Low Hanging System Review: Rachel Rofe Course Worth it?

Welcome to my Low Hanging System review.

When a course promises you that you can make a five-figure income with little to no effort, you would be quite right in feeling a little bit dubious about it.

It is impossible, right?

Well, this is a claim made by Low Hanging System from Rache Rofe and Don Wilson. Should we see if it lives up to the wild claims it makes or should you consider this alternative instead?

Let's jump right in!

What is Low Hanging System?

Low Hanging System is a program that is essentially going to have you selling Print on Demand (POD) merchandise on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.

The system actually tells you upfront the exact steps you are going to go through. You are told to come up with some awesome phrases you can print on gear. Then you give it a fancy font, get it listed on the GearBubble system, market the hell out of it, and then collect money at the end of the day.

Really, it is just a Print on Demand system. That is it. It is the same as other POD courses that have been released over the years. I think the only real difference with this one is the fact that you need to use the platform of one of the course creators in order to make it work.

Low Hanging System also makes it a bit easier to come up with designs for your gear. This is because you do not have to hire a designer or anything like that. That being said, you also need to have enough sass to come up with text that people want on the merchandise that they purchase.

Who Created Low Hanging System?

The Low Hanging System was created by Rachel Rofe and Don Wilson. Don Wilson is more of a silent partner, more on him later.

Rachel Rofe is the Face of Low Hanging System and does all the marketing for the course. You've probably seen her ads on Youtube.

Rachel Rofe at table with money talking about Low Hanging System

The bulk of this course is, by all accounts, produced by Rachel Rofe. To me, she is the perfect person to be behind a course like this. She is genuinely making money online.

If you check out her official blog, it is pretty much all about pushing merchandise in the same way you will be learning here. She has been doing this far longer than Low Hanging System has been out, and I have absolutely no doubt she is making money from it.

According to her website, Rachel Rofe has been featured in publications such as CNN, Huffpost, and Entrepreneur.

Who is Don Wilson?

Don Wilson is the founder of GearBubble. LLC.

While Don Wilson has created a couple of courses and online businesses in the past, his main 'contribution' to this course is the creation of GearBubble, which is a system that you are pretty much going to be using for the duration of this money-making venture.

Interestingly enough Don Wilson is also Rachel Rofe's boyfriend.

The GearBubble platform is what you will use to get your mugs from. When you sell mugs, Don makes money. Don is Rachel's partner and boyfriend. You see the picture now.

I don't think anything unethical is going on here, but maybe it could seem that way to some.

How Much Does Low Hanging System Cost?

The Low Hanging System costs $1,491 for the basic program. There is no buy button on the website. You will have to sign up for a webinar and then end up on a phone call where you'll be "sold to."

Some people get a "deal" and only pay less, but I guess that all depends how your call goes. You can break the cost into 3 payments of $497. So it ain't cheap!

You need to pay the first installment right away, the second 30 days later, and the third 60 days later (30 days after the second).

Are There any Upsells With Low Hanging System?

Yes, there are upsells.

Low Hanging System Jumpstart

The Low Hanging System Jumpstart will set you back $1997. This includes additional material like more training courses, bonuses, Done For You Templates, and live webinars that occur weekly.

There is no one-on-one coaching available, but you can ask questions that will be answered on the live webinars.

How Does Low Hanging System Work?

The Low Hanging System teaches you the print-on-demand business model. You'll be selling things like T-Shirts, Mugs, and anything you want where you could throw a design or quote on. It's a pretty typical ecommerce business.

There are 7 steps to how this all works, let's go through them quickly.

1. Do Niche Research

The Low Hanging System shows you how to find a profitable niche. It uses the SpotWins Software, which helps you find profitable niches. There are other methods that train you on how to identify winners.

This is the first step and you have to make sure you get this right before you proceed to the next step.

2. Look for Captivating Phrases

This is going to be part creativity, part plagiarism. (more on this later)

Essentially you are going to look for existing quotes or funny sayings that are working and put your own unique twist on them. It helps if you have some creative genius in you or at least are good at "modifying" things.

Here's an example. You could take this design and put your own spin on it and place it on a mug or any item you want.

example print on demand tshirt with catchy quote

3. Set up Your GearBubble Account

You would then go to the GearBubble Website and create your account. Joining GearBubble is free, you would only need to pay for integrations from Amazon, Etsy or Ebay.

GearBubble is the place where you'll send your designs to get printed on the items you choose.

4. Do Keyword Research

In the training, you'll learn how to find keywords related to your product. You'll learn how hard it will be to rank on the platforms you choose (like Amazon or Etsy) how much traffic you can expect to get, etc.

This is an important step with the Low Hanging System as it will determine if you are successful or not.

5. Setting up Your Business on Amazon

Once you've got your product(s) ready, it's time to get listed on Amazon. You will need an Amazon Seller Account.

A benefit of the Low Hanging System is that you might have a better chance at getting your products listed on Amazon sooner than usual.

6. Other Marketplaces

Amazon is not your only option. There are other marketplaces where you are encouraged to list your products.

This makes sense because of the "more the better" rule. It only makes sense to be on more than one platform if you can.

Some of these marketplaces include Etsy, Ebay, Bonanza and others. The training will provide you with checklists to make sure your listings are set up properly on all these networks.

7. GearBubble Fulfills Your Orders

When you join Low Hanging System, you get one year of free access to Gearbubble. This will allow you to have free order processing.

It's similar to the dropshipping model, where GearBubble is the supplier and they fulfill your order to your customer. You simply get them to print your design on whatever item your customer has bought and they will ship it out to them.

Low Hanging System Features and Bonuses

Here are some bonuses and features that come with your Low Hanging System course.

1. Seamless Integration with Other Platforms

Since there is a partnership between Low Hanging System and Gearbubble, it makes it easy for you to integrate with the other platforms. These include:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • GearBubble
  • Spotify

Having your products across all these networks gives you greater exposure and more chances for sales.

2. Design Forecaster Software

You will have access to the Design forecaster software which will give you an idea of how many designs are needed to be launched each day to meet your sales targets.

3. SpotWins and SpotNiches Product Finding Software

These are optional software tools that are recommended but not necessary for you to be successful with Low Hanging System.

SpotNiches helps you find "hidden gem" niches that could prove to be quite profitable. SpotWins software looks for current, top-selling products. The idea here is to "sell what the successful guys are selling" so to speak. Sometimes to be successful, you just have to do what the big guys do, just better.

4. Get Free Mugs With Your Subscription to LHS

When you join Low Hanging System (LHS), you are automatically given 5 boxes of mugs for free. There are 36 in each. That's 180 mugs you're getting for free. You will use these to jump-start your mug business and use these for your first 180 sales.

5. Holiday Success Blueprint

Most of the money made during the year is in December during Christmas and other holidays. This blueprint was created specifically to help you capitalize on sales around that time of year. The strategies are different, so it's good to see a focus on this period.

6. Done For You Free Designs

With your membership to LHS, you are going to get 100 done-for-you free designs to use however you wish. Keep in mind everyone else gets these designs so they won't be original. You will have to simply test which ones work and which ones don't.

7. Inventory Management Feature

This is simply a tool provided by LHS to help you manage your inventory. It focuses on sales and order tracking.

Is Low Hanging System a Scam or Legit?

The Low Hanging System is not a scam, it's a legitimate business model. However, it's not groundbreaking or new either. There's a ton of people outside of LHS that do this that have also seen success.

However, joining the course does not necessarily mean you are going to make any money. There are no guarantees. Selling mugs and print-on-demand items are extremely competitive.

You also could end up spending several thousands of dollars on ads and not get any sales at all. So in the back of your mind, you might be thinking, maybe it is a scam? Clearly, it's not, but a lot of people see it this way based on experience.

Can You Make Money With Low Hanging System Print on Demand Business?

Yes, you can make money with the Low Hanging System. But how much you make is based on a few factors such as:

  • Timing - getting in a good design early before others copy it
  • Luck - sometimes you just get lucky with choosing a particular design/quote
  • Reaching the right audience - if you can't get your product to the right people, it's never going to sell
  • Price - You may need to lower your price to remain competitive with others, cutting into your profits.

So yes, you can make money with this system but you can also lose money too. There are no guarantees.

In theory, I see nothing wrong with the actual method detailed in Low Hanging System. A lot of people are selling dropshipped merchandise on Amazon and the like.

So, I do feel that if you designed a decent product, you would be able to make a bit of cash with Low Hanging System. Although, I reckon that you would probably need to go a little bit further than the simpler designs the course suggests.

I think my main issue is that this course seems to be more of a way to line the pockets of GearBubble.

It would be fantastic if you were given instructions to veer onto other platforms, but you aren't. You are made to believe that GearBubble is simply the only option available to you.

It is a bit annoying.

I do not think you will be able to make five figures a month with this system. This would cost way too much in advertising. However, I do feel that this is a passive income method that could make you enough to cover a part-time job.

Although, don't expect it to be completely passive. You will need to be constantly tinkering with your ads and filling orders.

The Problems You Might Encounter With Print on Demand

Before considering getting into a Print-on-demand business, here are some common problems people face that you need to be aware of:

  • Unable to get a unique design/quote
  • Shipping charges can be a turn-off for many customers
  • Pricing strategy - you have to get this right or be swallowed up by your competition
  • Promotion and Ads - Your ads need to stand out and will require good copywrite skills
  • Getting banned on Amazon or other networks is commonplace
  • If you have a low ad budget, you won't do well in this business
  • Returns are a reality and you must deal with this
  • Plagiarism - If you're not too careful when getting inspiration or "borrowing" from other designs, you could land yourself in hot water with copyright infringement.

You Will Need to Spend Money

The problem I have with Low Hanging System is that it makes the rather bold claim that you do not need to spend money in order to use the system. You do. Obviously, the cost of the course is pretty much a given ($297), but you also need to pay fees for advertising.

This is a system that doesn't work that well unless you are paying for that advertising. Sales are not going to fall into your lap. This is going to set you back a few thousand dollars if you want to do it well. This is, obviously, a whopping amount of cash.

Oh, and at the end of the first year of using the program, all of the tools that are detailed in the course i.e. the ones that you absolutely need to use. By the second year, you will be spending $1 extra on each product you send out, and you need to pay over $1,000 per year for the tool you need to integrate GearBubble with Amazon.

Quite a substantial amount of cash. I am not saying that you will to be able to make enough to cover the fees for the second year, you may do, but bear in mind that if you don't, your business will die.

Negative Reviews About Low Hanging System

I did some digging and looked for people that bought LHS and how they liked it. There are quite a few negative reviews on Quora. I can't vouch for the authenticity of these, but here's what a few people had to say:

Source: Quora

The above was from students that supposedly bought the course. I tried to find some positive reviews on Quora but there weren't any. However, people tend to vent their frustrations online much more than praise something. Maybe there are some wins but it's hard to say.

I did happen to find some positive reviews of LHS but they are found on the salespage for Low Hanging System:

Alternatives to Low Hanging System

If you're dead set on a Print on Demand course and are ok with using Gearbubble, then by all means you're free to pick up Rachel Rofe's course. 

However, if POD now seems like a turnoff and you're not artistically inclined, perhaps you should focus on dropshipping cheap products and marking them up several hundred percent for profit?

One of my favorite courses out right now for eCommerce is the eCommerce Accelerator

It's taught by Sarah Li,  who has built 4 successful ecom stores that pull in 7 figures.

The course is brought to you by SaleHoo, who are leaders in the eCom space. This course is different because you're also provided tools to help you find winning products and vetted suppliers. 

So, you'll get instruction on how to create an eCom business and all the tools needed to succeed by SaleHoo. I'd call that a win-win!

I bought the course and spent a week going through the training material. You can check out my review on the eCommerce Accelerator here.

Or, head on over to my top dropshipping course recommendations. I list the 7 best courses for 2023.


This concludes my Low Hanging System Review. The Print-on-demand business model is extremely popular, potentially saturated but at the same time, it can be profitable.

The question is, is Low Hanging System what you need to thrive in this online business? If you don't mind spending a couple of grand up front and have a few thousand to invest in ads, AND won't go broke losing it all, then perhaps you could give it a go.

The point is Rachel Rofe does teach a legitimate business model that can work. However, for most, I believe it will not. The ones that will make it are the ones that can afford to experiment, not give up, and of course, have a little luck.

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