Brevo Affiliate Program: Can You Make Money With it?

Thinking of joining the Brevo affiliate program? (formerly Sendinblue)

You're in luck because you're going to learn everything about Brevo's affiliate program in this review. 

I will cover things from how much you'll get paid, how often, how easy it is to get accepted, and more.

I am a Brevo affiliate so I've been through the entire process, so let me tell you how the program worked for me and what I think of it.

Let's jump in!

👉 Update! Sendinblue has been rebranded to "Brevo" as of May 4, 2023. The product remains the same but will have a redesigned logo, website, brand messaging and product experience.

If you are promoting Sendinblue as an affiiliate, you'll need to change the name to Brevo.

Brevo Affiliate Program Overview

First, a little background. What is Brevo? 

Brevo is email marketing software. This service allows you to build an email list, import an email list and automatically send out emails to your subscribers. 

You can also do SMS messaging, segment email lists, a/b testing, and even build landing pages using their pre-built landing page templates.

You can sign up for free and use the service for life as long as you have 300 or less subscribers.

Here is the current pricing:

How Much Money Does Brevo Pay Out to its Affiliates?

There are three different options to sign up as an affiliate:

  • Agencies & Consultants 
  • Bloggers & Publishers
  • Incubators & VC's

Chances are you're not an incubator 😕 or an agency. So no need to be concerned with those. You would likely fall under that bloggers and publishers category.

Under that Brevo partner plan, you would be paid 5€ (about $5.49 USD) each time someone creates a free account with Brevo.

But that's only the start.

If they upgrade to a paid subscription, you will make an additional 100€ (approx $110.00 USD).

When are Payments Made?

You will need to wait 30 days after someone signs up under your affiliate link to get paid. This applies to both the free signups and paid subscriptions.

How Do You Get Paid?

The Brevo affiliate program pays affiliates through Paypal. You will need a Paypal account to get paid. Creating a Paypal account is easy, just go to to open an account for free.

If you are in a country where payments are not allowed through Paypal but can still set up an account. There is a workaround. You can set up a different payee within Paypal to get your cash. You'll need to research this yourself though.

Is it Easy to Get Approved as an Affiliate?

I'm not gonna lie, some people do not get accepted into the affiliate program. This is because Brevo is pretty picky about who they decide to work with. Chances are if you have a blog already and getting some traffic, you should have no problems getting in.

But what if you don't have a blog?

It's never too late to start one. Here's how.

Is there a Minimum Payment Threshold?

Yes. You will need to accumulate a minimum of 100€ before a payout can be made. This could take some time if you are only signing up people on the free plan at 5€, but as soon as you get one upgrade that pays 100€, you'll be eligible for a payout. 

What is the Cookie Duration?

The cookie duration is a generous 90 days.

What is a cookie and what does this mean? A cookie is a piece of code that is placed on your visitor's computers whenever they click your affiliate link. So in this case, the cookie period will be 90 days. This means that if they wait up to 90 days to join after clicking your link, you will still be credited for the sale.

4 Reasons to Join the Brevo Affiliate Program

If you're thinking about making money online, the Brevo affiliate program is quite attractive for a few reasons.

1. You get paid for free signups - How easy is that? It's a lot easier to get people to sign up for a free service than it is for them to whip out their credit cards and pay for them. Sure, you'll only make 5€ for each free signup, but over time this can really add up.

2. The Product Sells Itself - Brevo has a good reputation. When you promote Brevo you are not promoting some fly-by-night shady product.

You can rest assured that your readers are in good hands with Brevo and that your reputation for recommending it will not be tarnished.

3. You can make a lot of money - This is hypothetical of course, but let's say you were able to sign up 15 people a month on the free plan each month. That would make you $75 a month. 

Now that doesn't seem like a lot, but let's say that just 3 of those people sign up for a paid plan. That would mean you would be making an additional $300 + the initial $75.

That's an extra $375 a month. For most people that's not bad money since it's all passive. You can make that in your sleep too!

4. Lifetime Referral Policy - This is outside of the cookie program. If someone signs up with a free plan and they upgrade to a paid plan anytime later, you will still earn 100€ in commissions. It doesn't matter when they upgrade, it could even be years down the road - you'll still get paid!

How to Join the Brevo Partner Program

Step 1 - Click here for the signup page

Step 2 - Assuming you are a blogger or publisher, choose this option:

Step 3 - Enter your name, and email and choose a password. Agree to the terms of service and click next

Step 4 - Fill out other details like your address, optional company name and other details like your website URL.

That's It!

The final stage is a waiting game to see if you will be accepted. This can take a few days so just be patient.

Wrap up

So there you go. I hope you found this Brevo affiliate program review useful and that you sign up right now and start making some commissions!

Starting an affiliate marketing business is a fantastic way to make money online and the Brevo program is just one of many to choose from.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, check out these resources:

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  1. Thank you for this explanation I really appreciate

    What does this statement below mean I saw it on their website while researching about them please does it mean I won’t be paid for my sign ups if none of them upgrade to paid plan?

    Thank you as I’ll be expecting your response!

    “No payment will be made before your account is validated. To validate your account, you will have to refer to at least one new paid subscription.”

    • Hi Mark, before you get paid Brevo needs to ensure sign ups are legit so they withold payments until you get your first paid sign up. This is just to protect them from fake free sign ups.

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