What is E Farming? (Igor Kheifets)

Have you seen Igor Kheifets on YouTube talking about e-Farming?

Wondering what the heck it is and how he made $403,919 in one year e-farming right from his laptop. And, working only 5 hours a week?

So what is e-farming? Efarming is a strategy that Igor uses to make money with email marketing. It's also the name of his course where he teaches this strategy. I bought the course and will reveal all in this review. 

And no, e farming has nothing to do with chickens, fertilizer or herding cows.πŸ„ 

It's about building a profitable and sustainable affiliate marketing business. 

In this e-farming review I am going to reveal all what I found in the course how you can become an E-Farmer yourself.

What is E-Farming?

E-Farming, or email farming is a name that has been coined by Igor Kheifets. As Igor explains it, E-Farming is where you build a database of individuals who want to be kept in the know though email about products and services that will benefit them.

The key part of this statement is "who want to be kept in the know" meaning these people have given you permission to email them. So this is not spam. It's the exact opposite.

So now you know the basics of E-Farming - it's about getting people to sign up to your email list and then expect to hear from you.

You make money by suggesting helpful and useful products that people want. These products include your affiliate link. If someone buys the product, you get paid!

But how do you create an email list? It's easier than you think. In fact the whole system is designed for beginners, so you don't need any relative experience. Anyone can do it and it can be extremely profitable.

Who Started E-Farming?

The acutal term e-farming is a name made up by Igor himself. When I first heard it I thought it was a new concept but it's not. It's email marketing.

Igor goes on talking about celebrities and politicians doing e-Farming in the video. But I can guarantee you that none of these people have even heard the word E-Farming even though they are doing it - according to Igor Kheifets of course.

Who is Igor Kheifets?

I heard about Igor a few years ago. In fact I have even bought some of his courses that include the 301K Challenge, Elite Affiliate Pro and Elite Traffic Pro 2.0

Igor starting from nothing. He wasn't born rich. He had a lot of drive and determination and that is what made him successful. He was just an average guy. 

Igor's specialty is building email lists and marketing to that email list.

In fact he's so good he was a top affiliate for many affiliate offers. People took notice and wanted to learn from him so that's why he decided to develop courses.

Do You Need Experience to do eFarming?

No, you don't need any experience to do eFarming at all. Igor claims that you can make from $100 to $997.50 a day within the next 30 days doing E-Farming. This can all be done from your home or while travelling. All you need is your laptop.

Sound too good to be true?

The truth is, the top affiliate marketers use email marketing, *cough* E-Farming and make a lot of money with it. That is why there are so many email software programs out there - because it works.

If you can make this work, that means you can fire your boss, not have to worry about expenses, and travel anywhere you want whenever you want.

The course is geared towards beginners. It assumes you have never created a landing page, worked with an autoresponder or bought any solo ads

So yes, if you're a complete beginner, the training is set up for you. 

Igor's style of training is very descriptive. He trains you in a way where you don't have any questions left unanswered. And if you have questions, the support desk is great. I've always had every question answered within 24 hours.

How to Make Money With e Farming

Step 1 - Find an Offer

E-Farming starts with you finding an offer to promote. You would get your affiliate link for that product. You can find a product on popular platforms like Clickbank, JVZoo, CJ and more. 

Step 2 - Create Your Landing Page

You would then use a page builder to create a landing page promoting that product. This includes a free giveaway in exchange for an email. Igor even provides pre-made templates that you can use for your landing pages.

You would simply just change the text and add your own images for the product. The only catch is that you have to use Leadpages because that is was Igor uses to build these templates. It's MUCH cheaper than Clickfunnels at least.

Step 3 - Buy Solo Ads

What are Solo ads? There are people out there with massive email lists. A lot of them are targeting certain niches. These people are willing to email your offer to people on their list for a fee. You can learn more about solo ads here and how much they cost.

Some have set fees while others you can negotiate a price. Once an agreement has been made, you would send them a draft of the email you want to be sent out to their subscribers which includes your offer to your landing page.

The emails are then sent out and if someone opens your email sent on the senders behalf, and then clicks the link and makes a sale - you can make money from this.

The secret here is that you also build YOUR list from this strategy. And a big email list = MONEY!

So even if they don't buy right away, they have then OPTED into YOUR list because they are asking you for your permission.

Step 4 - Continue Building Your List Through Solo Ads and Send Emails

This is where E-Farming makes money by building your list. You simply rince and repeat the same steps above with multiple offers. You can build as many separate email farms as you wish.

How Much Does The E-Farming Course Cost?

Igor's E-Farming Course costs $197. 

This is a one-time payment and there are no upsells. There are no additional fees. There is no option to pay in installments.

You can grab the deal here.

Is There a Coupon Code for the E-farming System?

Although you are teased with a box in the checkout page to enter a coupon code for the e-Farming course, there are no active coupon codes available. Igor doesn't offer discount codes because he prices his products fairly to begin with.

The coupon code option you see at checkout is there because it's a standard form used for other products as well.

What If I Don't Like the Course - Can I get a Refund?

Absolutely. You can try out the course for 30 days. If for some reason you don't make a dime or it just isn't for you, you can simply ask for a refund. You won't be asked why, or have to "prove" that you made an attempt at this business.

It's a no-nonsense guarantee and you won't be shunned asking for a refund. πŸ˜€

However, the training is good and Igor puts 100% into his students, so the chances of you asking for a refund are pretty slim. But the option is there if you want it.

As your list grows, you send emails with other offers to that list - each and every day. Your list becomes your asset. You can even sell solo ads with it as well.

Can you Make Money With the E-Farming System Course?

If you watched the e-farming video, you would have noticed that Igor shows a lot of proof from not just himself but of his students that have made a lot money from E-Farming.

So can you do the same? Igor says that $1000 in your first month is possible but that really all depends on you. If you invest enough in Solo ads, get the right solo ads (some suck but you'll be trained to identify the bad ones) the right offers and high converting landing pages, sure, you could make $1000 in your first month.

But none of this is guaranteed. Not even Igor can guarantee that income. It's speculative but it is possible. 

It all comes down to what you put into the business. This applies to everything in life really. There are no miracles, only hard work and dedication will pay off.

Besides the Course, How Much Will I Need to Invest?

You will need to invest a little bit into your business after getting the course, but thankfully the expenses are quite minimal. 

Here is what else you will need to run this business after getting the course:

  • An autoresponder - This is the program that collects and sends emails automatically. I use GetResponse myself and it's a great program. It starts at just $15.58 a month. You'll get it free for the first 30 days.
  • A page builder - Igor uses Leadpages. It's much cheaper than Clickfunnels at just $37 a month. You can build unlimited landing pages which is what you'll need. You'll get it free for the first 14 days. However, if you get GetResponse, they include Landing Page templates that you can use for free. So you don't need to pay for LeadPages if you don't want to.
  • Solo Ads - There is no set amount for how much solo ads will cost. This depends on the seller and how many you buy. For example, it could be as little as 30 cents a click up to $1.40 a click or more. You have total control of how much you can invest based on your budget.

The good news is that if you use an autoresponder like GetResponse, you can use it for free for 30 days. So when you are done your training, you won't need to pay until after you've built up a good email list.

So it might even pay for itself already. 

With the page builder, you get LeadPages on a free trial for the first 14 days. So that won't cost you anything for a while when you start to implement the business. Bust as I mentioned upstairs, with GetResponse they give you unlimited landing page templates to use at no extra cost. So you can save some money there.

So the only cost that you will incur besides the course (right away at least) is with the Solo ads. You have complete control on how much you want to spend as well. It's a lot cheaper than Facebook ads I can tell you!

Time Limited Offer

When you go to the eFarming page, you'll notice a scarcity timer at the top that looks like this:

Essentially, you have 3 days to grab the offer and then it will go to a page where it will say, "Oops, this offer has expired".

If you see that, you can do one of 4 things. 

  • Open a different browser
  • Clear your cache
  • Go in incognito mode 
  • Try a different device

Once you've done that, come back to this page and try again by clicking the red button below. The timer will reset and you can enroll then. 

So if you're not planning on buying this within the 3 day window, bookmark this page and check back later! πŸ˜‰

What are People Saying About Igor Kheifets and His Coaching?

Industry professionals like Robert Kiyosaki and Dean Holland know how good he is. Here are their testimonies and from other students.

There's plenty of people that have benefitted from Igor's training. These are just five of them!

Igor also has a great reputation in TrustPilot from individual reviews. He's got a 4.7 out of 5 rating for List Building Lifestyle which is his main brand.

4.7 out of 5 rating from Trust Pilot


I hope this clears up what eFarming is in this E-Farming review. So now you know that efarming is a name coined by Igor Kheifets. It's not a new concept, it's just a different name for email marketing using Solo ads and building your list.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer without having to create a website and wait a long time to get a sale, then the E-Farming course is perfect for you.

As a total beginner, you'll be hand-held the entire way. You don't need any special skills or marketing backround.

Questions? Comment below or just send me an email.

Alternatives to The E-Farming System

Here are some great alternatives to Igor's E-Farming course to consider.

1. Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates focuses on a few different ways to do affiliate marketing. The main focus though is building a website where you will included affiliate links in the articles.

You are taught how to get traffic to your website with free and paid traffic, and how to rank it in Google. There is also a section on email marketing, but it differs from Igor's training because it does not involve Solo Ads.

Take a look at my review to learn more about Savage Affiliates. It costs the same as well at $197.

2. The Authority Site System

The Authority Site System teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing by building an authority site. An authority site gets ranked in Google for specific key terms based on your content.

Your pages have affiliate links and when someone makes a purchase from those links you earn a commission.

With E-Farming you don't need to build a website or worry about SEO. It's a lot simpler. However TASS is a great option for those that would rather not have to pay for Solo ads and get free organic traffic from Google.

3. Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab is a course by SEO guru Matt Diggity. It's comparable to The Authority Site System where you will be taught how to build a website, rank it in Google, make money with it through affiliate marketing and sell it for 30X what the site makes in a month. You don't have to sell it, but you will learn how. 

All 3 options above are your best options for making money with Affiliate marketing through a blog or website. I encourage you to take a look at my individual reviews to see which one works best for you.  

I'm a member of each course and all of them have helped me a lot in regards to making money with affiliate marketing using free traffic from Google.

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Drew Mann

20 thoughts on “What is E Farming? (Igor Kheifets)”

  1. Your review was very helpful! Knowing ahead of time that there are extra costs involved beyond just the course itself is super important. I will likely try it but will have to wait a bit longer till I could afford the extra costs. I will be coming back to your page based on including information like that which most sites that do reviews of programs don’t bother to mention. I hope you will make it a regular feature you cover when doing reviews. Thanks!

    • Thank you for the positive feedback Luanne. I always try to cover every question or concern my readers may have in my reviews the best I can.

  2. Hi Drew
    Can you please explain if there are additional costs involved to set up the efarm aside from the course and what would it range approx . Igor makes it sound like its all free but I am leary there is additional costs to actually set up and maintain

    • Hi Yvette, I updated my review to explain the costs of efarming right on this page. I hope that helps!

  3. Drew you have been one of my go to’s for finding out about online earning programs. Thank you so much! I’m going to use your link for the e-farming.

    Btw, I don’t remember if I read your review on The Affiliate Lab, but in case you want to know my experience as a noobie, it’s not noobie friendly. I bought it 3 days ago and after 3 days of rewatching 2 videos over and over and doing outside research trying to comprehend what they’re teaching, I requested a refund. I’m sure it would be great for those who already have a background in website building and some SEO, but for those who don’t, it’s like going to a foreign country and trying to learn the language through immersion into the culture.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you.


    • Thanks for your positive feedback Tina and congrats on getting the efarming course!
      The Affiliate Lab could be confusing for some, but they have many bonus courses that teach beginner friendly things like building a website from scratch, etc. But yes, it’s not for everyone.

  4. Hi Drew,

    Should I go for E-Farming or 301K Challenge Course Purchase. Since both are same?

    For your kind advise, much thanks.

  5. Hello Drew,

    Interested in this product about eFarming. Is there a subscription fee after 30 days and what is that is.

    Lowell Sann

    • Hi Lowell, it’s just a one-time payment for the course, there are no monthly subscription fees. You will need an autoresponder and a page builder which is a separate subscription outside of the course. I’ve outlined that in detail in my review. Hope that helps!

  6. Hello
    Does this system can work in french. How is the training, pdf or other subtitled videos…?
    thanks for your return

    • Hi Mat, if you have an audience to market to that speaks French then yes it can work. The only problem will be finding offers in the French language. Most offers that Igor deals with are from Clickbank and usually they are just in English. The training is all done in video format but there is no option for subtitles. You can slow down the video if you need to so it’s easier to understand but Igor speaks very clearly so it’s not an issue.

  7. Hi Drew,

    I want to get started maybe someday soon, but I don’t want to get scammed!
    How legit is this course? And will there be any way I could contact someone for support?

    • Hi Tim, Igor and his courses are 100% legit. They all come back with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Support is excellent too and easy to get a hold of them. They run a very professional operation and you’ll sense this once you join.

  8. Hi Drew,

    I am totally new to e-business. From your own experience, how much do you have to spend on solo ad in order to see a good return of money?


    • Hi Mark, you could spend as little as $20 on a solo ad run, get sales and build your email list. But obviously that’s not guaranteed. Igor teaches the best ways to research and buy Solo ads in the course, a lot more than I can comment on here.

  9. Hi Drew,

    Is there really opportunity at affiliate marketing in this day and age? It seems like the opportunity ship has sailed in many regards when it comes to affiliate marketing – or any other well-known marketing strategy that’s been around for a while.

    • Hi Debbie, if affiliate marketing was dead, no one would be doing it. It’s the best online business model in my opinion and will never die. Product creators will always rely on affiliate marketers to promote their products. You don’t need any inventory, a store, or employees. Just a computer with an internet connection and you’re good to go.

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