The Best Themes For E-Commerce & Drop Shipping on Shopify

Many of you have an ecommerce site in drop shipping and have a basic free theme.

You're probably wondering if you can get better conversions with a faster, better looking theme. 

If you're currently not running a store and just looking around, don't bother researching premium themes just yet, get trained in ecom/dropshipping first.

You can see some of my course recommendations here.

While it's true that getting your products and advertising right will drive sales, if someone comes to your site and is turned off due to an ugly or slow site, your chances of converting that customer will be lower.

This is why having a fast loading, attractive looking, attention grabbing site is so important. It makes the customer feel "safe" in their purchase because your store seems more legit and trusted.

Are you aware that if pages on your site take longer than 3 seconds to load, that you risk having customers exit your site and will probably never return? People these days have less patience for slow sites so that is why you need a good theme that not only focuses on conversions but loads fast too.

Premium Themes Save You Money

If you're not aware, those free themes you get from Shopify although decent, do require additional paid apps to tweak your store into a money making machine. Although there are some free versions of the paid apps, usually these are not very well built and can slow down your site.

Enter premium themes. These themes incorporate directly into the themes code the functionality of paid apps - included in the price.

Part of the reason this is much more superior is that because these features are coded specifically for the theme so their coders make it work optimally.

So not only are you saving money by not having to install a paid app onto your theme, you're getting the same (or similar) functionality built into the code of the site.

Without getting too technical, this just means it works better and faster.

I have compiled a list of themes that I have tested myself and like the best. If you're considering ditching your current theme, here are some recommendations for you.

What are the Best Shopify Ecommerce Themes?

#1 - eCom Turbo

One of my favorites, ecom Turbo is built for conversions. Some of the features for eCom Turbo include fast load times, a scarcity timer built in (saving you money without having to buy a separate app) related products - think Amazon, coupon code upsells, footer customizations and more. 


  • Standard (1 store) $97
  • Pro (3 stores) $127
  • Unlimited - $147

The theme comes with full training and a refund guarantee. To see if this is for you, read my full eCom Turbo review here.

To see the product, learn more about eCom Turbo here.

#2 Booster Theme

You've probably seen the cheesy testimonial ads all across Youtube for the Booster Theme. Ads aside, is it a good theme? It's more expensive than eCom Turbo but is still a good theme.

Some of the features include mobile phone optimizations, notification of sales pop-ups (FYI - these are fake though), cross-selling - where you get related item pop-ups to allow for more sales and visitor and countdown timers. Another feature I like is the currency converter, where depending on what country your store is being viewed - it will display in local currency.

Booster Theme claims to double your conversion rate and really the only way to know this is to buy it and test it.


  • Single License - $179
  • 2 Licences - $297
  • 5 Licences - $497

I have done a separate review on the Booster Theme which you can check out for more detail.

To learn more about the Booster Theme, click here.

#3 Turbo Theme

The Turbo Theme, not to be confused with eCom Turbo, comes in 5 different designs and is developed by Out of the Sandbox. 

The theme is expensive and for a single licence it will cost you $350.00

The theme's main focus is speed. As you already know, if your pages take longer than 3 seconds to load, on average 40% of your customers will click off your site. Imagine how many potential sales you could be losing just because of that.

The Turbo theme has an array of features including a configurable slide-show, an extendable mega-menu, an animated and interactive mini-cart, banner sections that support Youtube and Vimeo videos & more.

If you'd like to learn more about the Turbo Theme, check out my review here.

To jump to the theme itself just click here.

#4 - Konversion Theme

Like the others, Konversion theme was created with speed in mind. What I do like about this theme is that it is packed with features (20+) yet has been developed so well that it still responds quickly to user requests.

It's also mobile optimized and in fact was built for mobile first as they claim. Your customers can easily make purchases right from their phone without any issues or endless scrolling or frustration.

See my full review of the Konversion theme here.

Focus is not only on speed, but sales as well where the theme can be customized with collection banners, sales tags, countdown timers, trust icons, deal of the day and more.

Navigation to find products on your store is easy too, so customers can find what they want.

Currently, there are two packages for Konversion.

A single licence is $197 and for 3 licences it will cost you $394.

See the Konversion theme here.

#5 Shoptimized

Shoptimized is a popular theme and has even been used by Jared Goetz on his site which became the 2nd fastest growing Shopify store of all time. 

I don't believe that the theme is responsible for 100% of it's success as that would be foolish to believe, however I am sure it has contributed to it somewhat.

The theme itself isn't cheap, starting at $167 for 1 license, $197 for 3 store licences and $597 for a 10 store license.

Some of the features of Shoptimized include a countdown timer, scarcity of remaining stock, a shipping time estimator, video embedding, built in social proof pop-ups (notification of sales) live visitor counters, cart page urgency and more.

Having built in features is certainly a plus so that you can end your monthly subscriptions with other apps that do essentially the same thing.

Enabling all of them though might end up making your site a "cookie cutter" site just like the rest of the Shoptimize stores so i'd use these sparingly.

To learn more about Shoptimized, click here.

Final Thoughts on the Best Themes for Shopify

I will be adding more theme suggestions in the near future after testing some others and getting feedback from users.

For now, these are my recommendations and although there's quite a few, check out my reviews and their salespages to see what would work best with your store. 

If you're looking for the most cost-effective solution, I would go with my first pick, eCom Turbo.

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