Market Hero Review: Email Autoresponder Now Renamed Hyros

Welcome to my review on Market Hero. Market Hero is an autoresponder tool by Alex Becker. He claims this tool is superior to other popular autoresponders on the market such as Get Response, Mail Chimp, AWeber, etc.

I actually have Market Hero and have been using it for quite some time now. I will be able to give a look into the guts of the email tool and to also show you the 8X Academy which is also included with your Market Hero subscription. 

I may go into more detail on the 8X academy 2.0 in the future but the main focus here will be Market Hero - how it works and how it compares to other email tools on the market. That's probably why you are here! 

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UPDATE: Market Hero is Now Hyros

Not only has the name changed from Market Hero to HYROS, but it's by invite only. So there really isn't much information out there. I'll provide more on this at some point.

I guess everything below is just moot? 

Market Hero Review - Who is it for?

Market Hero works well for both budding entrepreneurs & noobs as well as large corporations with huge email lists.

A lot of you and probably the majority of my readers have heard about Alex Becker before, watched his "zany" videos on Youtube and curious about Market Hero and if it is a scam or not.

I've followed Alex for years, even saw him live at an internet marketing conference a few years ago. I even have his Market Hero T-shirt which you get for free when signing up to Market Hero. I believe if you even cancel the free trial you still get the T-shirt. I stayed on as a member so not sure about that.

Anyway - if you're a newbie to marketing and understand the importance of capturing an email address and marketing to your list over time - Market Hero has an excellent reporting structure that allows you to track your ROI and to show you what each lead is worth. Most autoresponders do not do this. You can use Market Hero for almost anything, Ecom, Affiliate Marketing, etc. but it is best suited for those that sell their own products.

Further to that, if you're "green" on email marketing and would like some training, as long as you're a member of MarketHero you get access to the 8X Academy that trains you how to make money with Market Hero through a variety of ways.

So it's not only an autoresponder, but it includes a very intensive course (this will take you a long time to complete) that will show you many different methods on how you can generate leads - many of which are free.

Market Hero Pricing

Plans start at just $19 a month. With this plan you can have a total of 1000 subcribers. This is more than enough if you're new. Everything is included with this plan including all the 8X academy training.

Keep in mind when Market Hero first launched, their minimal monthly plan was $99 a month. Alex Becker probably realized this was too expensive and re-designed the entire pricing structure and also saw the need for soild training.

The next level is $49 a month for up to 3000 subscribers. Once you are past 1000 subs, you should be easily making much more than the $49 fee this this should be absorbed with your profits.

At $99 a month you can have up to 7,500 subscribers. The plans continue onward from there and you can view them here - just click "pricing."

How is Market Hero Different From Other Autoresponders?

The thing that separates Market Hero from other autoresponders is that MH was built by a very successful marketer for other marketers. It's not just about sending emails anymore, it'a about building a business. So while other autoresponders focus on sending emails, MH is focused more on marketing campaigns (with training to boot) if that make sense.

It also allows you to segment your leads better too by applying 'tags' to each member on your list. Depending on what email list you want your members to be on, you will use tags for this purpose.

As mentioned before, knowing how much each lead is worth is a huge benefit. With this information, you can do paid advertising on say, Facebook or Google and as long as you acquire leads that cost less than what each customer is worth - you are making money.

You could do this manually, but you might have to invest in other software, refer to your spreadsheets and do a lot of manual work crunching numbers. That sounds like a pain in the ass to me.

Market Hero Integrations

Market Hero integrates with many other services. At the time of this writing here is what it supports when I logged in. Keep in mind if you have other software that is not on this list, you can still integrate it with html code and they will show you how.

Setting up Your Autoresponder Workflows

In the "old days" you would set up your autoresponder through a clunky interface and then set a delay for the next send. Market Hero has done away with this old way of doing things.

Now you have ability to customize how you want your emails sent through a visual stream. You can manage delays, actions, put people on new lists, different email sequences etc. It seems complicated but the drap and drop icons make it really easy. So for those that like a visual representation, you'll really like this feature.

I created a mock up below within Market Hero - please note this is just a mock up and not a real campaign. I just wanted you to see how simple or complicated it can be - all up to your needs.

So as you can see, if you have an idea on how to set up your campaign, you'll be able to do it. Editing is easy if needed and can be done anytime. It's very easy to use and you get the hang of it after a while. I went through the training provided so you're not left in the dark as to what the software does.

Market Hero Email Deliverability

Market Hero has a section that should not be ignored - how to set up your campaigns to ensure maximum delivery. They tell you how to avoid spam traps, tips for better delivery and even supply you with 400+ spam trigger words to avoid. You will need to set up SPF and DKIM before mailing. Don't worry I went through this and it was pretty easy. I had a bit of problems but support helped me with it. I will talk more about their support later though.

Knowledge Base

The most common questions are answered here and is a pretty good resource that I refer to often if I need a question answered. Remember you can always hit up support as well as they have 24/7 chat available.

Facebook Group

Market Hero has a facebook group but it's branded as the 8X Academy. There doesn't seem to be much activity in there so I imagine most of the questions and inquiries are handled with support and the knowledge base.

Market Hero 8X 2.0 Academy Review

I mentioned earlier that Market Hero is not just an autoresponder but it also incorporates some free training. I think this is Alex Becker's angle. He wants you to succeed by giving you some training for free and in exchange he hopes you will keep his software. I think that's a reasonable assessment and also not a bad deal either.

So along with your subscription to Market Hero, even with the cheapest option at $19 a month, you get access to the Market Hero 8X Academy. Some of the modules include:

  • Picking a Niche
  • Making an Epic Bait
  • Making Optins with Clickfunnles
  • Finding & Promoting Affiliate Products
  • Video Creation & Tools

I could go on, but i'll just paste a screenshot from the members area in just the first section of 8X academy below:

There's actually more modules, just couldnt fit all on the page before the text is too small to read. They are - Finding Viral Post for Traffic, Capturing Traffic from Post, and Posting Strategies for Leads.

I took the training and I can say that there's a lot of value here. You'll find both free and paid methods for advertising with many different options. I have experimented with some of his methods and will continue with others. Like I said it's pretty lengthy but if all you did was follow what he teaches you could make this a full time business.

There's even more training in 8X Academy - see the modules below:

I haven't gone through everything yet as you can see, but there's a lot of training that you can take if you want to start an online business. 

I didn't want to get into too much detail with the 8X Academy training but wanted to give you a sneak peak into it. I do think it's pretty cool that you get training like this and I am sure Alex knows his audience - it's mostly newbie marketers looking to create an income online. So this additional training is not a surprise.

Market Hero Free Trial

You will get to try the software out for 14 days free but keep in mind there will be some limitations. After the free trial these get lifted. During this time and after, you will also get access to the 8X academy.

Market Hero Support

Although their live chat support was pretty brutal at first, lately they have gotten better. I have seen many other comments online about the bad support some people have received, myself included. The issue I had was I had 2 different answers for the same question (from 2 separate reps) which really threw me off. Lately though they have been ok. I can only imagine Alex had a talking to them or maybe canned some bad ones.

Final Thoughts

As an autoresponder, Market Hero is a great tool. It used to be a bit buggy, occasionally something might go weird but overall it's been stable. Email delivery is great and compares to some other autoresponders I have tried. It's a little better I think, but I don't have that much data yet. It's easy to use and has a lot of functionality. The many integrations too make it a useful tool for advanced marketers.

So should you subscribe to Market Hero? My answer would be yes, you have nothing to lose. If you are a noob, get the $19 a month plan. If you see no value after the first 30 days just cancel. You only would have spent $19 anyway. 

I think a lot will benefit from his training. He has guest trainers on as well and some have some pretty cool offers (that you can get a free trial on) worth checking out.

Alternative to Market Hero?

I also use GetResponse for my campaigns and might be moving everything over in the near future. It's similar to Market Hero, costs less and easier to setup. 

You'll notice a huge improvement with the competency level of their live chat support over Market Hero as well.

GetResponse also has the custom workflows or you can try out their new "autofunnels" feature. The training is excellent and it's a bug-free system. It's also "affiliate marketing friendly" so you won't get banned for including affiliate links in your emails like you would with other platforms like Mailchimp.

I might do a review on the GetResponse platform in the near future but you can try it free for 30 days, no need to whip out your credit card either to register for the free trial.

Hope you enjoyed this review and got something out of it. If you have any questions just comment below!

Drew Mann

5 thoughts on “Market Hero Review: Email Autoresponder Now Renamed Hyros”

  1. Excellent review man….I purchased annual deal for GR at $598 dollars and it is badass. However, I believe the Lifetime Value of each customer that MH offers is so incredibly valuable. Regardless, I appreciate your thorough review and will bookmark your website. Thank you

  2. Market hero & Hyros are two (soon to be) separate platforms for the same software focusing on two different main features Market Hero can do.

    Market hero is an emoji auto responder but one thing that Market hero does and always has done that’s never really been popularized is the “advanced lead & ROI” calculations. Deep in Market Hero’s platform you can connect your facebook ads, google ads and other traffic sources and accurately track customer purchases from the moment they first opt-in, click a button, or view your web page; across multiple devices, and even see when they finally purchased.

    Hyros is a separate division sharing the same support staff that specifically focuses on this aspect of the software which is sold at a premium of $3,500 for 6 months than $997 each month there after for 100-150k in “tracked” revenue. In Hyros you use the Market Hero platform (which is soon to be given a new API) and get full on service and help from the HYROS team to help lower ad costs by 45% in some cases. This is something NO other software on the market is doing.

    There’s a loop hole however. Just purchase Market Hero for $19/mo and uses the documentation on the Hyros website to setup lead tracking, and now you have the exact same thing Hyros does for a whole lot cheaper.

    I have some speculation about Market Hero being a software purchased from a company
    —> | their user interface is shockingly similar.

    I don’t work for Alex, just a fan who uses his software. Everything you’ve said up above is relatively true, except for the fact that market hero isn’t open to the public. It’s Parked on the domain —>

    • Thanks for your feedback Jason. I’m a fan of Alex Becker too and have bought quite a bit from him in the past. I just wasn’t too happy with Market Hero because of a couple reasons. You could only use 1 domain for emailing. If you wanted to add a second site for your email campaign, the original domain would need to be used which is pointless. The support was pretty terrible with conflicting views from different staff. Although MH was decent, i’m just glad I switched to GetResponse as it’s a lot easier to use and pretty much limitless domains can be added in the same account.

  3. Are you still using Markethero as your primary autoresponder? Do you still recommend it? If not which one do you recommend?

    • Hi Edward. I still use Market Hero for some applications but the problem is with integrations. There’s ways around it but it just makes it difficult because a lot of applications don’t list Market Hero as an integration. For this reason I also use GetResponse. It’s free for 30 days and is cheaper than Market Hero. Just make sure you use the “workflows” though and not the basic autoresponder when setting up your email campaigns. Hope that helps.

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