Passive Income Geek Review – Morten Storgaard Course any Good?

Can you make passive income with a blog?

And more specifically, can you do it with Passive income geek?

I have written many blogs since 2010 and some sucked while some did very well. So I know a little something about writing them.

Since you probably don't know where to start, this is why I wrote this Passive Income Geek review - to let you know if Morten Storgaard's course is worth the salt.

What is Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek is a product from Morten Storgaard. It is a system designed to get you making passive income from a blog, as well as through designing websites.

Passive Income Geek launched in November 2020 to great fanfare, although there are still very few people that have managed to see complete success from the course due to how recently it launched. However, early indications seem to be good.

This is a membership program. The first year of access will cost you $399, and each additional year of access after that will cost you $199.

It is currently unknown what long-term benefit you can get from staying subscribed to Passive Income Geek as it has not been around for all that long at the time of writing. Everybody is still in their first few months of membership!'

Who is Morten Storgaard?

Morten Storgaard doesn't really talk about his online history all that much.

I do know that he got started in eCommerce in 2007 and transitioned into passive income at some point.

He's got a Youtube channel called Passive Income Geek that has 15K subscribers at the time of this update. I also know that he has had huge amounts of success on the passive income front, and he isn't that shy about speaking for his most successful websites. This includes:


He states that these websites are making thousands of dollars per month, with being the most profitable with a $25,000 per month income.

To investigate this, if I put into ahrefs, this is what comes up:

Looking at the numbers above, I think it is believable. He's got ads running and not sure if he is getting income from affiliate programs but it's quite likely.

This site has a lot of authority though, just check out the amount of referring domains and backlinks pointing to his site.

Building those links does take time.

What is Passive Income and How Do You Make It?

Passive income is money that is made with very little interaction from you. Basically, the type of business where you can fall asleep at night, wake up and then enjoy the fact that you earned money while you were asleep.

Despite what some people may tell you. There is no such thing as true passive income. You are going to need to put some effort in at some point.

However, the idea is to cut back the workflow as much as possible. The overall goal is to outsource a lot of the work so that you can focus on building up new business ideas.

Passive income is normally earned through a combination of advertising and affiliate marketing. That is certainly what Passive Income Geek tends to spend the most time focusing on.

Who is Passive Income Geek For?

Passive Income Geek is ideal for those that want to generate a passive income through blogging.

It is for those that want to be as hands-off on their business as possible.

It is ideal for those that want to make an income that could rival a part-time job.

While you could potentially make thousands of dollars a month using the Passive Income Geek model, it is not guaranteed. 

This stuff takes work, but it is possible. If you're a slacker, you should consider something else!

Who is Passive Income Geek Not For?

It is not for those that are lazy. This may be passive income, but you do still have to put in a lot of work to get that money flowing in. Although, the longer your business is up and running, the more passive it becomes.

It is also not ideal for those that want to make money quickly. It may take weeks, sometimes months, before you see your first cash made from your website.

What is in the Passive Income Geek Course?

There are several modules loaded into the Passive Income Geek course.

Each of them comprises of several different videos covering different subjects.

The course is fairly well-planned and has clearly been designed in a way that allows you to move through each module, building up your business as you go.

It is worth noting that there will also be a community on top of all of this. 

This means people that you can interact with who are also building up a passive income business. However, you should probably bear in mind that the community is still rather small due to the course only being out for a few months.

Choosing a Niche

There is no introductory module here. You are going to dive right into choosing a niche. You will learn what makes a module good and, of course, will enjoy a ton of advice on which niches you should be avoiding.

This is actually one of the best niche-selecting modules I have ever seen. I enjoy the fact that it even runs you through a few tools that will enable you to determine whether your selected niche is profitable or not.

That is something that will always come in handy whether you are just starting out or you have long term plans for your business.

Topic Research

The next module will have you jumping into topic research. This is something that I do not see covered all that often on other courses.

Here, you will learn to see what types of content are working for your competitors. You will also be introduced to tools that you can do your own research on.

In my time, I have covered a lot of passive income courses related to blogs. All of them go into depth on creating content, so it's good to see that Passive Income Geek carries on this trend.

Finding a Good Domain Name

This is a pretty simple module. You will learn how to find domain names for your website. There is actually a surprising amount of depth here for something that should, in theory, be incredibly simple.

I prefer to buy my domains at because their privacy is free. Other registrars like Godaddy make you pay for it.

Setting up Your Website

This module is lacking in a few areas. Don't get me wrong, there is good information here on setting up your WordPress website.

However, I do wish there was some more depth there. That being said, it could also be argued that you do not actually need that much more depth if you are already skilled with Wordpress.

This module actually has 'copy and paste' settings from successful websites. So, all you really need to do is launch your WordPress site, copy and paste the settings in and then just customize to your liking.

Writing Awesome Content

In this module, you will learn how to create awesome content that converts!

You will learn different types of content e.g. content designed for ads, and content designed for affiliate marketing.

Don't slack on content either. Afterall, you want your readers to be captivated with what you say!

SEO Tips

The bulk of the traffic that you will get for your website on this course will be through search engine optimization.

I am glad to see this training is included.

While it is not a complete guide to SEO, there are a few tips that can help make your life a whole lot easier and get that money rolling in.


This module talks about how to make money from your site. So, you learn about ads and finding products to act as an affiliate for. It also introduces you to ways that you can squeeze every bit of income out of your ads.

Social Media

Morton makes no secret of the fact that his websites are successful due to social media. So, this is probably the most in-depth module on the entire course.

In this module, you will be learning exactly how to gain traffic from social media. There is a huge amount of focus placed upon both Facebook and Pinterest here, although most major social media networks have coverage.


The final module looks at outsourcing. This will make the income truly passive. You will learn about finding writers and editors to work with.

You will also learn about ensuring that the writers do a brilliant job for you.

Pros & Cons of Passive Income Geek


  • The course contains a lot of actionable information
  • Examples that prove that Passive Income Geek can make money for you.
  • Information comes from genuine experience
  • Covers areas other courses do not cover.


  • The yearly fee seems like a 'money grab' considering it doesn't seem to be a course that evolves.
  • Still limited evidence of 'real world' use outside of the sites Morton has put together.
  • The community is small


If you want to make a passive income through blogging, then Passive Income Geek gets a passing grade in my opinion.

While it is going to focus on a very, very specific way of money, I do believe that most people will be able to make something from it. 

You will need to put in the work though. You are going to have to write the content yourself or outsource it. So before you buy the course, do consider this.

If you're on limited funds, you'll need to write the content yourself because hiring a good writer can be expensive.

Alternatives to Passive Income Geek

If the thought of having to write or outsource the content makes you want to run to the hills, then perhaps you should consider something else.

You can make passive income other ways, such as with email marketing - where the writing is much less intense, or you could build funnels and point paid traffic to them. 

I urge you to check out my best affiliate marketing course list and see what programs might be a good fit for you.

Because there is more than one way to make passive income!


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