What Tools Do you Need to Get Started With Internet Marketing?

I have laid out some common links to tools that you will need to get your marketing efforts online and done right from the START!

First off, You will need to Register a Domain and get Hosting

I love Bluehost and have used them for years. They have lightning fast support in both chat and email. I have never had such quick email service with another company before, they are amazing. For only $3.95 a month you can host unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth. And with 24/7 support, truly a winner in my opinion. You can register your domain with them too, so a true one stop shop.

You can check them out here – BLUEHOST

For your Email Marketing Campaign

The 3 big guys that I would suggest are below. All of them are good and offer a similar service and all come with a 30 day free trial so you have nothing to lose. I myself have used Aweber and Icontact, with good results. The choice comes down to your preference but I do recommend any one of the three. A really hard choice because they are all good. Pick the one that you like and go for it!

Outsourcing Your Work

I strongly suggest that you do the work yourself first, but when you become an SEO Rock Star you can start outsourcing. You can outsource anything from writing articles, emails, even getting a virtual assistant to help you with day-to-day tasks.

  • Content – I highly suggest Iwriter.com – There are no sign up fees and you can choose the level of writer you need, from basic to advanced writing. Also, if you don’t like the article/email they wrote for you, you don’t have to pay unless you are 100% satisfied with the material.
  • Clickfunnels. For an all-in-one solution and easy one click funnel set up’s, Clickfunnels is great for this. Check out my Clickfunnels review.
  • SqueezePages – I highly recommend ProfitBuilder simply because of how powerful it is, it integrates with any wordpress site and there are NO monthly fees!
  • Upwork – You can use these guys for almost anything, from content writing to email campaigns and finding a virtual assistant.
  • Fiverr.comAn insane resource for just about anything! It’s a great place to get graphics or banners made starting at just 5 bucks.
  • Video Marketing – You’ll need a great video editor like Camtasia or Power Director. You can also use simpler software – check out my Clipman review.

I will monitor my suggestions above and if anything changes I will surely update it here. There are many options available but these are the ones that I suggest as I have used all before with good results. All are very reputable.

Once You have all the tools you need, check out my page on how to start a blog.