5 Best YouTube Automation Courses: Learn How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel

Hey future YouTuber! Welcome to my best YouTube Automation course review.

I've bought many YouTube Automation courses to help me create faceless YouTube channels. These are the 5 best ones based on the coaches' experience and success, quality of training, student success rate, and value for money.

Don't waste your money on programs that suck or get free advice that doesn't work. These are the best courses of the group to give you the best chance at money-making success.

Ready to get your YouTube automation business going?

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5 Best YouTube Automation Courses

Here are my top 5 picks for YouTube Automation courses:

  • Tube Mastery and Monetization (Matt Par)
  • Bye 9 to 5 (Jordan Mackey)
  • Automation Systems (Dave Nick)
  • Cashflow Channels (Ryan Hildreth)
  • Grow Channels (Razvan Paraschiv)

💲 Price - Regular price - $997 (Watching this webinar will get you a $500 discount and payment plan option)

👍 Pros - Matt has 12 successful YouTube Automated channels, nothing held back in the course, many student success stories

👎🏻 Cons - A lot of training to digest, may be challenging for some

🤔 Money Back Guarantee - Yes! If it doesn't work for you, can ask for refund within 60 days

Why Buy Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0?

  • It's a complete course that teaches you everything you need to know about YouTube Automation from start to finish
  • It's suitable for absolute beginners or experienced YouTubers
  • Matt Par "walks-the-walk" - he has 12 successful YouTube automation channels and teaches you all his tips and tricks to help you build your own channel(s)
  • Many of his students rave about his course with plenty of testimonials and student success stories.

My top recommendation for starting a YouTube automation channel is Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par. I bought his course a couple of years ago and can easily say it's the best on this list.

It's the best step-by-step program I have bought It has over 70 training videos, a very active private community, downloadable resources to help streamline your business, and a few bonus courses as well. It comes with more training, more actionable strategies, and the most active community compared to other courses.

The reason why TMM is so good is that it has a step-by-step approach showing you how to start an automated channel from scratch. This is the same process Matt uses for his highly successful channels.

Here's a quick preview of the course:

It all starts with helping you find the most profitable niches, find content to use in your videos, full training on how to edit videos, and master YouTube SEO and the algorithm. All of this with NO experience required. You are shown everything.

It took me a couple of weeks to get through the training. I could have done it in a few days but I wanted to fully digest the information without brain overload. It helps to take notes and review the content a few times because there's a lot to take in. 

One of the things that really helped me understand how YouTube works is Matt's YouTube SEO training. When I was making videos before I would just pick a topic and keywords that I found interesting - thinking others would too. Of course, this failed miserably. 

But with Matt's teaching on YouTube SEO, doing the research properly and understanding what people are specifically looking for helps drastically.

😄 What I Liked About Tube Mastery and Monetization

The course has a step-by-step approach and you'll begin to understand what YouTube is actually looking for. With this understanding of how to do things, there will be no guesswork, you'll know exactly how to create a YouTube business with your channel.

You are basically handed a list of niches to choose from. This is all from Matt's research on what the popular and most profitable niches are.

You can make money in different ways - Matt shows you how to make money with the YouTube Partner Program through ads, affiliate marketing, selling digital products and Merch.

He shows you what tools to use - whether it's for editing videos or for helping your videos get shown by Google. If you're on a budget, he shows you both free and paid tools to use and how to get the most out of them.

Helpful community - The private Facebook Mastermind is very active. I often see a lot of screenshots of students showing how much money they have made. If you're too shy to post a question, you can search for it and chances are someone asked that question already so you'll have an instant answer. You also have the option of contacting support. 

Bonus Training - Along with the main course, you are given 4 other bonus courses. 

  • Tube FAQ - This 35 lesson program breaks down all the possible questions you might have about YouTube. I found this very useful because it answered some questions I had without having to ask it in the FB group.
  • Tube Secrets - This is actually a standalone course that Matt teaches which is a simple version of his main course. As a bonus, it's not much help but he includes it anyway.
  • Case Studies - Here you'll find 36 (and growing) case studies of channels that Matt analyzes. He goes over their stats, looks at Socialblade stats and gives his opinion on these channels and how they can improve or what they are doing right. You'll learn from this too so don't avoid checking out this bonus (one of the best ones).
  • VidIQ Mastery - Matt uses VidIQ extensively and although he does show you how to use this in the main course, this bonus module goes into a lot more detail and will answer any questions you have about the tool. 

😥What I Didn't Like About Tube Mastery and Monetization

I'm happy to report there isn't too much I didn't like about TMM 3.0 but if I were to criticize one thing it would be the information overload. For some, this won't be a problem but I can see some people getting frustrated. 

However, to alleviate this, take a lot of notes and also note timestamps of important bits in videos. This way you can find exactly what you are looking for without having to watch the entire video again. That's what I did and it made it easier.

I do wish videos had a text summary of the content like I see in other courses but it doesn't which is probably my biggest complaint.

🏆 Why Tube Mastery and Monetization is My Number One Pick

If you're looking to start a YouTube Automation business and want the best chance at success and minimizing failure, TMM is your best choice. 

It has more training, a lot of student success stories, a helpful community and the best part - a coach that is highly successful, making over $40K a month with automated channels.

What's next? Watch the free training. If you decide to get his course you'll have an opportunity to get 50% off and an option for a discounted payment plan which you won't find on the salespage.

That's a special hack just for my readers! 😊

💲 Price - $997

👍 Pros - Jordan Mackey has been doing YouTube since 2012, and teaches you a variety of money-making techniques including ads, affiliate marketing, personal branding, and other strategies

👎🏻 Cons - It's twice the price of Matt Par's course with no discounts

🤔 Money Back Guarantee - Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee but is action-based, meaning you have to show you watched all the videos and took some kind of action. (You don't need to with Matt Par's course).

Why Buy Tube Monetization and Automation? (Bye 9 to 5)

  • It's great for beginners and requires no prior experience
  • Jordan's training is superior to many other YouTubers and is very authentic so you're not learning from some newbie
  • You'll learn how YouTube SEO works to give your videos a chance to go viral
  • Be your own boss and crush the YouTube algorithm without ever having to show your face
  • Bye 9 to 5 by Jordan Mackey is my second choice. It's a similar course to Matt Par's but it is more expensive. Jordan used to offer a discount code but that seems to no longer work. You can check my Bye 9 to 5 review for more info on this.

    Jordan is an expert in YouTube automation and has several channels himself where he makes faceless YouTube videos.

    He helps you create different types of channels such as list channels, where you feature videos showcasing a top5 or top10 list in any niche.

    You'll also learn how to create a personal brand channel where you can go on camera if you wish. These are great for promoting products through affiliate marketing and tend to have more trust because you would be the "face" of the channel.

    Lastly, you'll learn how to create personal brand channels and a combination (or hybrid as Matt Par calls them) in the course.

    The course has 20 modules from showing you how to choose a niche, how to get monetized, how to create and edit videos, how to source content for your videos, a few modules on affiliate marketing and other strategies to help your videos get traffic.

    😄 What I Liked About Bye 9 to 5

    I have seen quite a few positive testimonials from actual users of the course. Some are from the private Facebook group and others directly from Trustpilot.

    I found a lot more in both the private Facebook group and online, but obviously, I can't jam them all here.

    The core training goes into a lot of detail and doesn't really leave anything out. For example, the SEO module covers just about everything including how to find keywords that convert, what people are actually searching for, and how to crush the YouTube algorithm.

    I also like the fact that he shows you how to use free software like Matt Par does, so you're not stretching your budget with expensive tools.

    With the most recent update of the course, Jordan reveals three of the niches that he is in when it comes to his other automated channels. This is something a lot of course creators will not do, so it's cool to see.

    Jordan gives off a "trustable" vibe and you can tell he has a lot of experience with automated YouTube channels in his training. This is because he goes into great detail and doesn't just gloss over things like a lot of others do that try to teach the same thing.

    You also get some pretty good resources in the form of downloads. Included are some handy checklists, worksheets and templates that help you organize and plan your channel and videos.

    😥What I Didn't Like About Bye 9 to 5

    The first thing I didn't like about the course was the current price tag. The course used to be a lot cheaper when I first bought it, but now it's $997.

    Furthermore, when you're at checkout a "voucher code" box is staring at you to enter one but guess what - there are no voucher codes available. There used to be, but not anymore. So - full price for you! Which kinda sucks if you ask me. 

    So if you dont feel like paying $997, Matt Par's course is half of that but you need to watch the webinar to get that discount. 

    Another related item here that I don't like is the conditional refund policy. I touched on this earlier but you should be warned if you don't like the course, you'll need to prove that you watched all the content and tool some kind of action. That means picking a niche, setting up a channel, creating videos and showing that you didn't get results. It's up to Jordan to decide if you qualify for a refund or not. 

    Another thing I didn't like was the upsells that get presented to you in the training. That's a big pet peeve to me because although I understand tools may be needed to execute training, I don't expect to have upsells thrown at me after I paid.

    There have been reports of some students' channels being either demonetized or deleted. Now, in all fairness they may not have followed the training properly but what if they did? That's all on Jordan I'm afraid.

    🏆 Why Bye 9 to 5 is My Second Choice

    The first obvious reason is the price. It's twice as expensive as Matt Par's course (provided you get the discount from Matt's webinar).

    Secondly, Jordan hasn't been active on his main YouTube channel for a while. That's not exactly a red flag but it doesn't look good.

    While both Bye 9 to 5 and Tube Mastery and Monetization teach you how to create automated YouTube videos, I found Matt's training better organized and thought the video editing portion especially was much better. 

    However, Jordan's course still does a great job on how to create your "cash cow YouTube channel" and I think it comes down to choice.

    Click here to get Bye 9 to 5.

    💲 Price - $795

    👍 Pros - Dave Nick knows how to get views, his main channel has over 40 million views

    👎🏻 Cons - He doesn't have the credibility like Matt Par or Jordan Mackey when it comes to creating YouTube Automation channels

    🤔 Money Back Guarantee -Refunds are given up to 14 days and before you consume less than 15% of the course material

    Why Buy Automation Systems 2.0?

    • It shows you how to build and scale a YouTube automation channel using the latest AI tools and AI technology
    • Shows you how to produce "faceless" videos for zero dollars
    • You can also learn how to outsource the entire process if you don't want to do the work yourself
    • Shows you 3 different ways how to monetize an automation channel

    Dave Nick, also known as Dejan Nikolic (his real name) is a YouTuber from Serbia who does all his content in English - obviously to appeal to the US, Canada, and the UK.

    His background is digital marketing. online business coaching and also a course creator.

    Dave isn't new to YouTube as he manages several YouTube Shorts channels and YouTube automation channels. If we tally up all his views from across all platforms, he's got an impression 1 billion views.

    His course shows you how to get traffic to your automated channel with a total of 58 different lessons.

    One of the things that separates his course from others is the lessons on using AI to build your automated YouTube channel. He also shows you how he can get you approved into the YouTube Partner program almost instantly and how to set up "systems" where you can start more than one automated channel at a time.

    The 3 different ways in which you are taught to monetize your channel include the YouTube Partner Program (ads), affiliate marketing

    😄 What I Liked About Automation Systems 2.0

    The course has a main focus of driving traffic which Nick does a good job teaching. So if you already have a YouTube channel, you'll benefit from his teaching on getting more traffic not just to your videos, but to your offers as well.

    Dave Nick is really good at YouTube Shorts, so if you are planning on adding Shorts to your videos, you'll learn a lot from him

    😥What I Didn't Like About Automation Systems 2.0

    This is not a course suitable for beginners. It doesn't have the same step by step approach found in Matt or Jordan's course so if you need a lot of hand holding, do consider my first two picks.

    There have been some complaints about refunds from other people, so understand that if you go beyond the 15% consumption rate of the course material, it's unlikely you will get a refund.

    So, do I recommend Automated Systems 2.0? I think if you already have a YouTube automated channel you can learn a few strategies from Dave Nick so it might be worth a try. 

    Check out his course here.

    💲 Price - $$$

    👍 Pros - Ryan has good social proof that he knows how to create automated channels, with some positive student testimonials

    👎🏻 Cons - You only find out about the price after signing up for the webinar and speaking with him or his team - chances are price varies with everyone

    🤔 Money Back Guarantee - This is an unknown

    Why Buy Cashflow Channels?

    • You don't need any prior experience
    • Can help you get monetized within 30 days
    • Ryan shows you his exact strategy that gained him over 750K subscribers
    • If you don't want to do the hard work (editing, finding content, etc) then he shows you how to outsource this to a team overseas

    If you're a complete beginner and don't want to do any video editing and have a team do all the work for you while you just check to see how much money you can make, then Cashflow Channels from Ryan Hildreth could be for you.

    The course shows you how to find talented individuals that will create content for you. All you need to do is the essential research first, get your videos made and then upload them to your channel.

    It's a different approach from courses like Tube Mastery and Monetization and Bye 9 to 5 because it focuses more on outsourcing. The downside here is that it can get very expensive.

    😄 What I Like About Cashflow Channels

    What I like most about this course is the end result is more of a hands-off approach. This means that when you have the entire system in place, you're not really doing much work except for logging in and seeing how the channel is doing.

    I also like that Ryan has had 4 years of experience in building automated YouTube channels so you're not learning from someone new. He's got 7 automated channels himself, all of which are profitable.

    You are also taught how to build your channel to sell afterwards, netting up to 5 times what it makes annually.

    😥What I Don't Like About Cashflow Channels

    To sign up for the course, you need to watch the webinar and then jump on a call with either Ryan or his team. You'll then learn about the cost of the course and it's likely going to be very expensive.

    On top of the cost of the course, you are also going to have to pay outsourcers a fair chunk of change. There is no guarantee that your videos are going to make money, so you stand to lose quite a bit if you don't see success in a short period of time.

    In my opinion, I think it's important to learn this business from the ground up and start off with doing all the work yourself. No one teaches this better than Matt Par.

    💲 Price - $6000

    👍 Pros - This is a mentorship program for those who wish to have more hand-holding than a regular course

    👎🏻 Cons - Not much evidence of student success stories found

    🤔 Money Back Guarantee - It is not clear if refunds are offered or not

    Why Buy Grow Channels?

    • Step-by-step instructions from Razvan and his team
    • The course has less enrollment due to its high cost so more focus can be placed on students
    • Some students have reported to make earnings from their channels

    Razvan Paraschiv is a YouTuber who has built a community to help others create automated YouTube channels. He's from Romania and currently has a respectable 33K subscribers.

    His course isn't cheap. There is no buy button either. Instead, you will need to schedule a call with one of his team members and you'll get pitched. If you decide to join, it's going to cost you $6000 which is by far the most expensive course on this list.

    The focus on building your automated business is by hiring talent from places like Fiverr and Upwork which is similar to the Cashflow Channels course.

    You do however have the option of doing all the work yourself, as you're also taught that as well. You'd have to otherwise how could you train your outsourcers, right?

    😄 What I Like About Grow Channels

    The course has pretty good step-by-step instruction on how to fully set up and grow an automated channel on YouTube. Despite Razvan's young age (I think he's just 21) he is very good at business and well spoken. 

    The community is tight, with some pretty good advice given and support if needed.

    He also shows you how you can buy a failing YouTube channel and turn it around for profit - something I didn't see in other courses.

    😥What I Don't Like About Grow Channels

    You probably know already - the price.

    $6000 is outrageous for any course in my opinion. However, my review is not to complain about pricing strategy, but rather content and how students fare after absorbing all the material.

    I have found some positive testimonials from students but not a whole lot. I imagine this is because of limited enrollment due to the high cost. Another issue I don't like is that you have to have a "discovery" call before you join. Sure you can learn more about the course here, but it's really just a sales pitch. I prefer to have everything laid out in front of me like my top two recommendations in this list.

    Conclusion - What's The Best YouTube Automation Course?

    By far, the best YouTube Automation channel is Matt Par's Tube Mastery and Monetization.

    This is because of the affordable price (be sure to watch the webinar to get 50% off) the quality of training, the bonuses, the fact that Matt Par runs 12 profitable Automated channels, and the high student success rate.

    To get a feel for what Tube Mastery and Monetization has to offer, I suggest watching the webinar. Matt is going to show you how he makes these faceless automated channels and explains his process, without giving too much away.

    Even if you're on the fence - just watch the free training to learn more. You won't find this stuff for free on YouTube!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is YouTube Automation?

    YouTube Automation is where you use existing content and editing to create videos on YouTube without ever having to get on camera and show your face. You don't need any expensive equipment such as cameras and lighting. All you need is a computer with some editing and SEO optimization tools.

    It's great for people that are camera shy but still want to create a "cash cow" YouTube channel. YouTube automation isn't about automating everything, there is still work you need to do and it's wise to get a good course to teach you everything from A-Z.

    How Do You Monetize an Automated Channel?

    To monetize your automated YouTube channel, just like any other YouTube channel out there, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. 

    What is the Best Automation Course on YouTube?

    I have found the best YouTube Automation course is Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par. The training is perfect for beginners and shows you everything you need to know from starting with an idea to creating videos that go viral. Matt Par runs many successful automated channels himself, and you draw from his experience in his course.

    Is There Money to be Made in YouTube Automation?

    Yes, you can make money with an automated YouTube channel. Success will vary from individual to individual though. The key is to get good training, pick a niche that has a good RPM and create quality videos. The key is to keep producing till you get that one viral video that can explode your channel.

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