How To Start a Blog and Make it Successful (make money!)

Today, I am going to show you one of the best ways to make money in 2021. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, please look elsewhere. If you believe in building a business where you can eventually quit your job & make a full time income, read on.

What's the secret? There is none. It's right under your nose and you probably don't know it. If you have an interest in something, it can be anything; music, fitness, healthy eating, spear chucking, whatever it is - there's an affiliate program for that.

The key is to match your interests, something you like, with a product and then just talk about it. This is what makes millions of dollars a day online and it's all about affiliate marketing. You can get started today by creating your own blog and I am going to show you how. My guidance is free, you just need to spend a couple bucks a month to host your blog.

Blogging is what has made me a lot of money. I write blogs on things that interest me that I know interest others. This blog is just one of them because I do very well in ecom and affiliate marketing, so this blog talks specifically about that.

You can start your  money-making venture for only a few dollars a month and i'm going to include discount pricing from Bluehost right in this article to get you started.

This article is going to teach you how to create a website in just about 5 minutes flat.

Here is what we are going to discuss:

  1. How to get hosting
  2. Choosing your domain name
  3. Install wordpress
  4. Make your first post

Step 1 - Get Hosting 

I've arranged a special deal with Bluehost to get you guys a discount you won't find on their site. You can now get hosting for only $2.95 a month instead of the regular $3.95 shown on their website.

I suggest getting Bluehost but any reputable hosting company will do. Just make sure you research them first. Since I like Bluehost and you're able to get a discount from me, I will use them as the example to show you how to set up your blog.


Head over to Bluehost by Clicking Here. You'll get a special reduced rate if you use my affiliate link. Get a discount over the regular price. win/win!


Choose your preferred hosting plan type.


Pick a free domain name or enter your domain if you have one already.


Enter your account information.


Choose your package. Quick Tip. If you are getting a domain from Bluehost make sure you choose the Domain Privacy Protection option to keep your personal info private.


Plug in your billing info, agree to the terms and hit "submit."


Click on "Create Your Password" to choose one.


Create your password. Make sure you write it down somewhere! Check off the small box to agree to terms of service and click next.

Install WordPress


You're almost done. Click on "Log in" to begin installing WordPress.


Choose a theme. You can always change it later,  just grab one for now that fits best.


Here's where the Bluehost gerbils will start setting up your site. Don't worry about anything looking strange with the domain name at this point as it will update soon.


Time to celebrate! Your self-hosted WordPress blog is now installed! Don't choose "business" or "personal" just click "I don't need help."


Enter your site name followed by the description. Make the description keyword rich for your niche but don't over do it. Make sure it makes sense. Try to keep these under 70 characters in total.


Click on "launch site" so your site displays correctly and removed the default bluehost page.

Here's a video walkthrough of this process and a tip on getting a domain. On page SEO videos will follow.

In video #2 below, I walk you through some crucial on-page SEO settings that you will need BEFORE you start creating content on your blog.

 This video is out-dated but you can still get some tips on how to set up hosting with bluehost. For up-to-date instructions just follow the steps above.


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