301K Challenge Review: Is Igor Kheifets Course Legit?

Welcome to my 301K Challenge review. 

Making money online with affiliate marketing for a lot of people seems to be a huge challenge and many give up before they see success. 

I too struggled when it came specifically to email marketing so I looked for the perfect "email marketing guru" to teach me all the tips and tricks.

I know that building a list is important for all my sites because I'm aware that it can increase my income by 20-30%. 

If I don't - that's just money left on the table!

So I did some digging and found a dude that knows his stuff. That guy is Igor Kheifets from List Building Lifestyle.

But is this course for you? Can you start a legit affiliate marketing business with the 301K Challenge?

Attention!  I just wanted to tell you that when you click on the link to the 301K Challenge it may take some time to load in some cases. Perhaps 10 seconds or so at most. This is because it gets a lot of traffic so please be patient! 😀

Igor Kheifets 301K Challenge Review

I laid out the cash (ok my credit card) actually bought this course, along with others that Igor Kheifets has as part of his List Building Lifestyle Club.

This is why I am qualified to give you an honest and legit review of the 301K Challenge because i'm actually a member. I went through the entire course, I'm not just talking about it by listening to the sales page or regurgitating what others say.

How Much Does 301K Challenge Cost?

The 301K Challenge costs $197. This is a one-time payment. The course comes with a 30-day refund period so if you are not satisfied, you just need to contact support for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

You do no have to prove you did the work or anything like that, or only go through 10% of the training. There are no restrictions for asking for a refund.

Is the 301K Challenge a Scam?

No, the 301K Challenge is not a scam. This is because you are getting what you paid for - a legit course. And, it comes with a full money-back refund. 

Can You Make Money with 301K Challenge?

This rests squarely on you and how much effort you put into your affiliate business. If you follow the exact formula that Igor teaches, you should be able to make money with this course.

I can't predict how much you will make, as that all depends on if you have a successful affiliate campaign. Some campaigns may not work, but some can prove to be very successful. It's all about testing and scaling the affiliate marketing campaigns that are doing well.

301K Challenge VS E-Farming Course

What is e-Farming? You might have seen Igor promoting something called e-farming. The 301K Challenge and the efarming course are exactly the same thing. They just have different framing when it comes to the advertisement.

Who is Igor Kheifets?

Igor Kheifets is a well-known and legitimate affiliate marketer. He was originally from Israel but now live in Toronto, Canada. He is best known for being an expert in affiliate marketing through email campaigns and dubs himself a "super-affiliate".

He teaches people how to set up an affiliate marketing business through simple landing pages and email campaigns. He does not teach blogging, SEO, Facebook, or Google ads.

Igor started off with traditional affiliate marketing by trying to build a website, using Facebook ads and other methods but they didn't work for him. He soon made his first sale through Clickbank through email marketing.

Here's a snapshot of some of his daily sales in Clickbank. In one day he made $13,777,12 which is incredible. Most people don't even make that kind of money in a quarter of a year!

Igor caught the attention of other big-name marketers by being in the top 1% of affiliate marketers for certain promotions.

How successful is he? He's had promotions for some private affiliate networks where he made over $24K in sales. He also makes recurring commissions on Software products on a monthly basis. Some of these commissions are over $1,000 a month - every month, passively.

He's even won some affiliate marketing awards for being the fastest affiliate to get to 6-figures in sales for just one affiliate program.

fastest affiliate award

Igor's mantra is to coach you so that you will receive your first affiliate sale. He has a lot of proof that he's the real deal and not some online scammer or fake guru.

Things to Consider before buying the 301K Challenge

If you're looking to make money online as a beginner and are savvy enough to know that email marketing isn't dead, then this course by Igor Kheifets could be for you.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You want to build a blog, niche or authority site
  • You want to use Facebook or Google ads for traffic
  • You want to do affiliate marketing on social media
  • You want to do affiliate marketing on Youtube

If you want to do affiliate marketing with either paid ads or free SEO traffic, take a look at my best affiliate marketing course page to see what might be a better fit for you.

Before you buy the 301K Challenge, you need to think about this:

  • Are you willing to accept the challenge and do exactly what Igor says?
  • If you don't get results right away, will that discourage you and quit?
  • Do you have additional funds beyond the price of the course to invest in your business? 
  • Can you deal with your friends and family thinking that you might be crazy thinking this could work?

Igor Kheifets 301K Challenge Review

I laid out the cash (ok my credit card) actually bought this course, along with others that Igor Kheifets has as part of his List Building Lifestyle Club.

This is why I am qualified to give you an honest and legit review of the 301K Challenge because i'm actually a member.

What is the 301K Challenge and How Does it Work?

The 301K Challenge is a course created by Igor Kheifets that teaches you how to go from 0-$1000 in 30 days. You don't need to build a website, pay for Facebook or Google ads and you don't need to be technically inclined.

He shows you how to make money online by simply building an email list and the bigger you grow it, the more money you will make.

The training is done in video format and Igor has a very clear and easy-to-understand way of delivering it.

There are 33 days of training and you can tackle as much of it as you like.

Each day has 1-3 videos with an average length of 15 minutes or so.

You could binge-watch all weekend if you wish but that might burn you out! 

Here's a screenshot of the member's area.

You'll notice I have access to another course below that's called Elite Traffic Pro 2.0. It's a new traffic source that Igor teaches. This is not included with the 301K course.

Here is a closer look.

The "days" or modules as you will are located on the left. There is supplementary text after each video and includes downloads to any templates that Igor provides.

The videos can be sped up too, I find that a speed of 1.25x was the best.

What Are You Going to Learn?

Rather than me just copying and pasting every single day of content here, I decided to just sum up for you what you are going to get out of these 33 days.

I summarized this down to 9 steps. There's stuff in between but this is the gist of what you'll learn:

1. What affiliate marketing is and how NOT to fail at it.

2. How to find high converting offers - and avoid ones that suck!

3.  Set up Click Tracking - this will help manage your traffic and make more sales.

4.  Set up your email responder - this will be your money-making tool

5.  Set up Landing page / thank you page / scarcity page - you don't need a website and Igor shows you how to set up these pages for your offers.

6.  Email Sequences - how to write them, what to say & how often to email

7.  How to drive traffic to your offer - Use the solo ad providers that Igor recommends for best results

8.  Clean your email list - How to stay on top of your list and remove bad emails & non-buyers/clickers

9.  What to do next - Rinse and repeat - for more money!

Bonuses That Come With the 301K Challenge:

With your purchase of the 301K Challenge, you are also going to get these bonuses included in the course:


Here you can copy Igor's more profitable affiliate promotions. You will get unlimited personal rights to the same pages, scripts, videos, and emails.

All this added up to $100,000 in a single week.


Grow your online business with this complete done-for-you funnel created by Igor. 

You'll also learn how to get quality traffic to supercharge your results.


Get access to Igor's rolodex where you can partner with certified traffic sellers.

These sellers were trained by Igor so you know the quality is there.


This is a course by Dennis Ray where he shows you how to work with any autoresponder you sign up to.

You'll also discover 7 sneaky ways to increase your delivery rates.


Want to go after high paying offers? Here Igor lists his top offers that made him 6-figures or more each this year.

Imagine making even 10% of that. How would that change your life?


Passive income is the best money you will ever make. This is because you can make it while you sleep or while on vacation.

This system shows you how to do that.


Don't know how to write emails? Suck at copywriting?

These fill in the blank email templates will help you to easily craft emails that convert.

Success Stories and Testimonials

I scoured the web to see if I can find any testimonials for the 301K challenge and was happy to see the success that Igor's students were getting from this course. 

Here are some of them:

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason it just doesn't work out for you, Igor has no problem giving your money back. You don't even need to prove that it didn't make you any money.

Igor is confident that you will, that is why he has a "no questions asked" refund policy.

Try it for 30 days. Nothing to lose really.

Pros and Cons of 301K Challenge

Here's what I like and what I don't like about the course.


  • The training is very methodical and lays out clear instructions on what to do from start to finish.
  • Igor Kheifets is not some unknown fake guru, he's a proven marketer and even displays his own earning reports. So learning from someone successful just makes sense.
  • You can make money a lot quicker with the 301K Challenge method than with a blog that relies on SEO (search engine optimization) traffic.
  • For those that don't want to write a lot of content and maintain a blog, you'll appreciate this course. You don't need to write a lot of content like you would with a blog. 
  • Igor even tells you exactly what to say in your emails. Even if English is not your first language (it isn't Igor's either) then you will have no problems applying what Igor teaches.


  • The course focuses only on the "make money online" niche. You could use it for other niches, but Igor suggests sticking to this one. So I found this to be quite limiting.
  • You will need to spend money beyond what the course will cost you, in Solo ads. The price depends on the quality of the seller and also the quantity. However, it's possible to find 100 leads for as little as $30 if you do your research and bargain with sellers.
  • You will also need to invest in some tools such as a click tracker at $7 a month, Leadpages at $37 a month, and an email autoresponder at about $15 a month to start.

My Video Walkthrough and Demo of the Course

Below is a video I made of the 301K Challenge members area. I log into the course and show you what's inside. 

Alternatives to the 301K Challenge

Now that you know what the 301K Challenge is all about, what if you are not keen on email marketing? If you'd rather make money with affiliate marketing through a blog where you can get into any niche you want, then I have a few options for you.

The First Option is Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates is going to show you how to choose a niche, build a website, rank it on Google and even show you how to make landing pages, funnels, email marketing, paid traffic like Facebook and Google ads, etc.

Its focus is on building a website and making money from that. It's different from the 301K challenge in the sense that although they both teach email marketing, Savage Affiliates teaches you email marketing through your website and not standalone campaigns like in the 301K Challenge.

This course costs $197 which is exactly the same as 301K, but also has a higher-priced "Super" version for $297. It's taught by a very experienced and Clickfunnels 2-comma club winner Franklin Hatchett.

Your next Option is The Authority Site System

The Authority Site System from the pros at Authority Hacker will also teach you how to build and rank a website on Google. It does not teach paid ads or email marketing. 

So again, if you don't want to focus on email marketing for affiliate marketing. The Authority Site system is a great option.

This course will walk you through a complete setup of a website, so even if you have never built one before, a step-by-step process is taught. You will also have full niche research taught and how to optimize your website.

It's very different from the 301K Challenge in the sense there is no email marketing. So if you want to learn how to build an authority site that ranks organically with a LOT of hand-holding, this one is a great option.

Third Alternative - Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab is also very different from the 301K Challenge because its focus is on building a website and ranking it organically. It does however teach you how to set up email campaigns. 

It's taught by a leading affiliate marketer by the name of Matt Diggity. The Affiliate Lab focuses a lot on on-page and off-page SEO, so if you'd rather focus on building a website that ranks organically than doing solo-ad email marketing like in the 301K Challenge, then this course is also a great option.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

You now know everything and are informed about every aspect of the course after reading my 301K Challenge review. The 301K Challenge solves the problem that a lot of affiliate marketers face when it comes to email marketing. 

With this course you now have a complete guide on how to start your own affiliate marketing business from scratch and honestly - very easily.

You could make your first sale within 30 days of implementing this program.

This is because:

  • It's a proven system 
  • Igor Kheifets has made millions using the same strategy
  • Many testimonials to back up its claims

As for email marketing, the 301K Challenge is the best affiliate marketing training I have seen.

This is because Igor only does email marketing himself, and he's become very good at it. So if you want to start an affiliate business without a website, blog, or mess with Facebook or Google ads, then I highly recommend 301K Challenge.

Remember, it comes with a no-questions-asked refund policy for 30 days. So you are protected if you want to quit the course.

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Drew Mann

16 thoughts on “301K Challenge Review: Is Igor Kheifets Course Legit?”

  1. Hello Drew,
    Thats a very good review of 301k challenge.
    Some sucessful email marketers are selling licence of their funnels as a shortcut to newbies. Can we take a licence of a super funnel and send traffic to it? Will it be profitable?
    Your expert opinion will be really helpful for a struggling newbie like me.

    • Hi Richie, I’ve seen programs what you’re referring to like John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program but I’ve never tried them myself so I can’t really give you my opinion if it works or not. It’s worth a try as it could eliminate a lot of work on your part, and as long as it comes with a refund guarantee why not give it a shot.

  2. Hi Drew,
    This course looks very interesting, thanks for the review!
    I’d like to start with affiliate marketing, but since I’m not good at blogging, this looks like a great alternative.
    Can I ask you:
    – if it’s easy to appy the contents of this course to an other niche than ‘making money online’?
    – I live in Belgium and would like to target Dutch speaking people. Can I also use Solo ads then?
    – and lastly, this method shows quicker results than using TAAS for example, but do you think the results are similar on the long term? Maybe in the end an affiliate SEO website could be more beneficial, if one makes some initial investment in having articles written?
    Best regards from Bruges,

    • Hi Olivier,
      Yes, you can apply this to any niche, but you will need to stick with one niche unless you segment your email list. If you can find Solo ads with a Dutch audience, then yes you can do it. My preference is building blogs because they are more passive. With this method you have to be a lot more active looking for offers to promote. That won’t be a problem because new ones pop up almost every day. It all depends on what suits you more to be honest.

  3. Greetings Drew, I have few questions regarding this course. 1. Does this course teach Google ads or Microsoft ads? 2. Does this course teach how to send follow up emails (how to write, how often to send etc.,) to the captured emails via auto responder? 3. Can we really start email marketing (with the knowledge gained) after 30 days of completing this course? 4. How much should I spend on solo ads when just starting out?

    • Hi Gerard, this course only deals with building your list through Solo ads. And yes, full training is provided on exactly what to write, how to write and how often to send emails. Igor’s methods aren’t that complex, which you will find out in the course if you get it so it’s suitable for everyone. As far as spending goes, you can do that based on your budget. Igor has an entire module on that topic so it will be very clear.

  4. Greetings Drew,
    Very good review. Igor Kheifets has a ‘Done for you 3 PPC campaigns per month’ service (without building a list for us) which is priced at close to USD 500 per month.
    Should a newbie like me opt for this service ? Or should I complete the 301K course and do the campaigns myself?

    • Hi Joanna, I would just start with the 301K course. You’ll learn exactly what Igor does and then you just replicate it. It’s much better to learn the business from the bottom up 🙂

  5. Hello Drew Mann,
    1) How long will it take for a newbie to create a 10000 person email list after completing this course?
    2) Can a newbie with nil email marketing knowlege (like autoresponders, funnels etc) really gain knowlege after 30 days, start email marketing and earn 1000 USD right away? (as I feel Igor’s claim to be quite misleading)
    3) How many campaigns should I do per month to earn atleast 1000 USD?

    • Hi Nayag, while Igor gives you the best case scenario in regards to earnings and how quick you can build your list, obviously it will be a different outcome for everybody. I don’t know how long it would take to create a 10,000 person email list because that depends on your solo ad investment and how good your options are. To your second question, because the concept is actually quite simple, anyone can learn this in just 30 days. However how much money you make will depend on the quality of your list, offers, etc. You could end up making more than $1000 or less. No one can predict that, including Igor. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Sreeman, results vary so it’s impossible to answer that question. As you build your email list that’s where you have the potential to make good money but to put a number on it is impossible really. It all depends on your efforts and dedication to your business.

  6. Hi Drew,
    Igor has launched a done-for-you service for 10000 email list on our behalf wherein he and his team would build a list building funnel, connecting that to email autoresponder, setup of email follow up sequence, buying traffic. The cost of this service is USD 2000. Is this service worth considering? How much earnings can we expect per month if we opt for this service?

    • Hi Joseph, if I was you I’d get the 301K Challenge first and get to know how Igor does things first. If you’re good at it you wouldn’t need to drop 2K. There’s plenty of training available once you join. That’s a better path in my opinion.

  7. Hey Drew!

    Thanks for the very thorough review. Just one question: how much money do you need to make it work (apart from the price of the course)?

    Thank you

    • Hi George, you’d need Leadpages which is $37 a month, another $7 a month for a click tracker and then the solo ad expense which is up to you how much you want to spend and how often. There’s no minimum or maximum really, just what you can afford. Hope that helps!

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