A Review of Leila Hormozi’s Net Worth

Leila Hormozi is a 31 year old investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

When Leila Hormozi and her husband Alex Hormozi started Gym Launch, they made a pact: to sacrifice everything. No seeing friends, no eating out, no date nights. For two years, the pair would spare no personal expense in order to grow their business and their net worth.

Leila challenged herself to succeed in all aspects of life, including finding the perfect work-life balance. How could she achieve the success she wants, while also being happy by having a phenomenal marriage, staying in fantastic shape, and traveling? Find out below.

Leila originally cofounded Gym Launch, and after the company grew exponentially, she and her husband launched a supplement company, Prestige Labs, as well as a software company tailored for digital marketers, which they named ALAN.

Leila’s first company - a great success - yielded two more greatly successful companies, resulting in far less time for the power couple to enjoy the lives that they created together. She started to ask herself “How can I run these businesses which make millions of dollars a year, without hating my life?”

After sacrificing so much of her personal freedom, Leila began to strike a balance in her work and life relationships. “It was just a belief that, in order to have success, I needed to sacrifice everything else,” she said. Leila soon found out that such a philosophy would render all of her hard work moot.

"What’s the point of working so hard that all you have time to do is work? What’s the end goal?" For Leila, it made sense to set constraints on her work days, her hours, and when she would make herself available for meetings.

Once Leila set constraints on her work days, her work hours, and her meeting schedule, her happiness started evening out with her success. Leila pondered her life before these constraints, “It was a belief that I need to be so regimented that it’s like date nights and exercise and seeing friends became like a checklist almost.” Once Leila abandoned the checklist for a more genuine work-life flow, she found herself less stressed - and less obsessed - with work. It’s not that work isn’t important, it’s that work means more when you get to enjoy the life you’ve created from it.

With all of her additional free time, Leila has time to invest in other businesses. Further, she went on to cofound Acquisition.com. Acquisition is a holding company for her other business ventures which produce, in aggregate, north of one hundred million dollars per year in revenue.

After two years of relentless sacrifice, Leila found a great formula for herself, which maximizes her work potential, her free time, and her net worth. Leila’s epiphany can mean your success.

There is, after all, a reason why Leila is disclosing this information. She is not just here to brag about how hard she has worked, all that she has sacrificed, and what it took to get to where she is.

She would like to issue a challenge: “How would you achieve your goals while setting constraints on yourself?” How would you be able to manage only working five or so hours a day, while also managing a business that makes anywhere between five and forty-million dollars in revenue every year?

Not to mention that you’d only be in maybe three meetings each week. The other half of the challenge is, how would you use the rest of your time to create a fulfilling life?

Leila, despite being in her twenties, co-founded a number of companies that have left her with a net worth of more than $100,000,000.

She knows the ins-and-outs, and the ups-and-downs of entrepreneurship, and her enduring message to entrepreneurs and investors is that “I don’t believe that anyone can sustain success while sacrificing happiness.” She knows what you need: buffer time.

You need time to think, and time to do stuff with your friends and family. After all Leila has sacrificed, she knows more than anyone. Her challenge is now your challenge: how are you going to achieve what you set out to achieve, while placing reasonable constraints on your goals? There’s only one way to find out.

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