Done for You Affiliate Marketing Business: Things to Know

I am sure you have heard the term "done for you affiliate marketing business" before and wondering what it's all about. Are "done-for-you" systems any good?

That's what this article will be about. You'll learn what they are, how to find them, should you use them and the pros and cons.

By the end of this short article, you'll know if you should take advantage of them or not.

What Is A Done For You Affiliate Marketing System? 

A done-for-you affiliate marketing system offers a hassle-free solution for those who are looking to start affiliate marketing.

It's set up to take care of most of the hard work but still allows you to have control of some of the aspects of the process.

A done-for-you affiliate marketing business usually involves promoting other people's products. Most of them come with:

  • Pre-built websites
  • Sales funnels
  • Landing pages
  • Email sequences
  • Promotional material
  • Training

This basically means you don't have to create your own content because everything is provided to you.

Sounds appealing right?

For the lazy marketers, teens, and possibly beginners it's an attractive offer. You only need to focus on getting people into your funnel rather than finding products to promote, creating a blog, sales pages, videos, emails, and so on. It's all provided.

How Does A Done For You Affiliate Marketing System Work?

The first step is to sign up for the program. Normally this comes at a hefty cost because of all the work that was put into the done-for-you system.

Each done-for-you affiliate marketing business is different, with different products. However, the process is usually the same.

You will be given all the material, you just have to focus on promotion. 

Promotion is the key term here. Promotion essentially means traffic. You already know that if you have a website that doesn't get any traffic, you won't make any money. The same goes for a done-for-you affiliate business.

To make it work, you need to get people into your funnel so that they can go through all the automated sequences set up for you.

Why Should You Use A Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income. However, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to create your own marketing system from scratch. This is where a done-for-you affiliate marketing system can be beneficial.

It's also a good way to understand how affiliate marketing works. If you have never done affiliate marketing before, then you'll see how all the moving pieces fit, so to speak. Plus, assuming the program comes from a reputable source, you could end up making money from it as well.

I mean, that's the whole point, right?

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How To Find The Best Done For You Affiliate Marketing System

When looking for a done-for-you affiliate marketing system, it's important to consider a few key factors to ensure that you're investing in a system that will work for you and is actually legit!

1. Look For a Proven Track Record

: Is the creator a well-known marketer or an unknown one? If you have never heard of this person before and you can't find any information online about him or her, then I suggest you just avoid,

2. Consider the Niche

If the niche is something that you like, it will be easier to promote. It isn't entirely necessary to find a niche you like because the content is created for you, but it definitely helps, especially since you are going to be responsible for promotion.

3. Evaluate the Support and Training

Does the system come with training and support? Or are you totally alone? Believe it or not many people get stuck and need help even with a done-for-you affiliate marketing system. So make sure support is available.

4. Check the Commission Structure

Look for systems that offer high commission rates and that pay out on a regular basis. You'll likely have to pay for your promotions so if you're spending more than you make, its not going to work.

5. Look for a System That Fits Your Budget

Finally, it's important to consider your budget when looking for a done-for-you affiliate marketing system. Look for systems that offer a good balance between being affordable and having good value. 

Don't spend too much on a system if you can't afford it. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you don't make any money at all, will it hurt you financially after buying the system?

6. Refunds

Finally, find a system that offers refunds. A lot of done-for-you affiliate marketing offers don't provide refunds, so make sure you read the fine print before dishing out your hard-earned cash.

Next, let's talk about the pros and cons of a done-for-you affiliate marketing business.

The Benefits of a Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System

1. Ease of Setup

Starting an affiliate marketing business is hard. This is especially true if you are new. You can do this by blogging, using paid ads, email marketing, and so on. 

If you have never done any of this before, then a done-for-you system is very attractive for a lot of people because most of the work is "done for you" hence the name.

2. Time-Saving

Since this turn-key business takes care of all the operational aspects, you can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on tasks like keyword research, content creation, and website maintenance.

As I mentioned before, your only job is promotion, once the system is set up.

3. Expertise

A done-for-you system is normally (hopefully!) created by experts in their field. This means that you, as an affiliate, can benefit from this experience by simply "copying" what they do.

The creators already figured out what works and what doesn't work so this can help you avoid costly mistakes by going at it on your own.

4. Access to Proven Systems

A done-for-you affiliate marketing system provides access to proven systems that have already been tested and optimized. 

The sales funnels have been tweaked to convert based on a lot of testing so in theory you should be getting the best possible sales copy and strategies to help you make affiliate commissions.

5. Training and Support

Most of these systems come with training and support. Most will have video training. The better ones will have live webinars or one-on-one coaching.

The Drawbacks of a Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System

A done-for-you affiliate marketing system can offer many benefits, such as saving time and effort and providing ready-made marketing materials. But, it also has several drawbacks which I will explain next.

Unfortunately, the drawbacks outweigh the positives. So you'll want to pay attention to this section!

1. Cost

One of the biggest drawbacks of a done-for-you affiliate marketing system is the cost. These systems are typically expensive.

On top of that, some may even have monthly subscription fees. A lot will have upsells too. And, I just hate upsells! So keep that in mind.

2. Lack of Control

Another drawback is the lack of control. With a done-for-you system, the affiliate marketer is basically a goon doing the job of the real affiliate marketer.

You are told to do the exact process to a T, and if you deviate at all you will fail. At least that is my experience with these done-for-you systems. 

Everything is under the control of the creator such as messaging, branding, and even the types of products you are told to promote.

3. Dependency

A done-for-you system can also create a lot of dependency on the provider. If the provider goes out of business, changes their policies, or becomes unreachable among other things, this could leave you in a bad situation where you won't know where to turn.

4. Lack of Personal Touch

Done-for-you systems may also have a generic approach to marketing that may not be suitable for most affiliates. The marketing material might not be well suited for the audience you are entertaining.

When that happens, usually you will experience drop-offs and a lack of engagement with your audience. If they are used to how you normally create content, trust me, they will know this done-for-you stuff isn't coming from you! This can compromise trust.

5. Limited Learning Opportunities

These done-for-you systems may teach you how all the wheels in the affiliate marketing wheel turn, but you're not going to learn any new skills.

You are going to miss out on opportunities to learn valuable skills and develop an understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

You learn by mistakes. Trust me, I've been there. The mistakes I made were the most valuable learning opportunities. 

6. Reputation Risk

If you choose a low-quality system, you are going to lose credibility with your audience. This also applies to the products. Maybe the copy is great, but what if you are promoting crap products? You'll lose a lot of credibility fast.

7. Long-Term Sustainability

A DFY system might offer you a quick start, but you have to look at the long-term stability of this approach.

If something goes wrong such as the products you promote have lost their appeal (think trends like fidget spinners) then you'll be throwing money at a system that is in a downward spiral.

To add to that, if the service provider stops supporting the product or doesn't update it, eventually, it will just die.

8. It's NOT all Done For You

Many people think that a done-for-you system requires no or very little work from you. This simply isn't the case. 

You will still need to set up your funnels, landing pages, email automation, and so on. Sure, the content is provided, but sometimes getting the content set up can be a hassle. So, it's not at all a turnkey business. There is still a good amount of effort on your part.

9. You Are "Forced" to Use Their Recommended Software

There's a dirty little secret that comes with a lot of these DFY affiliate marketing business programs.

For example, many will create their landing pages in Clickfunnels. This "forces" you to subscribe to Clickfunnels which starts at $99 a month. What's the dirty little secret? Well, they will give you a link to sign up to Clickfunnels which is also their affiliate link. So they make even more money by being affiliates of Clickfunnels. 

There are other funnel builders out there that cost less like Leadpages, but for some reason they prefer Clickfunnels. Could it be because it pays more in commissions? No! Of course not 😉

10. There Are Additional Costs

Some DFY affiliate marketing systems will include a page builder, hosting, and email automation software. However, those can be expensive and will likely come with a monthly cost.

If the system doesn't include these, then you will have to pay for them on your own which could get very expensive. 

For example, as you know already from above, you'll need a landing page builder like Clickfunnels which starts at $99 a month.

Then, you'll need an email autoresponder to build your email list which usually is around $15 a month.

If you need your own domain to host your pages (you can host on Clickfunnels for free) then you'd need to pay for a domain, for about $10 and get hosting, usually under $100 a year.

As you can see, the advertised price for the DFY affiliate marketing business usually comes with extra costs.

This is all before the cost of promoting your business which is usually with Facebook ads, Solo ads, or Google ads.

An Alternative to a Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Business

I tried these DFY systems in the past and had a little success, but not much. Most of my success came from creating small blogs or websites in a specific niche.

So that is what I suggest. Pick a niche and then start a blog on that topic. Build your audience and traffic and include affiliate links in your posts. If you're shy, you don't need to show your face. I show you how.

You won't need to pay for Clickfunnels or expensive ads. Best of all, the traffic is free and passive. You can make money in your sleep without doing anything even for 2 weeks if you don't want to!

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So should you start a done for you affiliate marketing business? In my opinion, if you are very new and the monetary risk is very low, why not. You could learn something.

However, your best option is to learn this business from the inside out. With a DFY system, you'll learn a very narrow side of affiliate marketing and will only be exposed to a very specific part of the business.

It's best to learn affiliate marketing as a whole, so you get a good grasp of how this online business works.

Your affiliate marketing efforts will pay off when you learn it from the ground up because you'll learn the valuable skills needed for success with less failure.

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