61 YouTube Niches and Sub-Niches with Low Competition: Untapped Opportunities for Creators

Are you looking for YouTube niches with low competition for your YouTube channel?

In this article, we will explore 61 of the best YouTube niches and their sub-niches with low competition in 2024. Whether you're interested in technology, sports and fitness, or beauty and fashion, there are plenty of opportunities to carve out a niche for yourself on YouTube.

By focusing on areas with lower competition, you can increase your chances of standing out and building a dedicated audience - and of course, make some great passive income. 

So, let's dive into some low competition niches for aspiring YouTubers in 2024.

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61 YouTube Niches and Sub-niches with Low Competition

Here are the top 10 YouTube niches with low competition. I will break each one down into their sub-niches so you have even more ideas.

1. Travel and Adventure
2. Sports and Fitness
3. Technology and Gadgets
4. AI Marketing
5. Skincare for men
6. Sustainable Living
7. Food and Cooking
8. Beauty and Fashion
9. Home and Garden
10. Gaming

1. Travel and Adventure

While you might think the travel and adventure niche is too saturated or competitive, on YouTube it's actually not. This is because not everyone can fly to a new country or city each week to make videos. If you have that option - that's great for you.

Keep in mind you could start a travel YouTube channel based on the city you live in without ever having to hop on a plane. If you live in a major city, you could review hotels, parks, visit monuments, interview people, etc. There's plenty of opportunity here.

Travel is an evergreen niche that will never fade, so there is always going to be interest no matter what. Take a look at this Google Trends chart over the past 5 years. Interest basically stays the same and never drops off the chart:

Here are some sub niches within the travel niche that you should consider - all have low competition.

Travel and Adventure Subniches With Low Competition

1. Off-the-Beaten-Path Travel Destinations - You can explore lesser-known destinations away from mainstream tourist spots and showcase some hidden gems in different countries. You can give tips to find secluded spots and cultural insights into less-traveled areas.

2. Solo Backpacking Tips and Guides - You could have a channel dedicated to solo backpackers without focusing on destinations. You can focus on - Packing essentials for solo trips, safety tips, budgeting for solo travel, and navigating the social aspects of traveling alone.

To give you an example, I entered "solo backpacking tips thailand" into TubeBuddy (A tool I pay for and use myself) and as you can see this is a very good keyword to go after and create a video or series of videos on.

3. Cultural Immersion Travel Experiences - The focus here is on the cultural aspects of travel destinations. You can make videos on local traditions, learn local languages, feature homestays, cook with locals, and participate in cultural ceremonies.

4. Adventure Sports in Remote Locations - Here, you can focus on combining adventure sports with travel to remote or unusual locations. You can document experiences like mountain biking in remote areas, scuba diving in undiscovered spots, or paragliding in lesser-known regions.

5. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Travel Tips - A channel like this would resonate well with eco-conscious travelers. Areas of discussion could be tips on minimizing carbon footprints while traveling, eco-friendly accommodations, responsible wildlife tourism, and supporting local economies.

In each of these sub-niches, the key is to provide unique, engaging content that offers viewers something they can't easily find elsewhere. You could do things like include personal experiences, expert interviews, in-depth guides, and visually appealing storytelling. All these things bring these travel and adventure themes to life.

2. Sports and Fitness

The perception of sports and fitness as a low-competition niche on YouTube really seems counterintuitive considering how popular it is.

However, there are still opportunities in this niche to find some low-competition keywords. For example, I did a search on Tube Buddy for "sports and fitness" and got a lot of keywords to search for. One of them was "Sports and fitness rants".

This keyword doesn't have that much search volume but look at the opportunities reporting in "competition" and "optimization" in Tube Buddy. It's in the dark green which means the opportunity to rank well with a video on this topic.

Now if you're going to enter this niche, obviously you can't just do a general channel on sports and fitness. You need to niche down. Here are some great subniches to consider:

Sports and Fitness Subniches With Low Competition

1. Unconventional Sports and Training Methods - Rather than your typical sports like football, soccer or hockey, you could focus on lesser-known sports and unique training methodologies. This would include handball, sepak takraw, or underwater hockey; featuring training methods like gyrotonic, parkour, or animal movement workouts.

2. Overlooked Fitness Equipment Reviews - Here you can focus on reviews and tutorials on less mainstream fitness equipment. You can explore the benefits and uses of equipment like Bulgarian bags, aqua bags, or parallettes; demonstrating exercises and routines for each.

This one is a good one, with high search volume and not much competition according to TubeBuddy:

3. Niche Sports like Disc Golf or Fencing - Covering less popular and common sports, you can talk about the basics of the sport, interviewing athletes, showcasing competitions, and offering tips for beginners.

4. Adaptive Sports for People with Disabilities - Here you can create content on individuals with disabilities. You can create video content on sports like wheelchair basketball, blind soccer, or adaptive skiing; sharing athlete stories and challenges; promoting inclusivity in sports.

5. Mindfulness and Meditation in Sports - This involves mindfulness and meditation practices within sports and fitness routines. You can create videos on how mindfulness can improve athletic performance, guided meditation sessions for athletes, and interviews with sports psychologists.

In each of these subniches, the emphasis should be on providing valuable, informative, and engaging content - ensuring that it appeals to the interests of your target audience. that appeals to the specific interests and needs of the target audience. Whether it's through detailed tutorials, inspiring athlete stories, or insightful reviews, the content should offer a unique perspective on the world of sports and fitness.

3. Technology and Gadgets

Technology and gadgets might appear to be a highly competitive niche and in some cases it is. However, there are still untapped areas in which you can create content with low competition. This would be true with constantly evolving technology. With the continuous advancement of technology, there's always something new to discuss.

So, if you jump on it early, you will have very little competition. Also, there are plenty of underexplored niches and emerging technologies that offer room for new content and perspectives.

You can also consider many of the sub niches available to you.

Technology and Gadgets Subniches With Low Competition

1. Emerging Tech Startups Reviews - The focus here is on new and innovative technologies introduced by startups. You can introduce groundbreaking products, interview founders, discuss the potential impact of these technologies, and forecast industry trends.

2. Gadget Hacks and DIY Repairs - With this sub-niche, you can focus on tutorials and tips on how to modify, repair, or enhance gadgets. Your videos can feature step-by-step guides for common gadget repairs, DIY modifications to improve functionality and creative ways to repurpose old technology.

3. Technology for Seniors and Beginners - With this sub-niche you can make videos on technology for seniors or beginners, making them more accessible and understandable. Some ideas would include easy-to-follow tutorials on using basic gadgets, guides on internet safety and privacy, and reviews of user-friendly tech products.

I analyzed this subniche with TubeBuddy and look how good this one is as far as opportunity goes. It has a lot of search volume with not a crazy amount of competition and many videos aren't optimized to their full potential. With better optimization, you could outrank many of them.

4. Wearable Tech Innovations - Here you can explore the latest developments in wearable technology. Some video ideas would include reviews of new wearable devices, discussions on how wearable tech is evolving, and insights into health and fitness applications.

5. Home Automation on a Budget - In this subniche you can provide tips and advice on creating a smart home affordably. Your videos can demonstrate how to set up and use budget-friendly smart home devices, comparing cost-effective solutions, and DIY smart home projects.

All of these subniches present an opportunity with low competition. Although this is a popular niche, it's best to focus on the sub-niches I recommend above. Once your channel starts taking off, you can start ranking more easily with some good YouTube SEO.

4. AI Marketing

AI marketing is fairly new, with interest in this topic starting to take off in early 2021. You can see this from Google Trends below:

However, since everyone is talking about AI now, we need to find some topics that aren't as tapped, such as these subniches below:

AI Marketing Subniches With Low Competition

1. AI Tools for Small Business Marketing - In this subniche you can demonstrate AI-based marketing tools suitable for small businesses, share case studies of successful implementations, and provide tips for integrating AI into marketing plans. This will appeal to small business owners and marketers looking for cost-effective AI marketing solutions.

2. Ethical Considerations in AI Marketing - You can create videos talking about the ethical implications of using AI in marketing, such as data privacy, consumer consent, and bias in AI algorithms. For content, focus on current debates, and ethical challenges, interview experts in these fields, and provide guidelines for ethical AI marketing practices.

3. AI in Content Creation and SEO - Here you can make videos discussing AI applications in personalized marketing, customer service chatbots, recommendation engines, and customer behavior analysis. You would be appealing to content creators, digital marketers, and SEO specialists looking to enhance their strategies with AI.

4. Case Studies of AI in Marketing Campaigns - With this example, you can showcase real-world examples of AI-driven marketing campaigns. For some content ideas, you can analyze successful AI marketing campaigns, interview the brains behind these campaigns, and discuss the results, challenges, and lessons learned.

5. AI-Powered Customer Experience Strategies - The focus here is showing how AI can enhance customer experience and engagement. For some content ideas, you can explore AI applications in personalized marketing, customer service chatbots, recommendation engines, and customer behavior analysis.

As you can see from the image above based on just one of these 5 examples, there's plenty of opportunity in the AI niche as long as you focus on subniches. There's much less competition there.

5. Skincare for Men

The skincare for men niche is a promising opportunity because it's a growing market. It's not that saturated (yet) so there's an opportunity here. With an increase in interest in men's grooming, you're going to have a good-sized audience. There's also room for brand partnerships in this niche and you've probably seen many ads on YouTube already. However, I would focus more on the subniches. Let me give you some examples.

Skincare For Men Subniches With Low Competition

1. Skincare Routines for Different Skin Types - Here you can appeal to an audience that has an interest in skincare routines with various male skin types, like oily, dry, combination, sensitive, or acne-prone skin. For content, you can focus on videos that have specific skincare routines for each skin type, discussing the best products and practices, and providing tips on identifying one's skin type.

2. Product Reviews for Men’s Skincare - With a channel like this, you can focus on reviewing and testing different skincare products specifically designed for men. You can offer in-depth reviews of cleansers, moisturizers, serums, sunscreens, and other skincare products, including both luxury and budget-friendly options.

3. Natural and Organic Skincare for Men - For this topic, you can focus on natural, organic, and eco-friendly skincare options for men. Your videos can show the benefits of natural skincare ingredients, review organic product lines, and teach you how to read product labels for clean skincare.

When I do a little research on natural and organic skincare for men, I can see this is an excellent sub niche to focus on:

4. Anti-Aging Skincare Tips for Men - A channel like this can offer advice and tips on how men can care for their skin to prevent or reduce signs of aging. Your videos can be on anti-aging skincare routines, effective ingredients for aging skin, and lifestyle habits that impact skin health. Videos like these will target men who are concerned about aging and looking for ways to maintain youthful, healthy skin.

5. Skincare Challenges and Solutions for Men - Here you can appeal to and address common skincare challenges faced by men and provide practical solutions. Topics for video content include dealing with razor burn, managing oily skin, treating acne scars, and handling skin sensitivity post-shaving.

6. Sustainable Living

With rising costs on just about everything due to inflation, it's no wonder people are interested in sustainable living. It's a low-competition niche that has growing audience interest, diverse content possibilities, a passionate community, and long-term relevance. You can do an entire channel on the general topic of sustainable living and even branch out to one of these sub-niches:

Sustainable Living Subniches With Low Competition

1. Zero-Waste Lifestyle Tips - The focus here would be on strategies and tips for reducing waste in everyday life. For video ideas, you can demonstrate ways to minimize waste in the home, offering advice on sustainable shopping practices, and creating DIY alternatives to disposable products. Your target audience would be environmentally-conscious viewers interested in reducing their environmental footprint and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Sustainable Fashion and Upcycling - Here you would focus on promoting sustainable practices in fashion, including buying from eco-friendly brands and upcycling old clothes. You can make videos that show sustainable fashion brands, offering tutorials on how to upcycle or repair clothes, and discussing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

3. Eco-Friendly Home Makeovers - In this sub-niche, you would provide tips and ideas for making homes more eco-friendly. For video content, you can discuss sustainable home products, showcase home renovation projects using sustainable materials, and offer tips on energy-saving practices.

4. Urban Homesteading and Permaculture - The focus here would be on urban homesteading and permaculture, such as growing food in small spaces and sustainable urban living. For video content, you can talk about urban gardening techniques, discuss principles of permaculture, and share experiences of urban homesteading.

I used TubeBuddy to find some keywords in this niche and it came up with "urban permaculture garden". After analyzing it, this one looks like a good keyword to target. You can see it's all in the green, which means there's plenty of search volume for this target keyword, not too crazy competitive and not many have optimized well for the keyword. That means with a keyword-rich title optimized for this keyword, you should be able to rank well.

5. DIY Renewable Energy Projects - This sub niche focuses on do-it-yourself projects related to renewable energy. Your channel can have video content that would include step-by-step guides for creating small-scale renewable energy solutions like solar panels or wind turbines and discussing the benefits and challenges of home-based renewable energy.

7. Food and Cooking

You might be shocked to see food and cooking on this list because YouTube has so many channels dedicated to this niche but hear me out. It's all in the subniches! You don't want to create a general food and cooking channel. You need to niche way, way down. Here are some ideas:

Food and Cooking Subniches With Low Competition

1. Ancient and Historical Cooking Techniques - Here you can focus on cooking methods and recipes from different historical periods and cultures. You can make videos that show meal preparation using ancient techniques, discussing the history behind traditional dishes, recreating historical recipes, and exploring the evolution of cooking methods, etc. Your audience would be history enthusiasts and foodies interested in the cultural and historical aspects of cuisine.

2. Fusion Cuisine Experiments - Fusion Cuisine focuses on combining elements of different culinary traditions to create innovative dishes. As for making videos, you can show the fusion of various cuisines, create unique recipes, offer tips on balancing flavors from different cultures, and challenge traditional cooking norms. Videos like this would appeal to adventurous cooks and food lovers interested in experimenting with new flavors and culinary techniques.

3. Cooking with Foraged Ingredients - THis one isn't for the non-adventurous that's for sure. It involves using wild or foraged ingredients in cooking. It goes without saying, that you need to make sure you know what you're doing here. You definitely don't want to poison your audience! Your content could be guiding viewers on how to safely forage for edible plants and fungi, preparing dishes with foraged ingredients, and discussing the nutritional and environmental benefits of foraging.

4. Quick and Easy Meal Prep for Busy People - In special diet cooking you can offer solutions for quick and nutritious meal preparation. Your videos can show efficient meal prep techniques, share quick and easy recipes, offer tips for grocery shopping and kitchen organization, and discuss how to balance a busy lifestyle with healthy eating.

5. Special Diet Cooking (e.g., Keto, Vegan) - In special diet cooking you can focus on preparing meals catering to specific dietary needs like ketogenic, vegan, gluten-free, etc. Video ideas would include sharing recipes, meal plans, and cooking tips for special diets, discussing the health benefits and challenges of these diets, and reviewing specialty food products.

I did some research on special diet cooking and "special diet recipe" is a great term to go after and create videos on. You can see from the tool that it's very doable.

8. Beauty and Fashion

While overall the beauty and fashion niche may seem competitive on YouTube, this industry is always changing so there's always an opportunity. When you combine this with the diversity of audience interests and the opportunity to carve out a unique niche, can offer new opportunities for content creators. 

However, if you're going to start a channel in this niche, you should focus on - you guessed it - low competition subniches! Here are a few examples:

Beauty and Fashion Subniches With Low Competition

1. Thrift Store Fashion Hauls and Styling - In this subniche you would focus on showcasing fashion finds from thrift stores and demonstrating how to style them. As far as making videos, you can make haul videos from thrift shopping, giving tips on finding quality pieces, visting thrift outfits, and discussing sustainable fashion.

2. Homemade Natural Beauty Products - Here you would focus on creating and using homemade, natural beauty products. Your videos can Demonstrate how to make skincare and beauty products using natural ingredients, discuss the benefits of natural products over commercial ones, and share recipes for homemade beauty treatments.

3. Inclusive and Diverse Beauty Tips - The focus in this subniche would be offering beauty advice that caters to a diverse range of skin tones, types, and features. The videos you create can be on makeup tutorials for different skin tones, discussing skincare for various skin types, and promoting beauty inclusivity and diversity.

4. Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands - Here you would highlight and promote fashion brands that are sustainable and ethically produced. You can make videos that showcase clothing from sustainable brands, discuss the importance of ethical fashion, and explore the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

5. Beauty and Fashion for Different Body Types - The focus here would be providing fashion and beauty advice for all body types and sizes. You can create videos offering styling tips for diverse body shapes, creating inclusive fashion and beauty content, and advocating for body positivity in the fashion and beauty industry.

As you can see from the screenshot below on my research on this topic, there's plenty of opportunity here.

9. Home and Garden

The home and garden niche appeals to new creators a lot because of a wide range of topics and offers unique opportunities despite its popularity. It can be considered a relatively low-competition niche because of the diverse amount of subtopics, its evergreen content, there is high audience demand and a lot of community engagement. It would help if you focused on sub-niches and I have a lot of examples you can choose from below:

Home and Garden Subniches With Low Competition

1. DIY Home Repair for Beginners - In this niche, you can focus on basic home repairs and maintenance for those new to DIY. Your videos can be on a variety of things like step-by-step guides for common home repairs, safety tips, tool usage tutorials, and basic home improvement projects. Your audience would be homeowners who are beginners in DIY and interested in learning how to maintain and repair their homes.

2. Urban and Small Space Gardening - Your focus here would be on gardening in limited spaces like balconies, patios, window sills, and indoor areas. You could make videos that demonstrate techniques for container gardening, vertical gardens, and hydroponics; tips for growing plants in small areas; and showcasing successful urban garden projects.

3. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Home Practices - The focus here is on implementing sustainable practices in everyday home life. You could make videos on DIY tutorials for making natural cleaning products, tips for reducing household waste, guides for energy-saving and water conservation, and advice on sustainable living.

4. Heritage and Heirloom Gardening - This subniche is all about growing heirloom plant varieties and using traditional gardening techniques. You can make content on sourcing and cultivating heirloom varieties, preserving genetic diversity in gardens, historical perspectives on gardening, and seed saving techniques.

I dug a little deeper in this niche and through my research "heirloom vegetable garden" seems like a good topic. It's got a decent search volume with not much competition but the best news is that there aren't very many videos optimized for this term. That means you could rank pretty easily if you focus on this keyword in your title and content.

5. Therapeutic and Wellness Gardens - Here you can show how to create gardens that promote mental and physical well-being. You can make videos that show how to design gardens for relaxation and therapy, choose plants for wellness, create sensory garden elements, and incorporate mindfulness and stress relief techniques into gardening.

There's no doubt that you'd have to have some experience in home and gardening to make a channel like this. However, even if you don't have the experience, you can get inspiration from other channels and do your own research. Then, turn on your creative brain and start filming!

10. Gaming

Gaming is more popular than ever now and has seemed to spike since the start of the pandemic. That's not surprising as people needed to do something being locked in their homes.

 Since then, gaming has stayed strong and you're probably thinking, this has to be a competitive niche. If you've noticed a trend so far in this article, it's the subniches you should be paying attention to. And in gaming, there's a wide range of subniches, so let's discuss.

Gaming Subniches With Low Competition

1. Indie Game Reviews and Playthroughs - Here you can showcase and review independent video games, often created by smaller studios or individual developers. For content, you can play through indie games while providing commentary, highlighting unique features, discussing game design and storytelling, and interviewing indie developers. This is going to appeal to an audience that is interested in discovering unique, lesser-known games outside of mainstream releases.

2. Retro Gaming and Console Restoration - Here you would focus on classic video games and the restoration of old gaming consoles. If you're a collector of old consoles, this can be a great opportunity. Your videos can be on reviews and playthroughs of retro games, tutorials on restoring and maintaining vintage consoles, and discussions of the history of video gaming.

3. Virtual Reality (VR) Game Experiences - This is where you will explore the world of VR gaming, covering various VR titles and hardware. You can create videos that would include reviews of VR games, discuss the latest VR technology, offer tips for the best VR experiences, and explore the future of VR in gaming.

4. Gaming on a Budget: Affordable Setups - Since many people can't afford the sometimes high cost of gaming, your channel can focus on advice and tips on enjoying gaming without spending a lot of money. You can show affordable gaming setups, discuss budget-friendly gaming PCs and consoles, review cost-effective gaming accessories, and highlight free or low-cost games.

5. Educational and Learning-Based Gaming - The focus on this sub niche revolves around video games designed for educational purposes or games that inadvertently provide learning opportunities. You can review videos and playthroughs of educational games, discuss the educational value of certain mainstream games, tips for parents and educators on using games as learning tools, and explore the development of educational games.

6. Mobile Gaming Tips and Strategies - Mobile gaming is picking up on popularity and this includes both smartphones and tablets. Your videos can offer tips and strategies for popular mobile games, review new mobile game releases, discuss trends in mobile gaming, and compare mobile gaming accessories.

As you can see from the data below, mobile gaming presents a big opportunity for those looking to create a channel in this subniche.

Every one of these 10 top low competition subniches presents an opportunity for a new YouTuber. Though on the surface these main niches may seem competitive, it's the subniches that aren't. By choosing any one of these, you should see success in YouTube because of the demand and low competition. Choose one that fits best for you.

Shy to get on camera? Consider starting a "faceless" automation channel where you don't ever need to show your face. Check out my article on the best YouTube automation niches if this appeals to you more.

Best Low Competition Niches For YouTube Conclusion

When starting a YouTube channel, you want to get off the ground with the best chance for success.

I've given you 61 low-competition ideas to choose from in this article and I am confident that at least one of them will resonate with you.

If you put in the time and effort, you may very well have success with your YouTube channel. How long it takes depends on picking the right niche, having good content, analyzing your competition and never giving up!

If you need more help getting your channel started, consider one of these YouTube channel courses. You'll spend much less time with trial and error because you'll be guided every step of the way.

Have you picked a niche yet? Comment below!

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