How To Make Money With AI Writing Software – 14 Ways

Everyone seems to be talking about Ai Writing software these days whether it's ChatGPT or Jasper Ai, or other artificial intelligence tools.

But the real question is, can you make money with AI writing software?

The answer is yes and in this article, I am going to show you 16 different ways.

Let's jump right in.

14 Ways How To Make Money With AI Writing Software

1. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is my favorite way to make money. It takes some time, but when you start ranking you can generate passive income, even in your sleep.

You do this with affiliate marketing. You write blog posts on engaging content that includes affiliate links. If someone makes a purchase through your link, you get a commission.

AI helps you write your blog posts, metadata like titles and descriptions, product descriptions in reviews, and almost anything a content writer does. It also helps a lot with writer's block so if you run out of ideas, AI can help.

It's important that you don't use AI to write 100% of your content. Use it as a guide to help you along with your article and make sure you do a lot of grammar and spelling checks.

Although you won't see results right away, AI is a powerful assistant to help you write engaging content that will hook your readers and get them to click your affiliate links.

Before you start, be sure to choose the right niche, otherwise, you'll just waste your words if you get it wrong.

2. Freelance Writing

You can make money with AI as a freelance writer. You can sign up for places like Fiverr, Upwork, or Iwriter and offer your writing services.

It would be ethical to disclose that you are using AI software to help you write but not everyone does.

If you do a lot of editing you can probably get away with not disclosing this.

Or, you could offer very low rates compared to what other writers are charging and advertise your gig as AI writing services. That way, people know most of the content will be AI-generated and would expect to pay less. The benefit here is that you will get more work and the AI writing tool will do most of it.

3. Start a Copywriting Business

Similar to freelance writing, you could start a copywriting business. It's slightly different in that you focus on sales funnels, email marketing, sales copy, and product launches.

AI can help you write compelling sales letters and emails. However, there will be a lot of work involved on your end to make sure the copy is engaging and persuasive. Having good grammar is essential here so again make sure you do a lot of edits and checks.

AI is really good at sales copy so even if you're not a copywriter, AI can make you look like a pro.

You could market your services on Fiverr or Upwork, or start your own website and approach businesses with your services.

4. Develop Software Applications

AI can help you write code. If you're a software developer or have coding skills, this could be a great way to save you a lot of time.

You use AI to write code that can automate tasks and solve problems. For example, you can create software applications that use AI to analyze customer data, predict customer behavior, and generate insights.

You can either work as a freelancer or develop your own software applications and sell access to these apps. Either way, using AI in software development is a great way to make money.

Here is an example of a simple mortgage calculator written in PHP by ChatGPT. 

All you coding folks can check this for accuracy! πŸ˜‰

5. Use AI to Write a Book 

AI is great for writing long-form content so you can use it to write a book that you can sell. If you are a writer, you can use AI to help with your novel for both content ideas and actual writing.

If you're not a writer, you could use AI to create full-length books that you can sell on marketplaces like Amazon's Audible.

Up until now, most people would outsource the work to a writer, but now you can use the power of AI to do this for you and profit from it. That means more money for you since you don't need to pay anyone.

6. Create an ebook

Similar to creating a book, you can create a short eBook with AI. eBooks are great for giving away free as a lead magnet to collect email addresses or to sell on marketplaces like Amazon.

If you have a blog, you can create an ebook to either sell for money or use it as a free giveaway in exchange for someone's email address.

AI can help you create a high-quality ebook in just a few short hours.

You can also create an eBook that contains affiliate links and then promote it on social media or through ads or sell it on Amazon Kindle.

Some great niches to sell ebooks on Amazon Kindle or Health and Wellness, Relationships and Dating, Self Help, Self-improvement, and more.

7. Email Marketing

If you are active in email marketing, you know that it's all about those open rates and clicks. AI can help you not only with creating the email content but help you create click-bait type subject lines.

If you have existing emails that aren't performing well, AI can help you re-write the content so it is much more engaging.

If you are doing something like email outreach with cold email marketing, AI can help you write cold, personalized emails that actually get opened and gets responses.

8. Write Video Scripts for Others

Content creators on video marketing platforms like YouTube or TikTok and businesses that use video media are always looking for ways to save time and money when creating video scripts.

AI copywriting tools can help them quickly create scripts without having to outsource the process.

Jasper AI provides custom templates that make it easy to create the perfect script for any client.

All you would need to do is identify what type of work your client would need, and use one of the templates that create scripts based on their specific goals.

You would charge an hourly rate or a flat fee for this type of work and receive payment when your client is satisfied with the script.

You can contact businesses or content creators directly, or post a gig on places like Fiverr or Upwork to have them come to you.

9. Facebook Ads

You can use AI to make money with Facebook in two ways. If you have your own Facebook ads campaigns, you can use AI to enhance them. AI can help you create targeted and engaging ads that will yield higher results than if you were to do the work manually.

AI can also be used to write copy for Facebook Ads, making it easier to optimize your campaigns for better results. If you have failing campaigns, try tweaking it with AI to see if you get better results.

You could also use AI to offer a service creating and optimizing Facebook Ads for businesses willing to pay for it. If you can find a business that doesn't want to do the work or has a failing Facebook campaign, AI can step in and help you make money by doing it for them.

10. Start a YouTube Channel

You don't necessarily need AI to start a YouTube channel, but there are plenty of AI tools to help you succeed with YouTube.

For example, AI can help you with:

  • Video Sales Letters - Write a 60-90 second video script that generates interest for your offer
  • Video Descriptions - Create unique descriptions for your YouTube videos
  • Video Script Hook and Introductions - Create a compelling video intro that will hook your viewer so they watch the whole video
  • Video Script Outlines - Create a full script outline for your videos
  • Video Titles - Create click-worthy titles that rank well on YouTube
  • Video Topic Ideas - Get AI to help you brainstorm new video topics ideas

AI is great for faceless YouTube channels, one where you don't have to go on camera.

To maximize your earnings potential, the key is creating content that can garner mass viewership and engagement. With AI copywriting tools at your disposal, you can create captivating videos that will help grow your channel.

By the way, all those YouTube tools I mentioned above are included with your Jasper AI subscription. Learn how to get a free trial here.

11. Create an Online Course

AI can help you create an online course that you can then sell. If you have a good-sized audience either with your blog or on social media, a course is a great way to diversify your income. An AI tool will help you create the content for your course. Although a lot of the input should be from yourself, AI can help you take it to the next level.

AI can even help you market your course by writing content that promotes it, creating social media posts, SEO articles, email campaigns, and more.

By using AI to create an online course, you would be able to reach a larger audience as well as make more money. Plus, with AI there's no need to outsource any of the work - all you have to do is provide the inputs.

12. Create Art With AI and Sell it

Did you know that AI can create artwork? You can use an AI tool to generate images, illustrations, and digital artwork.

My suggestion is to create a gig on Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer where you offer to generate artwork with AI. You can even create limited edition digital prints of your work and sell them on platforms like Etsy.

Here are some images created by Jasper AI Art.

This is a great way to make money using AI if you are creative and have an eye for design.

You can also use AI to help you create unique designs and logos that clients need for their business brand image.

You can even set up a print-on-demand service so that people can purchase your art directly from your website or social media account.

You could also offer logo creation services at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a graphic designer - making it easier for businesses on tight budgets to get the graphics they need.

The great thing about this is that you don't need any artistic skills - all you need is AI and an eye for what looks good.

13. Improve Existing Content

Does your content suck? Or is it just outdated? AI can help you improve existing content.

By using AI, you can easily update old blog posts and make them more relevant for today's audiences. This will help you get more page views and, in turn, boost your earnings potential.

14. Create Podcasts

You can use AI software to create podcasts. This is great if you don't have the time or skills for creating audio content. You can either upload these podcasts to platforms like iTunes and Spotify, or you can embed them on your website.

How do you make money from podcasts though?

You can monetize your podcast with sponsors, advertise products on it, or even create a membership program where only members get access to the podcast.

Which AI Writer is Best to Make Money With?

There are plenty of AI writing tools available. The ones that I have direct experience with are Jasper AI and Frase.

These are paid AI tools but there are free options too. ChatGPT is a free AI writer created by OpenAI that has really taken the world by storm. It's likely you have heard of it already.

But how does it compare to the paid ai tools?

Check out this comparison I did with ChatGPT VS Jasper AI. You'll get an answer as to whether you need to pay for an AI tool or not.


I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to make money with Ai. AI copywriting tools can help you create high-quality content and make money in the process whether it's a paid service or if you are using it to enhance your own business.

Whether you use it for writing blog posts, creating art, Facebook ads, YouTube or creating calculators, AI can help.

You should not use AI exclusively because it doesn't always provide an accurate response. However, It's gotten so good that the quality of content is just as good as a human writer - actually scary good.

With your own personal inputs and with the assistance of AI, you can make money by creating content for your own business as well as for other businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn money from AI?

You can earn money from AI in a number of ways. You can use it to help you write content for your own blog, or for others as a freelance writer. You can use it to create a course to sell, create a book to sell, or do copywriting for businesses.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI tool created by OpenAi. You can have conversations with it, ask questions or even have it write a program for you. Currently, it is a free service that anyone can use.

Is AI writing software worth it?

Yes, AI writing software is worth it, especially if you are looking to make money online. It can be your assistant in creating content that you can use for yourself, or as a service for others. Some do come with a cost, but there are different packages available to suit everyone's budget.

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