Authority Hacker Pro Review: Real User Experience (2024)

Hey guys, Drew here. You've probably searched for the Authority Hacker Pro review and wound up here.

I promise not to disappoint. Why? It's because I'm a real member and I am going to take you inside for a full unbiased and comprehensive review.

Enrollment to Authority Hacker Pro is currently closed.

Typically Authority Hacker Pro goes on sale for a week 2 to 3 times a year, so enrollment is very limited.

Click here to see if it's available

However, The Authority Site System is available for purchase all year. This is their standalone affiliate marketing course.

Let's get something out of the way first. 

I have seen other reviews titled "Authority Hacker Review" and then review the course "The Authority Site System".

The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro are two different things.

"Authority Hacker Pro" is a set of blueprints, each of which teaches something different to help grow your online buisness.

The Authority Site System is one of the included blueprints, but there are 15 others. Each one of these blueprints is like a separate course. Here are the blueprints you get with Authority Hacker Pro:

  • The Authority Site System 3.0 Blueprint
  • Optins & Email Lists
  • Shotgun Link Building
  • Review Writing
  • Writer Training
  • Core Web Vitals
  • On-Page SEO Blueprint
  • Editorial System
  • Hiring Editorial Teams
  • Keyword Research
  • Haro Editorial Links
  • Shotgun Skyscraper
  • Evergreen Funnels
  • Selling Your Site
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing

So as you can see, The Authority Site System is INCLUDED with your subcription to Authority Hacker Pro, but is also sold as a standalone course.

A lot of reviews titled "Authority Hacker Pro" are innacurate because they review The Authority Site System only, and don't actually review the full Authority Hacker Pro course which is a set of 16 blueprints that includes TASS if you get it.

Therefore, you are getting an accurate review here because I will tell you all about the blueprints you get with Authority Hacker Pro, and not just The Authority Site System. 

What is Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro is  a modular course with 16 different blueprints. They are all different topics that cover aspects of online marketing such as: SEO, guest posting, keyword research, affiliate marketing etc. - all geared towards helping you run an authority site.

The Blueprints never get stale either. The founders Mark Webster and Gael Breton will do a complete reshoot of any videos that need updating so you always have fresh and relative content no matter the blueprint.

Two hundred new videos have been added to the course which is the culmination of a ton of work from these guys over the last several months. In total, AH Pro has just under 400 training videos. That is colossal!

Who is Authority Hacker Pro For?

Authority Hacker Pro is for those that already have a website, making money from that website and want to grow it further.

It is going to teach you:

  • How to do all aspects of blogging
  • How to scale your content team
  • How to link build
  • How to do proper on-page SEO
  • How to get the Feature Snippet & more

Who is Gael Breton and Mark Webster?

The creators of AH Pro are former SEO agency owners that quickly realized the potential of owning an authority site. While running their SEO agency and tasked with having to deal with business owners on a consistent basis, the thought of running an authority site was extremely appealing.

This is because an authority site brings in passive income for years. You'll never get bothered by a client again when rankings change, or for whatever reason. 

As for their success, Mark and Gael launched many sites and got out of the client game. One of their sites makes six figures - now imagine building something similar. With their training, nothing is held back and you get all their knowledge to help you grow your business.

I can relate to Mark and Gael because I too was an agency owner (I still am on a very small scale with some awesome clients) but switched to affiliate marketing by building authority sites.

Their training is spot on and i've learned quite a bit from them - granted I had success before I came across their training, I was intrigued because they approached building sites like I do but they take it to a whole new level!

Authority Hacker Blueprints

With over 16 blueprints which are essentially all courses on their own. 

I went through each blueprint one by one and will offer my opinion on what I think of each of them - i'll try to keep ths short!

There are 5 main categories of blueprints as follows:

  • Site Building (2)
  • Content (5)
  • Link Building (3)
  • Monetization (5)
  • SEO (2)

First, I will start with "Site Building which includes The Authority Site System and Core web vitals blueprints.

1. The Authority Site System

You may have previously seen my review on The Authority Site System which you can also check out to get more info on this bluprint. It's still offered as a standalone course but if you get AH Pro, this course (or blueprint) is included with your subscription.

TASS is an extremely intense course showing you how to build an authority website. In fact, I first learned of the Authority Hacker brand by jumping on their free webinar. Not to toot my own horn, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that these guys take the same approach as I do with building authority sites - and more. 

TASS in my opinion is one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there. It competes directly with Affiliate Lab, which is also a great course. I am a member of both, and to be honest it's hard to pick a winner between them.

So for more on The Authority Site system, please see my review to get more details. I'm also a member of this course so you'll get full details of this blueprint.

Authority Hacker PRO

On Sale April 16, 2023 and closing again soon. Don't miss out!

2. Core Web Vitals

There are 25 lessons in the Core Web Vitals blueprint. What are Core Web Vitals? This is something Google has put into place to ensure that websites load fast and provide a good customer experience.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to improve page speed
  • How to fix all page speed insight errors
  • Tips & tricks to get your site even faster

I used this module to get my Core Web Vitals score better for all my websites. One of the trickiest was CLS "cumulative layout shift" and going through the training I was able to solve that problem.

I didn't use all their suggestions to improve speed because I am aware of other options, but this blueprint was a great guideline and did improve my sites.

Next up are the "Content" blueprints that include Review Writing, Writer Training, On-Page SEO Blueprint, Editorial System and Hiring Editorial Teams.

3. Review Writing

Expert affiliate copywriter Kevin Meng hosts this module. I am glad to see that Authority Hacker outsourced this one because copywriting isn't easy and you need someone with experience and results to teach it. 

And Kevin Meng is the best in the business. He charges mega bucks for his services. How do I know? I asked him! Anyway, when I found out he teaches this module I got excited because I needed help with my reviews.

There are 7 lessons that teach you how to do preliminary research then you get to writing your reviews.

The focus here was primarily on "round-up" style reviews where you compare a group of products. I was hoping to see a single product review but I was able to get enough info based on the "first product" review to incorporate this into single product reviews.

I learned a ton from this module and so will you.

4. Writer Training

If you plan on writing all your content yourself, you might not need this blueprint. It's designed to train your writers to write exactly how you want them to.

It's basically a start-to-finish training program that gets your writer(s) up to speed. 

They will know how to write "web-ready" and "Google Friendly" content. This means the content will be easy to understand and great for your readers, but also good for the search engines so that it ranks.

There are 10 lessons in this training some of which includeds web content 101, search intent, planning, introductions, linking, outros, titles, keywords and more.

Personally I write the content for this site myself, but for my other sites I outsource and this blueprint has been helpful to guide my new writers. The content I get back now is superior to what it was before.

5. On-Page SEO Blueprint

On-Page SEO is where you optimize all the pages on your website so that they have the best chance of ranking in Google.

This blueprint covers all the tips and tricks to help you become great at on-page SEO. It's a skill you can repeat with each page you create.

There are 4 main sections in this blueprint:

  • The Basics (13 lessons)
  • Site Architecture & Internal Linking (11 lessons)
  • Featured Snippets (4 lessons)
  • Schema (6 lessons)

If you know nothing about on-page SEO, this module takes an A-Z approach so you'll learn everything from scratch. It's made easy for beginners to learn.

If you're an advanced SEO like me, there were still lots of goodies in this module. Some of the ones I really liked were the case studies, internal linking, deconstructing internal snippets and FAQ schema.

6. Editorial System Blueprint

The editorial system helps you create content at scale. The only way to grow your site is to keep adding content and in this module you're going to learn how to do it easily. 

I found the automated process they have in place really helps to scale your content. Once it's set up, it runs like clockwork. You just have to do the front-end work.

There are 11 modules in this course with 52 videos - so it's pretty jammed-packed with content. Topics include the following:

  • Introduction to the Editorial System
  • Creating an Asana Work Environment
  • Day to Day Usage
  • Content Templates - List Post
  • Content Templates - Single Review
  • Content Templates - Roundup Review
  • Content Templates - Alternatives
  • Content Templates - VS
  • Content Templates - Question Post
  • Content Templates - How to Post
  • Content Templates - Industry Roundup

If your site contains reviews, you're especially going to love this module. I put in place the practice that I learned form the single, roundup, alternatives and vs type reviews and will use these templates going forward.

7. Hiring Editorial Teams

In this blueprint you are going to learn how to build from scratch an entire content team.

In the beginning, you may write your own content but as you grow, you're going to need to assemble a team or writers, editors and content uploaders who will run your entire content engine for you.

This enables you to focus on your business, produce very high quality, industry leading content.

Most importantly - you are going to learn how to do this at a very reasonable price.

There are 13 lessons in this module from initial screening all the way to hiring and onboarding.

The next category is the Link Building Blueprints. There are three of them - Shotgun Link Building, Haro Editorial Links and Shotgun Skyscraper.

8. Shotgun Link Building

No weapons have been used in this module! Shotgun Link Building refers to building links at scale. 

You will learn how to prospect via email and get the right process so that you'll get responses and opens with minimal bounces.

I liked the process they use when contacting people. It's very lighthearted and even shows you how to inject humor. It's amazing how that works and I've even tried this tactic myself. 

If you're wondering how email outreach for links is done - this module really helps a lot and is quite different from other approaches I have seen.

Here's a list of what you'll learn:

  • Setting up Emails
  • Prospecting
  • Initial Outreach
  • Negotiation
  • Link Placement
  • Deliverability

I especially liked the deliverability aspect. They give you some great tech tips to ensure that your emails are being delivered and not sent to the spam box!

Content Blueprints

There are 4 Blueprints in this section:

  • Growth Hacks Tips & Tricks
  • Editorial System Blueprint
  • Building Your Editorial Team Blueprint
  • Keyword Research Blueprint

Here you are going to learn how to boost sales & traffic with just a few small tweaks.

Explode your sales to get the most out of your site.

Included is the following:

  • Affiliate Marketing Tips
  • Keyword Research Tips
  • Email Marketing Tips
  • Link Building Tips
  • Website & Wordpress Tips
  • Onpage SEO and Content Tips
  • Social Tips

In the Keyword Research Blueprint, there are 4 modules. These are as follows:

  • Introduction to Keyword Research - 5 lessons
  • Keyword Research Tactics - 7 lessons
  • Implementation - 3 lessons

The 19 videos vary in length from 6 minutes to around 30 minutes. This module will get you a ton of information on how to find keywords that you can rank for, make you money and so on. 

It covers areas such as competitors, seed keywords, finding appropriate keywords, analyzing keywords with AHrefs and so much more. 

By the time you're done this blueprint, you'll know which keywords to target and which ones will make you the most money on your authority site.

Here's a screenshot from just one of the videos. That's Gael Breton in case you are wondering.

3) Convert Blueprints

There are 4 Blueprints in the Convert section.

  • Evergreen Funnels Blueprint
  • Creating Info Products Blueprint
  • Website Sale Blueprint
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

The "Convert" section is fairly large with 4 different modules as listed above. Let's zip through these.

First, is the "Evergreen Funnel Blueprint"

Here is what you are going to learn in this module:
  • How to use evergreen scarcity to build a powerful marketing funnel
  • How to take different approaches with your funnels
  • Learn what tools, tricks and tips that you can use to get the most "bang" from your funnels
  • How you can communicate with subscribers in your funnels to make even more sales.

There are 9 videos in this section ranging from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. The video topics include - funnel structure, product delivery setup, new customer setup, shopping cart setup, building your salespage, evergreen scarcity setup and more.

This module is not for beginners. If you don't have an email list, or if you're not making money from your website yet, just stick with affiliate marketing as this module is not for you - yet. Once you get there, then yes, these advanced tactics will help you make even more money. You can revisit this module when you are ready to scale up.

Next up in the Convert section is the "Creating Info Products Blueprint"

Have you ever wanted to create your own info product? If so, this module is for you. Just a disclaimer though as Mark Webster says at the start of this module - creating an info product is not easy. There's also a very high chance your first product might even fail.

I appreciate the honesty here as most courses i've seen will just spew out ridiculous claims of success in creating your own info product but not here.

Having said that, your own product can make you a ton of money because you get to keep all the proceeds of your sales. Not only that, you could also get affiliates to sell for you - making this model even more powerful.

Authority Hacker PRO

On Sale April 16, 2023 and closing again soon. Don't miss out!

In this module Mark takes you through a methodical way of creating your own course, step by step. Its focus is just on creating the product, it does not include marketing it as that is not the focus here.

Here's a summary of what you'll learn:

  • How to properly research infoproducts in your market
  • How to test and validate infoproduct ideas, without creating them
  • How to organize and structure your research
  • How to create your infoproduct

There are 4 main modules - Deciding | Understanding | Doing | Infoproduct Bonuses.

There are 12 videos in total spread over the 4 modules. Mark goes into great detail about how to develop your product with some theory in the beginning and a disclaimer that this is not for everyone.

Next, is the Website Sale Blueprint

If you're not aware, an authority website can sell for as much as 30x the monthly income or more in some cases. It's possible you could build a site and sell it for a quick 5, 6 or even 7 figure payday.

If this appeals to you, then this section will show you how to sell it and get the most income possible.

This section is not actually taught but either Mark or Gael, but they have brought in Joe Magnotti and Justin Cooke from These guys have been in the brokerage business for a long time and bring a wealth of experience from both sides of the table.

They are going to teach you how to sell your site step by step.

The topics discussed are:

  • Who buys and sells websites
  • How websites are valued
  • Why you should sell your website
  • How to prepare your site for sale
  • What the sales process looks like
  • How to get the best price for your site

There are 3 modules with 6 videos in total averaging 10 minutes each. Most of you that decided to get into Authority Hacker Pro won't need this right now, but it's a great asset to have in the event you want to sell your site to either invest in new ones or buy your dream home, car, etc.

A bit of advice - invest it in your business if I were you but I get the temptation for toys!

The last module in the "Convert" section is the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Since affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online, you too should also pay attention to this module. A lot of people start off with affiliate marketing when they want to make money online because it's the easiest way to get started.

Once you start building a few authority sites and are making a good income, you should consider creating your own product. I know for myself I should take Gael's and Mark's advice and create my own product too, which I do plan in the near future. Thankfully I can refer to their "create your own info-product" blue print when i'm ready and so should you.

Let's break down this module and see what you'll learn:

  • How to find quality affiliate offers
  • How to drive traffic to high paying affiliate offers
  • How to presell offers with content & how to link keywords and offers
  • Real life setups of mini funnels 

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple - find an offer, promote it and get paid. Gael breaks down this process for you and it can be summed up with the following screenshot from the introductory video in the course:

Since this is a fairly large course with 14 lessons, I'm going to go into some more detail so you'll understand what is being taught here.

The course starts off with some theory as to what makes people buy. When you understand this it makes it easier to sell to them. You'll also understand how to write content and the ever important pre-sale content.

You'll learn how to find big affiliate networks and also independent affiliate programs with large companies.

A fantastic strategy also taught is how to reverse engineer competitor's newsletters to find even more affiliate offers.

You'll then learn how to dissect offers so that you'll know what's best your your audience. Discussed is EPC (earnings per click) and CPC (cost per click) conversion rates and more.

You'll also learn how to properly track your stuff so you know what's working and what isn't.

You'll then learn how to link offers to any kind of keyword - something that a lot of affiliate marketing trainers don't show you how to do.

Then, the section that I really liked was the hands-on one with "real life setups." where you'll get tutorials and "how-to's" which focuses on sales. 

You'll also get "Advanced Review Funnels" where you'll get a template for review content and a classic email broadcast promo - which really rewards marketers that have built up an email list. You'll also learn how to automate the broadcast money you make with lead magnets + targeted follow ups. Finally you'll learn how to take an evergreen offer and add scarcity to it through bonuses.

If you're a newbie, most of this will apply to you. The only section where you might have to put on pause for a bit is the email section because you'll need to build up your list. Once you do, you'll also be able to add in those strategies to make even more money.

4) Engage Blueprints

Another large section is "Engage" where you will have access to the four blueprints below.

  • Lead Magnet Creation Blueprint
  • Giveaways Blueprint
  • Content Promotion Blueprint
  • Email Marketing Blueprint

First up, is the Lead Magnet Creation Blueprint

I am sure you have heard what a lead magnet is before. If not, it's essentially a piece of content like an ebook, cheat sheet or some other bonus that you are going to give away for free in exchange for an email address.

I'm sure you've been through this process before, heck even on my site I give away an affiliate marketing & ecom cheatsheet in exchange for your email address.

The idea is simple. With their email address you provide value, give them info that they would probably never find anywhere else and nudge them to a good offer that you have vetted yourself to be a good product. Never sell crap to your audience they will divorce you immediately!

Anyway in this module Gael is going to teach you the following:

  • Why lead magnets are important for your business
  • What make lead magnets effective, the 2 kinds of lead magnets and how to brainstorm them
  • How other businesses use lead magnets successfully
  • 2 recommended lead magnet templates
  • How to deliver lead magnets effectively

It's a very concise module and to the point with 8 lessons each under 10 minutes. You should get through this module rather quickly but you'll have everything you need to know about lead magnets. I picked up good pointers too that i'll be implementing in some of my sites.

Next, is the Giveaways Blueprint

In this module you're going to learn how to create a contest for a free giveaway. Now, you're not going to do this often, but this could create quite a buzz for your blog/website if done correctly.

Why would you want this? Well, a giveaway is a fantastic way to add a little spice and variety to your lead generation efforts. And let's admit it here - people like to win free shit!

In this blueprint you are going to learn how to setup your giveaways, how to promote them and down the road monetize them so they basically pay for themselves.

There are 10 lessons in this section with some quick 2 minute videos and the longest was about 15 minutes. You should be done soon with this module but at least you'll be armed with the information on how to create a successful contest. 

I had a contest a while ago right here on my blog that kinda flopped. even though I was giving away a pretty valuable software in the dropshipping space. If I had this info i'm sure I would have done WAY better and grew my audience. Oh well - next time i'm implementing these strategies!

Authority Hacker PRO

On Sale April 16, 2023 and closing again soon. Don't miss out!

Next up - Content Promotion Blueprint

In this blueprint, you are going to learn everything you should do to promote your content once you hit the publish button in your wordpress blog.  

You're basically going to learn how to get your content viewe by people that are not necessarily your subscribers.

Gael keeps it real by telling you that some of the tactics he teaches might not work for you, but for the ones that do, you could potentially double your traffic or more.

There's a mixed bag of traffic sources here, some are low quality but you'll get a lot of hits, while others are high quality but traffic on the lower side. For me, I much more prefer the latter as nothing beats quality traffic!

There are 16 blueprints that you are going to learn but just 3 main priniciples that will drive all of these tactics. They are - leveraging social communities, (I laughed when Gael said how he's going to show you how to promote your stuff to these communities without looking like a self promoting douchebag lol).

The next principle is how to leverage influencers to share your stuff and finally "content nuggets" which is the technical stuff that will make your content more shareable and look great.

Here's the 3 principles in image form:

There are 16 video lessons in this section ranging from a few minutes to the longest one about half an hour.

If you only rely on SEO to get your content out there, you are missing out. While some of these strategies may or not apply to you, you should definitely see which ones will work for you. Doubling or tripling your traffic can be possible by putting just one of these tactics into effect. Don't want to miss this module!

There's a total of 16 videos in this module, hence the 16 different strategies I mentioned earlier. They average about 15 minutes in length each. Take plenty of notes and apply these right away. I know I will be!

The Last Blueprint in the "Engage" section is the Email Marketing Blueprint

Gael teaches this section and it's one you don't want to miss. Why? Because he tells you that his teaching in email marketing is what is probably going to make you the most money out of the entirety of AH Pro. That got my attention!

So if you have already started collecting an email list and not sure what to do with that list - this is the place to be. 

Gael tells you that your website is a place to offer value with a little bit of monetization but your email list will solely be focused on monetization. However, he teaches how not to "piss off" your readers so they still get value while you make some serious sales from your list.

Here is what you are going to learn in this module:

  • How to build & manage your own email backend
  • When you should use broadcast emails and when to use automations
  • How to monetize your email list without killing it
  • How to automate a big part of your business

This module can be complex to execute, but it's explained very well in the 4 sections and 18 videos. 

Some of these strategies I am already aware of while others were a wake up call. I'll also be implementing these strategies for my sites going forward. If you've got an email list and you're not sure how to monetize it, i'd pay attention to this one.

5) Link Building

The link building section is going to teach you how to get high quality, relevant links to your website for the purposes of SEO. Without a proper link building campaign, your site will never rank.

Don't listen to some people that tell you "all you need is good content to rank" because that's complete bullshit!

Here's what's covered:

  • The Guest Posting Blueprint
  • Editorial Links with Haro Blueprint
  • The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

First, is The Guest Posting Blueprint

If anyone knows how to do guest posts it's Mark Webster, he's done over 10,000 of them over several businesses. So it's no wonder he will be teaching this module.

Most of it is with an "over-the-shoulder" approach where you can see what Mark is actually doing on-screen. This is the easiest and best way to learn this stuff because you need to see the process in action to fully understand it.

Along with this, you'll get supporting PDF documents, templates and sheets to assist, along with software to help guide you through the process.

This link building module is very advanced and I suppose newbies would benefit as well, but it's mostly geared towards marketers that are looking to gain more authority to their website via links which in turn results in more traffic and more money!

There are 29 lessons in this module so it will take some time to go through them all. Some of the topics covered are Guest Posting 101, Prospecting Strategies, Email Prospecting, Initial Sending, Negotiation, Submissions & Tracking and more.

If you have had some exposure to guest posting before, this module will turn that upside down. There's a lot more to it than you think and you're going to learn a lot which you'll be able to apply to your business.

Next in the Link Building Section is the Haro Blueprint 

Haro, which stands for "Help a Reporter Out" are essentially editorial links with massive authority, we are talking DR 90+. By the way, DR stands for "Domain Rating" which is an AHrefs metric - just think of it as "power"on a scale of 0-100.

These links are considered to be supplementary links which you can run in parallel with your guest posting links and Skyscraper links.

Mark teaches you how to get these powerful links, how to scale it and how to get consistent results that are worth while. You get templates and even S.O.P's (standard operating procedure) so you've got everything you need to get this done.

There are 9 lessons in this module where you'll learn more about HARO and what it is, how to sign up, how to prospect (most important), prospect criteria examples (which ones respond best) and how to use the prospecting criteria most effectively.

You'll also learn how to respond to HARO queries and get some actual responses from real examples that you can see and even apply to your own business. 

Mark also shows you how to overcome roadblocks with Haro and turn it around. They are well aware of the issues so knowing this in advance can only help. Finally you're going to learn how you can outsource this entire process.

There's a lot more to it as this was just scratching the surface. There's 10 video lessons in total which break everything down for you in easy to understand terminology.

Admittedly, I've never even considered using HARO but after this module I will be putting this strategy into use. You should too if you're serious about scaling your business.

Finally in the Link Building Section is the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

The Shotgun Skyscraper technique was developed by Mark & Gael back in 2016. Since then, they have taught hundreds of marketers how this unique link building system works - and it does.

This strategy can help you grow your site in a very short time and has even been used by SEO's and agencies to sell links with this method to businesses. Some are making a full time income using this strategy alone.

As an aside, if you are interested in starting an SEO agency, then this module alone will help you to adapt a white-hat linking approach that many businesses will appreciate - and seek.

To get the full details on this blueprint, be sure to check out my Shotgun Skyscraper review.

The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint was also offered as a standalone which I got in May of 2019. As of now, you need to purchase Authority Hacker Pro in order to get it. It may be released as a standalone again in the future but this I am not sure.

My review covers the same blueprint that is found in AH Pro and with even more detail so you're not missing anything.

Does AH Pro Deliver?

To put it simply, hell yes and then some. This is like a one-stop shop for anyone that has an existing website that wants to scale it to the moon. I don't believe there is a course out there as intense as this one - if there is, I haven't seen it yet.

With the multitude of strategies/blueprints available, you've got so much amunition to scale your business. Do you need all the blueprints? Probably not. But, that depends on the state of your business.

What you need depends on many things like how big is your email list, do you need more links, need more ways to get eyeballs on your page/blog etc.

Is AH Pro for Beginners?

I'd be hesitant to say that it's perfect for beginners because it's not. It's not even about the price tag - because this course seems geared towards those with existing sites already.

Would a beginner benefit? Hell yes. As a beginner, you'd simply start off with the Authority Site System blueprint, build out your site then follow the other blueprints. So I might just backtrack on what I said about it not being perfect for beginners because if you take a methodical approach to it - then yes I think it is suitable.

This is provided you have the funds. If you currently have a day job and can afford the $297 monthly and be able to spend at least 1-2 hours a day on your business, go for it.

The good news is that what Mark and Gael teaches is not going to cost you that much when it comes to scaling your business. A lot of the techniques are free while some do require investment. You'll start to use tools and strategies that cost money once you are making money anyway - so this is an offset.

Available for a Limited Time

AH Pro is not a product that is available all year round. In fact, as you are reading this it might not even be offered.

Click here to see if it's currently available.

I imagine this is because Mark & Gael want to limit the amount of members due to potential issues with support overload.

My other guess is that the scarcity of the course adds value to it - even though it's not needed because this course has a TON of value.

Money Back Guarantee

You're covered with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, just ask for a refund within the 30 day window and there's no questions asked.

I think you'd be crazy to quit though - just sayin!

Support in AH Pro

Authority Hacker has ramped up their support recently to accomodate the demand. I've seen some fake reviews of people that haven't even bought the course (one person is a promoter of the Wealthy Affiliate) claiming that the support is bad. 

This is not the case. During business hours you'll get a reply back within a couple of hours.

Support is awesome. You guys promoting WA are foolish and just looking for a negative! ?

Where to Get Authority Hacker Pro?

You can get it right here. Remember, access is normally open for just a couple of weeks, so there's a chance it might not be available when you click this link. This is no scarcity tactic, it's a reality.

As a member myself, I'd also be open to helping you out along the way too so i'm keeping that open. However, AH pro has an awesome community so you'll never feel lost. You're covered.

In closing, starting and scaling an authority site is an exciting adventure. This is potentially not just job replacing income, but an opportunity to be massively successful.

It's important to mention that no course can guarantee your success. That is up to you. If you put in the work and follow all the training to a T, there's no reason why you can't build a 5,6,7 or even 8 figure business.

Final Thoughts on Authority Hacker Pro

This was not an easy review to do. This course is so massive it would take me much longer to do it justice but that would also mean more reading on your side and I wanted to summarize it as much as possible. 

After going through it all, I can say that Authority Hacker is a great resource hub for marketers that need consistent and up-to-date training for all facets of their online business.

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Drew Mann

2 thoughts on “Authority Hacker Pro Review: Real User Experience (2024)”

  1. what is the difference between Savage Affiliates and Authority Hackers for somebody who is a new starter and want to get into Affiliate marketing

    • Hi Khusru, Authority Hacker Pro is a hub for many different blueprints but I think the one you are referring to is The Authority Site System. This blueprint focuses entirely on building an authority site using the affiliate marketing model for monetization. In Savage Affiliates, building an authority site is also the focus but there are other affiliate marketing strategies taught. I encourage you to read my reviews on both as I have both courses and go into further detail. Cheers.

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