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Drew Mann

2 thoughts on “Download Drew’s Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Cheatsheet”

  1. Hi Drew, thank you for all of your excellent information. I am totally new to all of this but your offer to help is appreciated. I do not have a domain name and am still trying to pin point a niche. I have been on clickbank reviewing their areas…I can relate to both the spirituality, new age age and alternative beliefs area as well as self help. I hope to use my blog to one day sell my prints of my paintings. One name I thought of is SoulPrints…or Gallery of Light…and maybe have people that I trust, respect who have a similar light, purpose etc advertise on my blog. My mom had been the publisher of a new age magazine that is no longer available.

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for the positive comment. The self help/new age niche is a huge niche to get into with lots of products. And yes if your audience can relate to your artwork a blog would be a great place to sell them!

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