Drew here and welcome to my review on Youtuber Franklin Hatchett.

His channel focuses on the "make money online" niche with many different methods to choose from - focusing on beginners mostly. 

He's famous for catchy titles like "How to make $100 a day" or Make $400 per day with no money to start and many more similar videos. His free advice is excellent and I personally have used some of the tactics that he suggests on his channel and have seen success - thanks Franklin!

He's also a course creator and if you think his free teaching on Youtube is great, you really should see what he has in store for you if you buy one of his courses.

Currently he has two main training programs:

He also has a premium Shopify theme called eCom Turbo, which is also a course in itself. If you buy the theme you get a course on how to set it up, modify, and also how to get the best out of your store. Most themes just give you download instructions - Franklin over-delivers with everything pretty much.

Dropshipping Training - eCom Elites

Are you interested in starting your own drop shipping business but not sure if Franklin's course is for you? Let me dispel some rumours that I have seen recently online.

One of them is that this course has not been updated. This is complete BS. Franklin not only updated the course in 2019 but he also added an upgrade option too.

The two options to choose from are:
  • eCom Elites Standard - $197
  • eCom Elites Ultimate - $297

Both of these have been updated and there will also be updates for 2021 as well. The best part is that if you bought eCom Elites before this update - you would have the Ultimate Package upgraded at no cost. When these get upgraded - you GET THE UPGRADES FOR FREE. Other course creators will make you pay for version 2, 3, 4, etc. Franklin does not do this. So, your training stays CURRENT!

Another stupid thing i've seen is how some bloggers are trying to weasel you out of doing dropshipping altogether and tell you to get into local lead generation instead.

Why on earth would someone that is interested in doing dropshipping (because it appeals to them) decide to get into lead gen instead? You'd need to compete with a plethora of other SEO's trying to get their lead gen business in the "snack pack" on Google - good luck with that. 

Furthermore, my understanding is that the course(s) cost upwards of $5000. I recommend you stick to starting a store and not get swayed by some scaremongering tactics.

Not to mention that ecom is BOOMING right now during this Pandemic.

What's important to undertand here my friend is that you need to start an online business that appeals to you. If dealing with clients and learning how to do SEO appeals to you, then sure, start a lead Gen business. 

But, if dropshipping tickles your funnybone and you dream about raking in huge sales 24/7 then stick with dropshipping. Don't chase a shiny object that someone is dangling in front of your face.

Read my article titled "Choose Your Path" - it's a quick two minute read and it could save you a lot of time, frustration and money. Don't screw yourself over as you must undertand this very basic concept. Trust me on this because I have been there myself.

If you've got this far, congratulations. The next step is to learn more about eCom Elites with my review so you'll understand the differences between the two packages and what modules are included.

You can also watch my video walkthrough below and see me log into the course:

Affiliate Marketing Training - Savage Affiliates

Franklin's other course is on affiliate marketing. With Savage Affiliates, it too has seen a recent, major update with two packages offered.

  • Savage Affiliates Standard - $197
  • Savage Affiliates Super - $297

If you are a beginner, you will do fine with either package. Franklin specializes with beginners so you get taught this stuff step by step. No need to know anything about affiliate marketing before joining his course.

Check out my Savage Affiliates 2.0 review to see what you're getting with both packages so you'll be able to make a better choice.

For those that are intermediates at affiliate marketing or have tried and failed in the past, or maybe saw some success but just couldn't get that consistent passive income that replaces your crap job, this course is also for you.

As a real member myself of Savage Affiliates, I have learned a lot from Franklin and have applied his teaching to my own business. I have several blogs all that make passive, recurring income that have contributed to me leaving my day job long ago.

If you're one that needs instant gratification, then this course is not for you. Actually none of Franklin's stuff is for you if you want to start making money right NOW.

Franklin teaches you how to build a REAL business that lasts. Any business that lasts needs a solid foundation which takes time to build. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, his courses are the real deal for people that are serious. Put in the time and effort and you will succeed. Quitters never do.

Just like with eCom Elites, you also get unlimited updates and never have to pay again for the upgrades. Once you are in, you're in!

eCom Turbo

Franklin is also active in creating software and one of this products is eCom Turbo. This is a premium Shopify theme that he developed for one purpose - conversions.

The theme also boasts many built in features that eliminate the need for apps, even paid apps. In other words, the theme would pay for itself in just a few months because you can ditch any paid apps you have - eCom Turbo likely includes it.

It is also built for speed, so loading time is quicker, especially when comparing it to the free themes. A slow site is a conversion killer. 

To learn more, check out my eCom Turbo Review to see more about this premium theme to help with your dropshipping conversions.

Digital Profit Academy: DPA Method

This is a very new course recently released for the VERY low price of just $47. From what I understand it will go up in the future once more content is added. 

This is very unique to affiliate marketing or dropshipping, because you are going to learn how to start your own Digital agency. Here. you'll be dealing with clients so if this appeals to you i'd get in now before it goes up.

Now full disclaimer - I have not bough this course yet but I probably will before it goes up so I can do a proper review. 

Bringing in clients that pay you $500, $1000 or even more is possible. I used to have my own digital agency but got out of it because I was tired of dealing with clients and focused more on ecom and affiliate. The money was ok but the occasional complainnt/inquiry wasn't. If you like dealing with clients this is part of the game.

You can see my Digital Profit Academy review here - although it's very bare at the moment!

How Satisfied are People With Franklin Hatchett's Training?

The refund rate on Franklin's courses is extremely low. The reason for this is the value that you get with his training. In both of his courses you're looking at almost 200 videos each and counting as he does more and more content when needed.

None of it is filler either. Each video is specifically titled and the subject is laser focused. There is no "glossing over" any subject or tactic. I actually have his courses so i should know!

Satisfaction is gauged from refund rates and also success. Many of Franklin's students have built big businesses online and there is no reason why you can't either.

Are There any Coupons or Discounts for his Courses?

Quick answer - no there is not. He put a lot of effort into his training and could sell each course for $1000 and would still be worth it.

If you see anything online such as Ecom Elites Coupon or Savage Affiliates coupon or discount - don't click it. It's not real.

What About Money Back Guarantees?

You're covered with a 30 day money back guarantee with any course you buy from Franklin. I doubt you will want to once you see what you are getting and how excited you will be in your making money online journey.

Franklin Hatchett Scam

I find this to be a funny one. I have seen that people do a search online to see if Franklin is scam artist or not and I don't blame them. If you just started watching his Youtube training on making online money and never invested into one of his courses, then i do understand the skepticism. It's normal with every "guru" out there.

Franklin doesn't like that title anyway and doesn't consider himself to be  a guru. He's a proven marketer which is a perfect segue to my next point.

If I could think of any negative opinion I have of his training it's probably this - It takes a hell of a time to get through it all! There's tons to learn. 

Franklin Hatchett Net Worth

It's hard to give an accurate number but generally speaking he is a millionaire at least. The proof would be to my point below where he made at least 2 Million dollars in sales using Clickfunnels. That's just one source, you add up his affiliate revenue and ecom revenue and it's going to be even more than that.

2 Comma Club Winner

If you're familiar with Clickfunnels then you might also know that Franklin is a 2-Comma Club winner. I believe he has two of these and is working on a third if I am not mistaken.

What exactly is the 2 Comma Club? 

The Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club represents a club for those that have generated at least $1 Million in sales using Clickfunnels.

Here's Franklin with one of these awards from Clickfunnels:

Now, let me ask you this - would you like to learn from a guy that knows how to generate money like this or from some other schmuck with a great looking salespage but no proven record?

Course Support

If you ever have a question you can ask it in the Facebook Group where other members interact including Franklin himself. So yes, he does participate and answers questions too. 

There's also the support system where you can create a ticket. This is mostly for any administrative help like logins, any issues with a course or the eCom Turbo theme for example. All his products have this support so you'll never be left hanging.


The final verdict here is that Franklin Hatchett is definitely the real deal. He's not some fly-by-night Youtuber or serial marketer - he really does want the best for his students.

This shows in his credibility as a marketer along with very reasonably priced courses that over-deliver. He could - and probably should - charge more for his training.

Learning from Franklin is fun as well as informative, which is a critical component. If you don't like your teacher, you're not going to learn much. Franklin is a very likable guy, explains things precisely so you understand and is a great motivator too.

If this review of Franklin Hatchett has helped in any way - great. If you still have questions feel free to comment below or contact me directly.