Gearbubble Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Welcome to my GearBubble review. People have many questions about GearBubble. Some people wonder whether it is a scam.

Some people wonder whether GearBubble actually works.

You want the answers? I spent a week going over GearBubble's products and training. All will be be covered in this GearBubble review.

Anybody who reads these reviews will know that I love to explore different ways to make money online.

New methods are cropping up all the time. Some of them work. Others don't. As a result, people can be dubious about GearBubble. There are actually a few similar things to GearBubble out there. Let's explore what GearBubble has to offer.

So What is GearBubble All About?

You can think of GearBubble as a crowdfunding system. You can sell a multitude of products through GearBubble. The maximum length of your crowdfunding campaign is 7-days, though.

That being said, this isn't really 'set in stone' as you can tinker with your settings and allow your product to relaunch at the end of a 7-day period.

GearBubble allows you to sell a ton of different products.

GearBubble produces them for you, so there is no 'out of pocket' cost for you, bar the actual design of the products.

You don't even have to deliver the product. The site will send it out automatically for you when it sells. Obviously, you get the profits from the sale.

I won't go into depth on the types of products that you sell through GearBubble in this review, but think along the lines of physical products that can have a design attached to them e.g. posters, hats, shirts, mugs, and phone cases.

Designing the Product

GearBubble makes it as 'easy as pie' to produce your products. It is basically a step-by-step system where you can set the colors, size, and design of the products. You will be guided through it. 

There will also be advice on the types of design that can sell here. At every step of the way, you will be told what the base cost of the product is. You will then be able to set your price. This will tell you how much profit you will be able to make on each unit sold.

Obviously, you want to get the balance between setting a price that will make you a lot of money, and a price which will actually allow the product to sell with frequency. This means that you do not want to set the price too high or too low.

Advertising Your Products

GearBubble doesn't really give you advice on how to sell their products. Although, knowing how to do it should be fairly easy.

You can sell through social media but ultimately a good ecom course is your best bet. You might even realize that you probably don't even need Gearbubble!

The Pros of GearBubble

You don't even need to create your own products on GearBubble. The company has recently launched an affiliate system where you can collect a commission on the designs of others that you promote.

This is great if there are a few designs which catch your attention.

Unlike other similar platforms, GearBubble will allow you to ship internationally. This will open up the market that you are able to target. The products will often ship within a couple of days too.

One of the main reasons why many sellers gravitate towards GearBubble is the large profit margins they can have on their products. GearBubble products tend to have a low base cost, so you can really add a healthy profit onto this.

It really helps that there are a huge number of products that you are able to sell on the site too. This means that you can really drill down the target market to ensure that your products sell the best.

It also helps that there is no 'upfront' cost with GearBubble. You don't pay anything for the products. Your crowdfunding campaign doesn't even need to reach it's target. Even if you sell just one product, you will get the money.

The Cons

GearBubble is not the best in the world when it comes to customer support. Part of the reason behind this is their astronomical growth.

A lot of people complain nowadays that customer support doesn't really give them a response.

The only way to guarantee a response is to talk to their live chat system, but even this may take a while for you to get connected.

Tips for Success on This Platform

If you want to be successful with GearBubble then you should have your own GearBubble store. You won't be able to qualify for this unless you have at least three campaigns running, so come up with a few ideas there.

If you can, you should also try to sell mugs. They ship faster and have more design options available, which means a greater chance of being able to put money in your pocket.

You may need to readjust your campaign over time. There are some designs which just won't sell, no matter how much effort you put into that design or promoting it.

You may also want to change the description on the products up too, because sometimes it is the description rather than the design which can put people off of buying from you.

Finally - don't go over the top when it comes to the price of your product. It can be tempting to try and get a huge profit on it, but if it isn't selling, then you won't be getting any cash at all. It is better to have lower margins but make a lot more sales.

GearBubble is for...

People who want to sell physical products. Ideally, you would be good at design. However, there is nothing to stop you outsourcing designs to a someone cheap and talented on a platform like Fiverr.

Training Videos

GearBubble has a plethora of training videos you can watch. Watch these and learn. it will increase your chances of making money.


As mentioned previously, GearBubble support is virtually non-existent. I don't know if it is broken or just a scam. You can get in touch with them via live chat, but do bear in mind that your customers are not going to know this, and that could reflect poorly on you.

The Price of GearBubble

It is free to sell on GearBubble, but if you want to make money on the platform, then you will need to invest in advertising.

Very few products will sell without that little boost. GearBubble offers little in the way of promotional tools beyond having a storefront.

Gearbubble Pro

If you want a fully hosted store on the Gearbubble platform, it's going to cost you more as a beginner than with Shopify.

For this reason if you're just starting out, you need to take into account of the monthly cost that will set you back. 

Here are the current plans. You get a free trial at least though.

My Opinion and Final Thoughts

Yes. It can work. It has worked for some people. However, without a proper customer support system in place and 'spotty' responses when you do get in touch with people, you can't help but feel the site isn't as great as some people claim.

It could work for you though, as not everyone's experience will be the same.

What I Suggest...

If you want to sell physical products online, then welcome to the world of dropshipping. Along with affiliate marketing, I too am active in this business model. It's my second most profitable venture besides affiliate stuff.

But what is right for you?

What I strongly suggest is to first get the proper training. Check out my top rated dropshipping courses here.

If you want to know how much a dropshipping business is going to cost, check out my article on "What Are The Expenses With Running a Dropshipping Business on Shopify?"

This will clear up a lot for you as one of the main questions I get asked by my readers is, "Drew, how much is this gonna cost?!?"

Whichever you decide, I understand that maybe you are new or have tried and failed at a business online but remember one thing - the ones that succeed are the ones that got proper training in the first place and stick to it. Those are the elements to success at it's most basic form.

Success doesn't come to those that wait. You have to take action and stop putting it off!

If you have any questions, feel free to reply below or reach out to me on my contact page.

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4 thoughts on “Gearbubble Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?”

  1. I receive unsolicited emails from Gear bubble & since there is no way to unsubscribe from their scam trash merchandise, I consider them dangerous scammers. They must be so desperate for customers that they send their emails to sunsolicited addresses.

    • I’ll have to look into that. Most legit companies should give you an unsubscribe option – if you subscribed in the first place. If not, then it’s pure spam.

  2. The items of jewelry that they show are not the items you receive. Poor quality. Have a hard time finding how to return items and when you do they do not Refund your money.

  3. Gearbubble is a total joke. I am still waitring for Father’s Day items to ship out, and it’s June 17th! Huge scammers


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