The Realistic Entrepreneur Course Review – YouTuber Adam Thomas

Youtuber Adam Thomas is someone you may be following if you're a fan of the ecommerce space. You probably have noticed that he's gone dark for a few months and for good reason.

He says he's been busy with many things such as the opening of his retail store, building his new course, managing his eCommerce sales and building software.

That does sound like a handful especially for a guy who's only 20. Most 20 year old guys are probably a lot more interested in chasing girls than building a business!

He's also been schmoozing with the likes of Kevin David, Dan Dasilva and Dan Lok. These guys are pretty big names in the industry so I imagine he got some good tips networking with those guys.

In case you're wondering, he will be making a return to Youtube shortly. He claims that the quality is going to be much better with a new production setup as well.

A previous course of his called the Dropshipping Accelerator Training Program is now outdated and no longer selling. 

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The Dropship CEO Executive Membership & Free Course Review

I subscribed to his email list a while back and he promotes a free course which is a gateway to his paid course. In the emails you get, he has a very different strategy to pitch his paid course. He invites you to a one-one-one call with him which is free, but here you will be pitched his paid course - The Dropship CEO Executive Membership.

The course is $1297 or 3 monthly installments of $497. Keep in mind this is not mentioned in the emails, all will be revealed in the call with him such you decide to venture that route. 

The free program is just a preview to the paid program. I have not gone down that rabbit hole yet but possibly I will, just out of curiousity. 

Today's focus though is on his free course which I'm going to tell you about. If you decide to grab it, you will have to wait for the modules to unlock to continue. But don't worry, I went through all that so I can give you a sneak peak with no waiting. 

Here's a screenshot of the course overview:

​Day 1 - The fundamentals

In this video, Adam covers a few different topics. The first one discussed is how you can get results with this free program. He introduces some of his students that have supposedly made money in ecom after taking his paid course. So immediately in the first module of the free training you're being convinced that in order to succeed, you NEED to pay for his full course.

This lends itself to the saying, you get what you pay for.

In day one you're asked to download a cheatsheet called "Dropshipping for beginners" which covers all the basics.

Day 2 - Finding Winning Products

We all know that to make money in Ecom you need to find winning products. This video is a basic guide on how you can get started. Here Adam debunks the myths about finding products, tells you how you can catch the next tidal wave and his system for finding products. He does promote a tool to find winning products but if you try to get the free trial you'll be put on a waiting list.

You'll also learn how to check out the top competitors and steal their winners and a bonus section on the top 125 dropshippers.

There are cheatsheets to download here from finding winning products, finding top competitors & action items. 

Day 3 - Building Your Superstar Store

More guides to download here including a "build your store" guide, a store setup checklist, successful store guidelines (how a succesful store works, etc.) and action items.

Day 4 - Getting Your First Sales for Free

In this lesson, Adam discusses the number 1 mistake Shopify stores make before they even go live.  He talks of another strategy which you don't hear too often and that is the concept of using affiliates to get sales for you for free - it's not exactly free because both parties have to benefit somehow.

Basically this entire module is setting up an affiliate program for others to promote your store. There are more cheatsheets in this module that you can download to explain this whole process.

Day 5 - Taking it to the Next Level

This is the conclusion of the mini-course and here is where Adam will pitch to you the idea of working with him 1-on-1. It links to a course called the Dropshipping Accelerator Bootcamp 2.0.  

However, in clicking the link there is a salespage but no links to purchase - is this one closed as well?

So Why Did I Review This Free Stuff?

Since you can view all this stuff already for free, I decided to do a review anyway so you A) don't have to wait for the content to unlock to see what you get and B) stress the point that there is always a catch to some free giveaway.

Now I will give kudo's to Adam on this free course he did put a lot of time and effort into it. For a newbie that knows NOTHING about Ecom, it's a great introduction to it.

However if you want to succeed in this business you are going to need to one-up your competitors. The only way to do this is to make sure you have the best training possible.

If you've had some training in the past and failed, it's not your fault. Now, if you didn't give it an honest go and gave up after a while, then you know yourself it's only you to blame. But if you tried and failed, perhaps the training sucked.

An Alternative to Consider

You could schedule a call with Adam and see what his pitch is, expect to pay over a grand or you could invest in my #1 recommended Ecommerce course which is Ecom Elites.

This course is created by Franklin Hatchett that specializes in Ecom. He's got his own stores and he walks the walk. He's got MANY successful students that took his program. You can be one of them too if you actually put in the time and do the work.

Best of all, you don't need to spend over a grand on a course to become an ecom rock star. This course is just $197 or $297 for the upgrade package and comes with a money back guarantee. With over 170 videos in Facebook & Google Ads training, chat bots, SEO, funnel training and more - it's a complete course.

I encourage you to check out my review here to see why this is for you.


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