Dropshipping From Aliexpress: A Step by Step Guide for 2024

Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models out there right now, and for good reason: it’s easy to set up, it doesn’t require a lot of money to get started, and there’s a huge potential for profitability.

But if you’re thinking about doing dropshipping from AliExpress in 2024, you need to know what you’re getting into.

In this AliExpress dropshipping guide, we’re going to walk you through the steps involved in setting up a successful dropshipping business from AliExpress.

We’ll also give you some tips on how to make your business profitable, and answer some common questions about dropshipping.

What is AliExpress Dropshipping?

AliExpress dropshipping is a business model in which retailers sell items directly from AliExpress suppliers. Rather than keeping the products in their own warehouse, retailers only pay for items when they have been purchased by their customers.

This setup allows retailers to offer a wide range of products with very little up-front investment, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or small businesses that are looking to expand their offerings without increasing overhead costs.

Additionally, since AliExpress dropshipping relies largely on automation, it can be run from anywhere with an internet connection, so long as there is a reliable shipping service available.

Overall, AliExpress dropshipping is a convenient way for retailers to grow their business and offer customers more choices at competitive prices.

Why are Items on AliExpress so Cheap?

In general, items on AliExpress are cheap for a few reasons.

  • The platform works with direct manufacturers and suppliers, which cuts out the middleman and reduces costs.
  • AliExpress sells in bulk, which also helps to lower prices.
  • The platform offers a number of discounts and deals that buyers can take advantage of.

Combine all of these factors and it's no wonder that items on AliExpress are so much cheaper than what you'll find in brick-and-mortar stores.

Of course, it's important to remember that you usually get what you pay for on AliExpress. so while you may be able to find some great deals, be prepared to sacrifice quality for the price.

Why Would Someone Buy From Your Store if They Can Get the Same Products on Aliexpress?

The main reason? It's because they trust you more than AliExpress.

When a customer buys from your ecommerce store, they know that they're dealing with a reputable business. They also know that you're more likely to provide good customer service and stand behind the products you sell.

On AliExpress, customers have to deal with language barriers, long shipping times, and the risk of scams.

And to be honest, most people don't even know about AliExpress. Sure, there are some tech-savvy shoppers out there who are always on the lookout for the best deals, but most people just want to buy from a store they know and trust.

Is AliExpress Dropshipping Profitable?

Dropshipping via AliExpress can be very profitable, but it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. Like any online business, success will take time, effort, and dedication.

Although the products on AliExpress are very cheap, you will still need to pay shipping fees.

Fortunately. shipping products from China is inexpensive, and there are a number of ways to reduce shipping costs even further. For example, you can use ePacket shipping, which is fast and affordable, or AliExpress Standard Shipping, which is even cheaper but takes a bit longer.

Believe it or not, it's cheaper to ship an item from China to the USA than it is to ship items from state to state in the USA. It's a crazy thought, but it's true!

It's because of this huge shipping discrepancy that makes dropshipping from AliExpress so profitable. When you can source products for a few dollars, mark them up several hundred percent, and ship them to your customers for only a buck or two, you're left with a very healthy profit margin.

Does AliExpress Allow Dropshipping?

The vendors on AliExpress are very aware of dropshipping so you don't need to be afraid to tell them that's what you're doing.

In fact, many of them are already set up to work with dropshippers and will gladly do business with you. Just be sure that you communicate your needs clearly so there is no misunderstanding.

Dropshipping From AliExpress - The Pros and Cons


  • AliExpress makes it easy to find good deals on a wide range of products. With thousands of sellers offering their wares online, you are sure to find something that meets the needs of your target market at a price that allows you to markup for considerable profit.
  • Dropshipping from AliExpress is 100% Free. You don't need to pay any money upfront for inventory, and there are no monthly fees or charges.
  • Trending products are updated daily, giving you the opportunity to offer your customers the latest and greatest products on the market.
  • Profit margins are controlled by you. Because you set your own prices, you can markup products as high as you want to make a profit.
  • There are no minimum order requirements. You can order as little or as much product as you need to meet customer demand. This is why AliExpress is so popular for new dropshippers. Singular products can be ordered at one time.


  • Because AliExpress is based in China, there can be significant shipping delays. In some cases it can take a month to get to your customer. However, if you use epacket shipping, you can get products to your customers in as little as two weeks.
  • There is always the risk of scams when dealing with international suppliers. This is why it's so important to do your due diligence and only work with reputable sellers.
  • You are not able to bundle items. For example, if your customer orders 5 items from you, they will most likely get them sent all separately, which is a little inconvenient.
  • You will need to invest time into building relationships with vendors and establishing a good working rapport. Sometimes that can be difficult because of culture and language barriers.

How to Find the Right Products on AliExpress to Dropship

There are a number of different strategies for dropshipping, but one of the most common approaches is to choose between operating a niche-based store or a general type store for your ecommerce business.

At first glance, it may seem easier to focus on one specific type of product rather than trying to appeal to a wide range of different types of buyers. However, a general type store can also have many advantages.

One key advantage is that it offers greater flexibility in terms of what you can sell and how you choose to sell it. For example, if you operate a general ecommerce store and come across an emerging trend or new product category that piques your interest, you can easily incorporate it into your offerings with little effort and time.

Additionally, as competition increases in any particular niche, there will inevitably be some consolidation and movement among vendors, which could have an impact on sales volume and margins.

By maintaining a more generalized approach, however, this risk is mitigated to some degree by the large number of overlapping audiences that you will be able to target with your catalog.

Ultimately, then, the choice between generating revenue from niche markets versus more general products depends largely on the individual preferences and business goals of each dropshipper.

However, with careful planning and attention to trends, it is certainly possible to be successful with either approach.

When you are first starting out, it is important to choose products that are not too expensive and have a good margin. You can always increase your prices as you scale your business and make more profit.

Look for items that are between $15-and $50. This will give you a good range of items to dropship and typically you can sell many more lower-cost items than high-value items such as with high ticket dropshipping.

Find Products that Solve a Problem

Another strategy is to think of products that solve a particular problem. For example, you could sell items that help people with their home décor or organization.

This is a great way to find products that are in high demand and that people are willing to pay good money for.


Try to find products that have a high rating (over 90%) and lots of reviews. These are usually good indicators that the product is high quality and that people are happy with their purchase.

It's essential to look closely at customer reviews and product descriptions to get an idea of the features, pros, and cons of each item.

Some tips for selecting products based on reviews in AliExpress include reading reviews from multiple customers with different backgrounds and preferences. Also pay attention to the overall rating for the product.

While an item might have a lot of positive reviews overall, you shouldn't ignore negative or critical feedback; these are often just as informative as the rest.

Look out for inconsistencies between different customer reviews as well – if many reviewers seem to be experiencing problems with something specific about the product, such as poor construction or performance issues, then this is likely a sign that there may be a defect or flaw with that particular item.

Number of Items Ordered

On top of reviews, you should also check the number of orders an item has. This number is usually located under the product title on AliExpress.

The higher the number of orders, the more popular the product is, and therefore the greater chance you have of selling it.

Tools to Find Winning Products on AliExpress

There are a lot of different tools out there that you can use to find AliExpress dropshipping products, but my personal favorite is SellTheTrend.

I like SellTheTrend because it's really user-friendly and it has a lot of great features. For example, you can use the keyword research tool to find popular AliExpress products that are selling well.

You can also use the trend analysis tool to see which products are rising in popularity. This is really helpful because it allows you to get in on trends early and make sure that you're always offering your customers the hottest products.

SellTheTrend also offers a great pricing tool that helps you to get the best prices on AliExpress. Overall, I think it's a great tool and it's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a good way to find AliExpress dropshipping products.

How to Add Products to Your Store

Once you have decided on a few good products, it's time to add them to your own online store.

I don't suggest you do this manually because it will take a long time. Use a third-party application like Salehoo Dropship or Oberlo.

Note: Oberlo has officially closed down but you can use this Oberlo alternative instead.

I also suggest using Shopify. One of the main benefits of using Shopify is its powerful and intuitive platform, which makes it easy to quickly build and manage your online store.

Whether you need to create product listings, gather customer feedback, or monitor sales performance, there is a robust set of tools built right into the platform that can help you get the job done with minimal effort.

Tips When Adding Products to Your Store From AliExpress

When writing your copy for titles, product descriptions, or other content, try putting yourself in your customer's shoes. Use language that is easy to understand and make sure to highlight the features and benefits of the product.

Include high-quality product photos in your listing. Customers want to see what they are buying, so make sure the pictures are clear and show the product from multiple angles.

If you're using Shopify, you can use an app like Ali Reviews to automatically import reviews from AliExpress for each of your products. This is a great way to build trust with potential customers and show them that other people have had success with your products.

Ensure that your price mark-up is enough to cover your costs and leave you with a healthy profit margin. I typically recommend marking up products by at least 100-150%.

How to Find Suppliers for Your AliExpress Dropshipping Store

It's important to find the right AliExpress dropshipping supplier. Since you never see the product because the supplier ships directly to your customer, you can easily lose sight of what is going on.

That's why it's important to build a good relationship with your AliExpress supplier. You want to be able to communicate well and have a good understanding of their shipping times, quality control, and return policy.

You can do your research manually, or use SaleHoo to find suppliers. I personally like SaleHoo because they have a huge directory of suppliers and they also offer a lot of great resources, like their market research lab.

Having said that, here are some tips on how to find the best suppliers on AliExpress:

1. Read the Reviews

it's important to read through the reviews carefully. A large number of positive or negative reviews can be a good indicator of how reliable the supplier is, and whether they will provide the quality products you need. 

2. The Lowest Price is Not Always the Best Option

Most new dropshippers will always go with the lowest price when looking for a particular product on AliExpress. However, the lowest price is not always the best option.

You need to take into account the quality of the product. While it may look similar to what other suppliers offer, it could be inferior in quality. This will reflect poorly on your business, so it's important to find a balance between price and quality.

If many suppliers have the same product but one of them is significantly cheaper, it's probably because they are cutting corners somewhere.

3. Be Careful With Copyright Infringement

Chances are you won't find any known brands on AliExpress. If you do, there's a good chance it's a counterfeit product.

It's important to avoid selling these types of products because it can lead to legal trouble down the road. Not only are you risking a lawsuit, but you could also have your store shut down by AliExpress or Shopify.

4. Buy From Suppliers that have a 90% Positive Feedback Score

When looking for an AliExpress supplier, it is important to consider the feedback score. This score is based on the number of positive feedback ratings a seller has received from buyers. A score of 90% or higher is considered to be good, and this means that the seller has a high satisfaction rating among buyers.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering feedback scores. First, sellers can purchase fake feedback ratings in order to inflate their score.

Secondly, some suppliers may have a low score because they are new to AliExpress or because they specialize in niche products that not many people are searching for.

However, in general, a high feedback score is a good indicator that a seller is reliable and that their products are of good quality.

5. Supplier Response is Crucial

When selecting suppliers, it's a good idea to evaluate them first. You can do this by sending them a message and seeing how long it takes for them to respond. A supplier that is responsive and easy to communicate with is more likely to be reliable than one that takes days or weeks to respond.

You'll also have the chance to evaluate their English skills. This is important because you'll need to be able to communicate with them if there are any problems with an order.

6. Ensure They Have ePacket Delivery

Shipping your items to your customers is something you need to pay attention to. Because it's coming from China, you will need the fastest and most reliable shipping option available, which is ePacket delivery.

ePacket delivery is a shipping method that was created specifically for AliExpress. It's faster and more reliable than other methods, and it's also less expensive. This makes it the perfect option for dropshippers. It's also known as "AliExpress Premium Shipping" and "ePacket Express".

When you're looking for suppliers, be sure to check that they offer ePacket delivery. This will ensure that your customers receive their orders quickly and without any problems.

AliExpress' Refund and Return Policies

Most AliExpress suppliers don't accept returns for products they sell. One of the reasons is logistics, being located in China.

This can be a problem if you sell products that are defective or not as described. In these cases, you will need to contact the supplier and see if they are willing to issue a refund. If they refuse, you may have to eat the cost yourself or offer a discount to the customer.

It's important to remember that you are responsible for ensuring that the products you sell meet your customer's expectations. This means that you need to carefully select your suppliers and only work with those that have a good reputation.

If the customer never received their order, you will need to contact the supplier and have them resolve the issue. Most good suppliers will be able to track the order and if it's truly lost, they will send it out again at no additional cost.

Promoting Your AliExpress Dropshipping Store

One of the most effective ways to promote a dropshipping ecommerce store using AliExpress is through online marketing and advertising. There are a variety of different online platforms that you can use to reach potential customers and drive sales from your ecommerce business.

  • Paid Advertising. One of the most effective methods is the use of online ads, such as those run by Facebook and Google. These platforms allow you to target users based on a wide range of criteria, including their location, demographics, interests, and website usage habits. Additionally, they provide advanced tracking metrics that let you monitor the effectiveness of each campaign in real-time, helping you to optimize your ad spend and ensure that your ads are consistently attracting new customers.

  • Use Email Marketing. Email marketing campaigns can be a great way to reach potential customers and promote your dropshipping store. By building a database of email addresses, store owners can send out regular newsletters, promotional offers, and product updates to their subscribers. In addition, email marketing allows store owners to track the performance of their campaigns and monitor the click-through rates of their links. As a result, email marketing can be a highly effective way to reach potential customers and promote your dropshipping business.

  • Use Influencers. These individuals have a strong social media presence and a loyal following that they can leverage to promote your products or services. For a dropshipping store, then, influencer marketing can be an incredibly effective strategy for growing your customer base and increasing your sales.

  • Optimize your site with SEO. By using SEO techniques, such as choosing the right keywords, adding descriptive tags and titles, and regularly updating content, you can make your online store stand out from the competition and drive more traffic to your site. Additionally, improving your site's SEO can also deliver a range of other benefits, such as boosting conversion rates, increasing sales conversions, and increasing customer engagement. 

  • Use Social Media. Not only is it a great way to reach large numbers of people quickly, but it also allows businesses to engage directly with customers and get valuable feedback on their products and services. For this reason, social media can be an extremely effective way to promote your dropshipping store. By building an active following and posting regular product updates, you can increase brand awareness and bring in new customers.

For more info, check out this guide on how to start a successful ecommerce business.

4 Tips For Helping You Succeed in AliExpress Dropshipping

1. Be Sure the Supplier Does Not Include an Invoice, Packing Slip, Sample or Promotion

The reason for this is you don't want to confuse the customer. They are expecting a package from you and your brand. If they see some weird invoice or promotion in the box with the suppliers branding, they are going to be very confused.

To avoid this, always discuss with the supplier and make sure they do not include anything like this in the package. It's also a good practice that with each order you make to include in the notes something like "do not include any invoice, samples or promotions in the packaging."

2. Order a Product That Is Selling Well for Yourself

If you have a product that is selling really well, a good idea would be to order it yourself. You could then take some original photos to spice up your ad and listing. You could even create a YouTube channel and review the product on camera.

You could easily 2x, 5x or maybe 10x sales with this method. Only do this for products that are selling well already.

3. Focus on Product Presentation

Photos should be clear and professional-looking. This will give the customer a good idea of what the product looks like and help them to visualize it in their own home. Second, the product description should be informative and accurate.

This will ensure that the customer knows exactly what they are buying and that there are no surprises when the product arrives.

4. Include Benefits of the Product in the Description

When customers know what your product can do for them, they're more likely to make a purchase. Simply listing the features of the product is not enough. You need to show customers how those features will improve their life.

For example, if you're selling a new type of toothbrush, don't just list the features. Explain how the toothbrush will help customers get cleaner teeth or how it's more comfortable to use than other toothbrushes on the market. Convincing customers of the benefits of your product is an essential part of making sales.

Is Formal Dropshipping Training Necessary?

Aside from this guide that you just read, there is plenty of free training online in order to help get your dropshipping business online. However, a lot is outdated. You don't want to be using outdated tactics. 

One solution is to take advantage of a paid training course where content is consistently updated when the market and strategies change. This way, you'll be getting new and fresh info, not rehashed outdated tactics that no longer work. 

Either way, just be sure to follow through with the training and don't give up. Results can take time, but with effort and the right info, you could have a very profitable store.

Frequently Asked Questions About AliExpress Dropshipping

Here are answers to some common questions:

Is it legal to resell items from AliExpress?

The short answer is yes, it is legal to resell products from AliExpress. Just make sure that the products you are selling are genuine and not counterfeit.

Can I connect AliExpress to Shopify?

it is not possible to directly connect AliExpress to Shopify. However, there are workarounds that can help you achieve a similar result. For example, you can use a third-party app to import products from AliExpress into your Shopify store. Or, you can manually add products from AliExpress to your Shopify store by creating individual listings. 

How do I dropship from Alibaba to Shopify?

The process would be similar, but keep in mind that not all Alibaba vendors will do dropshipping or sell a single product. They normally sell in bulk. You would have to find a vendor that is willing to dropship and then negotiate terms, such as pricing, shipping, etc.

Does Shopify have an AliExpress app?

At this time, there does not appear to be a Shopify app that allows you to easily connect your store with AliExpress. You can use the SellTheTrend to import products to your Shopify store.

How do I fulfill Shopify orders on AliExpress?

Fulfilling Shopify orders on AliExpress is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. First, log into your Shopify account and navigate to the "Orders" page. Here, you will see a list of all the orders that need to be fulfilled. Next, log into your AliExpress account and navigate to the "My Orders" page.

Here, you will find a list of all the orders that you have placed on AliExpress. Find the order that corresponds to the Shopify order and click on the "Ship Now" button. Enter the shipping information for the order and click on the "Submit" button. That's it! Your Shopify order will now be fulfilled.

Does Oberlo work only with AliExpress?

Yes, Oberlo at this time only works with AliExpress. However, some say there is an Oberlo marketplace, but it's not easy to find. It may have been discontinued. The jury is out on this. Update - Oberlo has closed down.

Does BigCommerce work with AliExpress?

Yes. BigCommerce AliExpress DropShipping is an option for online retailers looking to expand their product offerings without taking on the burden of managing inventory. With this application, retailers can easily import products directly from AliExpress and add them to their stores with just a few clicks.

Once an order is placed on the retailer's site, the admin can easily place that same order on AliExpress, ensuring a smooth fulfillment process from start to finish.

How do I add AliExpress to BigCommerce?

To add AliExpress to your BigCommerce store, you'll need to first set up an AliExpress seller account. This can be done online, and typically involves providing some basic information about your business and entering your banking details.

Once you have created your seller account, you will need to install the "AliExpress Dropshipping" app on your BigCommerce store. This app is available for free on the BigCommerce market and will enable you to easily integrate AliExpress products into your e-commerce store.

How does dropshipping make money on AliExpress?

Dropshippers make money by marking up the price of the products they sell. For example, let’s say a dropshipper is selling a product for $10 that they sourced from AliExpress for $5. The profit margin on this sale would be $5. 

Are AliDropship stores worth it?

As anyone who has ever tried to set up an online store knows, it can be a lot of work. There are product catalogs to manage, orders to fulfill, and customers to keep happy. It's enough to make even the most dedicated entrepreneur throw in the towel. But what if there were a way to take all the hassle out of setting up and running an online store?

That's where AliDropship comes in. AliDropship is a plugin that allows users to create fully-functional dropshipping stores in just a few clicks. Best of all, it comes with everything you need to run your business, from automatic order fulfillment to customer support. So if you're thinking about starting an online store, AliDropship is definitely worth checking out.

Dropshipping From AliExpress Conclusion

Dropshipping from AliExpress can be a great way to start an online business in the ecommerce game. It's easy to set up and manage, and you don't have to worry about stocking any inventory. However, there are some things to keep in mind before getting started.

Make sure you understand the markup that is necessary to turn a profit.

Be prepared to provide customer support, as dropshipping can sometimes lead to longer shipping times and other issues.

Finally, take the time to set up your store in a way that is professional and appealing to customers. If you do all of these things, you'll have the best chance at success with AliExpress dropshipping.

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