Write App Reviews: Legit Way to Make Money? (2023)

Hey, it's Drew. In this article, I am going to give you a full review of Write App Reviews.

Chances are you've been searching for a way to make some money online and found this opportunity. Fortunately for you, I paid and bought Write App Reviews and put it through the test to see if it works. You'll want to keep reading so you can get my honest opinion.

In this article I will tell you:

  • Is it legitimate?
  • Is it a scam?
  • Is it worth joining?
  • Are there better ways to make money online?

You're in the right place because I've reviewed hundreds of products like these and can tell the good products from the duds. 

What is Write App Reviews?

Write App Reviews claims that you can make money online by testing apps on your phone or tablet. You need to pay $27 to get access to the program.

The program can be bought directly on the Write App Reviews website and you'll purchase it through Clickbank.

The model is actually pretty simple. 

You join the program and are provided with apps that you can test on your phone or tablet.  You then will write a review on every app that you test.

You don't need to create your own website to write these reviews. You are provided with the website to do this on. 

Now, this all seemed pretty easy to me. I mean, people love to read reviews before they make a purchase so I thought, let's give this a try.

After joining, it seemed pretty legit. Everything that the sales page said you need to do was there. 

So, I grabbed a few apps and started writing my reviews - since it's something that comes easily to me. 

But, I pretty much discovered what the end result will be and it's not that great. It was a bit disappointing but I was able to come to a conclusion which I'll definitely share with you in this WriteAppReviews.com review.

How Do Write App Reviews Work?

With Write App Reviews, you will review apps on your phone or tablet and then write your thoughts about them in the form of your own personal review.

As mentioned earlier, you are provided with your own website so there's no need to register a domain and mess with creating your own site. That is where you will post your reviews.

How do You Make Money With Write APP Reviews?

So how do you make money? There are actually three ways.

  1. When you get clicks on your website banners
  2. When people sign up on your email list
  3. When your app download link gets clicked

Whether or not you will make money really depends on a few factors. First, your review needs to be good enough to convince people to do some kind of action like clicking the banner or link.

Second, there should be a considerable amount of people searching for reviews on this app. If it is unknown or if no one is searching for it, then the chances of finding your review and making money is slim.

Lastly, your page has to rank well in Google. Since you are not running ads, you need to rely on SEO (search engine optimization) to get any traffic.

No traffic = no money. (more on this later).

My Experience as a Write App Reviews Member

I paid for a subscription to Write App Reviews, so I'm a paying member and fully qualified to review it. I won't regurgitate what you can already find on the sales page. 

Here is the receipt:

There were MANY upsells. Five in total. Crazy, I know right? I'll get into the upsells later.

Write App Reviews Training

Before you can start writing reviews, the very first thing to do is to go through the training - which I did. 

There are 5 levels of training:

  • Beginner Training
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Making Money With Your Website
  • Bonus Training

Beginner Training

The beginner training doesn't actually take you into writing reviews on your own web page - yet.

Instead, it shows you the quickest and easiest way to make money right away from reviews. This is called the "Paid Review" opportunity.

Many big companies will pay people to write reviews. In some cases instead of cash, you can get "free stuff" when writing a positive review for them.

It works like this - You are provided with a link to download the app, then you'll register as a member and wait for the opportunities to come in. 

I went through this process and still waiting for an "opportunity". Nothing yet though and its been several days. Will update this if I see anything.

Intermediate Training

You will learn all the steps in the intermediate training on how to use Write App Reviews. There are 4 modules:

  • Making Money with Write App Reviews
  • Selecting & Evaluating Products
  • How to Create Reviews
  • Making your Reviews Awesome

In the first module, you going to learn how the write app reviews platform actually works. They even gave a screenshot of real-life earnings but did not mention whether this was a student of the course or not.

In the selecting and evaluating products training, teaches you how to find opportunities, and how to select the right products to review, test and evaluate them.

I did like that they gave you some suggestions on their top six categories which are:

  • Apps
  • Games
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Software
  • Physical products

In the How to create reviews module, you going to learn how to write and publish reviews using the write app reviews platform.

You will learn things such as understanding your audience, the importance of giving your honest opinion, giving constructive feedback, and how to be detailed and specific and your reviews but also keeping it friendly.

You’ll also be given all the steps to publish your reviews on your webpage. If you are familiar with WordPress already, this should be easy for you. But if not, don’t worry as full training is provided.

Below is an example of what a review looks like on the Write App Reviews website. Yours will look similar because they all share the same template.

Advanced Training

In the advanced training module, you are going to learn how to utilize social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing to get more traffic to your reviews.

You’ll also be taught some online and offline promotion tactics to help.

Although helpful, I found the training to be very basic - something you can easily find by doing a quick search on Google or on YouTube.

For example, they tell you how much traffic you can get on the search engines and provide some very basic training. SEO can be a very complicated strategy and what they teach is just basic stuff.

There are full courses on SEO and one of the best ones is found in the Affiliate Lab. So what they teach you here might help a little but it’s not going to get you on the first page of Google.

And another thing, because you are using their domain and your review is one page on their domain, if other reviewers review the same product - you’re going to be competing with potentially hundreds of others on the same domain.

How is Google going to determine which one of those pages will rank the highest? Personally, I can’t see you ever ranking your page on Google using write app reviews.

The only way possible would be if you wrote a review on a product that has no competition and no one else is reviewing it.

Making Money With Your Website

Write App Reviews claims you can make money on autopilot through Clickbank and JVzoo.

As an affiliate marketer for over a decade that has promoted products using Clickbank and JVZoo, I can’t say how you’re going to make any money with what they teach here.

Using someone else’s website to try and make money from is like letting someone you don’t know to drive your car.

Affiliates that make money on Clickbank or JVZoo don’t use the Write App Reviews website. They use their own platform.

I suppose if you were to pay for traffic, and your page it looked very trustworthy, you could make a few sales here and there. But Clickbank and JVZoo products can be expensive so building trust from a crappy review page without offering any other value is going to be difficult.

So yeah, I’ll think you’ll make money with this strategy either.

Bonus Training

The bonus training teaches you to make money by reading articles. They cite places like Upwork, Fiverr, Textbroker, etc., Where you can find people that are willing to pay for articles.

They claim that you can easily make 300 to 400 dollars for a 1000-word article. They even claimed that some writers can make $1000 per article. This is a far stretch. You would have to be a top copywriter or one of the best writers in the business to make this kind of money.

On average, writers make anywhere from 1¢ to 10¢ per article. These are usually writers that are new or at an intermediate level. You would likely fall somewhere in this category. If you’re just starting out, expect to be paid 1 to 3¢ per article. So for a 1000-word article, you would make anywhere from $10 to $30, not the $300 - $400 they claim. That’s just fantasyland.

I found it strange to even include this training because it really has nothing to do with Write App Reviews. Oh well, it’s just a bonus I guess. But not really.

Can Write App Reviews Make You Money?

After going through all the training, in theory, yes, Write App Reviews can make you money.

In reality, though, I don’t think you should set your expectations very high. This is because you are at a disadvantage from the get-go. The chances of somebody finding your web page through a Google search is a minimal.

There are going to be many other people reviewing the same product on the Write App Reviews website who you are going to be competing with.

How does Google determine which one of those pages wins? It’s likely only going to index one of them. So for you to get that position would almost be like winning the lottery.

As I mentioned before you might get some sales through social media exposure, paid ads, or if you have an email list. Forget about search engine optimization though. I can’t see your page ranking anywhere. 

Is Write App Reviews a Scam?

No, I don’t think writing app reviews is a scam. They provide you with training and a website to host your reviews. So they are actually giving you something for your money.

Whether you make any money or not is something you’ll have to find out on your own.

How Much Does Write App Reviews Cost?

The cost to join is $27. However, there are plenty of upsells.

Checking out was not easy. I counted a total of 5 upsells. This is normal when you buy something that is so cheap, like this $27 program. I expected an upsell or two, not 5. Here are the Upsells shortly after purchasing the program:

Upsell #1 - VIP

For just a one-time payment of $97 you can be a VIP! 

So in other words, the others that only pay $27 are fed the scraps? This doesn't sit well with me at all, having to pay more for the same access. If you pass on this offer, already you are made to feel you are on the back foot. Not a nice feeling!

I passed anyway.

Upsell #2 - VIP Access for Just $67

They really want you to buy the VIP Access upsell. If you click no (like I did) I was presented with a discount of $30 but only get this access for 12 months.

Guess what? I passed on this one too. Now the next upsell is...

Upsell #3 - Get Access to Payingsocialmediajobs and PaidOnlineWritingJobs at 70%off

I don't know why this is even an upsell, you can access either program online. It just seems like a scam to me and is probably an ebook on how to become a freelance writer. Anyway, it's $57 for both.

I'll pass on that, thanks.

Upsell #4 - Same thing but with a discount?

Now this is getting crazy. Now you can just choose one of them for $37. At this point, it was getting pretty frustrating! If businesses are looking for people to hire to write content for them they will have their own staff or look at places like Upwork or Freelancer to get qualified people. Not from someone that purchased this upsell!

Upsell #5 

For $37 you can have pre-written reviews done for you already. This probably means content that was previously written and nothing original. I could be wrong, but for this cheap I highly doubt the content is original.

That could be a real problem if you want to try and rank it on Google. You'll get slapped even more with a plagiarism penalty!

And yes, thankfully, that was the end of the upsells. That was tiring. Prolably for you also! 😐


Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, you can get a refund. Write App Reviews is hosted on Clickbank. If you’re familiar with Clickbank getting a refund is pretty easy. You simply just have to request a refund on the platform and you’ll get it within a few days. 

Who Is Write App Reviews Best For?

Write App Reviews would be best for those that have never done any type of online marketing before. It's probably ok to get your feet wet with this program but I think the chances of making any money is slim.

However, at least it gives you an introduction to making money online. I just hope it doesn't discourage you too much - especially if you don't make any money from it.

If anything, some of the training is ok, and you'll at least learn something.

What I like About Write App Reviews

It Has Decent Entry-Level Training

If you have never started an online business before, you’re definitely going to learn something from the training. Overall, it’s not too bad. You’ll learn things about how to write reviews, have to post on social media, some basic search engine optimization stuff, email marketing, and how to make some money on the side writing articles.

Website Included

You will get your own website included at no additional cost. This eliminates any hosting fees, buying a domain Etc. However, starting your own blog is cheap and I suggest you do this instead.

Refund Guarantee

Since the program is hosted on Clickbank, refunds are not a problem. So if you do decide to give it a try at least you get your money back.

What I Didn’t Like About Write App Reviews

Lot's of Hype and Hypotheticals

There's a lot of focus on getting you hyped up in the training. Telling you things like to imagine what you could do with all the extra money you will make, how you can trade your car in for a newer model, help out friends and family, etc.

Sure, it's good to dream. But this belongs on a sales page. Not in the training. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will make any money with their program so it's just fluff to me.  

Take a look - right from one of the training modules:

You’ll Get Spammed with Email “Opportunities” After You Join

Shortly after joining, I got sent a new email every day regarding other "opportunities".

These emails all point to those "programs" that were offered in the upsells 3 and 4. Does Write App Reviews own these programs or are they an affiliate for them? Either way, this "opportunity" is masked almost like applying for a job.

The other emails were to the effect of "make $100 an hour, apply now" and that sort. Doing some further checking, these all lead for a product that you have to buy. It just smells like a scam.

It Will be Impossible to Rank Your Videos On Google

Your reviews are hosted on the writeappreviews website which is actually freshappreviews.com When you register, they will use your name as a subdomain to create your page.

For example, if your name is Jack Smith, your page would look like this - jacksmith.freshappreviews.com. More than likely they will create a variation of your name rather than using your real name for privacy reasons.

Subdomains rarely rank on Google, so the chances of yours ranking well is going to be slim. Especially when other people will be reviewing the same products on the same site. As I mentioned before, which one does Google rank? This isn't ideal at all.

Way Too Many Upsells

As you have seen already - there are way too many upsells. Nothing more to say.

Lack of Testimonials

I looked for some positive testimonials on people making money with WriteAppReviews but I couldn't find any. At least the ones that seemed legit anyway.


While I don't think WriteAppReviews is a scam, it's something that I just can't recommend. Sure, you could try it because it's cheap and you can just ask for a refund if it doesn't work for you. It didn't work for me and I've been in this game long enough to know it wasn't going to work from the beginning.

But, this wasn't about me, and I wanted to give all my readers my opinion on what I think about this product. And there you have it.

If you have tried Write App Reviews yourself comment below and tell me what your experience was like. I'd like to hear it!

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