Alex Becker Review 2022: Scam Artist or Legit Online Marketer?

So who is Alex Becker? Chances are you have seen him on Youtube either on his channel or from a paid advertisement.  

He became very well known a few years back with his famous wolf mug ad.

Remember that?

Becker is a lot more WOKE these days. Below is an old pic of him that really wasn't long ago. He sold all his stuff including his house, car, and many possessions and now lives the woke minimalistic lifestyle.

His channel is refreshing and a rapid departure from these rich entrepreneurs that show off the Lambo's, homes and so forth.

So let's discuss if he's a legit entrepreneur or if he falls into the realm of scam artist. I made it easy for you by choosing a topic below or just keep scrollin'.

I first heard of Alex Becker several years ago when he was on a webinar with another marketer by the name of Sean Donahoe. He was pretty young then, in his early 20's. What's Alex Becker's age now? He's in his mid-30's.

Thirty-three (at the time of this writing) would be my guess. At the time he was promoting a course called A.C.S.R which stands for Attract, Control, Sell, Repeat.

I was pretty impressed by him and laughed at his foul mouth which soon became something where people will either love him or hate him. There’s just no in-betweens with this guy.

So then ended up buying the course which was around $500 if I remember correctly.

Little did I know that he would release much more software and courses after that and become extremely popular.

Throughout the years I bought a lot of his software and information products, I even bought a very expensive training program that he was promoting as an affiliate too. So yea, I’d like to think I am part of his success lol. After all he was a master with email marketing and hooked a lot of people in, myself included.

I’ve done a few reviews of some of his products as well which you can find on my site. I haven’t reviewed them all, so far I’ve done Market Hero and H-Com 2020.

So with that being said – by the way, you may have heard Alex Becker say that catch phrase a lot (with that being said…) but oddly enough, I think he may have picked it up from Sean Donahoe on that webinar way back then because Sean said that phrase a lot. I could be wrong but thought I’d throw that useless bit of info in.

That’s my  ADHD kicking in.

Anyway, the purpose of this Alex Becker review is not to shame him or tell you that he’s some kind of a scam artist because he’s not. I truly admire the guy and envy him for his achievements.

His coaching style and products are not for everyone but he wouldn’t be this successful if he didn’t have good stuff.

The “New and WOKE” Alex Becker

Yes, Alex is now the coolest, most wokest, minimalistic internet millionaire on Youtube.

The reasons for selling all of his shit was pretty simple really. It all comes down to distractions. You see, Becker is so focused on his business that things like having to worry about all his stuff, paying bills on time, paying the maid, the pool boy, maintaining the Lambo and all these small things really added up which amounted to a huge distraction.

While most of us would appreciate those distractions, Becker found it was taking up too much of his time and now lives the minimalistic entrepreneur lifestyle.

Good for him. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for many other people. Afterall, possessions DO NOT define who you are.

Alex Becker Courses and Software

A lot of Becker’s’ courses are no longer live and since they are outdated that’s probably a good thing. If you go to his website you won’t even see any of his training programs showing up.

His main focus is with software and right now the main one is Market Hero (Now HYROS)

He’s also in the supplement niche with a new line of products that goes under the brand name Spekter. Most people don’t know much about this but he occasionally talks about it during his rants.

I do want to talk about his courses just to give you a bit of backround which is especially useful for you folks that just discovered him – probably from a Youtube advertisement starting with – “If you give me 60 seconds…”

Source Wave University

This course brings back memories. I was a member back in the day and the course taught you how to do SEO and how to get clients. Becker didn't do all the training and a lot was taught by Stephen Floyd and Gregory Ortiz.

In case you didn't know, SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. Just thought i'd throw that in there.

At the time I was super excited about this and was all about client getting. 

I learned how to do SEO and managed to get a few clients.  Things were going well but I always found myself to be a bit of a slave by having to answer client questions, complaints, etc.

I started to do affiliate marketing and e-commerce as a side hustle because the thought of not having to deal with anyone appealed to me much more.  Little did I know then how big this would explode.

Anyway, source wave university no longer exists.  At the time, Alex Becker did the training alongside with Stephen Floyd who is now in OMG and Gregory Ortiz. Gregory Ortiz took over the course and has now rebranded it as “Search University” and focuses on SEO, affiliate and client getting.

Hero Sales Academy

The Hero Sales Academy is a course that teaches you how to sell online.

In this program you are going to learn funnel design, how to set up landing pages, sales video copywriting, 4-8x ROI advertising funnels and more.

There's also a module on creating products that "sell like wildfire".

The course sells for $1 on a 30 day trial then after that it will set you back $47 a month.

The HERO Consulting Accelerator

Another course that Becker created was the Hero Consulting Program.  This course is still live on the web but if you try to purchase it the link is dead.

This course was a six week consulting program that helps you to get clients to work with to do their SEO or Social Media campaigns.  The idea behind it was that it teaches you how to get clients without having to spend any money on ads or having to do any cold calls.

I think Becker saw a need for this because he realized that many people are too afraid to call up business and do cold selling on services.

I didn’t buy this course from Becker simply because I was not interested and clients anymore so I cannot vouch for this course at all.  Its dead now so I guess that doesn’t matter!


This course is included with your subscription to Market Hero which I currently have.  It shows you how to build and scale and email based business.  It claims you can do this to the seven figure level.

The course has some good training and I’ve not done a review on it yet simply because it’s included with Market Hero.  Market Hero starts at just $19.00 a month so if you’re in need of an autoresponder it’s a good option simply because it includes a lot of training on how to make money with email and other methods.

Market Hero (NOW HYROS)

Update - Market Hero email marketing software is now "Hyros". To get in you will have to go through an "invite only" process. Below is old information but wanted to leave it up to give you some backround on Market Hero.

Market Hero was an email marketing autoresponder.  He has pretty much abandoned all his other software and strictly focuses on this one which has now been renamed to Hyros.

Market Hero was a decent tracking software and I used it myself for a while.  It’s a little bit difficult to set up but once you get going it seems to work well without any problems.

If you have your own product this email platform is a good option simply because you’ll be able to calculate the value of each one of your leads.  Once you know how much it costs to acquire a lead you will have a much better handle on your business.

Check out my Market Hero review for more information on this product.

Hyros isn't something for new marketers. It's users are primarily high end digital businesses. It uses Print Tracking combined with AI Turbo Charge AD ROI.



To put it simply, Hyros is basically an all-in-one solution for marketing funnels, lead tracking & analytics and email sequences. 

It tracks your sales, lead conversions and upsells from your email list.

Probably not something for newbies. Perhaps once you need to scale you could consider Hyros to help with your advertising.

H-Com 2020 – Dropshipping/Print on Demand Course

I haven't seen any ads lately but not sure if he still promotes his H-Com 2020 ecommerce business course but that could go the wayside too at some point.

This is an ecommerce course that teaches you how to do drop shipping use and products from China and also print on demand items like to shirts, mugs Etc. The ecommerce business model is competitive and only ones with adequate training and enthusiasm actually make it.

The course is not cheap and sells for $1997.  Rather than explaining all the details of the course here you can also check out my H-COM 2020 review to see more about this product.

Is Alex Becker a Scam Artist?

The short answer is no. Some people may think otherwise and for a variety of reasons.

For some, it's the people that actually joined some of his programs or ones that just listen in on his many webinars.

For a while Becker was a bit of a serial course creator, capitalizing on trends that he saw had a huge hole to fill in the marketplace. There's nothing wrong with that but when you start to create a lot of courses people start to question it.

This is especially true when he has other people doing the training for him. How invested is he in the program if others are doing the dirty work?

Not to say the courses are a scam as he does have some talented folks doing some of the training, but people want to hear from him not from someone they have no knowledge of.

He does use scarcity a lot in his webinars and email funnels that you may have been through. Usually these offers that supposedly expire when the timer runs out are still valid days later, you just have to refresh the page!

That could be one of the reasons why people may think he's a scammer but in his defence this is not a new tactic and many others use it as well.

I think Becker realized that putting out course after course was not the path for his future and now focuses mostly on software development. 

So for those that have been angered by sub-par courses from him in the past need not worry of being suckered into buying more because that probably won't happen. But then again, who knows.

So overall, I don't believe Alex Becker is a scam artist. He may have put out some questionable material in the past but he does have some good products and does invest a lot of money into his business model. Can't blame him for wanting a return on his investment!

Final Thoughts on Becker

I like the new Alex Becker but it seems that he likely may not have anymore training for newbies. His clients going forward seem to be that of established businesses. He's pretty good to listen to for inspiration though.

In the past, people that like Alex Becker are the ones that tend to buy his courses. They have been "warmed up" with the many webinars he puts out along with the ads he has on Youtube.

It's pretty dangerous to buy something just because you like the individual. For example, if you want to get into ecommerce, don't just go and by H-Com 2020 just because you like Alex Becker.

For example, if you want a good ecom/dropshipping course you should definitely get eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett as it's a hell of lot cheaper than HCOM 2020 and a much better course in my opinion and with more content as well. See, there's always an option Alex Becker fans!

Most people that follow Alex Becker fall into just a few categories. Some like his humor and stick around just to hear what he has to say. Others want to be like him and buy a Ferrari or a Lamborghini like he has. [No longer of course!] Then you have those that really want to learn and buy up his courses because they think he's the best.

Whatever reason you have for liking Alex Becker, that's your opinion. What you should look more into though is - what is best for you and not what is best for Alex Becker (by buying his courses.)

Look, making money online is not an easy task. Most people dream about it and most of them fail. You need to be a certain breed of entrepreneur that will do whatever it takes to succeed, not a part time one.

Mindset is very important as well as having a never give up attitude to succeed with an online business.

Rather than listening to someone trying to sell you on the next best thing, why not decide for yourself what's best for you.

In closing. I like Alex Becker and think he's awesome. I even got to see him speak at an event a few years ago and envy his accomplishments. 

Right now I think he's great for inspiration but do take his words with a grain of salt as I don't agree with EVERYTHING he says but on a lot of stuff I still do.

Remember that you'll become successful not because of Alex Becker, but because of yourself. Taking action is the only way to success and Becker has said this repeatedly. 

Maybe that's why he's so successful?

There should never be one person that tells you what is best for you. Decide for yourself. I have an article titled online business ideas that I think you really should check out. You might just find what you are looking for.

Drew Mann

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