Sophie Howard: Blue Sky Amazon Review – Legit Training?

If you have even so much as glanced at the idea of making money on Amazon, then I am almost certain you will have heard of Sophie Howard. She is the self-titled 'Amazon Selling Queen'. She has countless courses, books, and success stories to her name. 

If you want to know something about selling online, she is the lady you go to. But, is this all marketing fluff? Is she really as good as what she says she is? Well, that is what I want to look at in this Sophie Howard review.

Who is Sophie Howard?

As I said; Sophie Howard is a lady that claims that she is the queen of selling on Amazon. It is pretty tough to argue with her statement too. She is probably one of the only Amazon course writers that I have found that has had actual provable success.

She has sold a few Amazon businesses that she has built up from scratch. One of them shifted for a seven-figure sum.

Sophie Howard is clearly somebody that understands Amazon. By all accounts, she still sells on Amazon. This likely forms the bulk of her income. However, she also dabbles in selling consultancy services and selling a few products that can help others sell on Amazon.

Since this is something that she has done herself, you know that the knowledge that she is sharing is absolutely golden.

I do not know how much Sophie makes from her Amazon business. However, since she managed to sell one of her businesses for 7-figures, I can imagine that her net worth is over that.

To be honest, outside of talking about her success and the fact she comes from New Zealand, she tries to keep as much information to herself as possible. It goes to show just how business-minded she actually is.

Sophie Howard Amazon Courses

In the past, Sophie offered two distinct courses:

  • Product University
  • Amazon Navigator

Technically, they both still exist. However, in the past few months, they have gone through a rebrand. Because it made no sense for her to have two separate products to promote, she rolled them into the same course; Bluesky Amazon.

I assume that she also did it because it is much more brandable because the two courses did have somewhat generic names.

Bluesky Amazon

Before I start talking about the two components of the course, I figured I would give an overview of what Bluesky Amazon is actually about. This way you should know whether it is the right option for you.

Now, Sophie became successful using the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) model. This means that every component of her course is geared towards being successful with FBA.

I know that this is not the business model many people want, mostly because you will need to invest in a little bit of stock to get the ball rolling on Amazon but, when done correctly, it is the Amazon business model that can make you the maximum amount of profit.

For those who are unaware; Amazon FBA is when you ship your inventory over to Amazon. Amazon will then hold it in their warehouse (you will have to pay storage costs) until it sells. Once it sells,

Now, I want to take a look at the two components of this course.

Product University

In my opinion, Product University is the 'less great' of the two courses here. It is still a good course, but the bulk of the information that you find here is doubled up in Amazon Navigator.

While I do suggest that you go through both of the courses eventually, Product University should be the second one that you go through. This is because I feel that Product University does contain some elements that can be useless, and others are not touched upon. I suppose it isn't bad for her first outing in producing products.

Product University covers the following over about 30-hours of videos. Do note that these are not the actual module names, but just a highlight of the course content:

  • In the first module, known as 'foundation', Sophie goes over her expertise and getting you into the mental frame of mind for running an Amazon business.
  • Selecting products to sell
  • Sourcing the products (mostly geared towards the American market)
  • Working with ClickFunnels to set up Sales Funnels. It May not be the most useful information for those only focusing on Amazon FBA.
  • Virtual assistants

The 'main' module is called 'Behind the Scenes: Selling on Amazon'. This is the module that actually teaches you how to sell on Amazon. This means that you will learn about product descriptions, Amazon PPC, selecting keywords, etc.

Honestly, the entire course could have featured a guide to choosing products and this module, and I feel that it would have been a pretty complete course, albeit not at the price that Sophie used to charge for it (over $3,000!).

Luckily, Product University is now part of Bluesky Amazon, so you aren't really wasting any money on it.

This entire course is very 'hands-on' and you will be taught everything that you need to do every single step of the way.

Amazon Navigator

I find that Amazon Navigator is the better of the two courses included in Bluesky Amazon. This is because it does contain a lot more information, and everything is suitable for those that are doing Amazon FBA. 

Amazon Navigator actually touches upon information that I don't recall in other courses.

This is the type of information you will be covering in Amazon Navigator:

  • Sourcing products
  • Branding
  • Building your listings
  • Promotion
  • Why you shouldn't order samples from your suppliers
  • Scaling your business. Not only does Amazon Navigator talk about virtual assistants, but it talks about selling outside of Amazon too!
  • General business management e.g. customer support, sales reports, dealing with Amazon customer support. Basically, anything that doesn't fit into any other category.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of an overlap with Product University. However, Amazon Navigator does go into a lot more depth on many of these subjects.

For example; Product Navigator only touches upon product promotion ever so briefly with a discussion of Amazon PPC. However, this course gives a bit more information on other promotional methods.

I particularly enjoy the fact that the whole course is a bit more streamlined than Product University. It follows some sort of order. For example; Product University sticks the guide to finding a virtual assistant in the middle of the course, before you have even sold a product.

This one puts it near the end, the time that you would probably want to outsource a little bit. It is evident that Sophie had built upon the knowledge she gained in the creation of the first course and poured it into this one.

I do enjoy people that are willing to improve rather than try to make a buck with the minimum amount of effort.

Amazon Navigator is a bit less 'step-by-step' than Product University. It is more raw information. i know that some people really need to be told exactly what to do but, I promise you, you will be getting a lot more information from Amazon Navigator than those blueprint-style courses.

Amazon Jetstream Income Book

Amazon Jetstream Income is probably the quickest way to 'jump on' the products that Sophie Howard offers. For just $4.95 (although, sometimes it has gone free), she will give you a digital copy of her book.

This book is more of a 'beginner's guide to selling on Amazon'. While it doesn't go into a ton of depth on anything (you will want her actual courses for that),

Amazon Jetstream Income does show just how simple it can be to make money on Amazon.

She will guide you through the process she follows, plus a small amount of discussion on the tools she uses.

While I doubt that you will be able to learn how to build a multimillion-dollar business on Amazon using Amazon Jetstream Income, I reckon that there is enough information here to introduce you to what she does, and you won't have to pay all that much for it.

Bluesky Amazon Pros & Cons

So, now comes the point where I go through the pros and cons of Bluesky Amazon. Hopefully, by going through this information, you will start to get a solid idea as to whether this course is going to be good for you or not.


I genuinely believe that this is up there with the best Amazon FBA courses. I know there isn't that many to choose from (most focus on dropshipping), but this is still one of the best of them.

I think this is down to the fact that Sophie Howard has actual experience with FBA. She is not just churning out information she learned 'online'. She is telling you what worked for her. This increases your chance of success.

This is a course that is suitable for beginners too. If you have never touched Amazon before (or even run your own business), I am fairly confident that you are going to be able to follow the information and make something that will generate an income for you.

Since all the information you need is included in the course, there is no need to seek out more courses to fill in gaps in your knowledge. This is rare to see in a course nowadays. Most of the courses that I review on this website are lacking some information, and that is something that irritates me.

The real highlight of this course is that you get access to Sophie. There are regular webinars, and you get a coaching call or two included with the product. This is more than worth the 'entry price' as you are going to be able to pick the brains of somebody that genuinely knows what they are doing.

There is also a large Facebook group where you can chat to people that are also following the course, which means that you gain even more knowledge to guarantee your success!


My main issue with Bluesky Amazon is that it is two courses in one, and there is a small amount of overlap between the courses. I can imagine that this is something that will probably end up becoming a little bit confusing for some people.

You never really know where to start. To be honest, if I was Sophie, I would have just merged the courses together. Selected the best from each, re-recorded a couple of videos and make a new product.

The rebranding gave her a brilliant route towards creating something a bit different. However, because she spends most of her time making money as opposed to putting together Amazon courses, I doubt she really would have had the time to do this.

This course is going to set you back $3,449, which is probably a bit on the expensive side for most people. I think it is expensive, but it is much more affordable than when Amazon Navigator and Product University solid individually.

In fact, I believe that the course now is about half of the cost of buying those two courses on their own. So, you can either see it as a pro or a con. It is expensive, but it is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be.

It also does lean very, very heavily on Amazon FBA. Obviously, this isn't a major downside, because it is an Amazon FBA course. However, if you were thinking of picking up some tips for general selling on Amazon, there isn't much here. Literally everything is just about squeezing value from Amazon FBA.

Finally; the refund guarantee period is short. Very short. In fact, you get just 7-days to decide whether you like it or not. This is not good, considering the course is so long. However, I do genuinely believe you will like it.

Final Thoughts on Sophie Howard's Bluesky Amazon Course

Bluesky Amazon is expensive. Very expensive. However, there is a considerable amount of value you are getting with that high price tag.

If you have that kind of money to throw around, you should also check out The Amazing Selling Machine.

I dropped a lot of money on it and you can see my review here.

If spending a few grand on an Amazon course is just not in the cards for you, I have a very reasonable option. 

Check out my Proven Amazon Course review - you can get started for only $39 a month!

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