11 Evergreen YouTube Channel Ideas and Topics for Beginners

Are you looking for some evergreen YouTube channel ideas for your YouTube channel? In this article I will give you 11 of the most popular channel ideas and topics to choose from.

Many aspiring YouTubers have a hard time choosing a topic to make videos on. This article solves that problem by providing you a list to choose from and some actionable advice on how to create one of those channels.

Let’s jump right in!

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11 Evergreen YouTube Channel Ideas

  1. Educational Content
  2. DIY and Home Improvement
  3. Cooking and Recipes
  4. Fitness and Health
  5. Product Reviews and Unboxings
  6. Personal Vlogs
  7. Travel Vlogging
  8. Beauty and Fashion Tips
  9. Gaming
  10. Art and Crafts
  11. Mindfulness and Wellness

1. Educational Content

Idea Overview: For this channel idea, you can create videos that educate on specific subjects like science, history, or languages. You can teach on a variety of subjects such as science, math, history, languages, or even specific professional skills. This niche is always going to be relevant because there’s always a demand for learning. 

Target Audience: Your target audience will be people like lifelong learners, people of all ages, and professionals looking for skill enhancement. You can break this down further into niches, such as marketing, DIY, pet care, self-help, etc.

Understanding your audience’s learning level and interests is key. For example, content for high school students will differ significantly from that aimed at professionals seeking advanced knowledge in their field.

Getting Started: To get started, you can decide if you’re going to go on camera or teach with an “over-the-shoulder” approach where you record your screen. These are also known as faceless videos

Content Creation Tips: Make sure that you use clear visuals, incorporate storytelling, and ensure content is accurate and engaging. You can use visual aids like diagrams, charts, and slides can significantly enhance understanding.

Consider different learning styles – some viewers might prefer in-depth explanations, while others might benefit from quick summaries. Interactive content, like quizzes or thought-provoking questions, can increase engagement. 

Growth Strategies: To grow your YouTube channel, incorporate YouTube SEO, be mindful of your YouTube Analytics and ensure that you have relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. You should also regularly engage with your viewers by responding to comments and liking them. 

Monetization Potential: Besides the YouTube partner program (Adsense) you can monetize your channel by creating and selling course materials, e-books, or offering paid webinars. This niche is great for affiliate marketing too. You can find a ton of courses and software that have affiliate programs where you can make a lot of money.

Challenges and Solutions: One of the biggest challenges with a channel like this is keeping your content up-to-date with the latest information and trends in your field. To address this, dedicate time for regular research and continuous learning. 

Example Channel Success Story

2. DIY & Home Improvement

Idea Overview: Channels focusing on DIY and Home Improvement provide viewers with practical advice on home projects, ranging from small repairs and upcycling furniture to larger renovation tasks. DIY and home improvement will always remain evergreen as homeowners and renters are always looking for ways to enhance their living spaces. 

Target Audience: The people who will watch your content will be homeowners, renters, and DIY enthusiasts interested in improving their homes. They could be complete beginners looking for basic guidance to more experienced individuals seeking advanced tips. It’s important to get feedback from your channel so you can understand the skill level and interests of your audience which is crucial for tailoring your content appropriately.

Getting Starting Advice: Start with making videos on simple tasks that you do well. For example, they could be fixing a leaky faucet, painting a room, or assembling furniture. These initial videos can establish your style and give viewers a taste of what to expect. Focus on projects that require minimal investment but have a high impact on improving home aesthetics or functionality. 

Content Creation Tips: Make sure that you don’t move too fast in your videos. Go slow. Ask for feedback from your viewers if you are going too fast or slow. Ensure your tutorials are clear and detailed. Use a step-by-step approach to explain processes, and consider using multiple camera angles to capture the intricate details of your work.

Safety should be a priority in your videos – always demonstrate the proper use of tools and always explain to your audience that safety is #1. You might also want to put in a disclaimer that you are doing this for entertainment purposes and are not responsible for any personal injury or financial harm.

Growth Strategies: Do your keyword research to find relevant keywords related to DIY and home improvement in your video titles and descriptions. Creating content around trending home improvement topics or responding to viewer requests can help attract a wider audience. You might also want to consider doing a collab with other YouTubers in this space.

Monetization Potential: Besides AdSense revenue, consider affiliate marketing by linking to the tools and materials you use. Brand partnerships with home improvement brands can also be lucrative once you have established a significant following. Additionally, you could create a course and sell it separately. You might also want to create a Patreon page that showcases advanced techniques to paid members.

Challenges and Solutions: One challenge is creating content that stands out in a popular niche. To make your channel different from others, focus on unique or niche projects, or infuse your personality into the videos. If money is an issue, consider low-cost DIY projects or upcycling.

DIY Success Story Example:Home Repair Tutor” has gained popularity by offering practical, easy-to-follow advice for common home repair issues.

3. Cooking and Recipes

Idea Overview: With a cooking and recipes channel you can share the joy of cooking with your audience. With a channel like this, you can choose to either go on or off-camera. Whether it’s demonstrating how to prepare everyday meals, exploring exotic cuisines, or baking desserts, the content ideas are abundant. This idea is evergreen because people are always looking for new recipes and cooking techniques.

Target Audience: With this channel idea your audience can be very diverse. It can include busy parents looking for quick meal ideas, food enthusiasts exploring new cuisines, beginners learning the basics of cooking, or even experienced cooks seeking inspiration. It’s important to understand the culinary interests and skill levels of your viewers so your content remains relevant and interesting.

Getting started advice: You shouldn’t have to go out and buy expensive cooking equipment – just start off with the cooking tools and equipment you have at home. Your first videos could focus on simple and popular dishes that you are confident in preparing. Think about starting off with recipes that require minimal ingredients yet get delicious results. This approach can help you build confidence on camera and attract an audience looking for easy-to-follow cooking guidance.

Content Creation Tips: For content, you should focus on clear, concise instructions and good-quality visuals of the entire cooking process. Some creators have a camera mount that allows you to have a direct view of what you are preparing while hands-free. It looks something like this:

You could probably even make one yourself as these mounts can be expensive. Close-up shots of the food can make your videos more appealing and an apparatus like this can really help. In your videos, consider sharing personal tips or variations of the recipe to add uniqueness to your content. Storytelling can be a powerful tool – share personal anecdotes or cultural history behind the dishes. It can only help to engage your audience.

Growth Strategies: Like with the other evergreen channel ideas I mentioned, you want to make sure you have good SEO. You can even utilize keyword tools like TubeBuddy help you identify even more keywords and topics.

You can even go off YouTube and engage with food bloggers to get more exposure to your content. For example, if you find a food blogger who doesn’t have a video on how to make a soufflĂ© but you do – ask them to embed your video in their blog.

Monetization Potential: Besides getting revenue from YouTube’s partner program (adsense) you can explore partnerships with food brands or kitchen equipment manufacturers. You can also drop links to products in your video description where you can make money with affiliate marketing. Amazon links are very common here with cooking channels.

Challenges and Solutions: Cooking can be very competitive, so it’s important to create content that stands out in the crowded food vlogging space. To accomplish this, you can specialize in a particular type of cuisine or cooking style. 

Cooking Channe Success Story Example: “Wilderness Cooking” has carved out its own niche by taking a non-conventional approach to cooking in the great outdoors. It’s immensely popular with 5 million subscribers! According to Social Blade, this channel makes anywhere from $7.7K – $122K per month.

4. Fitness and Health

Idea Overview: A fitness and health channel covers topics from promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise routines, nutrition advice, and general wellness tips. This channel idea is evergreen because people are always looking for ways to improve their health and fitness. Your channel can cover a bunch of topics from from beginner-friendly workouts and yoga sessions to more advanced fitness challenges and detailed nutrition plans – and everything in between.

Target Audience: Your audience can range from total beginners to experienced athletes. It could also include individuals seeking lifestyle changes for better health, such as weight loss, increased strength, or stress relief. To do well in this niche, you really need to understand who your audience is by knowing what their fitness levels and health goals are.

Starting Advice: Don’t go out and buy expensive gym equipment. Start with basic exercises clearly demonstrate each exercise, and include modifications for different fitness levels. In regards to health and nutrition, provide well-researched and balanced advice. Visual quality is important with channels like these. Be sure to have good lighting. video equipment and clear audio.

Growth Strategies: Do your research and try to find low-competition, high-traffic keywords. See what other channels are doing and mimic their success. You can also consider doing a collab with other fitness YouTubers to grow your audience.

Monetization Potential: Besides Adsense, channels like these are often contacted for brand partnerships. Usually, these are with fitness equipment companies or health food brands. You definitely want to do affiliate marketing as well, as you could make good money from commissions with the expensive gym equipment that you refer.

Challenges and Solutions: Standing out in a saturated market like this can be challenging for a new YouTuber. This is why it might be best to focus on specializing in a specific type of workout or health topic. Be sure that whatever advice you give is safe and accurate. You don’t want to mislead your viewers.

Fitness Success Examples: “Fitness Blender” is a successful channel that offers home workout videos. They have over 6 million subscribers and the channel makes up to $9.4K a month according to Social Blade.

5. Product Reviews and Unboxings

Idea Overview: Channels that focus on product reviews and unboxings provide valuable insights into various products, from the latest gadgets and tech to beauty products, toys, and household items.

This content is considered evergreen because consumers are always looking for reviews and first impressions before they buy something. Your channel can help guide purchasing decisions by offering honest and detailed evaluations of products.

Target Audience: Your audience will primarily be those who are looking to make informed decisions before buying something. Consumers like these range anywhere from tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers to everyday consumers seeking reviews on common household items.

You will need to understand the preferences and interests of your audience so that you can tailor the right content that will bring in views and subscriptions.

Getting Starting Advice: Start with products that you already own. To do this, all you need to do is look around your house. Find a product and use a YouTube tool like TubeBuddy to find keywords that are relative to reviews for that product. Eventually, you can expand to buying products to review that are within your budget. Remember to always disclose sponsorships and strive to give unbiased reviews.

👉 PRO TIP: Many companies will send you their product for free in exchange for a review. Feel free to reach out to companies to see if they can accommodate you.

Content Creation Tips: Make sure your reviews are thorough, covering all aspects of the product, including its features, pros and cons, and price value. If you are doing unboxings, focus on the presentation and first impressions, giving viewers a clear idea of what to expect. It’s VERY important to have high quality video production here. MKBHD has a great course on this.

Growth Strategies: As I mentioned in all growth strategies for all evergreen YouTube channel ideas so far, SEO is one of the most important. Keyword research, optimizing your titles, descriptions and tags are all very important. It’s unlikely you’d be able to partner with another YouTuber to do a collab in this category, but it’s possible and could boost your channel. 

Monetization Potential: Besides the regular AdSense, your monetization will mostly be with affiliate marketing. The whole purpose of your videos is to get people to buy the products you are reviewing. Therefore, it only makes sense to review products with an affiliate program. You don’t need to focus on expensive items, but expensive items will obviously bring in higher commissions. However, if there are less expensive products that get a lot of views, it could be even more lucrative than a product that’s expensive.

Challenges and Solutions: Your biggest challenge here is getting these products. If you don’t have a budget, you could burn through money quickly. However, many YouTubers easily make back the expense of the product through promoting it and getting affiliate commissions. As I mentioned before, you could reach out to companies to see if they will send it to you for free in exchange for a review.

Product Reviews & Unboxing Success Examples: “Unbox Therapy” has a huge following of over 21 million subscribers. Believe it or not, this channel makes close to 1 million a year according to Social Blade. However, their affiliate sales is probably 3x that.

6. Personal Vlogs

Idea Overview: Personal vlogging involves creating video content that documents your daily life, experiences, thoughts, and adventures. This genre is considered evergreen because of the “personal touch” nature of the videos and the connection that you make with your audience.

Topics can vary from a range of content from your daily routines, special events, travel experiences, hobbies, or any aspect of your life you’re comfortable sharing. The more your content inspires people, the more popular you can become.

Target Audience: The audience for personal vlogs can be very diverse. This is because it will depend on the content you will share. Obviously, it’s not going to appeal to everyone, but if you can get the right audience and they like your content, your channel will grow. Identifying your unique angle or what aspect of your life draws viewers in will help in targeting and growing your audience.

Getting Starting Advice: You don’t need any fancy equipment. As long as your mobile phone has a decent camera, you can use that. If you’re doing any walking videos, stabilization is important. If your phone doesn’t have it, you can invest in a gimbal or get a camera that does. 

Initially, you should focus on content that you’re passionate about and that reflects your personality. It could be as simple as a regular day in your life, showing your routines, a hobby you’re pursuing, or thoughts on topics that interest you. Authenticity is key in personal vlogs, so be yourself and never try to copy other vloggers. People will see the fakeness! (if that’s a word).

Content Creation Tips: You want to make sure your vlogs are engaging. You can do this by telling a story or sharing experiences in a compelling way. Having good video quality and clear audio are important, but don’t let perfectionism hinder your authenticity. Switch up your content to keep it interesting. Try different locations too. Mix up headshots with activity-based footage for variety.

Growth Strategies: SEO won’t matter here. Your focus is going to be on catchy thumbnails and topics. You can also engage with your audience through comments and social media to build a community around your channel. Consistency is crucial in vlogging, so try to maintain a regular posting schedule. 

Monetization Potential: In addition to AdSense, personal vloggers have opportunities to monetize by partnering with brands, or sponsorships. This is especially true if your content aligns with a brand’s values or target audience. 

Challenges and Solutions: One of the biggest challenges with personal vlogging is maintaining privacy. The bigger your channel gets, the more people are going to notice you in public. If that’s not an issue, then fair play to you. Just make sure you don’t give too much away about where you live. You don’t want fans showing up at your door! Another challenge is creating engaging content consistently; planning and having a content calendar can help manage this.

Personal Vlog Success Examples: “Jon Olsson” is a prime example of a successful personal vlogger. He’s got just over 1.5 million subs and makes videos on everything from travel to TV reviews, cars, flying on balloons, and more.

7. Travel Vlogging

Idea Overview: Travel vlogging is where you create video content about your travel experiences, showcasing different cultures, cuisines, destinations, and travel tips. A hugely popular niche, this genre gets a lot of views because it allows viewers to virtually explore new places and experiences from the comfort of their homes.

You can focus on a variety of travel styles, such as luxury travel, budget backpacking, culinary journeys, or adventure tourism.

Target Audience: The audience for a channel like this is very diverse. It really depends on where you travel. People tend to watch travel videos because of the destination – not really the vlogger him/herself. However, if you have got natural talent, people might watch you wherever you go. If you live in a well-traveled, popular destination where there are a lot of vloggers, this is an absolute plus.

Getting Started: I would suggest that you focus on one particular country. As I mentioned above, if you live in a well-traveled country, you won’t have to spend any money on hotels or flights so can really do this on the cheap.

Besides that, focus on creating a narrative that captures the essence of the places you visit. Share unique and interesting aspects of each location, such as hidden gems, local foods, and cultural experiences. It’s important to remember that the story you tell is as important as the destination itself.

Content Creation Tips: Your videos need to be visually engaging. Don’t focus on yourself, focus on your surroundings. That’s what people want to see. Tell a compelling story about your travels – this could include your personal experiences, interactions with locals, or the history and culture of the place.

Most of all, be authentic. Don’t recommend a hotel or destination just because it offers a high commission from affiliate sales. Keep posting videos regularly. If you aren’t traveling at the moment, you can make a review on a backpack or show how you pack your suitcase.

Growth Strategies: SEO is important with travel vlogs. Use your tools to find out what people are searching for and make content based on that. Also, look at your competition. What are they doing? What videos get a lot of views? Another strategy is to engage with travel communities on social media and collaborate with other travel vloggers which can increase your visibility.

Monetization Potential: Besides getting paid by YouTube through Adsense, travel vloggers can earn through partnerships with travel brands, tourism boards, or accommodation and lifestyle brands. Affiliate marketing is also another avenue to explore. You can recommend things like travel gear, booking sites, and travel insurance offers – all of which make decent commissions. Once you are established, there’s a possibility to do paid speaking engagements or even consider starting a travel blog.

Challenges and Solutions: Travel vlogging can be expensive if you don’t live in the country of your focus. To be honest, this is really the only challenge with travel vlogging – money. 

Travel Vlog Success Story Example: “Bald and Bankrupt” has had meteoric success with his channel. He has over 4 million subscribers and did this in just a few years. His videos are not only visually appealing, but he’s a huge risk-taker and offers very interesting narration. According to Social Blade, he earns at most $453K a year.

8. Beauty & Fashion Tips

Idea Overview: The idea behind a channel like this is to focus on providing viewers with makeup tutorials, skincare routines, fashion advice, and insights into the latest trends. This genre will always be evergreen as beauty and fashion are dynamic industries with a constant influx of new products, styles, and trends. Your channel can cater to things like everyday makeup to affordable fashion and high-end luxury brands.

Target Audience: Your audience will typically consist of people interested in beauty and fashion, ranging from beginners looking for basic tips to fashion-forward viewers keeping up with the latest trends. It’s important to understand what your audience wants, whether it’s budget-friendly fashion, luxury beauty products, or sustainable brands. 

Getting Started Advice: You should start with topics you are knowledgeable and passionate about. For example, you could focus on everyday makeup routines, personal fashion hauls, or styling tips. In the beginning you should focus on creating content that showcases your unique style and perspective in the beauty and fashion world.

Content Creation Tips: High-quality visuals are really important here. So, you are going to need to invest in good lighting, audio, and camera equipment. Besides the technical aspect, be authentic and let your personality shine through. Share personal stories or experiences related to beauty and fashion to create a connection with your audience. Don’t copy others – be yourself.

Growth Strategies: Use SEO to discover what keywords and topics to go after. It can also help you discover emerging trends. As soon as a new product comes out, especially if a celebrity is talking about it – jump on this right away. Just one viral video can explode your channel’s popularity. You can also do a collab with other beauty and fashion creators. Regular posting and keeping up with seasonal trends (like fashion weeks, holiday makeup looks) can help in retaining and growing your audience.

Monetization Potential: Besides Adsense revenue (once you get monetized), you can monetize your channel through brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and collaborations with beauty and fashion brands. As your follower base grows, opportunities for creating your own product lines or merch is also possible.

Challenges and Solutions: This is a saturated market, so be aware of that. How do you overcome this? Focus on a specific niche within beauty and fashion or develop a unique presentation style. Don’t copy others, but get inspiration from them. 

Fashion & Beauty Success Examples: “Michelle Phan” has grown her channel to over 8.6 million subs. She focuses on makeup and skincare. While she makes decent money from Adsense, most of her money is made with brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

9. Gaming

Idea Overview: Gaming channels typically cover a lot of different content such as game playthroughs, reviews, and tutorials to news and discussions about the gaming industry. It’s evergreen because of the continuous release of new games and the strong, passionate community of gamers. You could focus on a particular genre, like RPGs, FPS, or strategy games. Or, you can focus on a particular gaming platform, or even delve into retro gaming.

Target Audience: Your target audience will be gamers of all ages and interests. This includes casual gamers looking for entertainment, hardcore gamers seeking in-depth analyses, and even non-gamers who enjoy the cultural aspects of gaming. When you understand what type of content your audience is looking for, you can create content that satisfies that interest.

Getting Starting Advice: Start with games you already have and are familiar with. This can be new trending games or classics that you have a strong connection with. In the beginning, you can focus on creating content that highlights your unique gaming style or insights, whether it’s your skill, humor, or ability to tell stories through gameplay.

Content Creation Tips: Having good-quality video and audio is crucial. You’ll need screen capture software to record your gameplay and a good camera and lighting if you decide to go on camera as well. Engaging commentary and personality are key to stand out; whether you’re informative, entertaining, or a combination of both. Be sure to keep up with gaming trends and community discussions to make your content timely and relevant.

Growth Strategies: Utilize SEO strategies by doing research on what topics people are talking about so you can get those videos created. A good strategy for growth is to participate in gaming forums, and social media groups, and collaborate with other gaming YouTubers. Streaming live gameplay and engaging with viewers in real time can also attract a loyal audience.

Monetization Potential: Beyond AdSense revenue, gaming channels make money through affiliate marketing marketing products such as gaming gear, games, etc. If your channel gets popular, you’ll no doubt be contacted by companies to do sponsorships and promotions. 

Challenges and Solutions: One major challenge is the highly competitive nature of the gaming niche. So, you’re going to need to stand out. What you can do is try to focus on creating unique or niche content, such as specializing in a specific game genre or offering gaming analyses. Balancing game enjoyment with content creation can be tricky. Do your best to ensure regular breaks and play for fun to avoid burnout.

Gaming Success Examples: “MC Squared90” has carved out his own niche in the gaming niche with his unique style. His content isn’t typical of gaming channels but it’s within the boundaries of this niche.

10. Arts and Crafts

Overview: Art and Crafts channels are focused on showing creations of various art projects and DIY crafts. It’s evergreen because of the universal appeal of creativity and the joy of making things by hand. You can cover a range of ideas and topics from painting and drawing to scrapbooking, sewing, or upcycling projects. The key is to inspire creativity and share skills and techniques.

Target Audience: Your audience can include a diverse spectrum of viewers. This can include beginners looking for easy craft projects to experienced artists seeking advanced techniques. You’d likely also get interest from DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and individuals looking for creative ways to decorate their homes or make handmade gifts. 

Getting Started: Begin with projects or techniques you are good at and familiar with. It’s best to start with simple and accessible projects to attract a wide audience base. You can always move to introduce more complex or niche art and craft techniques as your channel grows.

Content Creation Tips: You should focus on clear and step-by-step instructions and use high-quality visuals. You’ll need to do a LOT of close-up shots so it’s clear what you are doing. Be sure to explain the materials and tools used, and offer tips and alternatives where it’s possible. You can also share stories or inspirations behind your projects that can add a personal touch to engage your viewers.

Growth Strategies: You should utilize SEO with arts and crafts to see what people are interested in. Also consider engaging with the online art and craft community on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and relevant forums. This will help to increase your visibility.

Monetization Potential: Besides ad revenue from YouTube, you can monetize through affiliate links for art supplies, sponsored content, and partnerships with craft brands. You might even want to consider selling your own artwork or even raffle it off on your own channel.

Challenges and Solutions: Your main challenge is generating new content. You can overcome this by getting inspiration from current trends, seasons, and viewer requests. Balancing the artistic process with the demands of video production can also be challenging. Consider pre-planning your projects and having a consistent filming setup which can streamline this process.

Arts and Crafts Success Examples: “Bob Ross” became a household name with his calming, instructional painting videos. At almost 6 million subs, he’s doing quite well!

11. Mindfulness and Wellness

Idea Overview: A Mindfulness and Wellness channel has videos on promoting mental health, physical well-being, and overall balance in life. It’s an evergreen niche because of the growing awareness and importance of self-care and mental health. Your video content can range from guided meditation and yoga sessions to discussions on mental health, stress relief techniques, and advice on living a healthy lifestyle.

Target Audience: Your audience will likely include people looking for ways to reduce stress, improve mental health, seek personal growth, or find balance in their busy lives. It could range from beginners to those more knowledgeable on the subject. It’s important to understand the various needs of your audience. From stress relief to deeper spiritual exploration – you should find many topics to make videos on.

Getting Started: Start with topics or practices you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Ideas could be things like basic meditation techniques, beginner yoga sessions, or simple wellness tips. It’s best to start with content that requires minimal equipment and can be easily followed by beginners.

Content Creation Tips: Your videos should promote a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Make sure you use clear and gentle guidance in your video sessions. When you talk to your audience, be compassionate and understanding of the diverse experiences of your audience. Having good lighting, audio, and video equipment is crucial for YouTube content like this.

Growth Strategies: Do your research on mindfulness and wellness topics. Good YouTube SEO will go a long way to finding more ideas to make videos on. You should be very engaging and active in the comment section as well as engaging with the wellness community on social media, collaborating with other creators in your niche. Make sure your content is fresh and post regularly.

Monetization Potential: Along with AdSense, you can explore partnerships with wellness brands, affiliate marketing for wellness products, and offer paid online workshops or courses.

Challenges and Solutions: No doubt, this is a competitive market, which is typical with most evergreen niches. So, produce content that stands out in a growing wellness market. Focus on a unique aspect of wellness or a particular style that resonates with you, such as mindfulness for specific life challenges, or wellness for certain demographics.

Mindfulness and Wellness Success Examples: “Yoga With Adriene” is a great example in this space. She grew her channel to over 12 million subscribers. This was accomplished due to her accessible, friendly approach to yoga, offering practices suitable for all levels and needs.  

Prefer to Start an Evergreen Channel Without Going on Camera?

Did you know that some of the evergreen YouTube channel ideas I mentioned on this page may not even require you to go on camera? What if I told you that you don’t even need to own a camera to do this?

For example, in the gaming niche, you could use existing footage of gameplay in your videos and just talk over them, giving your own take and explanations. You can do this for many evergreen niches as well, in different ways. This is what is called YouTube Automation.

I wrote an article on the best YouTube automation niches that give you many more ideas to create YouTube channels on without ever going on camera.

Do You Need Special Training to Start an Evergreen YouTube Channel?

YouTube makes it really easy to start a channel – anyone can do it. It’s free and accessible to anyone around the globe. 

However, a lot of people don’t see any success because they just don’t know what they are doing. Confusion starts with not knowing what niche to choose, how to create videos, how to edit videos, how to do YouTube SEO, understand YouTube analytics and so much more.

If you want to have the best chance of success, consider a YouTube course


To conclude, starting a YouTube channel in any one of these 11 evergreen YouTube channel ideas is an exciting prospect. Whether you want to start a channel in travel vlogging, educational content, cooking or gaming, you just can’t go wrong. These topics will always have a hungry audience to consume your content. 

Your biggest hurdle will be understanding all the complexities of starting and growing your channel. Just remember that success hinges on many things, but most of all your unique perspective and authenticity. Be engaging, stay consistent, and enjoy the journey!

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