13 Best YouTube Automation Niches: The Roadmap to Long-Term Profitability

Do you want to start a YouTube Automation channel in a niche that's going to make you the most amount of money? Did you know that some niches make more than others?

If you end up choosing the wrong niche, you could be struggling to make the kind of money that other YouTubers with automated channels make.

In this article, I am going to tell you which niches pay the most when it comes to CPM. CPM is a YouTube stat for how much an advertiser pays per 1000 views. You get 55% of whatever they pay when ads are viewed on your channel. Picking a high CPM niche will allow you to make more money with fewer views.

Certain niches have higher CPM than others, and that is going to be the focus of this article, to uncover those high paying niches! 

How do I know? This is based on my own research, my own tests with automated channels and learning from many YouTube Automation courses I have bought.

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Top 15 YouTube Automation Niches

1. Personal Finance

The personal finance niche is a high CPM niche because there are many advertisers in this space. This has driven up the cost to advertise which means a higher CPM. Companies like Fidelity, Acorns, Webull, and many other financial services advertise on YouTube. These companies have a lot of money and have a huge advertising budget.

Because of this, you are going to make a lot more per 1000 views in the financial niche. This niche is evergreen, which means it is never going to lose popularity. There will always be topics to create videos on.

An example of an automated channel in this niche is Economics Explained. It covers topics from taxes, debts, the global economy, and more.

2. Make Money Online

The make-money-online niche has such a high demand due to the number of courses and programs available. This means an abundance of advertisers that are paying big bucks for ads on YouTube which makes it a profitable niche. This has raised CPM considerably which means you'll make more money with fewer videos compared to the lower CPM niches.

There will always be a demand for this niche so it's never going to die. Digital entrepreneurship and remote work are booming, and people are always going to seek ways to make money online.

The Young Entrepreneur Forum is an example of an automated channel in this niche that uses whiteboard videos. These can be created yourself using software like Doodly or Videoscribe.

3. Technology

There are a ton of tech companies like Apple, Google, and even Facebook advertising in the technology niche which drives up CPM.

It's a good niche to get into because people are constantly seeking new information on the latest gadgets and emerging trends. This makes this niche evergreen so it's never going to fade away which means you'll always have content to create videos on.

The tech niche has a lot of subtopics you can create videos on such as gadget reviews, tech tutorials, software guides, tech news and more.

Top 10 Zone is a great example of a channel in this niche that has reviews, 

4. Health

The health niche is a very broad niche and can include things like healthy eating, ways to lose weight, how to gain muscle, wellness tips, etc. The health niche has many subniches and you should focus on one of them. Some will have higher CPM's than others, but this industry is so huge that there are big companies spending a lot of money on YouTube in any health related niche.

The health niche will always be relevant because people will always look for ways to improve their lives. You'll never be starved for content here.

Natural Cures is a great example of a health site that is niched down to healthy eating. All their videos are automated, meaning the creator never goes on camera. Here's just one of their videos:

5. Investing

Similar to the finance niche, the investing niche is also a high CPM niche that can earn you a lot of money without that many views. 

This niche would focus mainly on stocks, making money through dividends, retirement planning and more. This niche attracts high-value advertisers from sectors such as financial services, investment platforms, banks, and fintech companies. This is what makes this niche have such a high CPM which works to your benefit.

This niche is interesting because some of it is evergreen such as fundamental investment principles. However, some of the content you create can be timely and newsworthy such as market trends and emerging investment opportunities.

The channel - MHFIN, has a lot of great videos on topics like housing crashes (investment opportunities) inflation, and even bitcoin.

6. Legal

There are many legal services and professionals that advertise on YouTube and as a result, this is a very high CPM niche.

While this channel is very specialized and should only be done by legal professionals or students, you are always going to have an engaged audience that will be looking for advice and legal information.

You can either make videos on a specialized legal topic or go more general like business law, family law, intellectual property, and more. You could use stock video and images for your content or even whiteboard illustrations.

An example channel is Legal Eagle, but this channel is more of a hybrid channel where the creator occasionally goes on cam but uses existing videos as well.

7. Travel

Travel is a huge niche. In fact, if you ever watched a travel-related video you probably noticed some of the advertisers like Expedia, Vrbo, Hotels.com, and more. These companies put a ton of money into advertising on these travel channels. So if you have a travel channel, you're going to make good money in this niche due to the high CPM.

Another reason it's a great niche is that people will always be traveling. You are never going to run out of content but it would be wise to focus on one location, in other words, one country. You can always start multiple channels in this niche in different countries if you wish.

It would help if you were focusing on things like what to do in a certain city, attractions, travel gear, tour packages, travel insurance, retirement and more are all things you can target in this lucrative niche.

"Top 10" lists do well here, this is an example of the best places to live or retire in Italy:

8. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has seen so much growth and has been a roller coaster ride with so many coins skyrocketing and then crashing to the ground. Still, this niche is growing in popularity and isn't slowing down.

This niche is profitable because of the many high-value advertisers on YouTube from Fintech to Blockchain Technology and investment platforms.

Engagement on these channels is high, because many people don't know much about crypto so a bulk of your videos can be educational talking about the latest trends, information and insights. You can even do dedicated on specific coins and since new coins seem to come out each week, you'll never run out of content.

Satoshi Stacker does a great job of this on his automated YouTube channel without ever going on camera. Here's a sample video.

9. Insurance

In the USA, there are a ton of different insurance companies all competing on YouTube advertising space. There are different types of insurance such as home, auto, health, and everything insurance-related that you can create automated videos on.

As you can imagine, this is a very high CPM niche. However, there aren't many searches on YouTube for insurance but the very high CPM will make up for the low view count. Insurance is an evergreen niche so people are always going to need it.

Topics can include videos on the top 10 cheapest insurance companies, what insurance companies to avoid, what is an insurance agent and so on. The "Think Insurance" channel does a good job of educating its user base but it is a branded channel where the creator goes on cam. However, you could do something similar using either whiteboard animation or stock videos and images with narration.

10. Marketing / Tutorials

The best way to create an automated channel in the marketing niche is to teach a skill such as how to create a WordPress website, how to set up email campaigns, social media marketing, and more.

Big advertisers like Wix.com, Squarspace.com, and more are pumping huge advertising dollars into YouTube ads, and with a lot of competition, it has really driven up the CPM.

You can either create a generalized marketing channel that covers a range of topics or focus on one thing like building sites on WordPress. The Create WP Site does a good job of this where the creator just records "over the shoulder" videos of what he is doing on screen. Here's an example of a complete WordPress tutorial:

11. Real Estate

The Real Estate niche attracts a lot of advertisers on YouTube such as Zillow, Realtor.com which are examples of big companies but there are smaller, local companies as well. These companies spend a LOT of money in this niche so if you create a Real Estate channel, chances are ads from these companies will show on your channel. 

With such a high CPM, you're going to make good money even if you don't have that many views.

The topics you can create videos on would include how to flip a house, home buying, selling, investing, and more. Here's an example where this channel uses animation for rehabbing a house:

12. Cars/Automotive

The automotive industry is one of the main spenders when it comes to advertising on YouTube. It's no wonder this is one of the most popular niches. Any automotive or car-related channel is therefore going to have a very high CPM due to the amount of ad spend from these companies.

You can make videos on the top 10 sports cars, the 10 best car mods, how-to videos, and so on, without ever having to go on camera. You can find existing videos and stock footage for all of this and use them as long as you follow the rules of fair use.

VisioRacer is just one example automated channel that has topics on F1, underrated sports cars, poorly engineered engines, most reliable cars, etc.

13. Movies

The last and final niche for the best automation niches is Movies. However, this one you have to be careful with. You don't want to use too many clips from movies in your videos because there's a chance you might get a copyright strike.

What you can do though make videos of actors that are appearing in very popular movies (people search for this stuff a lot!) or talk about the best scenes in movies but don't actually include the scenes in your videos.

Movies will always be popular and there will always be content to create videos on. A great example of a channel like this is Looper, They have almost 6 million subscribers and never play a single movie clip. Topics are focused on actors and particular scenes.

Ways to Increase Your Long Term Profits in These Niches

Along with having a high CPM in all of these niches, there are other ways to monetize your videos.

  • Affiliate Marketing - With affiliate marketing, you can recommend products that are related to your video content. For example, If you have a car channel, you can promote car parts, car cleaning and car insurance. You can put these links in your description or mention them in your video.
  • Sponsored Content - In some niches you may be approached by advertisers who will pay you to talk about their products
  • Create Your Own Course - In a niche like marketing, you could create an in-depth course on a subject that would go much deeper than what you can capture in your videos. You can charge anywhere from $100 to $1900 for a course depending on the niche.

You can also check out these other ways to make money with your YouTube automation channel.


So now you have 13 profitable and popular niche options when it comes to finding the best YouTube automation niches. These options are the best because they have high CPM (where advertisers spend a lot more money than other niches) they are evergreen, meaning that the content will never fizzle out and they have a lot of interest from viewers. Some content creators with these channels have millions of subscribers.

It is for this reason that I have picked these niches for you and I gave you examples of each, so you can model your next channel on one of these. Don't copy though, do your research and come up with your own topics.

I put together a guide on starting an automated channel that you can check out.

You can also see this free training from a YouTube that has 9 automated channels and makes over 40K a month.

If these niches don't appeal to you, don't worry, you can check out these other faceless copy and paste channel ideas to create content on. Some won't have a high CPM like on this page, but they can make up for it due to its popularity resulting in a lot of views.

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