Originality.Ai Review: Is This The Best AI Content Detector?

Originality.ai is a software service that has an AI content detector and also comes with a plagiarism detector.

There is a lot of buzz these days when it comes to AI (artificial intelligence) writers. When ChatGPT was first released, the world was shocked by how it could produce unique and professionally written content - almost as if it was written by a human.

However, there is a concern with this type of content created at scale for bloggers, business owners, and anyone that relies on content that gets indexed on search engines. 

Apparently, Google already has an algorithm in place to detect AI content. What do you think is going to happen? If you use AI content without editing it, I can see soft penalties handed out which will result in lost rankings.

So how do you avoid this problem? Enter Originality.AI, an AI content detector.

This is going to be a very comprehensive review of Originality.AI with real live tests and no fluff.

I ran several tests with Originality Ai using my own content from this very blog (uniquely written by me) and also using ChatGPT and Jasper AI. Can this tool detect AI-written content? How does it perform when analyzing human written content?

I will reveal all. But first...

What is Originality.Ai?

Originality.ai is a tool that checks your AI-written content to see:

  • If your content is written by AI
  • If it has any plagiarism

It's basically two tools in one, where it checks to see if the content can be detected as being written by AI or if there is any plagiarism.

When I started to experiment with AI a little over a year ago, I always figured that a tool like Copyscape was good enough.

AI tools may have been able to create unique content, but their work is not foolproof. Originality.AI has proven itself capable of discerning whether the text was written by an AI or not!

But, since you are here, let's do a case study and conduct some tests.

Originality.AI - Testing The Tool

To see how Originality.ai's performance is, I fed the tool the following:

  • 10 pieces of AI-written content
  • 10 pieces of human-written content

The data I got from these tests will be used to see how accurate Originality.Ai actually is.

First Test - AI Written Content Checked With Originality.AI

To conduct this test, I will use popular AI generated content using the tools ChatGPT, Jasper Ai and Copy.Ai. I will generate some text based on random queries in different subjects. I will then copy and paste that text into Originality.ai. I will try to keep the text no more than 250 words to keep things consistent.

PASSED = Originality.AI has detected this AI content as AI Content

Failed = Originality.AI did not detect the majority of AI content to be AI.

Test #1 - ChatGPT

100% AI detected - test passed - A lot of editing will need to be done before posting this content.

Test #2 - ChatGPT

100% AI - Test Passed - lots of editing to do before posting!

Test #3 - ChatGPT

86% AI - A substantial amount of editing needed before posting

Test #4 - Chat GPT

53% AI - I'm calling this one neutral but editing will still need to be done before posting the article

Test #5 - Jasper AI

1% AI - Test Failed - Showing 99% original but this is 100% Ai written by Jasper

Test #6 - Jasper AI

88% AI - Test Passed and edits will need to be made before going live

Test #7 - Jasper AI

95% AI - Test Passed - Plenty of editing needed before posting!

Test #8 - Copy AI

98% AI - Test Passed - Still more editing needed!

Test #9 - Copy AI

4% AI - Test Failed - Shows 96% original but content is 100% written by Copy AI

Test #10 - Copy AI

99% AI - Test Passed - This article needs serious attention and editing!

Test Results Summary

Based on these tests, Originality.ai was able to detect AI content about 70% of the time, which shows it's pretty competent. 

Next, let's see how it measures up with original, hand written content.

Second Test - Hand-Written, Original Content Checked With Originality.AI

For this test I am going to scrape some content directly from my blog which was written by me, no AI writing involved.

Test #1 

100% Original! - Yes! Originality AI knows I am NOT a BOT! It passed the test.

Test #2

100% Original! - This is looking GOOD! Passed!

Test #3

100% Original and passed the test - 3 for 3 so far.

Test #4

96% Original and passed the test - Close enough but not sure why it thinks 4% is AI.

Test #5

93% Original but it thinks AI wrote 7% of the content. Still a pass as it sees it as 93% original.

Test #6

100% - That's much better, passed with flying colors.

Test #7

80% - This one didn't do as well and not sure why, but at 80% original, i'll take it.

Test #8

98% - Almost perfect which it should have been, but hey 2% off is nothing.

Test #9

99% - Almost perfect! Maybe that 1% is because it doesn't like any mention of Jasper AI?

Test #10

92% - Almost perfect, just 8% is considered AI of which there isn't any.

Test Results Summary For Human-Written Content

What I got from this second test is Originality.AI's ability to do a great job of distinguishing human written content from AI content when the inputs are 100% human written.

It does a better job on evaluating human written content over AI content.

This tells me a couple of things. For one, some AI written content is really good out of the box and fools the tool so it thinks it's human written. But it looks like most of the time it can detect Ai written content.

I don't know how it does it, but I can tell you that I am pretty impressed with this tool.

Originality.AI's Plagiarism Checker Test

Now that have seen that the AI detection from Originality.AI works very well, what about the plagiarism tester?

For this test, I will compare it to Copyscape, which is one of the most popular plagiarism checkers out there.

For this test, I will grab a piece of content off the web and run it through Originality.AI and Copyscape to see how it compares.

And the results after the scan:

As is should report, it is showing 100% plagiarism. So Orginality.ai passed the plagiarism test with flying colors.

It even lists all the sources where it found the duplicate content that other people ripped off and posted elsewhere.

Up Next, Copyscape.

And the results...

So how did Originality.ai measure up to Copyscape, the king of plagiarism checkers? Quite well. The only difference is that Copyscape was able to find 16 instances of plagiarism for that same piece of content while Originality.ai only found 4,

However, that doesn't really matter because as long as the tool works, which it does, then it gets a passing grade.

If you don't need to check content that is written by AI and just need a plagiarism checker, I'd probably just stick with Copyscape only because it was able to find more results. 

So Your AI Written Content Has Been Detected by Originality.AI - What Do You Do Next?

Obviously, do not post this content. Google will likely detect it and if not now, in the future it will. I would imagine that Google will frown on AI written content so you need to make sure it's not detected.

So how do you do this?

You do this by editing the content. This next step will involve me editing a piece of content above that was detected as AI and see what score we can get.

Test #1  Using Jasper's Content Improver Template

I thought i'd start off the lazy way and see if using the "Content Improver" template in Jasper AI by rewriting the text in "Test #1 ChatGPT".

Rather than dumping the whole 250 words in the tool, I took paragraph by paragraph, fed it into the content improver tool in Jasper and then pieced it all together to come up with a new document that basically said the same thing.

Here is the newly created ready to go in Originality.ai:

and here we go...

I must admit, I didn't expect 96% original content by doing this. So this looks to be an easy and quick solution should you need to fix your Ai detection score. But of course, you'll need Jasper for this to work. Get a free trial here.

Test #2 - Rewriting The Content Manually

In this test, I will again take the original text generated by ChatGPT in the first test, but will manually make some changes without using any AI tools.

I re=wrote the content in my own words but still using some of the AI content. Here's what I came up with and ready to start this test!

And here are the results:

I am not sure how that happened but the results are exactly the same as the first test as 96% original.

So what I can conclude here is that if your AI content is detected by Originality.ai as AI content with a very high probability, you can either edit the content yourself or use a tool like Jasper's Content Improver tool paragraph by paragraph to make those changes.

You'd then run it through Originality AI again and see what results you get.

Pros of Originality.AI

  • Accurate AI Detection: From all the tests I conducted, I'd say that Originality.ai has an accuracy of 90% when it comes to detecting AI content. 
  • Accurate Plagiarism Detection: The plagiarism tool works great, and even gives you an overall score. It's a great substitute for Copyscape so you won't need to subscribe to two tools because it's 2 tools in one.
  • Priced Well: Originality AI is priced well, in all the testing I have done I only used up about 60 credits. 1 Credit equals 100 scanned words and it costs just $0.01 per credit.

Cons of Originality.AI

  • Some people Complain of a lack of support
  • It tends to generate false positives from time to time.
  • There is no free trial to test it out 

Originality.AI Updates

I am glad to see that the team at Originality.AI are working on making this software even better. Since I wrote this review, they have added some updates and I will include the most important ones here.

Update #1 - Highlight Suspected AI Content

When you run an AI detection test you now have an option to click on "Highlight AI Text". This will allow you to see which content in the text is likely AI written and what is not.

I did another test to see how it performs using 100% AI generated text.

As you can see, it detected the text to be 99% AI text which is highlighted in red and orange. The green section is still AI written text but it is counting it as original. However, for text that is 100% AI written, this has highlighted the AI text accurately.

Update #2 - Detect Paraphrased Content

Since AI can easily rewrite an article, the development team at Originality.Ai has now been able to add detection for paraphased content.

This is especially great for teachers and instructors when checking their student's work. I suspect AI detection is going to be something very commonly used in education!

Conclusion - Is Originality.AI Worth It?

If you're a heavy user of AI written content and you hardly do any edits, you better believe that Originality.AI is worth it and needed in your tools arsenal. 

Without it, it's only a matter of time before Google finds out you are using AI-written content. Remember the days when article spinners were used and then Google annihilated those pages? I see the same happening with AI content.

So regardless if you edit your AI written content or not, you absolutely NEED this tool. The only exception would be if you are using it for social media, email marketing or for sales pages. 

If you are using AI content for pages that rank on Google and other search engines, it would be wise to get Originality.AI. Afterall, it's pretty cheap and will save you a TON of headaches down the road.

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