Super Affiliate System Review 2022: John Crestani Course

Welcome to my Super Affiliate System Pro review. 

Is this course by John Crestani worth the money?

I bought the Super Affiliate System Pro and spent well over 10 hours going through the course material.

This course deals mainly with paid ads, so if you do not have a budget for paid ads, it's probably something you should avoid.

However, if you do and you want an unbiased and honest review, read on.

What is the Super Affiliate System Pro?

The Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you to make money online by building an affiliate marketing business.

The course claims you can make $2,500 a week or more from commissions. The training focuses on Facebook and Google ads to drive traffic.

It has been created by John Crestani, a successful affiliate marketer that has made millions in this business.

Who is John Crestani?

I won't go into too much detail here because you may know already but In case you don't know, John Crestani is an online marketer who is an expert in affiliate marketing.

He has great knowledge of all forms of advertising from Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook and Native advertising networks.

John learned how to craft his online advertising while working for a marketing firm.

He was able to increase revenue for many companies thus making him a star in the agency. "Fortunately" for him though he was eventually fired and then set out on his own to becom an affiliate marketer.

The rest is history.

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The Super Affiliate System Review

This is his latest course and my goal here is to show it to you, give you my thoughts and to decide if it's worth the money or not. At $997 it's a bit steep so please pay attention before whipping out your credit card!

The course's goal is to make you a successful affiliate marketer in 6 weeks. In these 6 weeks you will have 50 hours worth of videos explaining the process of affiliate marketing from A to Z. 

In the first two weeks you'll learn the basics, such as explaining the business model, the mindset required, how to set up tracking software and creating landing pages.

The following weeks in the course will explain how to use the big traffic sources like Facebook, Adwords and native advertising. 

In the final modules you'll learn all about optimization affiliate campaign scaling to tens of thousands of dollars a day - yes they actually have that claim on their members page!

Ok, let's get on with the modules!

Week 1 - Introduction & System Setup

Here's what is discussed in the first week of the Super Affiliate System

  • Goal setting
  • How to join affiliate networks - Clickbank, etc.
  • Setting up your site
  • How to setup your presell page
  • How to setup your Facebook Ads
  • How to best work with Affiliate Networks

If you're an absolute noob to affiliate marketing this section will be very applicable to you if you are green on the subject. If you already know about the basics, this will be more of refresher on things you probably know already. 

Week 2 - Success Skills

The Super Affiliate System Module 2 is about mindset, niches, choosing networks and understanding your customer. 

Below is what you are going to learn:

  • The Entrepreneur Mindset
  • How to research your niche
  • How to choose your offer
  • How to choose your Ad network
  • Researching Niches Online
  • How to Network Effectively
  • Understanding Intent

I'm really not big on the mindset stuff but hey at least he's not dedicating an entire module to mindset like with other courses.

When John Crestani talks about researching your niche he refers to finding those that are successful already and reverse engineer everything that they do. Kinda like funnel hacking that I talk about in another article.

The Super Affiliate System course does a pretty good job of explaining how to be successful in this module. Understanding who your customer is and what they want is going to be a good foundation to start from. 

Week 3 - Marketing Skills

This section teaches you to become a real marketer by understanding what it is that people are looking for, the psychology behind successful ads and so on. You will learn:

  • How to write good copy
  • Advanced copywriting tactics with Ronnie Sandlin - I think this guy was also teaching in Internet Jetset too if i'm remembering correctly.
  • John's 17 step copywriting formula
  • How to optimize ads
  • Advanced Optimization Tactics

This was a great module because I didn't consider myself a good copywriter at all so picked up some good pointers regarding the psychology behind it.

In paid ads, copywriting skills will make the difference between ads that people click on or ignore. It's also going to make you a lot more money - so learn this skill!

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Week 4 - Facebook & Google Ads

You probably have seen John Crestani on either FB ads or Youtube and could very well be the reason why you are here now. He definitely walks the walk with this stuff. In a way he proved his strategy works.

Here's what is included in Week 4:

  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook ad compliance
  • Important Metrics in Advertising
  • Google Adwords - Part 1 & Part 2
  • Facebook Ads taught by guest super affiliate Brian Pfeiffer

Week 5 - Native & Youtube Ads

Week 5 is all about the different ad networks that you can sign up with. John will teach you how to drive traffic to your offers utilizing these paid traffic methods.

The content in this module is as follows: You get a walkthrough of the platforms and you're shown who to target, how to target and so on.

  • How to setup MGID native ads
  • how to setup Outbrain native ads
  • How to setup Voluum DSP native ads
  • How to Setup Youtube ads
  • Guest coach Tim Burd on Facebook ads

Week 6 - Scaling and Outsourcing

In week 6 of the Super Affiliate System you'll learn things like how to use surveys within funnels, Capturing leads via surveys appears to be pretty effective so you will learn how to do this. 

There are other ways to generate leads which you will be taught in the section. Here's what's included and what you'll learn:

  • How to use survey funnels
  • $240K solar case study
  • Scaling campaigns from $1K - $20K
  • How to utilize Media Buyers
  • Student loan consolidation case study

Here's a screenshot of the members area:

There are some extras in the course but I just wanted to review the main modules which is the beef of the course anyway.

The course has a webinar that you can attend if you haven't so already.

Pros and Cons of The Super Affiliate System

Overall, the Super Affiliate System is a decent course that does provide a lot of training and value.

There are pros and cons to the Super Affiliate System though so it's important to know this first before you go ahead and make a decision.


If you are only familiar with paid advertising on Google and Facebook, then you'll be happy to know that you will be taught some other methods.

Once you go through the course you'll have a very good understanding of how paid advertising for affiliate marketing works and should have a much higher success rate than before.

The Super Affiliate System training program is targeted towards newbies and intermediates. Experts will probably know some of this stuff but for sure they will gain extra knowledge with this course to help them scale even bigger. 

The modules may seem confusing to some as I'm sure some of you don't know what things like MGID Native Ads are - but don't worry, it gets broken down for you and is easy to understand.

If you are looking for quick results, you'll get that with paying for clicks. There's nothing like it. This is a great course for those just interested in seeing fast results and have the budget to run ads.

If you're stretched thin in regards to finances, please avoid this course for now. See my recommendation below instead.


The Super Affiliate System just teaches you to drive traffic via Facebook and Google ads. Now this does work, but for those that are stretched a little thin with their finances might have some difficulties with 'experimenting' with their money.

There are no free strategies taught like SEO and so on, which although takes time, would be an asset to the program. Futhermore, the price tag at $997 might be a little steep for some.

You'll also need to invest in advertising so the price tag just to get in is just the beginning. 

If paid ads is the only thing you are interested in because you're all about instant gratification, then by all means you'll benefit from this course and you can pick it up here.

However, there is an alternative for those that want an all-in-one course for affiliate marketing.

The course encourages a lot of "self promotion" in other words, John wants you to promote the Super Affiliate System to make affiliate commissions from it. 

While there is nothing wrong with that, it is pushed kind of hard which to me is a red flag.

This is the same with the Wealthy Affiliate where they aggressively recruit their members to sell the course as an affiliate. That's why you see so many "positive" WA reviews from affiliate marketers.

This irritated me a bit, but hey if you're just starting out and you can make a commission this way, more power to you. But please, focus on establishing yourself in a niche that you like and own it!

Does The Super Affiliate System Work?

The Super Affiliate System provides you with the tools to build an affiliate marketing business.

But like every course, it is up to you to succeed. 

If you follow the training and understand that not all affiliate systems you set up are going to be a winner and that losing some money initially isn't going to discourage you, then you might be a good fit for the course.

Is the Super Affiliate System Worth the Money?

Spending a grand on any internet marketing course can sting a bit.

However if it's not going to burn a hole in your wallet and you also have money left to spend on ads, then yes it is worth it.

Since John Crestani teaches what he has learned in the Super Affiliate System, that knowledge is passed onto you without much trial and error.

Many people will try to do affiliate marketing with paid ads and fail miserably because they either watched some bad advice from a free Youtube video or just went in on their own.

So to answer the question, yes the SAS course is worth the money.

Final Verdict of my Super Affiliate System Review

In this Super Affiliate System review i've broken down for you what you are getting with your hard earned money.

I think it's on the expensive side but the training is good - but is it worth the price. Since there are no other traffic options besides paid traffic, it's not something that I would recommend if you want to learn other methods to get traffic to your site.

If you are only interested in making money online with paid ads, then perhaps you can give the course a go.

However, there is another course which includes many different types of traffic training for far less money.

My Recommended Alternative if You Want More Than Just 1 Traffic Source

If $997 for the Super Affiliate System is over your budget, don't despair. If you want to learn paid advertising, free advertising and SEO to drive free traffic, then I highly recommend my favorite affiliate marketing course - Savage Affiliates. 

In this course by Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club winner - Franklin Hatchett, you'll learn a lot more strategies like building funnels, email marketing, SEO, selling on Clickbank, Amazon and more. 

The methods he teaches have helped me earn more money with my affiliate marketing projects and it should do the same for you.

The best part is - it's only $197 or $297 for the more advanced "Super" version. Don't be fooled by the low price. This course is heavily undervalued and could sell for a lot more. Franklin doesn't gouge his students and wants to make this information affordable and attainable.

You're saving a lot of money compared to the Super Affiliate System course and the savings can be put towards ads if you desire because Franklin teaches that too.

Check out my full review on Savage Affiliates to have a better idea of what you are getting. I am sure the decision will be very clear to you after. I'm available for any questions, just visit my contact page to get a hold of me or comment below.

Drew Mann

16 thoughts on “Super Affiliate System Review 2022: John Crestani Course”

  1. Glad to hear that you like John’s products. I don’t advise anyone to spend their life savings on a course though. Get a job, get some stability and go at it during your free time. You can always leave once you become a success 🙂

  2. Really nice review Drew, great job. If you recall does John go into detail on the best ways to promote that Regal Assets (not sure of exact name) investing program that pays min. $1k commissions in his course? That was something I was most interested in promoting.
    Thanks, glad I found your site.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the compliment! John does not cover that one specifically. He goes over how to market affiliate products and he does have some within the course that he provides all the information for. Anyone should be able to promote any product after going through his course. Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks Drew, that’s good to know, so I’m not looking for which week he might go over promoting that company. Again, I’m glad I found your site and will be a regular reader here.
    Best wishes!

    • You’re welcome John. Glad you like my site and you’re welcome back anytime! Best wishes to you too.

  4. Thanks Drew for you review of John Cristani’s course. Does John have a Mentorship program where an student can pay for him to spend one on one time to mentor for a period of time?

    • Hi Daniel, I don’t think he’d have the time for this and if he did, no doubt he’d charge thousands per hour. You’d get more value out of just grabbing the course.

  5. HI Drew,
    I have watched both presentations and am torn between what I possibly perceive as cheap and value for money.
    John’s discusses help with getting a web page up and running and a few other things that weren’t obvious on Franklin’s chats. Hr also never answered an email query that i posted.
    That said, the difference between 1K and $300 meas more for advertising.
    What are your thoughts.


    • Hi Darrel, In Savage affiliates you’ll also get instruction how to set up a site in wordpress so no issues there. Keep in mind these two courses are very different. John’s course focusus on paid traffic while Franklin’s on paid, free and organic traffic methods. If you strictly only want to do paid traffic, John’s course has a little more training in this regard but Franklin’s covers more than enough as well.

  6. Hi drew just came across the super affiliate pro and also commission hero I no both courses do very similar things in there teaching I have around $10000 to start a affiliate business I have this budget to be realistic as I will need funds to use for paid ads I’m only guessing this is a good starting budget,which of the two would have the most value in your opinion,I’m also looking to outsource the main things that I won’t be good at hope to get a reply by email if that’s ok,anyway thanks drew

    • Hi Craig, both courses are good, although quite expensive. Be sure to check out my other alternatives just so you know of other good options. For more details you can always contact me via email.

  7. Hi Drew,
    Does savage affiliates teaches how to drive traffic from pinterest. What is your i=opinion about passive Pinterest Traffic Strategy by Stefan Ciancio. Is there is a better and economic alternative for a beginner?

    • Hi Sasee, yes there is some teaching in Savage Affiliates on how to get traffic using Pinterest. I haven’t looked at that course in particular yet and don’t do much Pinterest promoting myself but will look into specific courses in the future that trains it.

  8. I like john crestanin’s program but price is 20k% rediculous especially in this pandemic era where no one has that type of money laying around. I hope i can find something that does the same thing but much much less costly


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