Rachel Rofe Review: Should You Buy Her Courses?

Want to know more about Rachel Rofe?

I've done a lot of research on Rachel and also took and reviewed her courses.

Join me as we take a look at this modern-day entrepreneur to see what she's all about.

And - most importantly - can you trust her with your money should you decide to buy any of her products?

Let's dive right into this Rachel Rofe review!

Who is Rachel Rofe?

Rachel Rofe is an online marketer that specializes in the world of dropshipping.

While she does dive into various aspects of dropshipping, the bulk of her time is spent on 'print on demand' products.

She has a website dedicated to sharing tips and tricks to working in 'print on demand', and she regularly shares tools she uses.

It is pretty clear from the various websites that Rachel shares that she is somebody that is actually working in the dropshipping business.

She is not just throwing together a few products in the hope of making a quick buck.

She is putting together products because she is gaining knowledge as she works in the business and she actually wants to share it.

She has also dabbled in affiliate marketing (by all accounts, she used to make $10k a month with that).

Since 2006, Rachel Rofe has been an online marketer, business owner, and instructor. She has established numerous businesses, some of which had over 100 employees and have sold several businesses many with a $50K valuation.

Rachel Rofe has devoted her career to instructing students on how to market print-on-demand goods on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon since 2016. 

The Low Hanging System, which instructs students on how to become "mugpreneurs" and earn money by selling mugs on various e-commerce platforms, is her most popular course. Rofe also provides additional items related to operating an internet business, such as Ornament Bootcamp, a training programme on how to earn money by selling ornaments.

Rachel Rofe Net Worth

Although Rachel Rofe does not disclose her net worth, my estimation is that she's worth at least $5 Million USD.

This net worth comes from a variety of income streams such as her multiple companies, online courses, book publishing and her YouTube channel.

The bulk of her income likely comes from her courses. She's a bit of a serial course creator and currently has 9 different paid courses available.

Her net worth will likely increase over the years as she continuously sells more courses and more products in her other businesses.

Rachel Rofe's Youtube Channel

In case you don't know, Rachel Rofe has a YouTube Channel.

She talks mostly about life hacks, how to quit your day job, start a side hustle, how to sell on Etsy and even has jumped on the Chat GPT bandwaggon.

You will also learn a little bit about the products that sell, as well as some marketing techniques.

While she does not have a huge number of subscribers (just over 10K at the time of writing), she has a quite a bit of content but does not post often. On average, she posts a new video once or twice a month.

As with most marketers, the goal of her content is to try and get you to purchase one of the many products that she has on offer.

Rachel Rofe's Books

I also want to point out that Rachel has also produced a number of books, some of which have managed to hit the Amazon bestseller charts.

Some of those books are:

  • Take Control of Your Life
  • Websites that Make Life Easier
  • 5 Minute Morning Boosters
  • Don't Get Sucked in to Bad News

If you are interested in any of these books you can just so a search on Amazon to find them.

The Rachel Rofe Scam and if She's Legit

Is Rachel Rofe a scam? No, she's not a scam artist. She sells you a legit course but it's up to you to succeed.

I know that some people have 'complained' about her products in the past. This is because they feel that they did not deliver value.

However, what you need to remember about Rachel Rofe is that her products are designed with a very, very specific goal in mind. 

She has a simple strategy in each of them.

They are not generic products, and very little of the knowledge is actually transferable.

However, at the end of the day, she creates products that make money if you follow the plan and hopefully with a little bit of luck.

Pricing and Affordability of Rachel Rofe's Courses

Rachael Rofe offers a variety of courses that cater to different aspects of online business and marketing. While the pricing of her courses can vary depending on factors such as course content, duration, and level of expertise required, they generally fall into three main categories:

  • Entry-Level Courses: These courses are designed for beginners or individuals with limited experience in online business and marketing. The pricing of entry-level courses typically ranges from $50 to $200, making them an affordable option for those starting their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Intermediate-Level Courses: As the name suggests, these courses are tailored for individuals with some experience in online business and are looking to expand their knowledge and skills. The pricing for intermediate-level courses ranges from $200 to $500, depending on the content and duration.
  • Advanced-Level Courses: These courses are aimed at seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals looking to master advanced techniques and strategies in online business and marketing. The pricing for advanced-level courses can range from $500 to $1,000 or more, reflecting the depth and complexity of the topics covered.

Rachel Rofe Courses

In the next few sections, I want to give you an overview of her various products.

It is important to remember that this is just a small selection of the products she has produced over the years. 

Many of them have been discontinued. This is because, a while back, she decided to narrow down her product line.

This was to make it a touch easier for her to market the products, while at the same ensuring she could provide them with regular updates.

1. Low Hanging System Done For You Jumpstart

This is the most basic course she offers, but probably the one that most people are going to opt for.

In Low Hanging System Jumpstart, you basically get told everything that you need to know to start a 'Print on Demand' business online. 

You will be taught how to sell through Amazon, Shopify, eBay etc.

The product makes the claim that you do not have to spend a cent to produce products and sell them on there, and I guess that is true.

You don't. It is probably going to limit the opportunities you have available to you, though.

At the heart of this product will be a plethora of templates that you can use to put together some amazing products today with little to no design knowledge.

You also get a ton of coaching, and access to a few of the other products Rachel offers.

💰 Cost: $1491

2. SpotNiches

This is a product included with the base Low Hanging System product, although you can purchase it on its own, if you want!

With SpotNiches, you will learn how to find untapped niches to sell products.

Of course, it has mostly been designed for those that will be dropshipping print on demand products.

But, I found that SpotNiches is general enough to the point where it can be used with multiple types of products with ease.

💰 Cost: $97/Month

3. Low Hanging System: Weekly Individualized Coaching

If you need a bit of a push in the right direction, then this product is going to be the one for you.

Here, you will actually work directly with Rachel.

She will run you through exactly what you need to make your business successful.

The main product (i.e. the first on my list) gives 90-days of coaching, but this allows you to pay by the month or by the year.

Rachel will craft anything to your business. This is not generalized information she is sharing.

She is willing to listen to you and what you want.

Since she has run so many businesses in the past, she is a dab hand at pointing out where you can go wrong and right.

💰 Cost: Case by Case basis

4. Low Hanging System: Design Club

This product will send you brand new designs that you can use on your products each and every month. 

Fifty of them, in fact. 

This means that if you are planning to follow the Low Hanging System, and I suggest you do, you will never have to produce your own designs. 

The designs that come from the Design Club always seem to be fairly decent, and they always seem to cater to big niches at the time.

There should be enough designs here that you won't be treading on the toes of other people that are subscribed too, which is always nice.

It certainly does beat those other subscription services that give you just a couple of designs each month!

💰 Cost: $97 per month

5. Viral Buyer's System

This is something that could probably work outside of 'print on demand' but, once again, it is a product designed mostly for the same niche she works in.

This is actually the only product on this list that Rachel didn't produce. 

She wrote it, but it is based upon a method from Doug Johnson (another top guy in the world of marketing). 

However, it absolutely oozes Rachel's flair, and you can tell she had a hand in the creation of Viral Buyer's System.

In this product, she will teach you exactly how to generate free traffic from Facebook.

I am not going to go into depth on how it works here, but rest assured that this is one of the better traffic generation methods out there.

However, do bear in mind that this is something that is only going to work with Facebook, so it is rather limited in its scope.

💰 Cost: May be discontinued

6. Printable Profits Course

This course teaches you how to make passive income by promoting digital printable products. 

You won't be selling any physical products here, so there's no shipping involved. When someone makes a purchase from you, they simply download the product and print it. Hence the name of the course, Printable Profits. Etsy sells thousands of printable items so that is where you can sell your products.

💰 The cost of the course is $497 USD.

7. Ornament Bootcamp

I never thought I'd see a course like this, but it exists! You are going to learn how to sell ornaments and apparently they sell all year round, not just Christmas time according to Rachel. 

Below is a screenshot of all the ornaments Rachel sold in Q3.

💰 The cost of the Ornament challenge is $297 USD. As with all courses above, you can pay with Paypal or credit card.

8. Low Hanging AI

Everyone seems to be jumping on the AI train included Rachel with her newest training - Low Hanging AI. This $997 course teaches you how to use AI to create art for both downloadable printables and for physical products. Included are two separate "bootcamps" - one for each.

The focus is to sell these products on Etsy.

In the first bootcamp on printable,s they can be put on things like greeting cards, invitiations, posters, digital stickers, etc and focuses on .SVG file downloadables.

The printables bootcamp training is based on 4 weeks of training. Each week you will learn a different strategy which includes making AI digital greeting cars, how to master the art of AI copywriting, digital stickers and more. 

As you'll need an AI tool for this, one of the popular tools is using Jasper for digital art Art.

For more of the physical products, the second bootcamp show you how to create art to put on physical products such as coffee mugs, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, aprons, car accessories. candles and more. The training is split up into 4 weeks.

How Much is the Course?

Low Hanging AI costs $994 USD. There is no payment plan but you do get a 30 day money-back guarantee.

In my opinion, this is VERY pricey. You are going to have to invest in AI tools on top of this to create the art. Rachel shows how other people are making money with AI art on Etsy, but there's no guarantee that you'll be able to do the same. A lof these sellers are very established with a large following.

9. Candle Bootcamp

Candle Bootcamp is a course that teaches you how to sell candles on Etsy. Rachel will show you how she creates a new candle brand on Etsy so you can follow along.

You'll learn everything from research, designs (can even use AI for this) what works and what doesn't work, how to clone what's working, etc.

The course is a 6 week bootcamp which includes candle research from Don Wilson of Gear Bubble, Rachel's partner. 

The cost of this course is $297 USD.

Alternatives to Rachel Rofe Training

If you are looking to "sell stuff" online, which is pretty much what Rachel teaches but you don't want to spend a lot of money, here are some great, low-cost alternatives for you.

1. Ecommerce Accelerator - Learn how to do a new method called dropshipping to wholesale. With the course you get access to valuable tools as well, so finding winning products is easy. It's also created by SaleHoo, a leader in the eCom space.

2. SellTrend Free Dropship Course - This course is free with your subscription to the tool, SellTheTrend which is $39,97 a month. Far cheaper than other courses on offer by Rachel. You can cancel anytime.

3. eCom Elites - One of the first dropshipping courses out there and probably still the best. It's got over 200+ videos of training with many successful students. 

4. Proven Amazon Course - If you'd like to sell on Amazon and need to be trained, this course trains you on everything from FBA to retail arbitrage and in between.


As you can see, Rachel Rofe has a lot of courses for sale. I can imagine it would be confusing for anyone to decide which one to start with.

Her courses range in price from just a couple hundred to a few thousand.

A lot of her courses are dated and she really only focuses on her flagship course - the Low Hanging System. To get it, you'd have to watch the webinar first and then shell out $1491 for the course. To some, that's quite a bit of money.

Questions or comments? Hit me up below!

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