What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing? Is it More Profitable?

High-ticket affiliate marketing is the most difficult type to get started with, but also offers the most lucrative payouts. Despite this, many marketers hesitate to start with high-ticket affiliate marketing because it seems so daunting and time-consuming. Just remember that you can always work your way up to these types of offers if they don’t seem feasible at first.

To give you an idea of how much money is being paid out to affiliates, $8.2 Billion will be paid out to them by 2023 according to Statista.

This includes both high ticket items and lower-ticket as well. The question is, is high ticket affiliate marketing for you? This article will help you understand what it is and if you should consider it.

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High-ticket affiliate marketing is when you promote items from vendors with high ticket offers. Typically, high-ticket would be considered anything $100 or more per item. If you make a sale from someone clicking your unique affiliate ID, you will earn a commission.

Why High Ticket Affiliate marketing is Becoming More Popular

What makes high-ticket affiliate marketing so popular is that it has much higher payouts than other types of affiliate marketing because it offers these lucrative opportunities where many people buy expensive items like laptops, diamond jewelry software, high-end courses, etc.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing works when you sign up with an online retailer and place their affiliate ID in your website, blog, social media page, etc., which advertises items from that company online.

When your readers click on your affiliate link and make a purchase from your affiliate products, you earn a commission for that sale. Your marketing efforts can really pay off and it’s one of the best online business ideas anyone can start.

How Much do High Ticket Affiliate Marketers Make?

This all depends on how many sales are made. It would also depend on which affiliate program you’re working with and what commission they offer.  As the price of the item goes up, so does the percentage you will earn as an affiliate marketer.  The average high ticket affiliate income is around $10,000 per month. This is much higher than the average marketer who makes around $200 per month.

It’s important to take into consideration the number of sales. If a low-ticket affiliate marketer has a lot of sales, they could also surpass $10K a month.

How Long Will it Take Before I can Make Money online With Affiliate marketing?

This will vary from person to person. If you have a large social media following, it could happen swiftly.  You could also partner with a few vendors and make a lot of money in a short period of time if they sell a high volume of products. However, most people start from the bottom and slowly work their way up to high-ticket affiliate marketing programs.

If you are doing paid ads, you could earn money right away. If you are focusing on organic traffic via a blog, it could take a few months before you make money with your high ticket affiliate program.

In order for someone to work from home successfully as an affiliate marketer, they shouldn’t expect to make much at first. In fact, if you’re trying to make money online with affiliate marketing while still having a full-time job, you could wait anywhere from one month up until three months or more before you start making enough income in order to quit.

Advantages of a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Business

High-ticket affiliate marketing has many advantages over other types of affiliates. One of the biggest advantages is that you will likely make plenty of income per sale. This means that you can reach your affiliate income goals much faster because there is one sale vs. multiple sales like in the case of regular low-ticket affiliate marketing.  

High-ticket affiliate marketing also allows for more payouts which give the online marketer more control over their finances and potentially higher earnings.

Disadvantages of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Just as easy as it sounds, high ticket affiliate marketing has its own set of disadvantages compared to traditional affiliate marketing.

One of the biggest disadvantages of high-ticket affiliate marketing would have to be that you can’t just promote a single item and expect to get any sales from it. You need to promote several offers, but you need to put in the work. The information must be solid, you need to build a lot of trust, and you will have to have a good reputation if you are doing review-style articles.

Another disadvantage of high-ticket affiliate programs is being able to determine where the traffic is coming from on your page or site. This wouldn’t be so much an issue with GA tracking codes but some companies don’t allow affiliates to track their own links and want them to use the links provided by the company. Finally, there are generally fewer sales because it’s easier to sell items that cost less.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing While Working a Full-Time Job

So, your goal may be to work affiliate marketing while still having a full-time job? Is that even possible? The answer is definitely yes! For argument’s sake, let’s say that someone works 40 hours per week at their regular 9-5 gig. They are able to start an affiliate business and don’t want to quit their job quite yet (or ever). This person can easily make a good income as long as they’re producing quality content for readers and providing them with value.

They should be able to make around $400 every month with their affiliate business even while working a full-time job 40 hours per week. Once they get going and start to see the fruits of their labor, it’s a matter of wanting to quit your day job and transition into a full-time affiliate marketer with high ticket sales.

Why are Low-Ticket Affiliate Marketers Switching to High-Ticket?

More marketers are turning to higher ticket offers because low-ticket affiliate marketing is becoming less appealing. When everyone was racing to sell $20 ebooks, it became harder for low-ticket affiliates to make sales. As people began writing longer and more in-depth books, the quality of these books increased — making them less interesting to potential customers. Marketers, therefore, moved on to higher ticket items because they were more likely to see higher conversions.

Companies are also beginning to offer higher ticket affiliate marketing strategies because they want to take advantage of the lucrative nature of these offers. Companies that were previously only offering $20-30 products now offer $500+, $1000+, or even $5000+ products — which shows how much these companies value affiliate marketers.

Despite these reasons, many marketers are hesitant to get started because they think it will be too time-consuming and difficult. However, the best way to master any type of marketing is by starting with something manageable and then working your way up when you’re comfortable. By offering higher ticket affiliate offers, companies are making it easier for marketers to start their journey — saving them a lot of time and hassle.

Tips for Becoming a Successful High Ticket Marketer:

1. Create a list of high ticket products that interest you, and choose the one that feels most comfortable for you to promote.

2. Create a website, blog, or podcast where you’re going to be talking about your business and/or product offers. You can use free platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Podbean, etc.

3. Start writing your articles and publish them on a regular basis. Once you’re consistently publishing these articles, start to share them with people in the industry who will benefit from your content — including popular bloggers or influencers.  This is a great way to build authority within your space!

4. Connect your website with email marketing platforms such as AWeber, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, etc so that you can have an automated system for generating leads and driving traffic back to your offers!

5. Read up on online marketing techniques so that you can improve upon what you’re already doing-especially paying close attention to topics related to higher ticket affiliate marketing strategies. Experiment with different approaches until you find the formula that works best for you.

6. Choose affiliate networks that can make it easier for you to start your business. For example, if you want to sell physical products, look for companies with an affiliate program in addition to having e-commerce integration or digital fulfillment services (make sure these companies offer commission rates that align with your needs).

7. Finally, don’t forget the importance of giving back to the community! Offer some coaching, services, or even giveaway some freebie products as a way of saying thank you to those who have supported your efforts — this is something that will open you up to new opportunities and friendships within your niche!

What Are Some Examples of High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

1. Hubspot

Hubspot is a big name in Digital Marketing. Hubspot is one of the largest digital marketing companies that offer a wide range of advertising, marketing, and sales tips for startups.

Hubspot offers a program where affiliates can earn anywhere between $100 to $500 per sale if they follow all the steps involved in the Affiliate Marketing Campaign.

Here are some quick facts about this program:

The total payout amount can go up to $10,000 depending on how hard you work at promoting the product through various channels like Social Media, Blogs, etc.

This is not an easy money-making machine though! You will need to know what you’re doing since it’s pretty intricate when compared to using Adsense or other programs for generating passive income.

You will need to know what you are doing in order to be able to earn the money according to Hubspot’s Terms & Conditions. That being said, if you do have experience with other affiliate programs then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you since this program is similar.

2. Oceanscape Yachts

Another example is Oceanscape Yachts. They have their own affiliate program which you can sign up for free and start promoting to your audience instantly.

The Oceanscape Yacht has over 30 different luxury yachts ranging from 10,000 Euros to well above 100,000 Euros so it’s definitely not the cheapest yacht on the market!

You will get paid between 20% and 55% of what your referred sells so if you had sold a 100,000 Euro yacht you would get somewhere around 22,500 Euros in commission depending on the payout structure of the company which sells this yacht mentioned above. Now that’s a BIG payday!

3. BigCommerce

Another popular one is BigCommerce. If you sign up for this affiliate marketing program and refer others to them, you can make a whopping 50% of what they sell. What’s more: they offer a 30-day cookie duration with commissions paid out 24 hours after each sale.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, there are many other high ticket affiliate offers where affiliates get paid a lot if they manage to sell their services or products. In fact, most web hosting companies have an affiliate offer that pays between 10%-25% commission on all new customer referrals depending on how much traffic you can drive towards them while having an average cart value of well above $100.


High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is when an affiliate earns a commission of $100-$500 per sale or more. The type of high ticket programs varies but it’s important to find one that you like. If you don’t know anything about Yacht’s, you likely won’t be able to sell them. Pick something that you are familiar with, or at least willing to learn.

That’s how affiliate marketing works. It may seem like a dream job – create your own hours and be your own boss! But in reality, there’s work involved. You don’t just sit around and wait for the checks to come rolling in. But when they do – it’s a great pay-day!

If this has interested you, my post on affiliate marketing training will help you get started. If you’re not a pro internet marketer, don’t get tips from some random guru’s on youtube. Get a good online course.

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