Affiliate Rescue Review: 8 Things to Know About Tim Schmidt’s Course

Welcome to my Affiliate Rescue review.

Affiliate Rescue is an affiliate marketing course created by Tim Schmidt, a very well-known affiliate marketer.

I bought one of Tim's courses back in 2016 called "Affiliate University" which is no longer available. Since I am on his list, I was notified of Affiliate Rescue very recently and decided to get the course to evaluate it.

I spent the last 3 days going through all the course materials and will evaluate it based on a few factors such as originality, effectiveness, presentation, justification of cost, the reputation of the course creator and more.

Quick Facts:

πŸ† About - How to build, scale and sell a profitable affiliate marketing website 

πŸ’² Price - Regular price - $797 (Get 10% off with coupon code DrewsReview)

πŸ‘ Pros - Up-to-date training, latest strategies, taught by proven marketer

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Cons - No refunds

πŸ€” Who's it for? - Beginners to advanced - need some site building experience

1. Who is Affiliate Rescue For?

Affiliate Rescue is for beginner affiliate marketers looking to increase traffic and make more money.

If you already have a website and are struggling to:

  • Get better SEO ranking
  • Make more money

Then, affiliate Rescue is a course you might want to consider. It's main focus is to help you improve upon your existing website no matter what stage you are in.

Advanced Affiliate marketers will find some information in the course familiar to them, but they will definitely find some "golden nuggets" in the course to help them improve.

One of those "golden nuggets" for me was Tim's strategy of reviewing existing sites and showing the different monetization strategies used. I picked up some ideas that i'll definitely be implementing on my sites.

It's important to also know who the course is not for.

  • Ultra Newbies - If you've never built a website before and expect to be taught, you won't learn that in this course. It's expected that you either A) have an existing website or B) know how to build one.
  • Learn Strategies other than SEO - Affiliate marketing can be done with email marketing, ads, social media and more. You won't learn these strategies in this course, the focus is affiliate marketing powered by SEO through websites or blogs.
  • Those expecting to make money online fast - If you're expecting to make money online quick, this course is not for you. A website can take up to 3 months before it starts to get traffic and 6 months to a year before it starts to make money.
  • Tire kickers - Tim doesn't offer refunds with this course so if you're expecting to get in and get out quick by requesting a refund, sorry, it's not gonna happen!

2. Who is Tim Schmidt and Does he Have a Good Reputation?

Tim Schmidt is a highly successful digital marketer originaly from the "Ice cold Midwest" but now lives in sunny Florida.

I actually saw Tim speak in person way back in 2016 in Tampa, Florida during an SEO conference. Below is a pic I took:

Now, you wouldn't have someone with a bad reputation speaking to people that have paid over $1000 for a ticket to attend the event right? 

Of course, Tim's reputation goes far beyond this. He is a digital marketer that has worked on over 1000 websites over the last 20 years, which is pretty extensive experience.

On top of that, Tim has worked with a variety of solo practitioner start ups and Fortune 500 companies. One of Tim's passions is to help people succeed. Tim's specialties is to build, scale and sell websites. This is what he focuses on in Affiliate Rescue.

Key notes:

  • Tim was quoted in stories around the President of the United States' idea that search engines were suppressing his stories - San Francisco Chronicle
  • Tim was asked to be an expert witness in court procedings regarding search history
  • Received global media attention for several personal care products
  • Has helped many small business owners turn into multi-millionaires with his methods
  • He's been a YouTuber, multi-million dollar Amazon seller and speaker at digital marketing events

3. Are Students of Affiliate Rescue Seeing Success?

While this is a new course, Tim did have an affiliate marketing training course in 2015 called "Affiliate U" (I was also a member) which had over 500 students and many have shared their successes online.

Affiliate Rescue is essentially a reboot of that course but up to date with 2024 Methodologies. 

Here's some "samples of success" from Tim's previous course:

  • Jason Yoon, of Vancouver, Canada, was in Affiliate U as a complete NOOB to Internet Marketing. Taking that course, along with six months of mentoring helped Jason get to $10,000 a month. He quit his job and is still a full time marketer.
  • Jamie Boudreaux, from Texas, also quit his job to make affiliate marketing his career path. He has doubled what his past employer pays him and has one of the most profitable sites in his niche, even getting an incredible call out by @NichePursuits podcaster Jared Bauman along the way after sailing past the "Helpful Content Update" that destroyed most affiliate marketing sites.
  • He's trained Brandon Sirrico, who is now his business partner in one of the most difficult niches on the Internet, where they collectively earn a high six figure yearly revenue stream.
  • To boot, Tim has groomed his now 18 year old son for many years in the field of Internet Marketing and he'll be entering college in the fall and leveraging his skills as an outsourcer so he doesn't ever have to get an outside job while in college.
  • Jamie B., who is making over $30,000 per month to this day and still growing based on Tim's teachings. 

4. How Much Does Affiliate Rescue Cost?

Affiliate Rescue costs $797.

This is a one-time fee and there are no options to pay monthly. 

Is There an Affiliate Rescue Discount?

Yes! Use this link and enter coupon code "DrewsReview" to get 10% off. This coupon code is only good for the first 50 students so you'll need to act fast.

On top of the price of the course, you will need to invest in some tools and services depending what stage you are at.

  • Ahrefs - $99/month or Keysearch at $17/mo (get 20% off with code KSDISC
  • Domain - $10-$18/year (only if you don't have a site yet)
  • Hosting - New sites start at just $36 for first year 
  • Premium Theme - You can use a free theme or premium which is up to $60/year

So, it will be about $213 for your first month if you don't have any tools or a domain yet. I'd go with KeySearch if you're on a tight budget. It will cost just $13.60 a month or $135.20 for a full year which brings your first month cost to well under $200 (not including the course). Check out my Keysearch review to learn more about this tool and how it compares to ahrefs.

Optional Costs Mentioned in the Course:

  • Link Building Services: Optional paid service for getting backlinks to improve SEO
  • Topical Map: Paid service that maps out a topical authority map that shows Google you have entirely covered the topic, therefore allowing you to gain incredible exposure and reach in their algorithm.

Refund Policy

Tim does not offer refunds and there's a reason for it. I asked him personally and this is what he told me:

I don't issue refunds because when I did this in the past, you get people who watch the whole thing and then want a refund.  To me that's just someone I don't want inside.  There's just too much sweat into it and knowledge shared to offer any refund IMO.  

I tend to agree with him. So, if you're a tire-kicker, you're in the wrong place. 😏 Tim only wants serious students. 

5. How is Affiliate Rescue Structured?

Affiliate Rescue is divided into 6 core modules and a "downloads" section. The course is hosted on Teachable which is one of my favorite platforms due to its stability and ease of use. Videos can be sped up or slowed down which is very convenient.

The training is all video based with very little text. A lot is "over-the-shoulder" type training where Tim shows you all his tips & secret strategies.

Here is a snapshot of part of the course when you first login:

Here is a look inside one of the lessons:

Along with the lessons, you get a "downloads" section where you will find:

  • ChatGPT prompts - Get the cheat codes for training ChatGPT on how to create an article outline to writing a complete article. 
  • HCU Recovery - Get a 23 point checklist on things you can do to help you recover from the Google Helful Content Update if you got hit.
  • Affiliate Rescue Roadmap - All the fundamental steps required to set up a successful website based on Tim's vast experience. 
  • Affiliate Rescue Approved Vendors - Get a list of all of Tim's approved vendors so you know you're working with the right people

6. Affiliate Rescue Pros and Cons


  • You're learning from a proven marketer that spills all his knowledge bombs
  • There's little theory and fluff, just actionable steps to help grow your site
  • The videos are on the shorter side than most courses so the info is easier to take in
  • Tim is reachable. If you want to ask a question he's there to help out
  • I picked up a lot of "golden nuggets" in this course even though I consider myself an advanced affiliate marketer
  • He teaches strategies you won't find in other courses
  • Great advice on how to "rescue" your site from any Google core update
  • Tim shows you several of his own sites and the strategies he used to grow them
  • Tim constantly updates the course as he finds new ways to work smarter and more efficiently. 


  • Absolute beginners will find this a challenge because you aren't taught how to create a site from the ground up. Tim isn't that kind of coach.
  • No refunds 

7. Alternatives to Affiliate Rescue

Here are some alternatives that compete with Affiliate Rescue that I've reviewed:

8. Should You Join Affiliate Rescue?

Affiliate Rescue has all the strategies and systems for you in one place to help grow your site. Tim holds nothing back in this course and you are going to learn the steps you need to both grow your site and to understand how to recover from any of the Google updates.

While this course seems to target those who already have an existing website, absolute newbies may have some difficulties understanding certain terminology and strategies. This is because Tim has the assumption you should know these things already. 

For those that have some experience in affiliate marketing and building websites, I definitely recommend this course to up your game.

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Drew Mann

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