Oberlo For Woocommerce: Is This Oberlo Alternative Plugin any Good?

If you want to succeed in online business and make enough money to live without an employer, one of the most realistic ways is by running a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is accessible to anyone, as you do not have to manufacture a product to succeed at dropshipping.

You do not even have to ship a product to a customer's residence and then send it to customers for a higher price to make money at dropshipping. Instead, you create a website that convinces customers to buy products. After the customer chooses to buy a product, another company will ship the product to their residence.

You do not have to deal with physical products at all in dropshipping. You merely need a website that is capable of generating sales.

Today, very little technical skill is required to set up a dropshipping site on either the Shopify platform or the Woocommerce platform. Dropshipping certainly does not require any programming skills. As well as that, it is no longer even necessary to understand WordPress website design but it still comes in handy at times.

Does Oberlo Work for the WooCommerce Platform?

Unfortunately, Oberlo only works for the Shopify platform. If you want to sell products through WooCommerce instead of Shopify, you need different tools. These tools do not work across platforms.

If you are using Shopify, you can use the Oberlo app to build a dropshipping site without Wordpress skills. Is there another tool that allows you to create a website for WooCommerce as easily as Oberlo will enable you to create a page for Shopify?

Thankfully, there is. The Alidropship Woo Plugin will allow you to create a dropshipping site for the WooCommerce platform without any WordPress knowledge. The Alidropship Woo Plugin works just as well for WooCommerce as the Oberlo app works for Shopify.

Starting a WooCommerce dropshipping business with Alidropship is very straightforward. Using Alidropship for WooCommerce is as easy as using Oberlo for Shopify.

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Is the Woocommerce Platform Better than the Shopify Platform?

Both WooCommerce and Shopify are effective ways of selling products online. The main advantage of WooCommerce is that it gives the seller more control over how to customize their online store than the Shopify platform does.

WooCommerce is very popular. More than 30% of all online stores on the internet are on the WooCommerce platform. While many of these stores make few sales, more than 28000 of the top million websites (and not merely online stores) are on the WooCommerce platform.

The most significant difference between WooCommerce and Shopify is that WooCommerce is self-hosted. Self-hosted means that all of your files are on your server.

With Shopify, servers controlled by the company take care of all of your files for you. They therefore have less flexibility than WooCommerce. Shopify is also flexible and allows you to create a distinctive layout, but you'll need a premium theme if you want to add better customizations.

 WooCommerce also has a more flexible pricing structure than Shopify does. With WooCommerce, you have more control over precisely what features they pay for than with the Shopify platform.

How Does the AliDropship Plugin Compare to the Oberlo App?

Both apps are excellent tools that reduce the time investment involved in running an online store. With the Oberlo app, adding new products to your store is easy. You click on the image of the product you want to add, and it becomes available in your store. Without using Oberlo, it can be time-consuming to add dozens of products to your Shopify store.

AliDropship is very similar to Oberlo. It is the same app for a different e-commerce system. The time-consuming process of manually adding many different products to a WordPress site takes only minutes if you are using AliDropship. The AliDropship plugin also makes the process of searching for products you want easier.

How AliDropship Automates Orders

Without using a tool like AliDropship or Oberlo, it can be time-consuming to fulfill orders. If you are using one of these apps, you do not have to approve all purchases that customers make manually.

While you might not mind manually confirming a few sales here and there, it becomes very time consuming as the number of sales increases. Using a tool for automating orders, therefore, becomes a must once you are past the early stages.

Both AliDropship and Oberlo work well for automated ordering. AliDropship does have one advantage over Oberlo, however, and that is its price. It is cheaper to use AliDropship's automatic ordering features.

Automatic Price and Inventory Updates

One of the worst things about trying to run a dropshipping business without tools such as Oberlo or AliDropship is having to manually check whether or not a product is still in stock.

If the supplier is temporarily out of a product, it will continue to appear as something available for sale on your site. Customers can be annoyed by attempting to buy products that are out of stock. Therefore, a product that is out of stock should not appear on your website. Manually checking to see if products are out of stock is too much of a hassle.

With Oberlo, owners of Shopify dropshipping sites are immediately notified if a product is out of stock. Oberlo also automatically tells all of its users about price increases and decreases.

Users must still update their prices manually. Manually updating prices after being notified is far easier than having to check for price changes yourself frequently, but the price changes are not automatic.

Thankfully, the AliDropship plugin works just as well as Oberlo. Updating price changes is not any more of a hassle with WooCommerce than it is with Shopify. Notifications for products being out of stock are also automatic.

AliDropship also offers an advantage over Oberlo, which is the auto markup feature. With the auto markup feature, products are sold for a percentage more than their supplier's price.

For example, if the supplier sells a product for $100, you could decide to sell it for $10 more than its supplier's price. The item would then sell for $110. If the supplier's price were to increase to $150, the item would then sell for $160 automatically.

The best part of this system is that it does not require any manual input. With AliDropship, you can ignore your store for a few days without having to worry about price changes.

Which of the two Options is Cheaper?

With Oberlo, the one-month free trial is rather generous. For a month, you can access up to 500 products. Up to fifty orders can be shipped with a free account, only if it goes beyond that do you have to upgrade to a paid version immediately. The price automation works with a free trial account, and you will receive a sales report as well.

After the free trial for Oberlo runs out, you can choose between a Pro Plan ($79 per month), which offers every feature Oberlo has, and a cheaper Basic Plan ($29 per month).

The basic plan will allow you to sell up to 10,000 different products on your store and ship up to 500 orders per month. As the automated ordering tools work with the cheaper version of Oberlo, you might not need to upgrade to the $79 per month option for a long time.

Shopify also costs a minimum of $29 per month to use. Therefore, it will cost you almost $60 per month to use Oberlo.

AliDropship is cheaper as it does not require a monthly fee. Instead, you pay only $89 to use the product for life.

The single fee AliDropship plugin has all of the program's features. Compared to that, Oberlo costs $79 per month for its full-featured version.

AliDropship has price automation, automatic fulfillment of orders, search tools, and automatic updates. There is a feature that allows images and text descriptions to be automatically updated, plus other features, including an order tracking feature.

Can Anyone use the AliDropship WooCommerce Plugin?

If you have a site using the WooCommerce platform, you can use AliDropship. Oberlo does not work for WooCommerce; AliDropship does not work for Shopify. AliDropship will work whether or not you already have a WordPress site. You can turn an existing WordPress site into an online store using AliDropship. An e-mail list comes with your purchase.

Is AliDropship Challenging to Use?

No, you should find it easy to understand if you know WordPress already. If you do not know WordPress, it may take some time to learn, but these tools are designed to be used by anyone.

How do you Install the Plugin?

After buying the software, you will receive a download link in your e-mail. After the download, log in to WordPress. While in WordPress, click on Plugin, then click on Add New, then click on Upload Plugin.

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Browse for the file you download from your e-mail and click on install, then click on Activate Plugin after the install finishes. Finally, enter your license key to complete the process.

Not everyone is aware that WooCommerce is just as good as Shopify. As well as being a top-rated platform, WooCommerce offers tools for drop shippers that are at least as good as those provided for Shopify.

However, personally I prefer the Shopify platform over Woocommerce/Wordpress. It all comes down to preferences so if you must stick with Woocommerce, the Alidropship Woo Plugin is your best bet.

Drew Mann

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