Super Affiliate System Pro Review 2024: John Crestani Course

Welcome to my Super Affiliate System Pro review, a course by John Crestani.

I'm a 6-figure-a-year affiliate marketer and got there from learning from courses like these.

I bought the Super Affiliate System and spent well over 12 hours going through the course material.

In this review, I am going to rate it based on quality of content, strategies used, reputation, student success stories and value for your money.

But first - here's proof that I bought it:

Let's dive in!

What is the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System is a program created by John Crestani that teaches people how to make money online with their own affiliate marketing businesses. It contains a wealth of information and resources, including step-by-step videos, templates, and more.

There is a total of 50 plus hours of training which spans over a period of 6 weeks.

The training is done through video. It includes tutorials and quizzes. In order to make sure you remember the course content, even homework is assigned.

The course claims you can make $2,500 a week or more with your online affiliate business. The training focuses on Facebook and Google ads to drive traffic.

What Version of Super Affiliate System is the Most Current?

As of this writing, the most current version of the course is "Super Affiliate System Pro". Previous names were just "Super Affiliate System","Super Affiliate System 2.0 and 3.0, now John Crestani has just settled for Super Affiliate System Pro.

The reason for the name change was that it has been updated with new content and training. More than likely this will be the last name change, but that remains to be seen.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a well-known veteran affiliate marketer and entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Super Affiliate System an online education platform that teaches people how to make money through internet marketing.

John is a highly sought-after speaker and has taught tens of thousands of people how to start their own businesses and create successful online marketing campaigns.

He is also the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing" and "Zero to Hero: A step-by-step guide to creating a successful internet business." John is a true expert in his field, and his teachings have helped many people achieve success online.

He has great knowledge of all forms of advertising from Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook, and Native advertising networks.

John learned how to craft his online advertising while working for a marketing firm.

He was able to increase revenue for many companies thus making him a star in the agency. "Fortunately" for him though he was eventually fired and then set out on his own to become an affiliate marketer.

Here he is in an interview with Stefan James from Project Life Mastery.

How Much Does Super Affiliate System Cost?

The one-time fee for the Super Affiliate System program is $997.

There are also two payment plans available.

Payment Plan Option 1: $397 Today then 2 more payments of $397.

Each of the 3 payments is spread apart 30 days. The total payment would be $1191. This payment plan will cost you $194 more than if you were to pay the one-time fee.

Payment Plan Option 2: $247 Today then 4 more payments of $247.

With this plan, you are paying 5 payments spread out 30 days from each other. The total cost would be $1235, which is $238 more than if you were to pay the one-time fee.

The best deal here is the one-time fee plan of $997. However, if that is too much of a sting all at once, then you do have the option of the two payment plans but that is going to cost you more in the long run.

3 pricing plan options for super affiliate system

To view more details of the plans, click here.

Are Refunds Allowed?

You can ask for a refund within 30 days. This is an "unconditional money-back guarantee" meaning you don't need to show that you have made an attempt at starting your business. Some course creators request this, making it hard to get a refund.

I have respect for John Crestani here that he doesn't put his students through that. If you aren't a right fit for the course material, he respects your right to part ways.

Here is the refund policy from John Crestani's website:

refund policy showing details of the 30 day refund policy

Are There Any Upsells?

Yes, there are some upsells but not when you are going through the checkout process. This comes after buying the course which is explained below.

Crestani Growth Academy

The Crestani Growth Academy is a mentoring program. You'll be mentored one-on-one by one of John's top students. You won't be mentored by John Crestani himself.

The reason John created the Crestani Growth Academy was that he believes an online course can only take you so far. He sees having a mentor as a huge advantage that can help you achieve much more in a shorter period of time.

If you decide to join, you also get access to his in-person seminars.

As for the cost, I would imagine this is in the thousands. To find out I have to call a phone number but I haven't gotten to that point yet.

You Can Get the Course for Free if You Make $10,000

What is this gimmick? I've never seen this before offered with any course. Apparently, if you make $10,000 using the Super Affiliate System's teaching, you'll get the entire money back that you paid for the course.

Here it is in black and white from John Crestani's site:

How the Super Affiliate System Course is Structured - Updated With 14 Modules

I want to start off first by saying that most of the Super Affiliate System reviews I have seen are outdated. A lot will just show that SAS (Super Affiliate System) has just 6 modules or 6 weeks of training.

This is not true. If you read somewhere that they claim Super Affiliate System has only 6 modules or 6 weeks of training you are reading an outdated review.

There are 14 modules in total. To prove it, here's a screenshot from the member's area.

all 14 modules that are included in Super Affiliate System

And here's a snapshot of the Super Affiliate System Dashboard

What does the Super Affiliate System cover? Here's a summary of what's included in the training and what I think about the training in the Super Affiliate System.

Affiliate Marketing Networks - Choosing Your Niche

The focus here is to find your niche using Clickbank as a guide. Clickbank is the largest affiliate marketing network platform.

I'm not a huge fan of Clickbank, however, it is a great place to find a niche and even products to sell in that niche.

The objective here in this part of the training is to:

  • Determine your niche for finding products
  • Join an affiliate network. Cites 3 to choose from - Clickbank, Digistore24, Maxweb
  • Find products in your niche with high gravity and adequate commission
  • Avoid common mistakes when choosing products

Overall I think it's decent training on how to find a niche and you even get a download that lists the 3 main categories, health, wealth and investment, and relationships.

Here's a partial sample of that list available for download:

Setting up Funnel Pages

You are taught how to set up landing pages also known as sales pages using Clickfunnels and hosting. John recommends using Clickfunnels for making your pages and Bluehost as his 'preferred' host.

Both of these are linked to him as an affiliate, which is common practice for most course creators.

You're also given templates in the resource section to create sales pages in both Clickfunnels and manually, without using Clickfunnels.

There is quite a big focus on promoting Super Affiliate System here as you're provided sales pages for the course for you to download and promote as an affiliate.

I'm not a fan of courses recruiting members to promote the course they just bought as an affiliate - just like Wealthy Affiliate does in rabid style. However, you are also shown how to customize these pages for your own offers - at least.

Using Solo Ads to Drive Traffic

John teaches a method of paid advertising called Solo Ads. Essentially this is using the power of other people's email lists to promote your offers.

You pay them based on how many "opens" you get from their list. Whether or not they click on your offer or make a purchase, is not under your control.

I've used Solo ads before and you can expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $100 for 100 email opens of your offer. The price difference depends on the quality of the list (from top countries like the USA, Canada, UK, AUS, NZ) or how much the seller is willing to negotiate.

While Solo ads can work, what I don't like is that John Crestani only teaches you to find solo ad providers on Udimi and TrafficForme. Both of these are a hit and miss. You can find some good sellers but there's also a lot that is not so great.

My only guess is that John recommends these two is because both of them he's an affiliate for.

I had much better luck finding Solo Ad providers by doing a manual search and also by searching for them on Facebook. Yes, Facebook!

Using Google Ads to Drive Traffic

The Super Affiliate System also teaches paid advertising with Google Ads to drive traffic to your offers. It focuses on Google search ads, display ads, and banner ads.

The focus here is mostly on Clickbank type of offers where you are taught conversion tracking.

If you've never used Google Ads before, it's a quick way to get traffic but it can also become quite expensive. Here, John shows you how to mitigate those expenses as much as possible with his advanced strategies and show you how to use search terms that are most likely to result in sales.

The training is decent and even one of the students left some positive feedback.

Using Youtube to Drive Traffic

You've probably seen many Youtube ads between your binge-watching of cat videos. 😾

Most of them don't even look professional, but still, somehow manage to capture attention. You too can do this and John explains how.

Here's what you'll learn in this module:

  • How to set up a YouTube channel
  • create a Youtube Video Ad with the proper settings
  • Shoot an effective video of your own
  • Determine the effectiveness of YouTube ads for your products
john crestani showing how youtube traffic works on whiteboard

Using Social Media Ads to Drive Traffic

John Crestani loves social media for his affiliate campaigns because he knows the affiliate marketing industry benefits from it. He favors Facebook over other social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Training will only be with Facebook.

I think it would have been advantageous to include traffic training from other social platforms but I guess we are keeping it simple here.

What you'll learn in this module:

  • Set up a Facebook fan page
  • Set up a Facebook advertising account
  • Create a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Create a Facebook audience that reflects your niche
  • Create ads that are compliant with Facebook standards
  • Use social proof to increase your ad effectiveness

John's trainer Illya has separate videos on how to set up these pages. One thing I have noticed is that a pretty old version of Facebook is being used, indicating these videos were shot quite some time ago. However, the concepts remain the same despite the old interface.

Research for Effective Ads and Sales Pages

In module 7, there are 2 training videos where John talks about what makes effective ads and Sales Pages. He says there are 6 steps that a page must have in order to be successful:

  • Headline: Strong punchy headline with a clear benefit
  • Avatar/Product Image: Image that clearly shows the product
  • Bullet Points: Listing features of the product & benefits
  • Social Proof: Video testimonials, reviews, etc.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Buy Now, Submit Your Info, etc.
  • Risk Reversal: Have a strong guarantee, i.e. money-back guarantee.

Most of the training here is done by John Crestani's assistant, Illya.

In the first half of the first video, he searches for Google Ads of the Super Affiliate System to see what affiliates of the course are doing. He then analyzes the pages to see if they have all 6 elements in place.

More self-promotion of the course which I don't like, but I get it, it's "just" an example.

He also tells you to "rip" ads from products in Clickbank and just change the wording around. The idea here is a lot of money gets invested into product promotion, so why not just "mimic" what they do rather than re-inventing the wheel.

This is right out of Russell Brunson's playbook with his "funnel hacking" in Clickfunnels so it's nothing new.

Learn Copywriting Skills

Successful Affiliate Marketers understand copywriting. Copywriting is writing to get clicks. It's writing to sell stuff. That's the only purpose.

John goes through the 4 phases of copywriting:

  • Purpose - Writing to sell something (in your case, your affiliate offer)
  • Emotions - think of the connection behind brands
  • Problem - what problems do customers have? Sell the solution.
  • Proofreading - Say it out loud. Is it punchy, easy to understand, etc.

By the time you're done this module, you should be able to:

  • Write ad copy that compels a potential customer to click
  • Write ad headlines that grab attention
  • Use urgency, scarcity, and social proof to increase sales
  • Use copywriting principles to improve your presell pages

Copywriting is a skill that is hard to be taught. That's why copywriters make huge amounts of money for such little words. The whole idea is to make an impact in such a short period of time.

John does a pretty good job at giving you an understanding of how copywriting works, and what purpose it serves. You may not become a professional copywriter after finishing this module, but your affiliate marketing skills will be much higher than the average affiliate marketer.

I've taken some courses on copywriting before but I definitely learned some valuable tips in this module.

Here's what one student thought of the copywriting module:

The Importance of Analyzing Your Data

Once your ads are out there, you need to constantly analyze and tweak them to the point they are optimal.

In SAS, you are taught about split-testing, which enables you to test different ads and see which one is the winner.

With this training, you should be able to:

  • Set up a split-test for ads on various advertising platforms
  • Use data to create a hypothesis on which elements to split-test next
  • Determine your best-performing ads based on tracking information provided
  • Recognize and avoid common testing mistakes

Planning Your Strategy

This module kinda teaches some mindset stuff. John tells you the best way to come up with a plan, and the best strategy moving forward.

There is nothing new taught here, just some motivation to get you to take action.

john crestani showing how to plan internet marketing strategy on whiteboard

Accelerating Your Outcomes

I'm not sure why this is considered a module. John gives you options for "acceleration opportunities" through upsells. He offers personal coaching and the John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Mastermind.


Module 12 talks about the reasons why you might not be succeeding with the course so far. I can appreciate this because it's not something I have seen in other affiliate marketing courses.

So, if you're not succeeding, John gets you to check things like:

  • Are you in the right niche?
  • Are you looking at your data?
  • Do you have enough data?
  • Do you have the right resources?
  • Are you asking enough questions?

Scaling Your Business

You should never be satisfied with the status quo. When you start making money you should begin to think about scaling your business. John goes through a few strategies you can use to take your online business to the next level.

These are the 4 scaling methods he teaches:

  • Budget - Increasing your budget on campaigns that are doing well
  • Audience - Expand your audience's reach
  • Payout - Ask the affiliate manager for a higher payout (if you're doing good sales, they likely will)
  • Go Direct - Work directly with the product owner instead of going through the affiliate network.

Scaling is what separates a successful affiliate marketer from an average one. Don't ignore these strategies taught.

Here's what one of many students thought of John's scaling strategies:

Final Module Wrap up

This is where John wraps up the course and summarizes what you're learned so far. He does also encouraged you to "think outside the box" and explore ideas on your own.

This is so true. Because to attain affiliate marketing success, you sometimes do need to think outside of the box and sometimes go against the grain of what you've been taught in any course.

Is John Crestani a Scam?

There have been some things that John teaches that are borderline unethical. One of them is to get people that have never taken his course to go out on Facebook and spam everybody with the following message:

"Hey, here is free training which has taught me how to make money online"

You would then post your affiliate link that you created from Clickbank which leads to the free training John provides for Super Affiliate System. If someone buys the course, you earn an affiliate commission.

Here is that video. He gets into it at the 5:00 mark.

If you actually took the course and made at least $1, then I'd have no problem with this. It's still a spammy tactic though. And doing this will just piss off your friends and other people anyway. So yea, don't do it.

Then there was talk about using images of hundreds of people all over the world that have had success with his course. In that image collage, there were some pics of kids. Possibly an error on his part, but it just leans more on the side of scammy.

While these two examples don't look good on John Crestani, the real question is, is Super Affiliate System a Scam? I do not believe it is. A scam is where you don't get what you're promised. When you buy the course you get the training delivered.

And - you get a 30-day money-back guarantee which is unconditional. There are no questions asked.

Do you think he would offer a money-back guarantee on a course that is just a scam? Last time I checked, scams don't come with money-back guarantees lol 😀

Internet Jetset Vs The Super Affiliate System

You may remember John Crestani promoting a program called "Internet Jetset" before. This was the name of his course before it got rebranded to The Super Affiliate System.

You still see "Internet Jetset" in some of his brandings, but he's moved away from this.

Who is Super Affiliate System For?

Super Affiliate System is for those that are looking for an affiliate marketing system that can teach them to make money online.

It is specifically for those that have a budget to 1) Buy the course and 2) Have the funds for running paid traffic ads.

Intermediate affiliate marketers can also benefit if they want to learn a new skill with paid ads.

Who is Super Affiliate System Not For?

Super Affiliate System is not for those that want to rely only on paid traffic. With paid traffic, you are on a constant hamster wheel of tracking your campaigns and ad spend. It's not really considered a passive income business.

If you are looking to make a passive income where you can take off a couple of weeks without having to do any work and make money in your sleep, consider blogging as a way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Is it Suitable for Beginners?

Yes. Super Affiliate System teaches in a way that was designed for beginners. Everything is taught from how to create a sales page, to copywriting and scaling your ads.

You don't have to have any previous experience in affiliate marketing or be an existing internet marketer to create a successful affiliate marketing business.

Does the Super Affiliate System Deliver?

The training that the course delivers provides the tools for you to do the work. Success depends on you. If you don't put in the work then you'll never know if you can be successful with the course.

So yes, Super Affiliate System does work, but success is going to vary from person to person.

Are there any Student Success Stories With Super Affiliate System?

Here are some success stories that I grabbed from this page here.

Of course, results will vary and it's no guarantee that you'll see success like these folks. However, the point is, it looks like people have made money using the techniques taught in Super Affiliate System making them experienced affiliate marketers.

Negative Reviews of Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System seems to have a bad reputation among other "review" type sites. These are usually from those promoting other courses instead, especially those promoting the Wealthy Affiliate course.

I'd like to address some of the criticisms.

First, one Super Affiliate System review I've seen talks about how many of the success stories come from students making affiliate commissions selling SAS.

While that part is true, there is evidence of those making sales from other products. Although I am not a fan of courses that push you to sell the same course your bought  *cough* wealthy affiliate *cough* , the fact that they still made sales goes to show that the techniques taught ARE working.

Another one is where John was able to get the answers for an exam back in his college days and sold that information. Who cares. Sure, ethically it's wrong to do but you have to admire the guy for his ability to crack the system. I'm sure opinions will differ here.

Then there's the complaint about the "fake scarcity" where the price of the course will go up if you don't act in time, etc.

Many marketers do this. It's become the norm and John Crestani is not the first one to do it. Again, who cares.

To sum it up, the negative Super Affiliate System reviews all end up the same way - to pitch you a different product. If the course was terrible, like Wealthy Affiliate is, then I think it's justified.

However, I think the negative reviews are more of a personal attack on John Crestani rather than what he teaches. I think the negative "reviewers" probably never even went through the training like I did and are just nitpicking.


There are a few bonuses that come with Super Affiliate System:

Vision Board

Vision boards are a good thing to have to keep you motivated. John shows you how to create one and why you should create one.

I think these are great for people that lose focus quickly. Everyone should have one of these!

Audiobook Bonus - "Your Wish is My Command"

This is a downloadable audiobook from Kevin Trudeau about how to manifest your desires. I haven't gone through it yet but it's there as a bonus if you're into that stuff.

Chris Haddad Interview

This is an interview with affiliate marketer expert Chris Haddad. It's a pretty good inspirational story and worth it to listen to understand what's possible with affiliate marketing.

Carlos Cruz Affiliate Marketing Case Study

This video is an interview with John's buddy Carlos Cruz who has consistently made 100K a month with affiliate marketing. He breaks down an entire campaign on Facebook. It's actually pretty impressive and makes up for the fact that SAS lacks case studies in the course.

17-Step Copywriting Formula

John teaches copywriting in the course but in this bonus training, you get to learn copywriting skills that turn skeptics into buyers.

What I like About Super Affiliate System

Here are some things I like about the training, or "pros".

Supporting Text With Each Module

Each module doesn't just have videos but supporting text or Syllabus. There's even a quiz to test your knowledge of the material learned.

Module Comments

I haven't seen this in many courses but you're able to leave comments at the end of each module.

Weekly Coaching

Each week you're able to connect with John's head coach Illya. You can ask questions or just take in some additional training.


The resource section is constantly updated with resources like affiliate networks to join, legal resources, ad swipes, targeting data, etc.

Ability to Take Notes

Another cool feature of SAS is the ability to take notes in each lesson. At the bottom right you'll see this feature. When you save it, it will link directly to the lesson you made a note on. Pretty cool and something I haven't seen with other courses.

Forum & Support

Instead of a Facebook group like many other courses have, Super Affiliate System has its own forum. It's much easier to navigate and helps a lot if you have questions. There's also support available for other account related and technical questions.

Speed Controls

Videos can be sped up or slowed down to your liking. It's a great option to have.

SAS Keeps You Engaged

Super Affiliate System does a pretty good job with engagement. This is done by sending you emails even after joining the course, showing you how to create a vision board, webinars, etc.


I like the fact that if you're not achieving the success you want, John has a checklist of things that you need to look into to see where you're going wrong. This can be very helpful especially for newbies.

What I Don't Like About Super Affiliate System

Here are a few things I don't like, or "cons" about the course.


The quizzes sometimes have some lame questions like "did you sign up for this" which really isn't a quiz question. Some questions are related to the content learned but not all.

What I don't like is that you have to complete the quiz before you can open the next module. It stays locked until you pass it. However, there are usually 4-5 questions at most, and just takes a couple of minutes.

Forced to Use Clickfunnels

You can use any funnel builder you like, but then you won't get the premade funnels built with Clickfunnels. So it does kind of force you to use it.

However, what you can do is get a free trial, download the funnels provided, and then recreate them with your own funnel builder. There are cheaper options out there. Clickfunnels starts at $97 a month.

Too Much Self Promotion

John is not shy about touting his own course. He really wants you to promote it to make money because when you make money, he does also.

I'm not a fan of courses that after you buy them, just tell you to sell the same course you bought!

However, in John's defense, there's a lot of training on how to find and sell other products.

Lack of Case Studies

One area that I think SAS would benefit from is if they had a few case studies on picking a product and taking you through all the steps from building the sales page to promoting it.

Seeing it in action can go a long way rather than just telling. Although there are many examples of how things are done, I think real case studies would have been a huge benefit to the course.

Does The Super Affiliate System Work?

The Super Affiliate System provides you with the tools to build an affiliate marketing business.

But like every course, it is up to you to succeed. 

If you follow the training and understand that not all affiliate systems you set up are going to be a winner and that losing some money initially isn't going to discourage you, then you might be a good fit for the course.

Is the Super Affiliate System Worth the Money?

Spending a grand on any internet marketing course can sting a bit.

However, if it's not going to burn a hole in your wallet and you also have money left to spend on ads, then yes it is worth it.

Since John Crestani teaches what he has learned in the Super Affiliate System, that knowledge is passed onto you without much trial and error.

Many people will try to do affiliate marketing with paid ads and fail miserably because they either watched some bad advice from a free Youtube video or just went in on their own.

So to answer the question, yes the SAS course is worth the money.

Are There Alternatives to Super Affiliate System?

There are a few Super Affiliate System alternatives that are similarly priced and cheaper than I can recommend. Before investing in any affiliate program, you really should look at other good options and I have listed them for you here.

Option 1: Commission Hero - Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero directly competes with Super Affiliate System. Both of them focus on paid ads with Facebook and both focus on promoting Clickbank products.

They also cost the same price at $997.

The only difference is that Robby Blanchard has the accolades of being the #1 affiliate on Clickbank. That doesn't necessarily mean that Robby is better than John, but it does look good when you have that kind of social proof.

Option 2: 301K Challenge

Igor Kheifets is a brilliant email marketer. His course 301K Challenge focuses on email marketing through Solo Ads. Super Affiliate System also teaches Solo ads, but 301K Challenge is Solo ads on steroids.

301K does not teach Facebook ads as SAS does. That's the main difference between the two.

However, 301K Challenge is MUCH cheaper, at just a one-time fee of $197.

If you'd like to skip Facebook ads and just do Solo Ads, then 301K is a much better alternative.

Option 3: The Authority Site System

The Authority Site System is very different from Super Affiliate System. You won't learn how to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads or Solo ads. Instead, you'll be building a website that ranks on Google for free traffic.

This type of affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money because it's much more passive than Facebook ads. You can take two weeks off without touching your business and it's still going to make you money.

It's also $400 cheaper than Super Affiliate System.

If you want to learn more, check out the free training. You're missing out if you don't see this alternate opportunity.

Final Verdict of my Super Affiliate System Review

This wraps up my Super Affiliate System review.

Overall, I think John Crestani put together a decent affiliate marketing course. For some, the $997 might be a bit much to pay all at once, but you do have payment options.

I also appreciate the no questions asked refund policy so it's not going to be painful to ask for a refund if you decide to abandon the training.

What John teaches CAN make you money online with affiliate marketing. But the truth is not everyone is successful. The ones that make it are the ones that stick with it.

As for some of the negativity I've read about John Crestani, I think most of it is misguided and nitpicking. Despite what you have heard of John's character, his training is actually good. These people have probably never even been through the training like I have. Most negative comments are just regurgitated from others.

So yes, Super Affiliate System gets a pass from me. It's not perfect, but making money online from the Super Affiliate System course is very possible based on what I've seen.

If you haven't yet done so, I'd jump on the free training to see if this is a good fit for you.

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