AliExpress Dropshipping With The AliDropship Plugin

Alidropship plugin review

Have you ever heard of dropshipping?

Are you considering starting your own ecommerce business?

If so, continue reading and you will understand how you can create a booming ecommerce venture without needing any specific business knowledge. 

How do you describe dropshipping in a few words? To put it simply, with this business model anyone can start their own ecommerce venture with minimal investments.

The thing that makes dropshipping so attractive is that you don’t need to own the products to sell them. Instead, you find a supplier who stores and ships the products. 

One of the most popular marketplaces where you can find suppliers to cooperate with is AliExpress. This ecommerce platform can serve as a great source of various products. 

Dropshipping with AliExpress: Pros and Cons

AliExpress is one of the biggest online retail marketplaces in the world. It was launched back in 2010 and is mostly a platform for Chinese small businesses that offer various items and goods to people from around the world. 

Having said that, can you imagine why dropshipping with AliExpress can be beneficial? Let’s see the benefits a little closer to understand what it has to offer. 

AliExpress has a wide variety of products

As we stated earlier, AliExpress has millions of products of various categories, with thousands of sellers. It offers a vast product range from clothing to electronics, to jewelry and different types of accessories. 

With such a broad range of items, you can focus on almost any niche possible and cooperate with different suppliers. 

AliExpress sellers offer goods at exceptionally low prices 

What helps AliExpress stand out from other online retail marketplaces are the low prices for different products. Furthermore, many sellers offer free worldwide shipping. So, you don’t need to count the cost of shipping into the markup price of your products. 

This will allow you to stand out from your competition, as you will have a much more appealing price range. 

Worldwide shipping 

In comparison with other online marketplaces, AliExpress allows shipping to almost any corner of the world. In fact, AliExpress sellers can ship out the products to approximately 254 countries. Not a lot of online retail marketplaces can do the same. 

AliExpress sellers are willing to cooperate with dropshippers 

Another major upside of dropshipping with AliExpress is that many sellers are willing to collaborate with dropshippers. The reason is simple: it’s a win-win situation for both sides. The sellers get order requests, while dropshippers get other incentives. 

For example, sellers easily agree not to include any of their promotional materials in the packages, and even make special promos for the dropshippers. Furthermore, occasionally, they can provide discounts on their products. 

AliExpress is a huge online retail marketplace that is a part of Alibaba. They hold great value in their customers and always put them first. To ensure customer satisfaction,

AliExpress makes sure the work quality of the sellers is exceptional. The company always wants its customers to feel safe and comfortable using the platform. 

However, while dropshipping with AliExpress provides its advantages, it has several drawbacks as well. 

Poorly presented product information

Trying to attract the attention of as many potential buyers as possible, AliExpress sellers tend to create keyword-rich (but overly long and sometimes incomprehensible) product titles and descriptions. For a buyer, it might be tricky to go through the chaotic product information and make the ultimate purchasing decision.

AliDropship offers a unique solution in the form of Sellika. Sellika is an AI product description generator that has a lot of useful features to simplify and automate your work on the product pages. These features include easy product and category descriptions editing, renaming colors, and more. 

 Nevertheless, there is another way for sorting out this issue effectively - but more on that later. 

Long shipping times

Although many sellers offer free shipping, the downside is that it can take from 7 to 30, or in some cases even 60 days. 

Although, there are several methods to minimize the shipping times, such as ePacket shipping, for example. Numerous suppliers offer this low-cost shipping method that lets the items arrive much quicker than usual.

Besides, you can cooperate with your supplier and see if they have warehouses near the area of your target audience’s location. This will significantly reduce shipping times and improve customer satisfaction. 

The dropshipping business model provides many other beneficial business opportunities that far outweigh the listed drawbacks.

Difference between AliExpress & Alibaba

Contrary to a popular misconception, AliExpress and Alibaba are not one and the same. 

Alibaba is a Business to Business (B2B) platform. Business deeds are conducted in an official manner, where Alibaba exchanges products and services with other companies.

Typical shopping enthusiasts can hardly ever purchase something for their personal needs. What’s more, usually, on Alibaba, you can only buy products in bulk, as the sellers like to set a minimum order requirement. The upside is that the drmore you buy, the lower the overall price will be.

Also, you can bargain with certain sellers. However, there’s no guarantee that the seller will accept your bargain and your small-scale order, but the opportunity is there. 

Nevertheless, the downside is that if you are going to do business with the sellers on Alibaba, you are going to have to order multiple units of products.

This means that you will need to store them somewhere. Moreover, the shipping cost is not included in the product’s final price. And that means more expenses for you.

And quite frankly, all of this doesn’t exactly sound like dropshipping at all. In terms of dropshipping, AliExpress is certainly the best choice.

As a retail branch of Alibaba, AliExpress is a B2C (Business to Consumer) platform oriented towards regular buyers who purchase items for their personal needs. To AliExpress sellers, it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re buying something to use it yourself or to resell it further: in any case, they will be happy to have you as a customer and process your order.

How to choose AliExpress suppliers

How do you determine a trustworthy supplier to cooperate with? 

Thankfully, AliExpress has a transparent system of displaying every seller’s track record. On every supplier’s page, you’ll find invaluable data such as:

  • Operation period (generally, the longer the better)
  • The percentage of positive store reviews 
  • The number of followers 
  • A general store rating

Carefully evaluate the features above and determine whether you find the supplier to be reliable or not. 

And don’t forget to see for yourself what actual buyers are saying about the seller and their shopping experience: simply visit the review section of the store. 

Additionally, you can install the AliDropship Chrome Extension. With this free solution, you can find the best offer by comparing products from different sellers by their price, reviews, etc. What’s more, not only can the AliDropship Extension help you find a trusted supplier.

Tools for dropshipping with AliExpress

Running a dropshipping store requires a lot of time and effort. To simplify this process, tools like the AliDropship Plugin were created. What is the AliDropship plugin and what benefits it offers?

The AliDropship plugin is a tool that works on the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. With this plugin, anyone can create their own fully functional dropshipping store even without specific IT knowledge. 

It has multiple traits that will help you establish a successful dropshipping business, so let’s go one by one. 

Full ownership 

This might come as a surprise to you, but some ecommerce platforms that allow you to establish a dropshipping venture do not provide you with full ownership of the business you’ve launched. By using one of such platforms, you are restricted to running your business according to their ever-changing rules. 

The reason for this is that many platforms use the subscription-based model. If you follow through with this, you will be required to pay monthly fees to continue using the platform and its services. If you decide to stop paying, you will lose your business. 

However, by using the AliDropship plugin, you receive 100% ownership of your dropshipping business. Furthermore, there are no monthly fees - you can make a one-time payment and build your own store with the plugin.

And not only that, but there are also no restrictions whatsoever. Import any number of products you want, process any amount of orders, launch any promotional campaigns, etc. This is your store and you are free to do whatever you feel will help you achieve success. 

A reasonable price 

Though dropshipping provides an opportunity to establish an ecommerce store for almost anyone, it still requires a startup cost. So, before you decide to dive in headfirst into dropshipping, carefully consider your budget. 

As mentioned before, AliDropship does not require any monthly fees - only a one-time payment. You can get it for only $89 and by purchasing a version made for WordPress, you automatically receive a WooCommerce version as well.

The only repetitive costs that you need to consider are the ones essential for maintaining any online store, such as hosting payment and domain fee.

Free professionally made themes

A common problem that you can experience among many online stores is that they all look practically identical. And running a prosperous dropshipping business, you want to stand out from the crowd. 

Numerous dropshipping solutions provide a poor choice of visuals to design your website. Typically, you have to manually construct your website with a limited number of features to customize. Although, if you are willing to pay, there are some decent options available. 

AliDropship provides you with uniquely developed free themes that are made to help you boost your earnings. 

A broad range of marketing tools 

An essential feature of a dropshipping business is the marketing aspect. 

It’s understandable: with the right marketing approach, you’ll be able to find and reach far more potential customers than just by sitting around and waiting for them to find you. 

AliDropship provides tools that will help you with your promotional activities. And besides, it main features that focus on a smooth daily performance, it also features: 

  • Customer discount coupons 
  • The opportunity to collect customer emails 
  • The abandoned cart feature (sends notifications emails to people who couldn’t finish their checkout) 
  • Customer reviews import directly from AliExpress
  • And many other beneficial attributes 

Product import 

AliDropship is designed to make your experience as a dropshipping entrepreneur as easy as possible. One of the most unique features this tool offers is the advanced product import. With this feature, you can seamlessly transfer the photos, descriptions and reviews of the product from AliExpress to your online store. 

What’s more, the free AliDropship extension for Google Chrome allows you to compare the specific product you’ve chosen to other similar products that other sellers offer on AliExpress. From there, you’ll be able to choose the best possible offer. 

This feature allows you to save countless hours of your time from browsing through AliExpress and searching for that perfect product offer. 

Lifelong support 

You can rest assured that if you experience any trouble with setting up or running your dropshipping business with AliDropship, the support team will always be there to help you. Not only that, but the products are also constantly improved and updated. And all of this is available to you at any time. 

There are no extra payments for the support, it is completely free and life-long. 

Tips for dropshipping with AliExpress  

Nonetheless, there is far more to dropshipping then simply selecting some products and listing them on your website. Here are some tips for you to start your dropshipping business efficiently.

Consider the seasonality

When you are selecting what products you are going to list on your online store, definitely keep in mind the seasonality of the goods. 

You see, the interest rates of certain products heavily depends on the time of the year. In fact, we can highlight three categories for seasonality: 

  • Year-round 

Some items can be consistently demanded throughout the whole year and can even spike up during the holiday seasons. This is the ideal product to sell. 

  • Semi-seasonal 

Not really as good as the previous type, but still can have lots of potential. These products are heavily demanded in a season and slightly drop off throughout the rest of the year. However, it will still be somewhat demanded. 

  • Highly seasonal 

It is better to stay clear of these types of products. They are only in demand during certain holiday seasons, like Christmas, Halloween, etc. As your main product offers, these types of goods are not the best choice. 

Be picky

Keep in mind that dropshipping provides lots of freedom, so when you are choosing what products to sell, be picky and select those you are most passionate about. 

This also has its benefits, because by choosing the products you like, you won’t get tired of running this business, and, in fact, it should fuel you even more. 

Besides, selling these kinds of products should also provide you with a competitive advantage, since you will most likely be experienced and know all there is to know about the goods. 

Learn the basics of SEO 

SEO (search engine optimization) is essential to integrate into your marketing strategy. Through it, you can easily attract organic traffic to your website. 

Making your website SEO-friendly, you help it rank higher in the search engines which will result in more people clicking on the link to your website and visiting it. In addition, when Internet users search for something somewhat related to your website - your store will pop up in their search results. 

To make your online store SEO-friendly, you are going to need to optimize all of the site’s elements. From all the textual content, including product descriptions, product titles, etc., to other key areas, there are multiple areas you can significantly improve for a long-term effect.

Final thoughts on dropshipping with AliExpress with the AliDropship plugin

Dropshipping with AliExpress provides the opportunity to start a prosperous venture like no other. The best thing about this business model is that anyone can try their hand in it, whether they are a student, a housewife, or even a successful entrepreneur. 

And with unique tools like the AliDropship plugin, which makes your life as a dropshipping entrepreneur much easier, you can create an additional source of income or, if things go exceptionally well, substitute your full-time job as a whole. 

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