Digital Worth Academy Review: Sara Young & Andrew Hansen

Welcome to my Digital Worth Academy review.

I spent nearly 20 hours going over the course so you don't have to. I've purchased a lot of affiliate marketing courses over the years and for me it's pretty easy to detect good from bad.

So how does Digital Worth Academy stack up?

Are there better alternatives?

Here I will rate the course based on quality of content, ease of understanding and value for your money.

Let's get into this!

How Much is the Digital Worth Academy?

The Digital Worth Academy will cost you $797.

If this is already too expensive for you, check out my cheaper course alternatives.

What is the Digital Worth Academy?

The Digital Worth Academy is a coaching product. It has been designed for those that want to get into affiliate marketing, albeit with an ever so slight twist over competing products on the market.

Most other affiliate marketing courses I have stumbled across have you making website after website without any real long-term plan in mind.

I feel that the course writers assume that the sites you will make take a more backseat, passive income role as you expand your portfolio. However, I have never really been a fan of this 'no long term goal' frame of mind for websites. I want to know the end game.

Digital Worth Academy focuses on the endgame. You will be starting by making a profitable authority affiliate website like the other courses. However, your end game is to try and sell it. 

This means you get a quick boost of income, rather than have a few dollars trickling in here and there when you relegate the site to your back catalog. In my opinion, this is a faster way to make money. It is effective too.

There is a little bit more to it than just this, but I shall talk about that in a short while.

Who Created the Digital Worth Academy?

The brains behind Digital Worth Academy are Sara Young and Andrew Hansen. Over the years, they have both released various digital products, and they have clearly been making some successful websites. You can contact them from their Facebook page.

This (as near as I can tell) is the first time that the two of them have partnered up. They seem to work together rather well. He is experienced in the SEO side of things, and she is more into the actual creation of the website and digital marketing.

I do love it when a pair comes together like this. It often results in a far better course.

What Will You Learn in the Course?

There are about 150 videos on the course. While they are in a sort of modular format, I am not going to discuss them as individual modules.

This is because I find the structure of the course somewhat haphazard. I feel to make it clearer, it would be better for me to go through the main points that you will be picking up on the course. This way you will know whether it is good for you or not.

How to select a niche

This is where I find that Digital Worth Academy really shines. A lot of other courses I have reviewed tend to focus on building up a website as quickly as possible. This means selecting niches that can generate you money quickly.

Highly specific niches. Sure, this is a good method if you want to make a ton of money within a short span of time, but it is not a good option if you want to have an end goal in mind. If you go too specific, your site could eventually fizzle out.

Digital Worth Academy takes a different approach. You will be choosing a profitable authority niche that is not quite so specific and this, in turn, is going to generate you longer-term income.

It will take a bit longer to get off of the ground, but I am reasonably confident that it would end up being a lot more profitable for you.

The one limitation is that Digital Worth Academy attempts to force you into one of eight general niches.

I see what they are aiming for here. They want to make things as specific as possible to increase your chances of making money. They have chosen profitable niches, but I just wish that it was a lot more flexible in the approach that it allows.

Building your Website

You will be using WordPress to build your website for Digital Worth Academy, which is just as well since this is likely the software that you will be using throughout your affiliate career anyway.

I really cannot think of any platform better for affiliate marketers. It's all I pretty much use to build sites.

These modules will go into a lot of depth on the plugins and the themes that you should be using for your WordPress site. 

By all accounts, these are the exact themes and plugins that the course creators use. Now, I have not been able to verify this myself, but I imagine that it is true.

Content Creation

Another area where this course really does thrive. As you are probably aware, I review a lot of different affiliate marketing courses here. A lot of them seem to understate just how important quality content is.

Their modules are a few minutes long, at best. Not here. With Digital Worth Academy, a rather sizeable portion of the course is dedicated to content creation. This means that you will learn how to create articles that actually convert, plus learn the best places to put all those affiliate links.

I actually like this approach due to the end goal of Digital Worth Academy and the whole eventually selling your website on thing.

Nobody is going to be buying a site from you if it has woeful content, so this module is really preparing you for the eventual sale of your website, while also making you a sizeable chunk of change in the meantime.

Google Traffic

I love the fact that the bulk of the traffic generation methods here talk about gaining traffic through good old fashioned search engine optimization.

Although, I suppose that makes sense considering the names behind the course.

Of course, SEO does mean that you are going to be making money slower, but you will have a more sustainable business, and one that is easier to sell.

Included software

To me, most of the software that you get included isn't that great. It is a simple calculator.

However, the keyword researcher tool is brilliant, even if it is not the best out there. It will certainly give you a few ideas on how you can take your business forward in the earliest days.


The course includes coaching too, although this is not private coaching.

You will have the opportunity to watch webinars and engage in the various private social media groups that the pair have put together.

Should You Join Digital Worth Academy?

This is a pretty well put together course. It includes a lot of information that I haven't seen other affiliate marketing courses include, and it is great for those that are looking for a more long-term approach to their marketing.

I feel that if you are the type of person that could put up with spending $797 for a course without the expectation of making money for months and months, then this course is for you. 

I believe that if you did put together a quality website and sold it, you would make a good amount of money. It is going to take a whole lot of hard work, though.

To determine how much money you could make selling your site, that all depends on how much it makes monthly. 

To calculate this, it is normally 33x the monthly revenue the site pulls in.

To give you an example, if you have a site that makes $5000 a month, you could potentially sell it for 33 x 5000 = $165,000

That's a great payday.

I feel that you should join Digital Worth Academy if you really have your heart set on a course and do not know which one to pick. At least this one will be teaching you skills that you can use for the long-term e.g. SEO and making an authority website.

This course is not going to be for everybody, though. You will want to avoid it if slow money-making is not for you. Although, to be honest, no course is going to make you money overnight. You should also avoid it if you want a bit more of a flexible approach to making money. In my opinion, the structure of Digital Worth Academy can feel a little bit rigid at times.

Pros & Cons


  • Can make money
  • Build a site for the longterm
  • Talks about content production
  • Talks about search engine optimization


  • Slow method
  • Not that flexible
  • Expensive course

Digital Worth Academy Alternatives

If you're not sold on the Digital Worth Academy, then I have some excellent alternatives for you.

Option #1

If you are strictly looking to build affiliate sites and sell them, then the best alternative is the Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity.

This is a very intensive course that costs less than the Digital Worth Academy at $797. I picked it for my #1 alternative because it has an entire module on website flipping. So if selling your site is your goal, the Affiliate Lab is your best alternative.

Option #2

The next course is Savage Affiliates.

Although this course doesn't have a module on selling your website, it is a very inexpensive option to the Digital Worth Academy but does not fall short on training.

It's got over 200 videos of training on how to build an affiliate website along with many other options such as Facebook & Google marketing. It's best for beginners.

Option #3

My final alternative to the Digital Worth Academy is The Authority Site System.

This course is from the guys at Authority Hacker and have recently re-vamped this course entirely. As the name implies, it's goal is to help you build an authority website that makes passive income on autopilot. 

It differs from the Digital Worth Academy in that it trains you to find a niche without having to select one of the recommended ones.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

If you want an affiliate marketing course, then Digital Worth Academy is going to be a good place to put your money. It has been produced by people that actually know what they are doing, and the method does work.

It is a slow method, but you will be learning a lot of skills that will benefit your long term business aspirations. 

You just have to put aside the fact that the course is probably going to be a little bit too expensive for some people.

The suggestions above are high calibre courses and less expensive.

I urge you to take a look at them before making any hasty decisions.

The decision is yours!

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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