How Much Does Iwriter Pay? Earn Money Writing in 2023

You're here because you are looking to make some extra money online in your spare time. Correct?

Writing for iWriter, a popular platform that connects writers with content seekers is an option.

But, how much does iWriter pay?

In this article, we will discuss the pay rates for writers on iWriter and how much you can make as a freelance writer on this platform.

We will also talk about the pros and cons of working with iWriter and whether or not it is a good option for writers looking to make some extra cash.

How Much Does iWriter Pay?

The pay rates for writers on iWriter vary depending on the quality level you select when you sign up.

However, all writers get paid 65% of the cost of the article. For example, if the article costs $20.00, you would get paid $13.

There are four quality levels:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Elite
  • Elite Plus

A standard writer is where everyone starts when they join the platform where they write basic articles for budget-conscience requestors. The goal is to reach Elite Plus, which pays the most. Each level you move up from standard, the more money you will make per article written.

The reason you make more money is because of the quality of the articles. Typically, writers that have achieved "Elite Plus" status make more because articles written by Elite Plus writers cost more.

To give an example, a 1000-word article written by a writer that is at the entry "Standard" Level would cost $8.25. A 1000-word article written by a writer with "Elite Plus" status costs $72.00. As you can see, that's a difference of $63.75. It's a massive difference for the same amount of words.

Extra Commission with "Special Request"

The base commission is 65%. iWriter has a feature where a specific writer is requested to write the article, rather than having it thrown into the pool of writers.

So for example, let's say you wrote an article and the person that you wrote for loved it so much they requested that you write another one for them.

If you get selected for this "special request" you get an additional 5% commission, for a total of 70%.

How Much Money You Can Make with iWriter for Each Level

This is where I will break down how much money you can make with each of the 4 different levels - Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus.

Standard iWriter Commissions

For standard writers, here is a chart showing how much you can earn. Article word count starts at 150 and goes all the way to 6000.

The first column shows how much you'll make with the 65% commission. The second column is with a "special request" like I mentioned before, which pays 70%. 

Word CountEarnings Per Article Earnings with Request

Premium iWriter Commissions

Here is what you can earn as a Premium writer which is the next step up from standard. The articles cost more than standard, so you make more. 

Word CountEarnings Per Article Earnings with Request

Elite iWriter Commissions

Once you get to Elite iWriter status, your commissions will get much higher. 

You still get the 65% commission rate or 70% if you get requested to write, but the cost of the articles are quite a lot more than the Premium level. That's how you make more.

Here is what you can make based on word count at the Elite level.

Word CountEarnings Per Article Earnings with Request

Elite Plus iWriter Commissions

If you make it to Elite Plus on iWriter, congratulations. You'll be making the most amount of money possible per article.

Here are the minimums you will make per word count including "Special Requests".

Word CountEarnings Per Article Earnings with Request

How You Can Still Make More Money as a Standard or Premium Writer over Elite Plus

After seeing the numbers above, you're probably thinking that in order to make good money, you HAVE to become an Elite Plus writer.

Based on the raw data above, it's obvious why you'd want to get elevated to that status.

However, the more expensive the articles are, the less requests iWriter gets. Most of the articles that are requested are usually from Standard and Premium writers because they cost much less.

So, since there is more demand for that writing level, you're going to have the chance to write more articles.

In the end, you could end up making more than an Elite Premium writer because there is much more demand for cheaper articles.

Make More Money With Tips

If someone really liked your article, you might even get a tip. Requestors can input a dollar amount for a tip after approving an article you wrote. 

This is entirely optional, but it's another way you can earn more money on the platform.

Word Count Earnings are the Minimums

When someone requests an article, the amount of the article based on word count and writer level is a set minimum. In the charts I have listed above, are all based on minimums.

Requesters have the option to increase the price of any article-length above the minimum. They occasionally do this to get articles written quicker or perhaps the content requires a lot of research. Requesters want to make sure that they get plenty of eyeballs on their submissions, so sometimes they will up the price.

This is another way for you to make more money with iWriter because you'll get 65% of the increased amount.

Here is where requestors can jack up the price of the article:

How to Move up the Ranks to Earn More Money

As previously mentioned, when freelance writers sign up for iWriter, they will all start at the standard level. You can't "pay to play" here. This is because your writing will be evaluated by requestors and if it's good, after a certain amount of articles you can progress to the next level.

Once you complete your article and submit it, the requestor has the option of accepting, rejecting or sending back for edits. Once this is settled, the requestor will also evaluate the quality of your article by giving you a star rating from 1 to 5.

Here are the current top writers on the platform with the best ratings:

One of your goals should be to get on the front page of iWriter. These writers get a lot of work as people can hire them directly from the home page.

So now that you understand the star system, how do you move up the ranks?

As a standard writer, you must have a minimum of 25 ratings and a star rating of 4.1 to move to Premium.

As a Premium writer, you must have a minimum of 30 ratings and a star rating of at least 4.6 to move to Elite writer status.

As an Elite writer, you need a minimum of 40 ratings and a star rating of 4,85 to move to the Elite Plus level.

If Your Article Sucks, You Won't Get Paid

iWriter ensures their clients that they will not pay for an article that they don't like. So if you write a bad article, there's a good chance the requestor will reject it. Which means all the "hard work" you put into the article gets flushed down the toilet. You won't get paid.

So when you're writing articles, make sure you write quality articles or you're just not going to make any money at all.

How Do You get Paid?

In order to get paid, you will need a Paypal account. You also need to earn a minimum of $20 before you get paid. The good news is that you'll get paid out weekly on every Tuesday, as long as you meet the requirements.

You'll get paid for any money you earned one week prior to any given Tuesday. So for example, if you earned money for an article you wrote on a Friday, you wouldn't get paid on the Tuesday coming up, but on the next one.

6 Tips on How to Make More Money on iWriter

Here are some extra tips on how to earn more money on the iWriter platform.

1. Establish Rapport With the Requestor

Once you accept to write an article, you can also reach out to them if you need to clarify anything. You can send them an email within the system to let them know you are working on the article and if they'd like to add anything. Or you can simply let them know you are working on the article and will have it completed soon.

Here's an example of a writer that reached out to me:

You shouldn't really ask for a 5-star rating as this might anger the requestor, but when you establish rapport like this, they are more likely to give you a rating (hopefully a good one if your work is good) rather than skipping over it. Ratings are optional, so if you can establish some kind of rapport, they are likely to give you a rating.

Remember, more high ratings = more money as you move up the ranks. Many elite writers have used this strategy.

I can tell you from experience that this works as I have used iWriter myself as a requestor. When a writer reached out to me, I felt compelled to leave them a good review. Of course, the content needed to be good, otherwise, I either rejected it or sent it back for edits.

2. Sneaky Trick to get an Additional 5% Special Request Commission

Here's an example of one guy that contacted me. However, I realized after (when I wrote this article to be honest!) that this was a bit of a douche move because at the time I didn't know that these writers get an extra 5% when a special request was sent.

I think this might get you in trouble with iWriter because he could have just accepted to write the article. Instead, he wanted me to "assign" it to him so he can make an extra 5% since it will be marked as requested.

Well played sir, but I think if you keep that up you'll get banned or at least reprimanded somehow.

I did check, and he's still active on the platform. So I guess it's a sneaky way to make extra money on iWriter but use it at your discretion.

3. Avoid Having the Article "Time to Write" Expire

When a requestor submits an article, he/she has the option to include when they want the article written. This can range from 24 hours to 3 days or more.

If you can't write the article within the requested time-frame, don't accept it. You can ask for an extension but this could anger the requestor. Don't expect to get a good rating if you can't meet the time requirements.

4. Accept Smaller Projects

Getting as many 5-star reviews for each written article should be your goal. You will get a lot more ratings quicker if you write for example a bunch of 150 word articles compared to a 6000 word article.

Ratings are the same no matter the length of written articles. So take on some smaller projects and rack up the ratings. It makes sense because you can really focus on quality when the length is lower.

5. Focus on Writing Quality Articles

Every article you write needs to be of high quality. You should only take on an article if you are in the right frame of mind to write it.

For example, if you're hungover from a night of partying, it's probably not the best time to start writing. Wait until you are in the right state of mind to apply yourself and let your writing skills shine.

6. Join Other Platforms to Build Your Portfolio

Many writers on iWriter also use other platforms.

As a writer, one of the best ways to build up your portfolio and earn some extra income is to use freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr

While iWriter is a great platform for writers who are just starting out, it can be helpful to branch out and explore other freelance websites as well. Upwork and Fiverr both have a higher volume of clients and offer a wider range of writing opportunities, from website content to product descriptions.

In addition, these platforms can be a great way to connect with other writers and professionals in your field. By expanding your presence on different freelancing platforms, you can not only improve your writing portfolio but also grow your network and boost your career.

Is iWriter Legit?

There has been a lot of debate in recent years about the legitimacy of iWriter, an online content creation platform used by both professional and amateur writers around the world.

Some claim that the content writing platform gives low-quality work to its users, while others argue that it is an excellent tool for anyone looking to bolster their portfolio or build up their writing experience.

In reality, iWriter is not entirely black or white. While some of the writing produced on the platform may be less than stellar, most users have found it to be a valuable tool for honing their skills as well as accessing paid writing jobs.

So overall, whether iWriter is legit comes down to your own personal experience and how you use it - but there's no denying that this versatile platform can be a powerful tool for any writer.

And yes, you will get paid as long as you meet all the requirements and have an active Paypal account.

Conclusion on How much does iWriter pay

iWriter is a great entry-level platform for freelance writing. I'd also say that it's a good platform to join even if you are a freelance writer on other platforms to supplement your income.

The amount of money you will make on iWriter depends entirely on how many articles you write and what level you are in the hierarchy.

Your goal is to get to Elite or Elite Plus status. Once you are there, you'd be making a pretty decent income.

I don't think iWriter can provide you with job-quitting money, but it will definitely be a great second income and worth looking into.

If you're looking for a side-hustle, grab one of my free cheat sheets on either affiliate marketing or eCom. 

You can also learn how to make money online with these other online business ideas.

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