Elite Affiliate Pro Review: Igor Kheifets Course Worth $997?

Igor Kheifets is an affiliate marketer and Youtuber that claims to be making over $62,000 per week with affiliate marketing.

With that kind of money, he still has time to put out courses and the one we will review today is Elite Affiliate Pro.

He hooks you in by offering you a free workshop that shows some strategies but all is not revealed. You'll need to purchase his course in order to get all his "secret strategies."

If you're new to affiliate marketing, I'm just going to be straight up honest with you - there are no secrets to this business. Any new "strategy" that comes out by marketers is probably something that will crash and burn over time. Now, this isn't true for some of them. For example if there's a new way to market with Instagram, then yes it could probably work.

I'm just warning you ahead of time to not buy into some secret tactic that at the push of the button you can wake up to thousands of dollars the next day.

Now, I don't believe Igor is a scam artists at all. He seems legit. He's also worked with the likes of respected marketers Anthony Morrison and John Crestani.

But what we are here today for is to review his course and to see if you should be dropping $997 on it. That's a lot of cash for a course in my opinion.

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Elite Affiliate Pro Review - Let's Dive In

The course is a collection of videos teaching in various different aspects of affiliate marketing.

You will learn things such as:

  • How to talk to your target market
  • How to find high converting CPA offers
  • How to find Clickbank & Webinar offers
  • Creating Pre-sell pages
  • How to craft profitable emails
  • How to increase conversions with bonuses
  • How to use scarcity properly

Bonus Training

Phase 1 - 6 Step Super-Affiliate Checklist

Here you will learn how Igor sets  up and plans his affiliate marketing campaigns. These are email campaigns that show you how to properly sell to your email list.

Phase 2 - $100,000 Campaign Case Study

Here Igor shows you how he made 100K marketing to his email list. He did this using a webinar as the strategy. The emails after is what increased sales for the product offer.

Phase 3 - Traffic Academy

Igor claims that traffic generation is his strong point and that he can basically make a profit with any campaign he sets up.

He uses paid traffic for his offers so there's no mention of SEO traffic which is what I prefer since it's free and converts better. If you are looking for only paid traffic strategies then you might find his course beneficial.

More Bonuses

Here you'll get more bonuses on how to bring your email list back from the dead, a collection of Igor's most profitable affiliate promotions and email swipes.

You'll also get a collection of templates, affiliate campaigns and a list of the best CPA networks.

Coaching Calls

Here you can ask questions with Igor on his live webinar. If anything is unclear with the course or affiliate marketing in general, you can ask it here. On the downside you have to make sure you are available for the scheduled call and as we're all busy, it's not always possible.

Money Back Guarantee

Igor offers a 30 day money back guarantee so if it doesn't work out for you, just contact his support for a refund within that time frame.

Thoughts on the Course

Overall, Igor is a very effective marketer and he's done some amazing numbers online. He clearly knows what he's talking about and has a good reputation.

Igor has proven results and he's been on the top of many leaderboards. 

That should tell you something. If you haven't seen this yet, i'd suggest you check out his free training first before you buy.

Other Courses by Igor

1. Efarming

The eFarming course by Igor is a much simpler version of what you will find in Elite Affiliate Pro. The idea is simple. You find people interested in a certain topic, find products that they will like, and build an email list to include those people on. You make money by promoting these products with affiliate links. It's also a LOT cheaper.

2. 301K Challenge

The 301K Challenge is actually very similar to the eFarming course. There are little changes and really the efarming training is just a different name but the same strategies. Instead of changing the name, Igor just created essentially another course with a different name but the training is the same.

3. Elite Traffic Pro 2.0

Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 is a course that teaches you how to get traffic to your offers from Lead Banks. What are Lead Banks? These are places that promote CPA offers (cost per acquisition) where you can list your own CPA offer with your product. You would then get other people to promote your own product. The kicker - you don't need your own product - it can be an affiliate offer!

Alternatives to Elite Affiliate Pro

There's a lot of choice when it comes to picking up an affiliate marketing course. I think Igor is brilliant in his teaching but his focus is mainly on list building and marketing to that list.

It is a great way to make money so if that appeals to you more than paying for Facebook and Google ads or ranking in Google, then I suggest you take a look at his free training here to get a better feel if it's for you.

However, if you'd rather do affiliate marketing using paid ads, SEO or even free traffic methods - check these courses out here.

I bought a lot of affiliate marketing courses over the years and narrowed it down to these few. The best part is these courses won't cost you an arm and a leg and are on par if not better than much higher priced courses.

Any questions or comments? Share them below or feel free to contact me directly.


Drew Mann

2 thoughts on “Elite Affiliate Pro Review: Igor Kheifets Course Worth $997?”

  1. Hi Drew

    Wow and so refreshing to actually find someone online that will give an actual real and honest review instead of the usual BS from other affiliate marketers just trying to make a buck.

    I already have Franklin’s affiliate and ecom courses. He at least offers a lot of value for much less money for his courses.
    I can attest to anyone looking for a real alternative, then check out Drew’s review on those courses.

    • Hey Darrell thank you for that! Much appreciated. I’m glad you found my reviews and enabled you to make a great decision too. Best of luck with your business!

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