Bye 9 to 5 Review: Jordan Mackey Youtube Course Worth it?

Welcome to my BYE 9 to 5 review.

So you want to make some money on Youtube and don't want to get on camera do you?

Is this really possible though?

Do you think you can make money this way? Jordan Mackey thinks you can if you buy his course.


I decided to get the course and see if it is worth it. 

And to tell you if it's something for you as well.

Or if you should just click off this page and never come back! 😀

Who is Bye 9 to 5 For?

Bye 9 to 5 is for those that want to make money on YouTube without having to get on camera and show their face. 

But can you really make it big making faceless videos?

So the course will teach you to make videos where you don't have to put your face or voice to these videos. It is pretty much automated content creation.

It is also for those that have an existing YouTube channel but want to drive a touch more traffic towards it.

I am not going to lie, this process isn't going to be easy (beyond the actual creating of the videos), but it is a solid course for those that want to make a bit of cash from YouTube and are not that fussed about how they get there.

How Much is it?

The course normally sells for $997 but you can get a discount from my link and pick it up for a $600 discount!

The discount will be automatically added lowering the price from $997 to $397. Just scroll to the bottom to see the discount applied.

Who is Bye 9 to 5 Not For?

Obviously, if you are not interested in YouTube, then this course probably isn't for you. There won't be any transferable skills that you can learn from the course.

I would also suggest that you steer clear of Bye 9 to 5 if you are looking to become a YouTube personality i.e. one that is loved for their camera persona.

This is a course designed purely to make money through YouTube in the quickest possible way. It isn't about getting you famous.

It is about lining your pockets. While some of the skills that you learn are transferable, there are probably better courses for you out there than this one.

Who is Jordan Mackey?

who is jordan mackey

Jordan Mackey is a YouTuber.

He claims to own multiple YouTube channels with a combined 3-million subscribers. 

He doesn't actually say what the channels are at any point, but they do exist. He is likely secretive to ensure that people do not stumble across his oh-so-amazing business model.

Most people's first introductions to Jordan Mackey will be through his Bye 9 to 5 YouTube channel. He shares a ton of useful information here about making money on YouTube.

As you can imagine, this is more of a 'sales channel', though. This means that the ultimate goal is to push you through to buying the course that I am reviewing today.

What Will You Learn in the Course?

There are twenty different modules in Bye 9 to 5.

A major focus of this course is ensuring that you can create videos as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

This means that you will be getting them uploaded incredibly quickly to YouTube. 

After all, the more videos that you have uploaded, the better. You will learn how to create videos that do not involve you being on camera at all.

Not even speaking into your microphone. You aren't going to be creating the most exciting videos in the world, but you will be making videos that you can earn cash from.

I must say, I have seen a lot of courses that aim to get you making videos nice and quickly. Bye 9 to 5 seems to have the best process, though. Jordan is always trying to refine it.

I do enjoy the fact that you will learn a lot about using royalty-free sources to make your content quickly. 

I am not sure I am a fan of Jordan's method for evading the YouTube copyright strike system.

This is, mostly, because I do not feel that somebody should be able to profit from somebody else's hard work without permission.

However, this is something that you can easily skip doing. It is mostly about using music on YouTube without getting those strikes that will wipe your account out.

Of course, before you create the videos, you will learn a lot about niche research. This means choosing the right type of videos to be making.

Again, not the most interesting of subjects here, but something that will end up making you money.

Don't expect to jump into this course expecting to make money doing something that you love. It is repetitive work, much like a job.

The only difference is that you are going to be in control.

You will learn a little bit about monetization on YouTube (i.e. video ads), but the bulk of the monetization focus is getting signed up to affiliate programs. I absolutely love this approach.

I can see a lot of videos like this having monetization removed in the future, and it is nice that you will be building a different funding source at the start.

This means that you never have to worry about losing your income. Basically, you will never be putting all of your eggs in one basket!

In terms of traffic, most of the discussion is given to SEO (search engine optimization).

This means that not only will you be creating videos on the platform quickly, but you will be able to generate traffic for free. 

Some paid methods are discussed, but these are few and far between.

This course is all about the organic traffic. This is why it is so great for existing YouTubers. It won't be long before you start getting tons of hits on your content.

Pros & Cons


  • Method that has been proven to work
  • Quick to make videos
  • Tons of focus on organic traffic generation
  • Focus on affiliate marketing rather than YouTube adverts.


  • Tips for evading the copyright strike process seem a bit 'shady'.
  • Not going to make you YouTube famous


If you want to make money through YouTube, then Bye 9 to 5 is a great course to check out.

It is one of the best YouTube courses I have seen. While it does have a couple of downsides, namely the fact that you probably won't be creating interesting content, the positives far outweigh that.

You can't go wrong with this course.

Alternative to Bye 9 to 5

I also bought and reviewed Matt Par's Tube Mastery and Monetization which is a similar course. You can get 50% off using my link if you prefer Matt's course. 

See my Tube Mastery and Monetization review for details on the course and how you can save some money as well.

Both of these courses are good but I am leaning more towards Matt Par's course and have recently updated my review as well. I bought the course so you're going to get a detailed analysis, not some gloss over of the salespage.

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