Top 11 Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

While most affiliate programs will leave you waiting for over a month to receive a payment, there are a few that can pay out daily. Yep. That's right. Daily. If you earn something that day, then you can get paid that day.

Now, the number of affiliate programs that pay out daily is quite limited. This is because it is going to be a little bit of a risk on the part of the program.

After all, if they make a payment and a refund is requested, they lose out on a little bit of money. As a result, many of these affiliate programs are not going to have the greatest commission structure in the world.

However, for some people, the daily payments will be great.

As someone who has done affiliate marketing for over a decade, I've managed to find the best daily payout affiliate programs available online.

Let's go!

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily 

I have gone through countless affiliate sites and come up with a list of the 9 best of them. Check 'em out!

1. WarriorPlus

I am going to start with WarriorPlus, because I absolutely love this network. This is because they have some tremendous offers (mostly in the make money online niche), and those offers tend to convert incredibly well.

Since most people that are going to be buying products in this niche would have heard of WarriorPlus, it should be tremendously easy to make a sale. They are a trusted name.

Not every product on WarriorPlus will offer instant payments, but a good number of them will. This will be money paid directly to your PayPal account the second the sale is completed.

A good number of these offers will have recurring commissions too, so make sure that you keep an eye out for those offers. You could be sitting on a goldmine if you promote these in the right way!

  • Commission Rate: Up to 100%
  • Cookie Duration: Session based
  • Payment Methods: Paypal
  • Product Types: Affiliate marketing products

2. JVZoo

In the past, JVZoo was a site designed for those pushing 'make money online' products, but they now have millions (yep, you read that right!) of offers in countless different niches.

This is a fantastic place to start if you want an offer. It doesn't matter what niche you are operating in!

JVZoo pays out instantly on any sales you make through them. Due to the popularity of many of their offers, this could mean that you have a rather sizeable chunk of change rolling in each day.

If you have a massive marketing network, JVZoo may end up being the only affiliate program you need to work with. After all, they have millions of products and instant payments. What more could you possibly want?

  • Commission Rate: Up to 100%
  • Cookie Duration: Not based on cookies but an attribution period of 14 days
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer, direct deposit
  • Product Types: Digital products (mostly marketing based)

3. MyLead

For almost eight years, MyLead has been a thriving business. This affiliate platform has a strong position among its partners and users all over the world. MyLead is an online space where everyone is welcome.

Publishers can earn a lot of money with MyLead as they have complete independence and flexibility to operate on their own terms. MyLead features over 3000 affiliate programs in 20 different categories and provides its members with free monetization solutions such as four distinct types of Content Lockers, an original link cloaking system, and many more.

MyLead's comprehensive and fast stats make users' affiliate experiences incredibly convenient.

As MyLead's goal is to show people that earning money is not only possible but also easy, the network really focuses on the support system. Mentorship available at MyLead can also provide additional assistance to each publisher!

If you really value acquiring knowledge to be sure you're the best at whatever you do, MyLead is great for you! Free resources like an industry blog, ebooks, and YouTube videos are a helping hand to all those who are just starting with their affiliate marketing journey as well as those more advanced. And now the affiliate world has no secrets from you!

  • Commission Rate: Up to 100%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer
  • Product Types: Over 2000 products and services (mostly physical products)

4. Dr. Cash

Health-focused websites will do well with Dr. Cash. There are thousands of offers here, so you will almost certainly find a couple of products that you can offer to your site's visitors.

The best part about Dr. Cash is that it pays out multiple times per day. Once in the morning, once in the evening. This is fantastic for those people that are having serious cash flow issues.

Since most of the offers on products from Dr. Cash are for 'popular' products in the fitness niche, it shouldn't be too difficult to convert on them either.

Any health-focused website needs to have Dr. Cash at the center of their money-making campaign.

  • Commission Rate: Up to 100%
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, wire transfer, e-payments
  • Product Types: Health & wellness

5. Terra Leads

If you are into the fitness niche or anything that involves nutrition in any way, then TerraLeads may be one of the better daily payout affiliate networks for you.

They make all of their own products, so you do not have to worry about promoting 'dodgy' programs that command a high refund rate.

It is worth noting that Terra does not pay out based on the size of the order you generate. Instead, they pay out based upon a completed action.

In this case, it would be making an order from them. Although, the commission is fairly high, this is probably not going to be that much of an issue for most people.

TerraLeads pays out as soon as an order has been confirmed. Since Terra is well-known in the fitness industry, you should find it easy to convert. This means you can enjoy almost daily payments once your site is up and running.

  • Cookie Duration: 60 day attribution period (don't use cookies)
  • Payment Methods: Wire transfer, Paypal
  • Product Types: Adult & Health products

6. Mobidea

Mobidea has plenty of different affiliate offers on the platform. Once again, most of them are not going to be paying out daily, but a good number of them should do.

The reason I love Mobidea is just how high-value their programs are. The minimum their programs are worth is about $30.

Most of these are not even going to be that hard to convert. Most are CPA offers. This means you are not really going to be convincing anybody to buy anything.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $90 per CPA lead
  • Cookie Duration: Various - depends on merchant
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, e-payments, Payoneer, WebMoney, bank transfers
  • Product Types: Various

7. Rapid Action Profits

Rapid Action Profits is a small network, but it does offer some decent payouts. The payments are fast too. In fact, they are instant.

Rapid Action Profits is really only a program for those that work in the marketing niche. It is really a single product which is a combination of educational materials and software.

It is sold at $197, which means you can gain a decent chunk of cash if you are able to sell it.

The real problem with Rapid Action Profits is that the product has been around for a long time. This means it can be exceedingly tough to convert with it. The sales page isn't that brilliant. However, due to the instant payments from Rapid Action Profits, this is the type of program that you can just throw a link up for.

Sit back, and then hope for the odd sale here and there.

  • Commission Rate: Varies based on seller
  • Cookie Duration: Various - depends on merchant
  • Product Types: Various digital products

8. CPA Lead

CPA Lead is a cross between an affiliate network and a PPC network. If you want to promote individual products on CPA Lead, of which there are many available in several different niches, then you can do that.

If you simply want to display ads much in the same way as you would with Google AdWords, then you can do that too. You will just get paid by clicks.

While CPA Lead is not the largest network in the world, it has always remained consistent with its payouts. Not everything is going to be available as a 'daily payout' (a lot of affiliate offers will not have that option), but there is enough there to make CPA Lead worth a look.

  • Commission Rate: Up to $4 per install
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Check, Wire transfer, ACH
  • Product Types: Digital products

9. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is a bit of software used extensively by marketers.

This software enables marketers to check how effective their ad campaigns are.

If you are interested in the 'make money online' niche, then ClickMagick is a fantastic product to promote. It is highly useful for marketers both large and small, enabling them to squeeze the most out of their online ad campaigns.

The best part about ClickMagick is that it is a subscription service. This means that affiliates can enjoy recurring commissions. Payments are made out daily via PayPal.

There will not be any PayPal fees tied to this either. If you can build up a decent number of subscribers to ClickMagick, you can have money being added to your PayPal account each and every day.

You wouldn't even need to market yourself any more. This is pretty close to passive income!

  • Commission Rate: 35% recurring
  • Cookie Duration: 1 Year
  • Payment Methods: Paypal
  • Product Types: Click tracking software (1 product)

When I originally wrote this post I just included 9 affiliate programs that pay daily. However my list has grown and I have added 2 more that I think are worthy of this list.

10. PayKickStart

If you run a business that operates in multiple niches, then PayKickStart may be the ideal option for you. 

There are a ton of different niches on this site, which means that there should be something for just about every affiliate marketer.

In my experience, the offers convert incredibly well too. So, if you can get a nice, steady stream of traffic heading to your website, then PayKickStart could offer you a sizeable income.

Like most of the sites on this list, not everything on PayKickStart will offer daily payouts, but enough of them do to make it worth checking out the website. The ones that do pay out daily will give you an instant payment to your PayPal account the second the customer 'converts'.

I still use PayKickStart to this day as they have some decent offers.

10. AdCrax

AdCrax has been around since 2014 and focus primarily on CPA, CPS, CPI, CPV, CPE and CPL offers. 

If you're looking to make passive income with AdCrax, you won't know the offers until you actually create an account - which is free.

They work a lot with influencers and help them grow their business. 

They also work in 250 countries so if you have a global base, this could be a great option for you in your affiliate promotions.

  • Commission Rate: 35% recurring
  • Cookie Duration: 1 Year
  • Payment Methods: Paypal
  • Product Types: Click tracking software (1 product)

  • Conclusion

    Keep in mind some of these platforms may change their pay frequency at anytime so if something doesn't look right please let me know!

    While getting paid daily as an affiliate marketing is attractive, I wouldn't solely focus on just these affiliate programs.

    If so, you could be selling yourself short. These are great options especially if the offers interest you but you really should find a product that you will be comfortable promoting

    Remember that it's not good enough to just slap a product up with your affiliate link and hope to get clicks. It doesn't work that way. You have to build trust with your reader, prove that the product is the best option for them and only then will you be successful.

    If you can do that with a product that even pays out a month later, that strategy could prove much more successful than wanting an instant payday.

    Again, these options are good, but you should be considering them only as an addition to what you are currently offering.

    If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to learn this business with a good course, check out my best affiliate marketing course picks.

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