Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which One is Best For You?

Can't decide between Jasper AI and Copy AI?

Both offer unique advantages for different organizations and users.

In this article, I will compare and contrast these two AI writing software choices. I am even going to do a head-to-head test between the two. I'm in a good position to evaluate Jasper AI because i've had a subscription for several months and recently started using Copy AI as well. 

You can see my full Jasper AI review here.

There are quite a few differences between these two AI writing assistants which we will go over. You'll know which one is a better fit for you and I'll give you a straight answer.

Jasper AI VS Copy AI - The Main Differences

The main difference between Jasper AI and Copy AI is that Jasper can do both long and short-form content generation while Copy AI focuses on just short-form content like website copy, social media, and email marketing content.

Jasper AI also has a lot more features than Copy AI. But it's also more expensive. If price isn't an issue for you then just go with Jasper. It's an all-in-one AI writing suite of tools and is the most popular of AI writers out there.

Another main difference is that Jasper AI puts limitations on the number of words generated in all plans. Now, I was lucky enough to get the unlimited plan (which no longer exists) back in 2021.

However, CopyAI DOES have an unlimited words plan. I think this is their main selling feature.

Price Comparison

The one thing in common between Jasper and Copy Ai is that they both have changed their pricing strategy recently.

Jasper Pricing Details:

Jasper used to have a "Starter" plan that started at $24 a month which included 20,000 words and goes up from there based on how many words you need per month.

However, it looks like Jasper has discontinued the starter plan, so it's kinda moot even mentioning it. (Thought I'd throw that in just as an FYI).

The first and most popular plan is Boss Mode, starting at $59 a month (or $49/month if paid yearly) which gives you 50,000 words a month. It can go all the way up to $500 a month for 700K words. If you need more generated words than that, you can contact sales for a custom price.

The Business Plan starts at $499 a month. You would only need this plan if you're a team of people that need the tool consecutively and you're producing content at a large scale. Most will opt for the Boss Plan.

Copy AI Pricing Details

There are 3 plans available.

The free plan, Pro plan, and Enterprise.

The free plan gives you 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects, and the Blog Wizard tool but you are limited to 2000 words a month. This can be eaten up pretty quickly. But it's easy to register for and you don't need to give your credit card info.

The Pro Plan is $49 a month ($36 per month if paid yearly) which gives you everything in the free plan with unlimited words. CopyAI used to have a restriction on the number of words generated but now looks to be unlimited.

There is no displayed pricing for the Enterprise plan, so you will have to consult with sales on pricing.

As we can see, CopyAI is MUCH cheaper than Jasper AI overall. However, don't let price be what drives your decision. You need what is best for you and your business. Don't worry, we will get into that shortly!

Sign up for a lifefime free account with Copy AI.

Payment Methods Comparison

Both Jasper AI and Copy AI accept all major credit and debit cards. However, Copy AI also accepts Google Pay while Jasper does not.

Both Jasper and Copy AI do not accept Paypal.

Refund Guarantee Comparison

For Jasper, the refund policy is a bit confusing but let me explain.

When you sign up for Jasper you always start a 5-day free trial with 10K credits (10,000 words).

If you cancel before the trial ends, you won't be billed anything. However, depending on what plan you chose, you will be billed after the 5-day free trial if you don't cancel.

Once you are billed, you can ask for a refund within 5 days. However, to qualify for this refund you must have NOT used a completed trial. In other words, if you get the free trial, do nothing and get billed, you can request a refund within 5 days.

Language Support Between The Two

While I think most users will be using English, the good news is that both Jasper and CopyAI support multiple languages.

So whether you're a French, Spanish or German speaker, you can use either one of these tools.

You can type the following languages into Jasper, it will read them all:

You can have Jasper WRITE in the following languages:

And here are the supported languages for Copy AI:

Currently, Jasper can read 24 different languages while CopyAI can read 22. Jasper can write in 31 languages and CopyAI can write in 25 languages.

So, Jasper is the language winner here, reading and writing in more languages.

How Jasper AI and Copy AI Works - The Common Foundation

The technology behind both Jasper and Copy AI is that they use GPT-3. This is a language model that has been trained using millions of different words in different languages. It is based on NLP, short for Natural Language Processing.

Not to confuse you with the techy stuff, but basically, both Jasper and Copy AI use the same platform as a foundation, then build all the tools around that platform.

That's the technical side of both of these programs. They are both based on the same platform, but they each have their own set of tools.

Do Both Copy Ai and Jasper Have Built-in Grammar and Plagiarism Checkers?

Jasper has built-in grammar checking with Grammarly. For plagiarism, it has a built-in Copyscape integration.

Copy AI has neither of these.

Although this isn't a deal-breaker, I found the built-in Grammarly and Copyscape integrations very useful when creating content with Jasper.

You can always get pop the content from CopyAi into Grammarly to check your grammar, (the free plan is all you need) and get a separate subscription with either Copyscape or Originality.io.

Jasper Has SEO Integration But Copy AI Does Not

If you have a subscription with SurferSEO, you can integrate the two. This will allow you to see what keywords you need to rank and include these in your article as you get Jasper to write for you. At the present time, this is still a manual process so you'll need to add these keywords manually. However, this integration is uber convenient.

On the other hand, Copy AI does not have an SEO tool integration. If SEO is important to you, you can do your keyword research manually to find out which keywords belong in your article or get a tool like Surfer SEO to add these after.

Jasper Can Create Art, but Copy AI Cannot

Jasper not only writes copy for you but did you know that it can also draw? Jasper Art is Jasper's latest product that creates mind-blowing art. You simply tell what you want Jasper to create, and you will have a great output in seconds. It is a great way to create eye-catching visuals for your content or your website.

Here is an example created with Jasper Art by entering the command "Batmobile driving at night, raining, fire:

Pretty awesome right?

The only caveat here is that Jasper Art costs an additional $20 a month and you need a subscription to Jasper in order to add this upgrade.

Copy AI does not have an art option, at least at the moment.

I personally use Canva, but there are plenty of free options as well to get images for your site.

How Do Jasper and Copy AI Compare When Writing Long-Form Content?

Jasper AI is the winner when it comes to creating long-form content. It has a very user-friendly interface with its Google Docs style editor. Copy AI does not do a very good job with long-form content. This is because Copy AI is more suited for writing social media posts, writing emails for your email marketing campaigns, and website copy.

You can try to write longer-form content with Copy AI, but I found it clunky and the content output isn't nearly as good as Jasper is.

If you aren't writing blog posts, then Copy AI is a good choice and you're going to save a lot of money because it's cheaper than Jasper. But for long-form content, you will need to get Jasper.

Jasper Has "Commands", Copy AI Does Not

One of the standout features of Jasper AI is the Command function.

You can type in any command such as 'write some headlines for a blog post on how to drive traffic to your e-commerce store ' and it will generate ideas for your blog post.

I'll do that for you right now in Jasper. Here's what I got:

As you can see, Jasper gave me 4 great titles I could use for this topic. Commands are so easy to use. There's no format to generating a command, you simply ask Jasper to do something and you'll get the output. If it doesn't make sense, ask again.

Unfortunately, Copy AI does not have a commands feature so you'll have to use the available templates to come up with the content you need. 

Templates Comparison

Both Jasper and Copy AI have a user-friendly interface with a ton of templates to choose from. Templates are great starting points to get ideas and structure your content.

You simply enter the information required, and both Jasper and Copy AI will generate content based on your inputs.

At the time of this writing, Jasper has around 67 templates while Copy AI has 45. I am not going to list all the templates here, but the templates for both are categorized, with a few different templates in each category.

Here are the categories for Jasper Templates:

  • Ads
  • Blog
  • Boss Mode
  • Ecommerce
  • Email
  • Frameworks
  • Google
  • Marketing
  • New
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Website

Here are the categories for Copy AI Templates:

  • Blog
  • Social Media Content
  • Email
  • Fun
  • Website Copy
  • Writing Tool
  • General Business
  • Case Study
  • Video

As you can see, there are similar categories such as Video, Email, Social Media, and Blog. Overall, the categories are very similar but just use different wording. The templates within each category are also quite similar between both tools.

Since I can't compare all the templates between both tools since it would make this Jasper AI VS Copy AI review ridiculously long, I will pick a tool that both have and do a comparison using the same inputs.

The template I have chosen is the Blog Intro template. I will use one of the titles that Jasper generated for me already - "5 Proven Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store".

First up is Jasper. Here are my inputs noted by the red arrows:

Next is Copy AI:

Before I execute these tests for both, notice the subtle differences in the two templates. Both of them have the input "Blog Post Title", but the other two options for Jasper are "audience" and "tone of voice".

For Copy AI, the other two options are "What is the Blog About" and "Choose a Tone."

What I find confusing is, why Copy AI asks "what is the blog about" when the title should clearly explain that. It seems a bit redundant to me.

As for the tone of voice for both, Jasper is free-form, meaning you can type anything there. You could even type in your favorite actor or politician and Jasper will write the content based on that person's tone.

Copy AI does not have that function. Instead, they have pre-set values to choose from such as friendly, luxury, relaxed, professional, bold, and so on.

To keep things consistent, I tried to make them as close as possible.

Enough yammerin'. Let's run this test, first up is Jasper AI:

And the Copy AI output:

So how do these outputs compare?

In my opinion, I think the Jasper output was much better. The content seemed a lot more engaging as well. Don't you think?

The CopyAI output was a lot shorter for each paragraph too. Now I do like that you can expand on each one in Copy AI by clicking on "more like this" at the bottom. But when I did that, it spat out 3 more intro paragraphs but they were all shot with one or two sentences.

So for this template test, Jasper had much better quality content. In my other testing, Jasper still seemed to outperform Copy AI with similar templates.

Comparing the 'Write More' and 'Compose' Features

When either Jasper or Copy AI created content, you have the option to expand on that content. With Jasper, this is the "Compose" button. You can choose either a short, medium or long-form content expansion on what was previously written.

With Copy AI, you only have one option which is the "More Like This" button. You don't have the option to write short, medium or long-form content expansion like you do with Jasper.

This is a great option with Jasper because if you want a short and more targeted expansion of the written content, you can just choose short. If you want a longer expansion that could include more related ideas, you can choose long.

So again, Jasper wins here when it comes to expanding on content that both AI writers write.

Final Verdict - What's Better, Jasper AI or Copy AI?

Jasper AI is the winner if you need a tool that writes high-quality content in a long-form format with a lot of flexibility and features.

There are different plans available and although more expensive than Copy AI, it's well worth it.

Copy AI is a better option if you only need to write short-form content like Facebook and Google ads, emails, product descriptions, and website copy.

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