • The Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass
  • The Affiliate Portfolio Playbook
  • Optimize Your Life
  • The SEO Testing Guidebook
  • The Content Scaling Playbook
  • Topical Authority Masterclass by Koray Tugberk Gubur
  • 301 Redirect Mastery
  • AI Content Generation Playbook

While this may seem overwhelming, 90% of your learning will be focused on the training in the core module of Affiliate Lab.

The other bonus modules are not as long and go into detail with other concepts that are touched on within the core training. It also includes brand new concepts not included in the core training.

This is what it looks like after you log into the course:

The Affiliate Lab Core Training Modules

The main training has 34 modules in video format and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction (5 videos)
  • Niche Selection (7 videos)
  • Onsite SEO (72 videos with 12 sections)
  • Offsite SEO (48 videos with 9 sections)
  • Technical Audits (5 videos)
  • The Kitchen Sink (5 videos)
  • The Medic Buster (1 video)
  • The Authority Site Module (11 videos with 6 sections)
  • What's Next (2 videos)
  • Bonus (5 videos - this is separate from the bonus courses I mentioned above)

To date, there are 161 video lessons in the Affiliate Lab core training. More are added when updates are made.

This is all the training you will need to get a successful affiliate marketing website launched. It's structured in a step-by-step format, so you just follow along as you progress.

I will now get into more detail about all the modules:

Introduction Module

The introduction module introduces you to the trainers and shows you how to get the most out of the course.

The training is mostly done by Matt Diggity himself, but he also has his "right-hand man" Jap Yap conduct training in some modules. Jay is one of the most brilliant SEOs that Matt knows and is a partner in one of Matt's companies - Leadspring.

The intro module gives you a 20,000-foot view of the course and what to expect. It's short but it gets you hyped up for what's to come and what you will learn.

Videos included:

  • Introduction and Welcome Video - 14:26
  • The Most Important Lesson in This Training - 5:16
  • How to Join Affiliate Lab Facebook Group - 0:46
  • How to Speed up Videos - 1:20
  • The Six Figure Flipper Club - 1:58

Niche Selection Module

The niche selection module is going to help you to decide on a niche. Your first step as an affiliate marketer is this one - so you need to get it right.

You will learn why it's important to be careful about the niches you choose to get into and how a niche will determine your profitability and rankability. 

If you jump into a niche without doing your research, it could spell disaster. You will not only waste cash but time as well. 

I especially liked the niche grading tool that Matt provides. It will help you choose the right niche using his scientific approach to all this stuff!

Videos included:

  • Introduction to Niche Selection - 3:16
  • Niche VS Authority Sites - 6:50
  • Niche Hunting - 12:50
  • Niche Grading Tool - 25:40
  • How to Choose a Niche that is Guaranteed to Work - 13:10
  • Why we don't use Amazon - 4:35
  • How to Find Non-Amazon Affiliate Programs - 12:03

Onsite SEO Module

Many new SEO's think that SEO (search engine optimization) is just about backlinks. This simply isn't the case and Matt explains why in the on-site SEO module. 

This module is one of the most important ones and could be easily sold as a standalone course. The training is top-level with strategies that Matt and his team extensively test with case study after case study. It's not guesswork, it's proven strategies that work that are passed on to you.

I know it works because I have used the concepts here myself in the real world with my own sites. Without it, I am sure I would not have had nearly as much success.

This module is a long one, and though you might think it's complicated, Matt breaks it down so it's easy to understand for everyone, even if you've never done SEO before.

I mentioned earlier there are 72 videos in this module so there are too many to list, but here are the main topics covered and the number of videos in each module.

  • Onsite SEO Introduction - 1 Video
  • Domains and Hosting - 3 Videos
  • Keyword Research - 8 Videos
  • Site Architecture - 4 Videos
  • Content Building - 6 Videos
  • Site Building (Single Page) - 6 Videos
  • Site Building (Site-Wide) - 8 Videos
  • Onsite Optimization - 9 Videos
  • Featured Snippets - 3 Videos
  • Monetization - 6 Videos
  • Conversion Rate Optimization - 10 Videos
  • Website Maintenance - 6 Videos

Offsite SEO Module

Offsite SEO refers to everything you do to help your site rank on Google. This is usually in the form of acquiring backlinks. You get backlinks when other sites link to your site, whether it's your homepage or inner pages.

Matt teaches you to do offsite SEO without "looking like an SEO". In other words, you'll learn strategies that look natural to the search engines. You will learn all the pitfalls related to offsite SEO, what to avoid, and the exact steps that you should actually take.

Remember that bad offsite SEO can destroy your site. Good offsite SEO can help get you ranked.

I found out myself the hard way with a couple of sites in my portfolio how bad SEO can get you slapped. Just like the on-page seo module, this one is just as valuable. The training is gold and I follow the same rules he sets in place.

Technical Audits Module

I really liked this module because I am all about fine-tuning websites so they get traffic, rank well and of course - make money. I thought I knew it all before going through this module. I was wrong.

I learned so many new things such as what to do when rankings drop (hello Google core updates!) and how often and when to do tech audits on your site. You need to know the proper structure and how to optimize your site for Google's crawlers. All of this and more is taught in this module.

If you ignore auditing your sites, eventually other sites will catch up and outrank you.

Videos included:

  • Introduction - 1:05
  • Google Search Console - 7:46
  • Negative SEO - 7:33
  • Technical On-Page & Off-Page Audits - 11:38
  • How to do an Ahrefs Audit - 3:51

The Kitchen Sink Module

Sometimes webpages will "get stuck" on page 2 or 3 and never hit page one. The Kitchen Sink refers to a list of strategies Matt and his team use to get sites "unstuck". You will learn all of those techniques in this module.

These strategies help sites get unstuck and have been battletested by Matt and his team and can help get your stagnant site ranking higher.

If you don't have a website yet, you could probably skip this module. However, I suggest going through it because it's good to understand the concepts so you're better prepared for when and if it happens to your site.

Videos included:

  • When Sites Get Stuck: The Kitchen Sink - 2:26
  • Site Size Explosions - 8:09
  • The "Set-up" Technique - 4:34
  • Content and Mark-Up Injections - 4:15
  • The Nitty Gritty - 3:14

The Medic Buster Module

The "Medic Buster" module contains no videos but links to important videos in the course.

This is like a mini site map of already existing resources. It's good to check here first instead of sifting through all the modules and videos to find what you are looking for.

The Authority Site Module

Authority Sites is what Affiliate Lab focuses on, It does not teach you how to build niche sites.


This is because authority sites are much more scalable. With niche sites, you can only talk about that one topic. What if that niche starts to decline and no one is interested in or searching for that topic anymore? You'll end up losing traffic and income.

Plus, once your authority site hits "authority mode", almost any content you post (as long as it still relates to other content on your site) will rank quite quickly without any backlinks. 

In this module, you'll get an introduction to authority sites, what their pros and cons are and why you should consider them over niche sites. And of course - the exact step-by-step process on how to build them.

Videos included:

  • Building Authority Sites - 5 videos
  • Backlinks For Authority Sites -  2 videos
  • What to do When You Hit Authority Mode - 1 video
  • Authority Sites Pitfalls - 1 video
  • The Influencer Pitch: Building Real E-E-A-T - 1 video

The What's Next Module

This video is just a wrap-up of the course. Matt congratulates you for completing the course and reminds you of the actions you need to take such as being very detail oriented, following the videos precisely, tracking everything in the provided templates, and of course - never giving up.

This process does work because I have gone through it myself and have had positive results. You now have the knowledge. What you need now is experience and that is what is going to help you succeed.

The Bonus Module

This final module in the core training is separate from the bonus courses I mentioned earlier. It's 5 videos about case studies, webinars, and important updates.

Matt will usually include additional videos here if he finds them to be beneficial to you.

That was a lot to take in, and I hope you made it this far in my review.

What we have learned so far: 

Affiliate Lab is packed with a ton of training without the fluff. I myself have learned a lot from this course and even Matt's students rave about it. 

There are a lot of videos, but the quality isn't compromised. This is high-level stuff.

I give the quality of training a 4.8 out of 5 in this affiliate marketing course. It's just so much better than any other training out there when it comes to building authority websites powered with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Lab Bonus Training

As I mentioned earlier, Affiliate Lab comes with the core training which I spent most of my focus on in this review. It's all you're going to need really.

However, the bonus training isn't just some crap thrown in to bloat the course. These modules are very helpful and will just add to your learning arsenal. 

I don't want to go into too much detail with each, but I think they are important enough to give you an idea of what they are all about.

So here I go...

Bonus #1 - Website Flipping Masterclass

This 14-video website flipping masterclass teaches you how to effectively buy and sell websites.

It's taught by Greg Elfrink, the director of marketing at Empire Flippers which is an online business brokerage that specializes in buying and selling digital assets - aka, websites.

Did you know that you could sell your website for 33x what it is worth? For example, if your website makes $500 a month, you could sell it for $16,500 or more. (500x33).

If this business model interests you, you'll learn the entire process from prepping a site for sale, to how to negotiate for a better price, and see actual case studies of sites that have sold for 6 figures.

Bonus #2 - The Beginner's Lab

While the core training is still taught with beginners in mind, this course focuses on showing you how to build websites with WordPress from scratch.

You'll learn hosting setup to installing WordPress, adding pages and posts, plugins, categories and tags, and so on. It's great for uber-beginners that have never built sites with WordPress before.

You'll also learn about optimization, how schema markup works, and how to use tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs.

Since Affiliate Lab only uses WordPress for building websites, this training is gold for those that don't know how.

Bonus #3 - Checklists & SOP's

This bonus doesn't have any videos but includes two downloadable checklists and SOP's (standard operating procedures).

  • Onsite SEO Checklist
  • Offsite SEO Checklist

These are great to follow when doing both your on and off-page SEO, making sure that you don't miss any crucial steps.

Bonus #4 - The Truth About Penalties

SEO penalties are a nightmare for many marketers, including myself! I've had to recover some sites from Google penalties and thankfully this training helped.

Matt shows you how many times his own sites have gotten hit and what he did to recover.

You'll learn about the misconceptions of penalties, how frequent they are, and how to recover from them whether they are algorithmic or manual penalties.

Bonus #5 - Outreach Masterclass

Outreach marketing comes in many forms, such as:

  • Link building
  • content promotion
  • lead generation
  • Sales
  • Guest posting
  • Expert roundups
  • Influencer marketing

This is a big course with 9 modules and 68 videos. Learning outreach is going to help with your brand recognition which leads to boosted sales.

The training here is excellent and covers all bases with outreach marketing. You are given all the tools to do this effectively without going at it alone.

Bonus #6 - Affiliate Email Marketing

I found it strange that there was no email marketing training in the core modules of Affiliate Lab. However, this bonus training on affiliate email marketing makes up for it.

Building your list is a great way to make additional affiliate sales and that is what you are going to learn in this training.

Everything from how to collect leads, writing automated email followups, manual email blasts, and advanced email strategies.

Bonus #7 - The Affiliate Portfolio Playbook

If you really want to scale your affiliate marketing business, you can't do it alone. Sure, you can manage one or two sites on your own, but when you want multiple sites true growth can only happen with a team.

Here. you're going to learn how to choose the right team members to help scale your business and all the nuances that go along with it.

Bonus #8 - Optimize Your Life

You won't find any SEO or marketing strategies here. 

This module is all about health and wellness and how it plays an important role in the success of your business and your life.

There are 5 videos that teach you all about proper sleep habits, why a good morning routine matters, physical routines you need to do, and more. I found this module beneficial and have already started seeing positive results in putting into action the things I've learned.

Bonus #9 - SEO Testing Guidebook

This module teaches you how to take an experimental and testing approach to SEO. With this testing, you will take an idea, deploy the change and track your results.

You will learn why it's important to run SEO tests and exactly how to do them. 

Doing testing ensures that you get the most out of your SEO efforts and helps you to become more profitable when you discover what works.

Bonus #10 - The Content Scaling Playbook

This bonus module is done by Kevin Meng, one of the best affiliate copywriters out there. 

While the module teaches you how to find a copywriting team, you can also use this training to be a better copywriter yourself. Heck, with AI being all the rage now, you probably don't need to hire expensive copywriters.

Just use his strategies for your own benefit. Listen to what he says - he's the best out there! There are 19 videos in this module and all of them offer incredible value.

Bonus #11 - Topical Authority Masterclass

This lesson is taught by Koray Tugberk Gubur, an expert in topical authority. 

You are going to learn the theory behind Topical Authority and Semantic SEO and how it is going to help you rank in Google - without backlinks.

There's a lot of theory in this module with this SEO strategy and it's not for the faint at heart - but the end goal is an understanding of how to create a topical map that is going to lead to a lot more traffic for your site.

Bonus #12 - 301 Redirect Mastery

The idea behind 301 redirections is that you take either a full domain or a page and redirect it to another page.

The idea is it can give you traffic, link, and content boosts.

This is something that needs a lot of thought and could have negative consequences if done wrong. Matt explains the process and how to do it the right way.

Bonus #13 - AI Content Generation Playbook

In this module, you are going to learn how to generate content with AI the right way.

With AI, you can cut out this expense by not having to outsource your content. Since it's very quick, you can create content at scale which can help you reach topical authority fast.

However, you'll also learn the negative side of AI content generation without your input and a lot of editing. 

The Best Things About Affiliate Lab

After going through all the training, here are the things I liked the most:

1. Niche Selection

Niche selection is where so many new affiliate marketers fail. If you choose the wrong niche, it doesn't matter what you throw at it - it won't go anywhere.

The niche selection training is a fool-proof guide to help you choose the right niche. You even get a tool to grade the niche.

You'll have the right foundation to start your business because you'll know if the niche is profitable and how much traffic you can expect to get.

2. On and Off-Page SEO

Matt Diggity is one of the best SEO's in the business. His engineering background has certainly played a role in how he approaches SEO.

If you want to out-rank your competition, you'll have the best chance by using Matt's techniques.

This is because he's continuously testing what works and doesn't and passes that on to you. There's no guesswork here.

3. The Kitchen Sink

So you built your site and got some traffic but some pages are stuck on page two forever. What do you do?

You throw the kitchen sink at it! Matt gives you a whole checklist of things you can do to get your pages moving up in the search engines.

As you know, higher rankings mean more traffic which makes you more profitable. Getting stuck on page two or three is frustrating for SEO's but Affiliate Lab comes to the rescue and provides you with a game plan.

4. The Bonuses

I've bought a lot of courses that came with bonuses - and they were all crap!

Not here. The 13 bonuses you get all teach something different - and very useful. Each one of them tackles a different strategy to get your business where you want it to be.

Matt brings in expert guest speakers to teach some of these courses rather than just regurgitating what he learned. You hear it directly from experts in their own field.

5. Support

If you're feeling stuck and you don't want to sift through the training to find an answer, you can get your questions asked in the Facebook community.

The group is very active with posts daily. I find that a lot of times you can just search for a topic in the group and you'll find an answer without even having to ask. Chances are other people are asking the same questions so it's a great resource to have.

The Affiliate Lab Review Conclusion

I had high expectations of this course before I took it. I am glad to report that my expectations have been exceeded.

I've been an affiliate marketer for more than 10 years and I've bought a lot of courses. I have to tell you that a lot wasn't that great.

Many were some BS push-button solutions that never worked. Others just regurgitated what you probably already know.

Not the Affiliate Lab. There are strategies in this course I've never even heard of. There were many "mind-blowing" moments, trust me.

It kinda makes me excited to recommend this course to my readers because I can comfortably do it. You won't need another course if you get the Affiliate Lab. It's the last course you'll ever need to help you become a successful affiliate marketer.

On top of that, I get emails from Matt quite frequently with updates to the course. It looks quite different from what it did when I first joined. So much new stuff!

And the best part is updates are free. Once you join, you're in!

Did I mention there are no upsells either?

So what's next?

If you're ready to join, you can find more info on the Affiliate Lab's homepage.

However, you won't get a discount on that page. To get the discount, use my affiliate link and get $200 off.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Just head on over to my contact page, the link is below in the footer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Affiliate Lab good for beginners?

Yes. The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity is great for complete beginners. The training is done step by step starting from the foundation up. Everything is taught in easy-to-understand over-the-shoulder type videos. There's even a beginner bonus module to show you how to build a website from scratch using WordPress.

How much does the Affiliate Lab cost?

The regular price of the Affiliate Lab is $997 or two payments of $597. However, you can get $200 off using this link. The price will go up after the next 50 students that join.

Is the Affiliate Lab good?

Yes, the Affiliate Lab is a good course and is taught by Matt Diggity, one of the best SEO's and affiliate marketers in the industry. The course has many positive reviews from actual students has an excellent reputation.

Is Affiliate Lab legit?

Definitely. Affiliate Lab is a legitimate course created by an expert in affiliate marketing. The strategies taught have been learned from actual case studies in real-world tests. It is one of the best courses for affiliate marketing.

What's better, Affiliate Lab or The Authority Site System?

This is a tough one because the Authority Site System is also a great course. It comes down to preference really. Some people prefer Authority Hacker's style of training while others like Matt Diggity's. Short answer - both are equally good.

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  1. Hi Drew,

    Great review I, was hoping that you would have a breakdown of costs involved with the course. I did have with the TASS review. Are there any other costs involved such domain name, Ahrefs and what not?

    • Hi David, the costs are pretty much the same but there are other options as well. I will update my review to reflect this.

  2. Hello Drew,
    Nice review. I have seen in a few reviews about Affiliate Lab that it teaches risky SEO , grey hat stuff,PBN and link building strategies that could potentially land us up with Google penalties and the risk of getting banned. Is this true? Could this course be overwhelming for a newbie like me with almost nil SEO knowledge? Your guidance will enlighten me.

    • Hi Xavier, there is a section on PBN’s but Matt explicitly says that if you’re new that you should avoid doing this. The backlinking focus is on outreach and there is plenty of training on it so it’s newbie friendly. Don’t worry if you’ve never done SEO before. Everything is broken down for beginners so it’s going to be easy to understand. I hope that helps!

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