Affiliate Lab Review 2022: Matt Diggity Course Scam or Legit?

Here for a review on The Affiliate Lab, the course by Matt Diggity? 

If you are looking to make a quick buck or need instant gratification, this course is not for you. However if you apply the principles taught and understand that it takes time for your site to rank in Google, the methods taught in this course are really going to give you the best chance possible for success. 

I bought the course so i'm not just going to ramble about it, i'm actually going to take you inside and show you what you're getting along with giving you my 2 cents at the end.

Is it worth to spend the money on this course? Stick around or just skip to the bottom to find out.

What is the Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab is an affiliate marketing course created by Matt Diggity. It has 30 modules and 175 lessons in video format. There are other courses included such as the Website Flipping Masterclass, The Beginner Lab, Outreach Masterclass and more. 

The content is delivered by Matt Diggity and his other trainer, Jay Yap.

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About Matt Diggity

If you already know who Matt Diggity is, you can skip this section. I actually heard of Matt many years ago from his Diggity Links. I never bought any from him but I do recall there was some kind of waiting list - anyway, that was Eons ago.

Matt's a pretty smart guy - I mean, he's an electrical engineer. I don't know many marketers that are former electrical engineers but Matt did realize that working for himself was going to be much more lucrative than staying on in the profession he trained for.

He began his affiliate marketing "career" in 2009 focusing on SEO and eventually quit his job in 2011. He runs other online ventures called Leadspring and Diggity Marketing.

He's also an SEO consultant for both beginners and at the agency level, runs a client agency called the Search Initiative, a backlink service called Authority Builders and he's also the host & keynote speaker of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. That's in Thailand BTW - my second home and I hope to attend this November if the Thai government allows me in their country lol.

Anyway, It's safe to say that I think Matt is a pretty busy guy and he's got social proof that he isn't anyone that just popped out of nowhere which we see quite often these days.

Affiliate Lab - All Course Modules Review

When you log in, you'll notice that there is the main course, plus other bonus courses or blueprints. So when you purchase the course, you'll also get these as a bonus. These are:

  • Website Flipping Masterclass
  • The Beginner Lab
  • Downloadables
  • The Truth About Penalties
  • Outreach Masterclass
  • The Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass

As you can see from the screenshot, I took it before I completed the modules so as you follow along you'll be able to see what you completed on the main login page.

The main course is packed with info. There's 31 modules plus a bonus section. It took me a LONG time to go through all the content so i'll do my best to summarize it for you.

Let's take a dive into the course and see what you're getting. Strap in, it's a long one.


In this module, there are 6 videos which really just are your typical "welcome to the course" videos, what to expect, how to join the Facebook group etc.

Niche Selection

Six videos that cover topics such as Introduction to Niche Selection, the differences between Niche and Authority sites, how to pick a niche and  a nifty tool to grade a niche. 

Matt isn't fond of using Amazon for affiliate stuff and also explains why in this section but also shows you how to find non-Amazon affiliate programs.

One of the the hardest things to do is choose your niche and this module covers it well. It also gave me some ideas for niche selection and how to approach it next time.

ONSITE SEO: Introduction, Domains & Hosting

These two modules give you an overview of what onsite SEO is, how to choose a domain name, where to purchase one etc.  

ONSITE SEO: Keyword Research

This module takes a deep dive into keyword research. There are 6 videos that cover the entire process, how to gather & assign keywords, how to speed up the process to find keywords., etc.

Once you have your niche, the next step is determining which keywords to go after. This module gets into a lot of detail and it's work - but if you follow along you'll understand why it's so important. 

ONSITE SEO: Site Architecture

In this module you are going to learn how to properly structure your site based on the keyword research you did in the previous module.

You are also going to learn how to master the concept of "siloing" on your site. Essentially this is just organizing your site based on topics, etc. 

Also discussed is Topical Relevance. In order to rank a page well, it must have topical relevance and Matt discusses how to do this in the module.

Finally, you're going to learn how to do interlinking on your site and how this effective onpage optimization can help you rank in Google.

ONSITE SEO: Content Building

So you have a high ranking website - who cares about quality content right? Anyone who believes this will lose a lot of potential sales.

Having high quality content keeps people on your page, encourages them to read your content to get to your offers and builds trust so people BELIEVE you - which is all too important.

That's what this module is all about and shows you how to get quality content with content providers, what the proper content length is and more.

ONSITE SEO: Site Building (Single Page)

I was glad to see that Matt uses both Wordpress and Thrive to build pages. This is what I use and would recommend it also. Every page that you create needs to be fully optimized so the search engines will like it. Remember that in SEO, you don't rank websites - you rank pages of that website, which will also include the main page.

In this module you are going to learn: 

  • How to upload your content to your website
  • Create child pages for your silo
  • Where to find images and using alt tags the right way
  • Where to find videos and where to place them on your page
  • How to add structured data like tables & lists
  • How to set up a table of contents for pages with a lot of content

ONSITE SEO: Site Building (Site Wide)

This module is all about how you are going to optimize your entire site for On-Page SEO. The following topics are covered: 

  • How to properly pick a theme that suits your website and niche
  • Menu's - what to include and not include + proper setup
  • Set up your sidebar
  • Set up Misc pages - about, contact, etc
  • SEO & XML sitemap plugins
  • How to index onsite pages & how to audit your website
  • using Clicky to get site stats
  • How to set up your rank tracker properly

ONSITE SEO: Site Building (Onsite Optimization)

Matt uses the analogy of a car to explain how SEO works which makes it really easy to understand for those that haven't got a clue what SEO is.

So in this module you're going to learn some very technical aspects of SEO to charge up your site. Don't be scared by the terminology, you'll be guided step by step and become an expert once you're done this module.

Matt refers to the "Three Kings" of Onsite Optimization which includes understanding the following:

  • Subheading Optimization
  • Keyword density in's & out's
  • How to implement siloing the right way
  • "The extras" - bells & whistles that finish off the optimization of a site
  • How to implement schema markup
  • TFIDF optimization
  • NLP processing Optimization
  • How to use Surfer (Michael Suski Webinar)

ONSITE SEO: Featured Snippets

This is a very powerful technique where Matt shows you how you can steal Featured Snippets.

What's a Featured Snippet? This is the top result from a search query which usually includes an image and an answer to a question. It was previously known as "position 0" but is now considered the number 1 position and the most desireable. 

This module is going to show you how to steal this snippet, even if your page is ranking on the second page of Google.

In the example below, I did a search for "how to scuba dive" and this was the Featured Snippet result I got:

So imagine having your site in this Featured Snippet for whatever niche you are in. As you can see it's very powerful. 

The only downside would be that sometimes if someone is looking for a very quick answer, it might already be provided without having to click on your site link. However based on my own experiences it wasn't enough and I almost always clicked on the link to get more info.

So in this module - Matt is going to show you the best chances of you being able to "steal" this search result from your competitors. Very cool!

ONSITE SEO: Affiliate Links

This is a very short section where you will learn how to cloak your NON-Amazon affiliate links.

You're also going to learn how to make Amazon-compliant affiliate links.

Also discussed is where to put your affiliate links, how many you should have on your page & more.

ONSITE SEO: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

What is CRO? Essentially this is where you make adjustments to your site so that your current visitors are doing what you want them to do and more often.

This module is going to teach you:

  • How to get people to stay on your page, lowering your bounce rate
  • How to get them to read all the way to your offer
  • How to optimize both your content and CTA's (call to action)
  • How to work with affiliates to get higher payouts

ONSITE SEO: Website Maintenance

In this module, you are going to learn what you need to do with your site after it is built.

This includes how to keep your site updated with fresh content, how to use SEMRush to find out what you're accidentally ranking for, how to find new content ideas & how to update your content & rewrites.

OFFSITE SEO: Introduction

The ONSITE SEO module is a behemoth, and so is the OFFSITE SEO section which comes next. This module just has one video where Matt explains what you are going to learn, using the same "car analogy" like before so you get the idea.

OFFSITE SEO: Creating a Google Persona

If your plan is to create many money sites in the future, you're much better off creating a persona. Having a "face" to a website builds trust and trust is one of the foundations of a successful website.

This module walks you through the process of setting up your persona from setting up a gmail account to walking you through all the correct settings for Google Search Console.

OFFSITE SEO: Social Fortress Creation

A social fortress is a collection of social profiles that surround and link to your money site. These would be branded entities of your site which you'd create with socials like Pinterest, Gravatar, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Every legit online business has social properties and so should yours. This builds one of the most important foundations of your business discussed earlier which is trust.

The module is pretty extensive and shows you how to set up these profiles individually for the main ones - I counted 9. You can also do many more, just make sure they have good domain authority and aren't spammy.

OFFSITE SEO: Anchor Text Analysis

Having the proper anchor text enables Google to determine what your site is about.

Matt teaches you in this module how to properly optimize your anchor text. If you get this wrong, your sites pages could take an abnormally long time to rank, or your site would be over-optimized which will negatively impact your rankings.

In SEO, this is one of the most important things to understand. Get this wrong and you'll be pulling your hair out wondering why your site isn't ranking.

Keep in mind that anchor text is just a part of off-site SEO but it's important. Matt explains this well in this module which isn't discussed at such length in other courses.

OFFSITE SEO: Local Citations

If you do SEO for local businesses you're well aware of the importance of local citatations. But did you know you can use these for affiliate sites as well?

Matt explains how local citations work great as pillow anchors, inner page link diversity, branding & trust, foreign search relevance and are also either free or very cheap in price.

OFFSITE SEO: Social Signals

You're going to learn about social signals and how they positively affect ranking in Google.

If you're not using them yet, this is a really good guide on why and how you should use them.

OFFSITE SEO: The Bulletproof Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are still the #1 offsite ranking signal in Google. This will likely never change.

Topics covered are the Sandbox phase, Timeline Trustworthy Phase, how to select links & anchors, dealing with anchors during outreach, link velocity, pillowing, skyscraper technique, link diversity and how to negotiate for cheap link insertions.

This module has 12 videos and is one of the largest ones. I can't do this module enough justice by doing a quick review on it but I will say that it is very detailed and even if you're a beginner, you're going to know how to send backlinks to your site effectively once you're done. 

OFFSITE SEO: Optional - PBN Linking

A PBN is "Private Blog Network" where you would get domains that have existing age and natural backlinks. They are either auction or expired domains or directly from the owner. You would re-purpose the site and use it to link to your own website.

This module is going to teach you how to get these domains either from auctions, vendors & pbn owners.

If done properly this can be very effective but if you don't know what you are doing it can slap you in the butt. This is why it is included as an optional linking method. However, Matt will teach you how to do this properly & effectively.

Technical Audits

From time to time you may need to run an audit on your website. This could be due to any of the below factors:

  • When your site experiences a ranking/traffic drop
  • Improving the overall SEO of your site
  • Debugging your website of future issues

I found this module to be very beneficial and pick up a few pointers myself. As your site grows, you're going to run the risk of others that are spiteful, jealous or just want to harm your site for their gain so taking these precautions and actions are going to keep your site from being negatively impacted.

The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink refers to when a site gets stuck. Do the pages on your site remain stagnant in their positions in Google and just don't seem to move?

Matt has done a ton of testing on how to get sites unstuck and passes this knowledge off to you.

The strategies that you are going to use to get your site moving are as follows:

  • Site size explosions (SSE's)
  • "The Setup" Technique
  • Content and Mark-up Injections
  • Topical Relevance Audits
  • The Little Things That Count

While this may not seem very clear as to what these can do to help, once you're done this section you are going to be able to put a plan in action to get your site unstuck.

The Authority Site Module: Building Authority Sites

Essentially, in affiliate marketing you're going to either build a niche site or an Authority Site.  From the title you probably know what this module is all about!

To give you an example in the weight loss niche, an Authority Site would be themed on Weight Loss and a niche site would be based on something "Weight Loss Pills" only.

This module is going to teach you the architecture of an authority site both basic and advanced, you're going to get some examples that you can model after and you're also going to get some training on technical SEO, theming, optimization, content & monetization.

There are actually 4 modules in the Authority Site section and i'm not going to list them all here but they cover other topics such as what kind of links to use for Authority sites, what to do when you hit authority mode, pitfalls of authority sites and E-A-T training which is Google's Quality Rater Guidelines on "Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness".

What's Next & Bonuses

This is where Matt wraps up the course but then even throws in some extra training. You're going to learn how to scale up your site and then eventually flip it for huge profits (if that's your plan)

The Bonus module includes some interesting webinars including one from the Chiang Mai SEO Conference in Thailand and also a video where Matt discusses the Google May core update. 

A quick point to make is that this shows Matt keeps the course up to date and expecially with important topics that can affect SEO.

Rather kick back and watch a video instead? Watch as I take you through the actual course!

Final Thoughts on The Affiliate Lab

As you can see, this course covers a TON of material to get your affiliate business off the ground and to keep it going.

I was pretty impressed at the level of detail for almost every aspect of affiliate marketing that this course drills down. 

With Matt's backround in engineering, his attention to detail from this profession has clearly transferred to SEO. He approaches SEO in a very structured and methodical way with a ton of testing.  

The training in this course doesn't leave any questions unanswered and you're going to be fully prepared to be able to launch a successful site.

There's more to the course as it's not even completed yet so stay tuned. This is a mammoth course and there's so much to cover.

However, if you like what you see so far, you can get $200 off on the course if you jump in right now.

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