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If you have your own site are not doing email marketing then you are basically missing out on monetizing your business.  Building an e-mail list is really one of the most important things you can do to monetize your business.

You may have heard the words “the money is in the list”.  This is absolutely true however it is not that complete.  I will give an example of this.  If you have a list of 30,000 people or so and your site is about building bird cages but 18,000 of the people on your list are subscribed to “learning how to play golf” then your list is over 70% irrelevant.

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Alternatively if you have 2000 people on your list on bird cages where your site discusses bird cages then it’s a much more targeted list and will get you higher open rates and much lower bounce rates.

In other words the saying the money is in the list is not 100% true.  Your targeting for getting the right people on your list to match the content is what matters.

Low In Effort

There’s many ways to start an email marketing business and many reasons to consider doing so. First, it’s very low effort and the returns can be quite substantial. You can reach many contacts by setting up the proper targeting.

Creating up an email can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, depending on the how much work you put into it. When you have a template created, the writing will be much easier and end up writing articles quicker and more efficient.

Information at a Click

Today people get information at an almost instant, through texts or emails on their smart phones. You can catch this trend by sending out an email for an offer or sale or something which occurs on the day or week you are sending out the email. With big headlines to attract attention, you’ll get engagement quite quickly by offering scarcity too, i.e, “last Day for the Big Event”

Communicate with Your Readers Frequently

Facebook and other social sites will get the message to people very quickly but with email it may take longer. If you are looking to create a list of devoted followers, will stay engaged with them and provide quality content while growing the list, then email marketing is something to consider.

Email your list frequently. How frequently is the question. Well, there are many different opinions on this. Some will say once a week, others twice a day. If you’re just starting out, I would highly suggest that you do a split test of your campaigns. Send out emails twice a week and then check your stats. Then you can increase it to maybe 3-5 times a week and check again. If it remains the same or better, then you may have a winner. Emailing your subscribers once or even twice a day isn’t bad if you are providing value.

Target Your Audience

Your audience can be global but it’s important to where your target audience is located. By being able to know who you’re sending emails to and where they are from, you can target your content more effectively. Make some adjustments if you need to, but always keep your subsribers in the back of your mind.

Keep Emails Entertaining

Whoever your audience is, even if it is lawyers, keep it entertaining at times. This will help going with engagement.

It’s a good idea to keep your audience engaged by including things like videos, surveys, infographics, vivid pictures and more. You will want them to feel engaged. Back in the late 90’s when email became popular people would read every email. Nowadays, a lot of it is trash. Do not let that happen to your list – Don’t be a trashy writer!

Making a Return on your Investment

So how can you make some money from your list? Experts have come to the conclusion that each customer you have on your list may make you $1 a month. So if you have 2000 people on your list, you might make 2 grand a month. However, these people must be engaged people that enjoy your content and what you have to offer.

Let’s get back to the money bit. Don’t sell them something with every email you send out. Tip based emails are great and very effective. One strategy that works will is the Tip-tip-tip-offer method. Here, you send out 3 emails spread over a few days that are based on tips, in other words they provide some kind of value. Then on the fourth email, send out a simple email that supports the content you wrote about with an offer to an affiliate program or physical product where you can make some money. This way they won’t feel you are promoting things to them all the time. After a while, they will be looking forward to your offers. Powerful stuff.

Here are Email Marketing tips From my Friend Amy

So How do You Build an email List?

There are a lot of ways to build an email list.  You will need a web form on your site.  You also need an autoresponder. These two will work together where the web form will capture the email address and send out an email to that list from your email series.

If you are going to do affiliate marketing or e-commerce, there are just a few email programs that allow it and one of them is GetResponse. I highly suggest using them and you even get a free 1 month trial. It starts at just $15 a month after that for 1000 contacts – plenty enough to start out.

If you try to use a free autoresponder like MailChimp, you will get banned if you include ANY affiliate links in your emails. Do NOT use Mailchimp. I learned the hard way myself.


Don’t overthink this too much. Start off very slow, don’t overwhelm your list with too much information. Provide plenty of spacing where short sentences work the best. You can also get feedback from your list by asking them to contact you via email which will provide you with some good information that you can use for improvement

Don’t ever second guess this. An email campaign is vital for your business!



Drew Mann

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